i'm really upset over the situation okay

okay i just want to throw out my opinion real quick on the situation with korein’s (aka dandongs) art being reposted.

i’m seeing a lot of people bashing dan and phil for it and a ton of mixed opinions. yes, they didn’t react the best in the video, but remember this is “danisnotonfire” and “amazingphil”, the characters that they’ve built around themselves. Dan did address the issue briefly on twitter:

it isn’t really dan and phil’s fault reposted art was in the video. for all they know, it could have been another account of the artists, or reposted with permission. they had no idea. it is entirely the reposter’s fault, as they knew that the artist did not want their content reposted or under the main tags. don’t blame dan and phil for this, they didn’t know and didn’t mean to hurt anyone. and anyways most people would probably be put off by nsfw art of themself. 

tdlr; it isn’t entirely dan and phil’s fault, it’s the reposters, but they shouldn’t have responded the way they did, even if it was a joke. (also people should have respected korein’s wishes not to have her art reposted or under main tags)

(please do not message me about this, i am not in the mood to become wrapped up in this drama)