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this ends now.

I almost never ask for support. especially not in situations where asking people to believe you turns into taking sides, but I’m asking for it now. I’m asking you to read all of this, and I’m asking you not to take sides, but to fight this behavior in your every day lives and refuse to take part in it. refuse to be a party to it, and stand up to it when you see it happen.

Treating someone the way I’ve been treated is wrong. it’s manipulative, hurtful, divisive, and downright cruel.

It’s bullying.

How does one explain the anger, stress, confusion, and isolation that rumormongering creates? especially in a tight-knit online community where attention is either earned through creating quality content or personal relationships with other users. pushing someone to distrust their own friends for fear of who has their ear is emotionally taxing. 

Having a sleepless nights every few weeks after getting alerted to some new way strangers on the internet are lying about your character just makes me want to leave tumblr altogether. but if I did so, they’d probably celebrate. they would win. and they would learn nothing.

Worse than the lies is the mystery and distrust. I could never be sure what insults were being laid against me and by who, as I had no way of tracking the influence of their leadership, and in every interaction I ever had with her, words were put into my mouth to twist new meaning into what I was saying. this is not only extremely frustrating, but it’s also an abuse tactic. Literally anything could be spread about me because those rumors didn’t have to be true and they didn’t have to have proof.
I composed an entire essay, just comparing the arguments that were being addressed against the ones I was actually making- this is not to mention the things I couldn’t know, but the gist of it:

  1. in seemingly-civil debate, my arguments were exaggerated until I nearly found myself disagreeing with the very argument that I was being told I was making. 
  2. in private conversations, very reasonable and polite requests- to change a misquote of marked-out words I had worked hard to find, a small alteration to a post that made OP sound more homophobic than I assumed they were (this was actually meant to protect them before it was publicly argued by someone else), or just honesty about what they had been told to believe about a stranger- these were misconstrued into harassment or badgering. 
  3. in private conversations initiated with my friends, my words were blatantly twisted in an attempt to draw a disagreement where one didn’t exist.

It doesn’t matter that I know my own intentions and I know what I’ve said and stand by it completely, my words have been twisted publicly, and I assume they’ve undergone much worse in private conversations between these people. people I had never even interacted with until given the suspicion that they were among the whispering- seemed to hold preconceived beliefs that I was abusive or racist or a misogynist. when I’ve attempted to privately talk to them and politely explain how their actions hurt me, I’ve been accused of harassment and blocked. I’ve had my one form of peaceable defense stripped from me because these people were unable to face the results of their own actions or even explain it to their victim (and believe me, I hate using that word) who was very willing to forgive and forget it. they continue to lie about it even now.

  • I was accused of misogyny and laziness for struggling to write domestic characters. I should not have to explain my own personal aversion to family life to be treated with dignity and not insulted.
  • I was then accused of taking things too personally- though the response I  was primarily defending against addressed a personal perspective I gave to answer the OP’s question (this is called gaslighting btw)
  • Rather than ‘getting in and getting out, letting go of the rope and not following up an undue amount,’ my posts were noticeably watched by parties interested in twisting my words without my knowledge until they inevitably restarted the open conflict. I facilitated that confrontation on a suspicion, but I was not wrong.
  • I was accused of being uncritical of historical figures (hilarious, right?) for suggesting we disproportionately criticize a soldier’s fathering while he was fighting overseas.
  • I was accused of racism and of denouncing all musical fics as problematic because I’ve been critical of fandom’s avoidance of history. not by the same person, and I had wanted to believe the collusion was coincidence. It apparently was not and therefore I assume the accusations were not. 
  • I was accused of sending a hateful anonymous message- which, first- is against every principal I have both in its anonymity and its cruelty, and second- wouldn’t strategically make sense to do since it would only give them a way to be victims.
  • Overall, I’ve had to watch false insults, both vague and blatantly stated, and supported by people I’ve. never. met. who had no good way of reaching these beliefs on their own.
  • and I’ve had to witness a blatant lying about the influence behind those beliefs.
    • “I might talk about them with friends, but like. They usually already know about and feel the same way about those people so I’m generally not telling them anything new or changing any hearts or minds”

So respectfully, fuck off.

You don’t get to hide behind each other and pretend your actions are not evil and cruel and abusive. you don’t get to cry about it with each other as though you’re the ones who have been harassed. and most of all you don’t get to bully me.

So. I haven’t named names. I could. I could also provide screenshots of pretty much everything I listed up there (minus a few things that I was just too shocked or immediately distressed to document). 

But- I don’t want to. I don’t want to care about it anymore. I don’t care about you. I don’t even care if one or more of these things wasn’t actually about me. the fact that you people have driven me to the paranoid belief that they are, is a testament to how fucked up you got my head. and worse- I feel like you’re all probably proud of that since you’ve all decided to hate me.

But, I hope you learn how to listen to what other people are saying when you’re arguing with them.  I hope you learn how to argue without twisting a challenging debater’s words to make them your enemy. I hope you learn how to recognize manipulative friends and the value of loyalty to yourself and to what’s right.  I hope you learn to truly accept responsibility for hurting others and I hope you learn how to actually grow from it instead of wallowing in pity for feeling like a mean person.

But mostly, I hope you take a long, honest and really really deep look at yourselves and reach a better place to be constructive to a better community. Because the one you’re creating for young people (yes, I’m younger than all you cowardly, lying little people) is toxic.

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drabble prompt: cuddles! c;

ooooOOOOOOh i like your thinking anon!

notes: it’s longer than my usual drabbles oops. couldn’t resist. <3 also: forgot a read more oops.

summary: it’s past bedtime, and he’s beyond her wildest dreams.

It’s way past her usual bedtime, but she doesn’t mind in the least. The air is just a little chilly, because it’s December, and snow is in the forecast, starting some time around midnight. This is her favorite time of year. The air is crisp and the night sky is cloudy, and it’s as beautiful as the holiday lights decorating all of Paris. Her cheeks are just a little flushed, and she blames the cold entirely.

Well, almost entirely. The kitty cat beside her does tend to make her go a little red. Only a little, though.

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Okay but I Remember You/Hello Monster is actually one of the best endings to a show I’ve seen in awhile?

And it’s because from the beginning they really told us to expect that type of ending. In the very first episode, we are told that something has restarted Hyeon’s story. That receiving that email began his life over again, brought it out of pause mode. Brought it out of its holding pattern. 

So why should the ending of the drama represent any true ending? Why should it end with a neat little bow and all threads tied up perfectly. Why can’t it end with the exact possibility of the story continuing because that’s what it’s always been about. 

Hello Monster wasn’t about the end of Hyeon’s story but the beginning. And the ending of the drama reflected that. 

It is implied in the ending that Hyeon and Ji An will eventually catch Joon Young, and it is ultimately what both Hyeon and Joon Young want. And while it’s frustrating to not get to see the bastard die. It’s a better ending than the one that would have been offered if that had been the case. 

Because ultimately Hyeon’s story is too intrinsically tied to Joon Young for that to result as anything but another ending for Hyeon’s story (and for Min’s). An ending that would ultimately not be satisfying as initially expected.

And I Remember You was never about ending. It was about beginning. (I can’t emphasize this enough because it’s easy to forget at the end of things that some stories aren’t about endings but are about moments, about beginnings and that things can end in medias res–in the middle of things–just as much as they can begin)

Which is exactly what we get. Ji An and Hyeon’s romance begins and will continue. The team while formed before the show really begins through the course of the show and will continue (even if in a different form). They will hunt Joon Young and they will catch him, and he will pay for his crimes. Min’s story is left entirely open-ended yet it is clear in that ending he is free from Joon Young’s control and that maybe he will get his own beginning as Min, not as some fake identity. The story of these peoples’ lives will continue. 

And since the story was always about beginning that ending is ultimately satisfying when one takes the storytelling into consideration and not solely the desire for a particular ending. 

It’s the only ending that could feel right for the show.

Only an open ending could truly tell the story of a moment that they were going for, which they promised from the first episode. If they’d tied up the story in a neat little bow where Joon Young dies or gets arrested. Where Min goes to prison. And where Ji An and Hyeon get their fairy tale ending. It wouldn’t have felt true to the storytelling throughout the entire drama 

That bow-like type of ending while maybe more in line with what is normally expected and what we normally get from television shows would not have been right for this show. 

And I personally could not be prouder of the writers for recognizing that and giving their show the ending that it deserves and the one that is far more appropriate.

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(The last one was perfect!) How about Hanzo, Lucio and 76 get into a relationship with a talon member s/o and they know but are trying to convince them to switch sides. And they succeed but don't know wether or not to show they have a relationship or keep it hidden till the s/o is trusted enough by the others?

(you continue to bring me suffering in the best of ways)


“You are happy?” Hanzo’s words are more of a statement than a question. The two of you are outside the base at sunset, your legs dangling off the balcony. The air is pleasant and crisp, the taste of sea salt and lavender on the wind. There’s an oppressive quietness at Gibraltar, the kind that only occasional bird calls and gunshots can interrupt. Hanzo’s words seem to cut through the air like a sharpened knife.

“I am,” you reply, rather unconvincingly. “I just… I don’t like keeping us a secret. Our relationship is one of the main reasons why I left Talon.” Hanzo sits down next to you and you immediately shift yourself to lean against him. He gives you a concerned look before moving a few inches away. You sigh, he’d been distant ever since you arrived. Not even this tryst outside should be happening, according to him.

“They do not trust you much as it is. My word is what allowed you to stay, and if they knew we were together they would not be able to trust my judgement. For now it is best that they are not aware of our situation.” Hanzo is ever the diplomat. You frown, wanting nothing more than to wrap your arms around him.

“I understand, but… I miss you,” you reply, your words more like a pout than a lament. You look over at Hanzo, the long fabric ties in his hair dancing in the breeze. His face is as poised as ever, but his eyes remain filled with a warmth.

He had seen something in you, almost a year ago now. During one particularly vicious combat mission he could have shot an arrow through your throat… but he withdrew instead. His act of mercy piqued your curiosity, and you spent weeks researching the mysterious archer. He was a new recruit for the reestablished Overwatch squad, as it turned out. And there was no reason for your sworn enemy to spare your life.

The next time you saw him, a combat mission in Greece, you completely froze. He noticed you too and slowly made his way over, bow relaxed. Your own weapons hung down by your side, and you holstered your gun as he drew closer. “Hanzo Shimada,” you had called, his eyes had narrowed in response. “You’ve had two opportunities to shoot me so far, yet I find myself unscathed.”

His face was unreadable. “It seems you have returned the favor,” he replied, gesturing towards the guns at your side. That had made you smile.

You started to ‘run into each other’ from then on, each fight between you intricately choreographed in case someone was watching. Finally, he had offered you a way out. Talon had consumed your life for years, but yet he wanted to offer you freedom. “A shot at redemption” he had solemnly dubbed it. You both had things in your past you wanted to wipe clean. You had accepted.

The relationship between you two was murky and undefined for months. Your best attempts at flirting seemed to fall short at the archer’s stoic personality. Yet at one secretive meetup there was a stolen kiss (never spoken of). As you planned your escape from Talon, you couldn’t handle the obscurity any more and you had declared your feelings for him. Hanzo hadn’t appeared too shocked, he merely took your hand and gave it a gentle kiss.

The two of you had been through so much together, yet the rest of Overwatch could never know of it. “Hanzo persuaded a Talon agent to switch sides” was the extent of their knowledge. You had been walking on thin ice ever since you arrived on Gibraltar, not to mention the steely looks the other agents gave you.

Hanzo knew what was best, but that didn’t make his decision any harder to bare. “How long?” You sigh, imaging his hand holding yours.

“I’m not sure,” he replies evenly. “Once they trust you.”

“Can they ever trust me?”

He gives you a faint smile, “I did. I’m sure they’ll come around soon.”


You had first met him online. Not in a chat room or dating website, far from it. You had been hunched over your laptop for hours, systematically hacking into one of Overwatch’s servers. Sombra’s condescending voice occasionally gave you pointers through your earpiece, but you were stubborn and usually just muted her.

You finally had reached a breakthrough when a face popped up on your screen. A familiar face… Lucio, infamous radio star, frowned at you through his grainy video feed. “I don’t know who you are, but you are not hacking into my system on my watch,” he challenged. You grinned, ready for a bit of a fight. For every move you made, he had a counter, putting up wall after wall. Little did you know, Sombra had been watching the feed as well, and (after growing considerably bored with the whole affair) sent you a file with a new program. She was the best in Talon for a reason, and you soon won the battle.

Sure, you had a reason for hacking in their systems in the first place, but you immediately directed your sights to Lucio’s monitor. You typed up a quick victory message and even added a taunting “<3″ to the end.

A few days later, the favor was returned. You were thankful your laptop was a personal one, and not connected to the larger Talon network (or else you certainly would have been dead meat). He had left you a virtual photo and autograph… and he had added your name.

While you were a trained agent and assassin, you couldn’t help but be curious about him. A few back-to-back hacking challenges later, you wanted to meet him in person. While you may have had a concealed weapon the whole time, he had seemed excited to meet you as well. The two of you had, well, hit it off.

“Why do you even work for them? You can’t seriously like this whole terrorism stuff.” He had drawled at one late-night meeting (your fifth time together in person).

“Look, it’s complicated,” you sighed, not really wanting to go into the details.

“No, it’s really not. Either you want to cause irreparable harm to the innocent people in this world or you don’t. I know Talon’s an impossible group to shake, but I could help you get out!” For some reason, you believed him. You didn’t want to be a bad person, but you had gotten stuck working for them a long time ago.

“Why do you care so much?” It was a stupid question, but it’d buy you time to think things over, at least. The mocha in front of you was growing cold.

“Because I care about you. I don’t think you’re a bad person. I don’t want to love someone who loves destruction,” his words hit you like a truck. Love. He cared because he loved you.

“Get me out.”

It was almost entirely fueled by adrenaline and impulse, but you got out of Talon, now protected by a handful of Overwatch agents. Winston probably trusted you the least out of all of them (he was possessive over Athena and you had been… less than delicate with her in the past), but overall you were welcomed. They had been struggling with cyber-security ever since they restarted, and someone who had inner knowledge of how Sombra worked was desperately needed.

You and Lucio had grown even closer since you joined Overwatch, and he wasn’t exactly hiding his feelings for you either. The two of you were almost inseparable (he loved to play ‘intense hacking music’ on his media player for you while you worked). While your close relationship had garnered some distrust, most agents seemed happy to see Lucio happy. That being said, you received a number of threats of what would happen to you if you should ever break his heart.

Even with all of that, you felt happier here than you had ever felt before.


Your first meeting with Jack Morrison occurred with you facing the business end of a heavy pulse rifle. Your leg had been injured earlier in the fight and your own weapon was at least five feet away on the floor. You shouldn’t have honestly even been involved in this fight to begin with, you were primarily a scout- you never stuck around for the serious battles. When the infamous Soldier:76 had shown up, you had hurriedly started to call in the intel, but before you could escape you had been shot in the leg.

He leveled his gun at you, face obscured by a mask and visor. He hadn’t shot you yet, which struck you as strange. This vigilante was notorious for his lack of mercy towards those he deemed criminals. And well, as an agent of Talon, you were certainly a criminal in his eyes. Yet… he lowered his gun.

“Are others on the way? Do they know I’m here?” He growled at you.

Eyes-wide, you replied, “I started to call in the intel but never finished the report. They might send in a few more just to see what happened to me.”

“Come with me.” The soldier had grabbed your arm and started to pull you away out of the area. Your leg was burning with pain and you were barely able to limp at his pace. He finally pulled you away to a jeep hiding behind a warehouse. He leaned you up against its side and started to examine the gunshot wound in your leg. “It’s not too serious, you’ll be fine,” he muttered.

“W-Why have you let me live?” You asked, holding down your leg as Soldier:76 started to wrap gauze around the wound.

He paused and lowered his visor. You saw the face of a grizzled warrior, a large scar running across his face. He explained that you didn’t seem like the typical Talon grunt, he saw something in your eyes. “Potential to do good,” he had named it.

You were dubious, all you had heard of 76 was his bloodthirsty desire for justice, but he didn’t seem as horrible as they had made him out to be. He offered you a way out of Talon, if you wanted it. He couldn’t promise that you’d ever work for Overwatch, but he said he’d be willing to see if you’d make a good match for it.

It was worth a shot, at the very least.

Morrison took you to a safe house where you were able to properly get your leg taken care of. You told him all about your experiences at Talon, and while he still lived at Gibraltar, he stopped by as much as he could to check up on you. Over time you gained the impression his visits were more social than obligatory. When you insinuated as much one visit, he didn’t deny it.

One night you took it upon yourself to cook a relatively fancy dinner when you knew he would be visiting. There was no use hiding your affection from then on, and the two of you solidified your relationship. Even so, you almost missed the action you experienced as a Talon agent. And well, Jack understood exactly what you felt.

He was able to persuade the other Overwatch agents to let you join their ranks and you finally moved on to the base. Jack revealed you as the source of his recent Talon intelligence, and your presence was appreciated (though you still felt suspicious eyes on you when your back was turned).

“I’m not sure it’s the best idea to reveal us to the others,” you frowned at Jack one evening, the two of you sitting together in the computer lab. “They already look at me with suspicion, I don’t want them to think I seduced you or something to get here.”

“I’m tired of lies,” he sighed. “The old Overwatch was destroyed by internal forces. I don’t want secrets to bring it down again.”

“You know I can’t win an argument against you,” you laugh softly. “You’ve always had more experience with these politics than me.” Your hand searches for his and the two of you are temporarily connected. “I’m with you, no matter what you do, alright?”

Cards Against Humanity Banter (Number I Forget)
  • So my laptop decided to be a little bitch while in the middle of the original and completely deleted it...so I've restarted! Enjoy! Feel free to reblog with some of your favorites from the latest Cards Against Humanity video that I might have missed!
  • "VikkStarInMyPussy123" is worse than Adolf Hitler because "stop talking with your gay mouth you fuck."
  • "Getting your dick stuck in a child and not being able to get it out in time. I'm looking at you Vikk." is worse than Adolf Hitler because "*card removed due to copyright from the cunt duo TheFineBros*"
  • Ethan: Josh has got dick on the brain.
  • Josh: You got dick in your mouth.
  • Ethan: No I don't. I got facecam on Josh I don't.
  • Simon: Thanks for clearing that up.
  • Ethan: Where is the behzfinger? Is this something you made up while-
  • Josh: It's on your hand!
  • "Ethan, channeling his anger by making a sexhole in his desk."
  • Ethan: I don't have sexholes in my desk.
  • JJ: Lies! Lies!
  • Simon: They're called girlfriends.
  • Vikk: If you're six and watching this click off.
  • Josh: What? Hey, come to my channel! We don't have pedophiles over here!
  • After Josh rang the 'Ring for sex' bell, Fangirls tried-
  • "British cunt."
  • "Go monkey man!" -FIFAMonstah
  • Why Josh won't release illuminate-
  • "Josh deep throating a fangirl when she has been a bad girl."
  • "Josh has millions of daughters trying to caress his pussy juice beard."
  • JJ: The thing is, you know Josh has had pussy on his beard, and it just lingered. That's why he showers all the time.
  • Simon: No, that's 'cuz he has hygeine. You should try it sometime.
  • The __ are back.
  • Simon: Mine makes sense.
  • JJ: I swear if it's niggers.
  • "Fangirls shouting "YOU DA MAN DADDY" when meeting Josh."
  • Simon woke up to find-
  • Ethan: I'm so sorry Vik.
  • "Vikk, changing his name from Vikkstar123 to Vikk1-9 because he only likes 1-9 year olds."
  • "JJ's big black dick as opposed to Tobi's successful youtube career."
  • JJ: What do you think we do when we're sleeping?
  • Simon: Sleep?
  • JJ: Naw, you gotta put your dick in something.
  • Ethan: You put it in your pillow!
  • JJ: Naw, I'm past that stage man. What you guys never fucked your pillow?
  • Collectively: No!
  • JJ: Fuck you guys you've never lived.
  • "KSI naming his girlfirend Melony coz melon."
  • "Vikk going to a playground and going down a slide hoping to end up in Madeleine McCann's DM's"
  • Hi, my name is-
  • "WroeToNotRecording"
  • "Creepy Uncle Zerkaa"
  • "Calcuntface"
  • "KSI"
  • "JJ's EP - Sweep Up"
  • Bitch you got me "That's not me."
  • "Thquirrel, Roth Royth, and ahh...annn...annthrop....anthrop...thropolo....Fuck it you're not picking this card."
  • "JJ moving out of the house just live next door to Seana."
  • JJ: "Simon likes AJ3Scouser." Who the fuck is that?
  • "JJ thinking his fashion sense is sick, but actually looking like a bed sheet."
  • "Vik naming his child MySon456."
  • How does one become a member of the Sidemen? "You don't do them ting round here rudeboy."
  • "Negasonic Teenage Warhead"
  • "Vikk's pedophilic thoughts"
  • JJ: Why don't you stop mollesting kids?
  • Vik: No, yeah, sure, yeah, sounds great.
  • Ethan: Some things are hard to give up JJ. Bad habits never die.
  • Simon: Ethan, Lent's coming up soon.
  • Ethan: Oh, I've got to give up being gay?
  • Simon: No, not you.
  • Josh let JJ do __ to his beard.
  • "Dhinchak dhin dhinchak dhinchak"
  • "Another one"
  • "The many group chats dedicated to go to an event that the Sidemen are going to just to drag one of them in private and suck their dick."
  • Ethan: People are actually trying to put us in prison this is a problem.
  • JJ: If you're eighteen and up it's cool.
  • Simon: Rah...
  • JJ: What do you mean "rah?"
  • Vikk: It didn't specify a gender there.
  • JJ: I wouldn't like a male...not that I don't like gays...
  • Simon: It's cool he has a gay uncle!
  • JJ: Yeah I have a gay uncle!
  • Simon: Stop talking about your guncle.
  • "__ U smart."
  • The only thing worse than Behz's twitter is "Vikk's amazon buying history of Chloroform and duct tape."
  • Simon: Yo Primark is sick!
  • Ethan: Going there and shopping gives me herpes.
  • "That video of Tobjizzle where he doesn't have a hat on."
  • Josh: Does that even exist?
  • Ethan: Yeah! Vikk's the chloroform man! That sounds like a superhero!
  • Ethan: When I wait for people to put answers in I just look at snapchat stories.
  • Simon: You have the shortest attention span. Actually, no JJ is up there as well.
  • JJ: I'm touching my dick right now so...
  • "Stephen Hawking being a better goalkeeper than Josh."
  • Josh: He has a machine to help him.
  • Collectively: How did that win? "Who's boobs are better CAN YOU KEEP UP?"
  • Ethan: Does anyone still have the GIF of JJ flexing his boob?"
  • Simon: Alright "Vikk Likkes__(NO 12 year olds)"
  • Ethan: Can we keep it as "likkes?"
  • Simon: That's all I'm saying.
  • Ethan: Josh is really enjoying that.
  • Josh: *giggling* What the fuck is that??
  • "Simon once tweeted about trying out Minecraft because he secretly has kids gasping for breath in his car."
  • Ethan: That's why Simon hasn't done a car video!
  • "Tobi dressing as a pink power ranger and fingerng a dogs red rocket til it cums piss."
  • "Whilst Vik is getting down with the 12 year olds, Josh likes to__"
  • Vikk: I almost want to say Josh likkes to.
  • Josh: *giggling* I don't know what I'm laughing at!
  • "Seana sucking off JJ's dad thinking it was him."
  • JJ: I don't know why everyone calls me jeed 'cuz its jide.
  • Jide screaming "__!" into the night, but nobody can tell where it's coming from because they can't see him.
  • "Bronze Beasts"
  • "I'm gonna fuck your fucking fanny off you twat."
  • "Calfuckmehardinmymothafuckingclut"
  • Simon: What the fuck is a clut?
  • Ethan: You can't fuck a clit team!
  • Simon: That's not even a clit!
  • Ethan: Fuck my clut!
  • Simon: My motha fuckin clut!
  • JJ: Fuck my clut yo!
  • Ethan: JJ cam you go red?
  • Simon: No, it's Greta going red.
  • Ethan: OH...
  • Josh: You being racist Ethan?
  • Ethan: NO I was just pondering if he could go red...
  • "Behzinga the minger fingerer"
  • "The semen from Simon's dick slowly enters __s mouth."
  • Ethan: I don't like this.
  • Vikk: This game is getting really weird.
  • Josh: Its taken a weird twist at the end!
  • JJ: I feel like this is too descriptive...I can imagine it as well 'cuz I've seen his dick.
  • Ethan: What?
  • Simon: You're actually imagining my dick right now.
  • Josh: The semen slowly coming out of it...
  • Simon: Now Josh is imagining it.
  • Josh: I'm Dr.Pepper.
  • "Son Zerk"
  • "JJ misreading lyrics and singing 'Jail' by Awolnation."
  • Ethan: *say quietly* Jail. *giggles*
  • "I don't fuck with you, you little stupid ass bitch, I ain't fucking with__"
  • Josh: You need to read this properly!
  • "When Behz claims he's committing to YouTube."
  • "Vikk being a slow fuck and being told to curry up."
  • "Willypoo." (Josh's card)
  • Simon: A for effort.