i'm really upset over the situation okay

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I occasionally get mocked by family for the way I am. I can't help some things, I'm autistic and my family really aren't educated on the matter at all and truely don't understand. It's a whole "just do it", "get over it" and "ffs you're useless" type of attitude towards me when I'm struggling. I'm not always struggling, but when I am, they really do make everything worse. Any advise on how I can make them understand? They really upset me by it.

Okay so the reasonable advice to give in this situation is to be patient, keep explaining things to them slowly and in small portions at a time, and hope that it will change for the better. But instead I will tell you how I changed my relatives opinion, at least particially.

You need to rebel. Not suddenly and with no explanation, but gradually and consistenly. Stim in their presense, and when they ask you about it, calmly explain why stimming is important for you and keep doing it no matter what they say. Follow your routines and ask them to warn you about changes in plans: refuse to sarcifice your comfort for their comfort. Talk about your special interest and don’t apologize for being annoying.

At first it will be hard, you will meet a lot of backlash and complaints. But remember, you were autistic from birth. Just because you may have learned to supress and control some of your traits, doesn’t mean they aren’t still there. Stand for yourself, and eventually your family will have to give up. Be an autistic punk.

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Yes hi why are markiplier fans being so weird and over sensitive about this and threatening to hurt themselves or like crying or whatever he is a YouTuber and while I love him and am worried for him I'm not sitting here thinking about him constantly.

Not everyone handles anxiety the same way you do?? It’s kind of ignorant for you to say something like that, honestly.

Some people get really attached to others, and get really upset over serious situations like this. Last night I was so upset about it that I was really, really nauseated and shaky. It hurts when someone you care about is in pain and you don’t know why and you can’t do anything to help.

I’m not saying it’s okay to threaten to hurt yourself ever, especially not now because for fuck’s sake, that’s not going to help the situation at all. People are worried, and reasonably so. Something is seriously wrong and it’s bad enough that Mark, who vlogged from the fucking emergency room has said that he won’t be on for a while. We’re scared for him.

Also, to anyone suffering from anxiety about the situation, here are some tips.

  • Stay out of the tag. It will just contribute more to your anxiety. If you want to check up on the situation, check Mark’s twitter every now and then, or Matt’s.
  • Cuddle up with a pet or stuffed animal. It sounds cheesy but it really, really works.
  • Play a game you like or listen to some music.
  • Watch TV or Netflix or YouTube.
  • Take deep breaths (in through your nose, out through your mouth) if you get overwhelmed
  • Take a warm bath and try to relax.

Stay safe everyone.