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If you guys heard recently, the episode Collateral Damage/Just Friends, has been removed from the Disney XD website and replaced with Star Comes To Earth.

It is also not getting any reruns on Disney XD and is not on the schedule.

The reasoning for this is because the couple of shots of the same genders kissing in the background during the concert in the episode Just Friends.

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So I’m posting this to hope u all can understand why this is a bad move to make and why it is not right to shelter kids about the idea of same gender relationships.

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PSA: Writers are artists too.

People seem to think that reposting artwork or other graphics is stealing, but that doing the same for writing isn’t? Or that you can’t ‘steal’ writing, just because it’s easy to copy? Or the written word is not as important as visual works, so stealing it is okay, and this is not true.

These are two issues I’ve noticed with this that are growing increasingly common:

  • Firstly: there is this popular trend going about, particularly with roleplayers, that they use someone else’s writing, whether it be poetry or a quote or something, in the caption section of their roleplay promotions / advertisements, but they don’t credit the source. They’ll give credit (sometimes) for the image(s) they used for the promo, but not the writing – as if one deserves credit and the other doesn’t? I’ve now seen my own work used in the caption of someone’s promo – without credit. It was just two lines from a much longer poem, but it is still MY work and while my rules state on my poetry blog people can use my writing for various things, I require credit for anything. Not doing so is STEALING and REPOSTING someone’s work. It doesn’t take much effort to put in a credit, either. If a writer doesn’t even want you to use their writing, regardless of credit, and you do so anyway, that is also stealing.

  • Secondly, and this is even more predominant: Musing blogs ( a couple in particular ) seem to think it is okay to REPOST someone else’s poetry, writing, etc. into a musing post; again, without credit, without question or permission. THIS IS NOT OKAY. Just because it’s THERE and it’s writing doesn’t mean you can do whatever you like to or with it. Musing blogs who take writing from other sources and just repost it as a musing post for others to reblog are illegitimately using other people’s work. This is theft. I have also had to deal with someone making a musing out of my writing, without credit or permission, and they just thought it was?? okay?? to take?? someone else’s writing?? and post it?? as your own???


Please stop thinking you can do whatever you want with whatever you find.

I intended to draw something with them first, or at least do this by hand, but I didn’t find myself with enough time or emotional stability. To be honest, the time they’re taking to settle things and all the talks we’ve heard have all made me very anxious (to no one’s fault but my own), and part of me doesn’t even feel like I can properly celebrate this anniversary. But regardless of all that, Infinite has been there for me during 7 years of my life now, and they’ve certainly made them better. I struggled with what to write underneath, not knowing what may come. But I realized that regardless of what happens, there’s one thing that hasn’t and won’t change: My love is Infinite.


Inktobertale day 6- Main Pokemon Buddy

I thought of eevee! one because I don’t play a lotta pokemon, two because of eevee’s possibility to evolve into different colored pokemon!
 I thought it was cool ok–

ink sans and inktobertale belongs to @myebi / @comyet 



“An Ordinary Lunch Break” by Jimmu Hiroyoshi

This is part of the Heart Record Anthology

I MAY put up 2 or 3 more if I feel like it (I’m not going to do the whole book). Also, I didn’t translate this. I actually paid a little extra to have it translated when I bought it off of someone. I did, however, scanned, cleaned, and inserted the text (which I did slightly edited for space LOL). 

Please do not repost or edit in any way.

anonymous asked:

as a person who creates content myself, I do not understand why you're so pressed about your work being posted. If someone reposts mine and just goes credit: then whatever I'm chill with it why are you making such a big deal out of it, nothing you share on the internet is private and of course people will share it around, you need to chill the fuck out

So here I am, trying to get away from all the negativity in this site and on the internet because I have spent months trying to convince myself to not delete this blog and have been getting more reasons to delete for the last few days. And then I came into my blog to find solitude on the one hour I had before my exam and comes this message. To be honest, I wanted to just delete this message and block your ass from my blog, but since you have rudely told me to “chill the fuck out”, so I closed my app instead, walked into campus with a wide fake smile over my face and hoped that I could “chill” within the next hours of the exams so I can respond to you properly.

Now, since you told me yourself that you are a content creator, I need you to imagine this. Imagine yourself creating whatever content you make. I don’t know how long you need to make them, but let me just generalize it by how long me and my fellow writers needed to write. Let’s say you spent almost a full week creating your content - planning, choosing the images and concept of your content, working on them to be exactly how you wanted them to appear, then finalize it with editing. You lose hours of sleep, losing concentration on your class/work, and even think about the content while you’re out with friends - and then you feel the anxiety about posting them on the internet. You spend minutes, hours, contemplating in front of your screen, thinking - “will people like it? Is it good enough? will I have notes?” And then you take a deep breath and click that “post” button, and off the children of your creation went to the surface of the internet and beyond reach of your followers. And then the whole day and the next you find people looking at our content, giving likes and reblog, adding notes, commenting, giving feedbacks and spreading them around more with reblogs. Imagine how you feel. Doesn’t it feel exhilarating? Do you feel good about yourself and proud to see how people react to your creation? Of course you do.

Now come the reposters. Imagine they come to your blog, copy your creation and repost them on their blog/site/page. They don’t ask permission, they don’t ask if it’s okay to repost them with or without credit, and they don’t credit you properly (no links, just names, not even your full url), or even worse, they repost without taking your captions either. Imagine people coming to their blog, finding the content, and then praising them, giving them likes, reblogging the contents on their blog, adding their notes. Do you feel the spread? Do you get the notes? Do you receive the messages of the viewer asking you if you can share more quality contents as the ones they found? No. They will talk to the reposters. They will add the reposters’ notes. Do they come into your blog to give you a praise? No. Because I know that there are people who are too lazy to find source when it is not added, and because credits without linking back does not bring viewers back into your blog as the source. Do you feel good about this? Do you really feel proud having somebody else receiving feedbacks and praises (and probably more followers) of your hard work instead of yourself?

This is what happens to us. That is what we feel. This is what we are up against. Yes, I am well aware that this is the internet. People have easy access on every content being shared throughout the internet, and the only thing that I am asking (along with everyone else) is to be respected. Why is it so hard to respect our preferences of not having our work being distributed without our knowledge? Why is it so hard to respect our wish to protect our work? Aside from this blog, I also create things for a living. I have my work taken, stolen, being rebranded by plagiarists in real life. It sucks. It hurts. But the most painful thing I have to endure is losing money. Now we spread our work and our contents here for free, and the only thing I gain from sharing my contents are people’s feedbacks, the notes, the likes, the reactions and the respects. Nothing more. Now if I lose all of that, what else do I have left? Why is it so hard to have people ask for permission first? Have you not seen content makers asking people to “not repost”, to “not cut the credits on pictures” and to “not delete caption”? Have you not seen gif makers adding their credit on their gifs instead of captions because people repost them without their knowledge? Do you think people would do this if they are okay having their content reposted?

Look, if you are okay having your credits taken away from you and your content, then it’s fine with me. If you’re okay about people reposting without permission and proper credit, then I have no say on it. If you are okay with plagiarism, then please do not attempt to impose your personal preference to us when we are all here trying to protect our work the only way we can. And if you don’t agree with me, then it’s fine with me. Just don’t tell me how to feel or think, because you have no idea what it’s like to be me.

dressiestsphinx  asked:

First, I'm just gushing at the JunkBunny sfms and post from you, really good stuff! What made you ship them? Any thoughts on Symmrat and BunnyRibbit? Now, if you'll kindly excuse me, I'm off to liking, commenting, and reposting your work because it's all gold! ^w^

Junkbunny is life! I started shipping them for lots of reasons,(AHEM D.va’s JUNKER SKIN???)  but first and foremost is the fact that those two have so much in common when it comes to omnics destroying their home and how they’ve coped through being famous and infamous. D.va is such a tragic character even though she’s always drawn as a bratty gremlin. I without a doubt believe that if they open up to each other, they’d heal each other and grow so much toward a happier future- not to mention their lives would suddenly be filled with laughter. They’re so immature and would obviously get into loads of trouble together!

I like Bunnyribbit. It’s adorable. But Lucio is super open to omnic rights, which would be something D.va may struggle with. Lucio’s just so happy all the time like D.va, but I don’t think he’s faced the same hardships as she has. Lucio would, however, show her that life is good, and has the potential to really help her. Bunnyribbit is really my BROTP

I haven’t given symmrat much thought. Honestly, it’s cute, just like Meihem is cute. So much great art exists too. But between you and me, I think Sym would be so annoyed with the Rat’s constant chaos. I’m not into the whole “opposites attract” thing and that’s why Junkbunny’s my OTP. It’s nice when you find someone who understands you completely- or at least, loves explosions as much as you do.

niyah-g  asked:

This. Hurts. A lot. I feel horrible. I used to repost art on Google+. A LOT. And I had no idea what I was doing. Sometimes the communities would tell me to give credit after they saw my post but that's not enough. And I realize now I've stopped reposting because I've started making my own art, but knowing that I contributed to a blackout of my favorite fandom hurts. I'm part of the reason and I just want to say that I'm really sorry. I'll go to my old account, I'll delete everything. I'm sorry.


Originally posted by lotsoftrees

It’s okay. You know now. I know it hurts but now you’re doing the right thing, so feel better! It takes a lot of strength to admit your mistakes and to go back and fix things. And you have that strength!

Be proud that you’re learning and moving forward, and not going backward and trying to justify these things like a lot of the others are doing.

It’s never too late to right your wrongs; to learn from your mistakes. It’s part of growing up into a better, more fulfilled individual. I am very proud of you. I’m sure there will be others who will agree too! (‘▽^人)

Thank you for this message. I hope you feel better soon! It’s worth it, I promise. To look back and see that you took a step forward into being a better person. I hope you have the most awesome day! Take care of yourself! (⌒▽⌒)☆

((So, Toxy is an Arctic Fox (as you all know) so I was like “what if..what if i draw him as an actual arctic fox” (because, let’s face it, with his ears he might as well be a fennec jfc)
well, actual arctic foxes don’t have pink but anYWAYS
i made his pink paler and it actually looks super nice-

i also remembered arctic foxes have summer coats-

also no make-up because of the obvious reasons))

**Please do not repost or steal my art.**

I’ve downgraded!

I realized I never made a formal announcement that I changed my URL. @lian-mae now belongs to my personal blog where I shitpost and low-key stalk all of you. Doodles and Eldarya stuff will be posted here @oatmealasianraisin.

Other than that, nothing’s gonna change. I’m not having a crisis or anything, so don’t you dear folk worry. Besides, oatmeal asian raisin has the acronym of Oar. I’ve literally gone to all this trouble for that reason. And with that, call me oar ❤︎

hosxnna  asked:

Hi! I just found this blog and I think it's a fantastic idea! I've been scrolling through all the answers and I realize that writscrib has a stronger rule enforcement compared to Tumblr. I'm wondering if having such strict rules and regulations takes away from the autonomy of a creator. I'm genuinely curious and I mean no disrespect at all. Thank you!

For creative work, our rule is “if it’s fictional, it’s fine”. We want to encourage creativity as much as possible!

The reason why some of our rules are much stricter and more enforced is because of a desire to protect creators. We’ve seen what happens when there’s zero restrictions on harassment: creators are harassed, bullied, doxxed, SWATed, sent death threats, and ridiculed for creating, often with their work being reposted as well. Creators who are intimidated don’t do much creating!

After Mr.Greg: Sugar can’t possibly make it gayer.

After Future Boy Zoltron: Sugar can’t possibly make it gayer.


While running some errands today, I realized I didn’t have any snacks left at home so naturally I ended up with way too many jelly beans, some M&M’s, two packs of popcorn, a bag of chips and a bottle of wine that I could have around in case I want to have some with dinner. When I checked out, the cashier looked at me with the single most sympathetic expression I’ve ever seen and went “Children’s birthday parties are so rough, aren’t they?” And what did I do? I just couldn’t say that I bought all that stuff for myself, a thirty-five year old grown man, I couldn’t do it so…I guess I’m a dad now, guys! My daughter’s turning seven today by the way.

I was too tired
I had way too many things to do
I took on more than I could handle
I needed to feel like I was worth it
Good was never good enough
What I did was good, but what you did was better
You worked harder
I kept making excuses
I kept being asked to justify
This word precedes every ridiculous excuse I make
I couldn’t wasn’t considered a good reason
I end up using this word too much
You don’t think I use it enough
I didn’t meet your ridiculous standards
I was too tired
—  Because

[Trans] Kiseop’s updated profile

[Thank you Roseline for checking it through for me ^^]

Name: Lee Kiseop
Birthday: 91.01.17
Physical Size: 181cm, 65kg
Blood type: A
Specialty: Loving KISSmes
Hobby: Driving, composing
Nickname: 짠돌이 (jjangdol-i, someone who’s stingy, a miser)
Responsibility: Angel
Skills: Not spending money and collecting cash
Habit: Mysophobia/obsessive about cleanliness
Body part you have confidence in: Smooth/slender legs
Favorite color: Black & white

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