i'm really ugh tonight

i rescued a kitten this evening and the dean is letting me keep her in my dorm room for the weekend until i leave this is helping my mental state so much

my sister, who’s been passively-aggressively changing the thermostat back to heat every time i turn it off: can we keep the heat on? i’m cold.

me, who literally cannot sleep if it’s too warm in the house and pays all of the utility bills: hmm, might i suggest pUTTING ON A PAIR OF P A N T S???

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How long does it take for the compulsion to wear off? And how would yandere Minseok react to y/n running away once it does?

“It depends on the person usually, and how strong of a mentality they have. Since (Y/n) has a pretty strong mindset, the compulsion will probably only last a few months at the most, so maybe 3-4. As for her running away once it does, it depends on how her mind has been affected by the compulsion. Like I said, once under the influence of it long enough, the feelings she has for me when she’s compelled will become very real and I will no longer have to worry about compelling her or her running away. If by some chance she manages to escape me during a time where the compulsion has worn off, I would be pretty upset. I’d immediately track her down and bring her back with me, making sure that she knows that no matter how hard she tries to get away, no matter how far she runs, I will always find her and bring her back to me.”

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could it be, more random ooc AU fluff from me? amazing 

I’m mentally making this a sequel to this. This one is short, but I’m connecting it with another prompt I’m working on, to make a prompt sequence of sorts so. Look forward to that if this is your thing? 

Jack was a little bit suspicious.

He’d never expressed much of an interest in celebrating this particular day—certain memories still stung, even with the slight balm of Rhys and Cyrus—but the omega had been unusually persistent in his needling, trying to convince Jack to indulge him and their son, if just for a moment.

“Come on,” Rhys started, taking the alpha’s hand, “don’t act like you don’t want to have us give you attention and sing your praises all day long.”

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part four of alone together coming soon

At some point, Tatum actually starts paying attention to her book. Maybe, unconsciously, she forces herself to. Some new form of survival, perhaps. Either way, she gets through a whole chapter before she notices Harry again, and by that point she’s been completely absorbed for a while, highlighter between her teeth when she doesn’t need it and pen stuck through her bun, constantly pushing up her glasses as her eyes skate over the pages.

But then she feels something against her leg. Shapes slowly being traced along her calf with just enough pressure for her skin to tingle through the material of her leggings. Tatum glances at Harry, and has to push her glasses up her nose so she can see him clearly, only to find he’s not paying attention to her at all. His eyes are fixed on his phone as he scrolls through what is probably an email or journal article on canine respiratory diseases. His bowl of cereal sits empty on the coffee table — next to her bowl, which is also empty. Tatum doesn’t remember him eating it.

It doesn’t happen in some monumental way. It’s been fucking nagging at her for days, but right then, when she really starts to notice, it’s more like that feeling you get after waking up, when you aren’t sure for a moment where you are, but then everything settles and it’s all normal.

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(since some of you seemed surprised after the last author’s note, i just want to clarify that this is a mini fic and we’ve only got one part left after this one!)

The Riley Committee has been grooming Riley to fit their Image for YEARS and nobody says a damn thing about that…No one has an issue with that. 

Yet in the past few episodes, we’ve had a spike of people complaining about how one person is trying to control another.

Is it only not okay when Riley is pulling the strings?

Trick Question. I know anything Riley does is seen as evil by y’all (And you know who you are)


This Or That - pippinthemusical asked pippin or leading player?

  • me: *has 3 essays to write, 1 monologue to practice, 50 readings to finish, 2 exams to study for, resumes to write, a new apartment to find, general life shit to do*
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: *starts new Hoseok series*
  • Relative: whatcha thinking so hard about kiddo
  • Me: hm?
  • Me: just a couple of cute lesbians doing romantic things

Esther was really into emoticons and we constantly argued about eyebrows vs. hat. She firmly believed <:) conveyed surprise while I always saw a party hat. Neither of us would ever budge on this very important issue.

One day I was shopping for shower curtains and I found one inexplicably covered in emoticons. *<:) was captioned “PARTY.” I took a picture on my phone and was halfway through a triumphant text to Esther telling her that that is clearly a hat, not eyebrows, and if it’s on a shower curtain it must be true, when I suddenly realized that she had passed away months before. And that’s how I ended up clutching a shower curtain and sobbing in the middle of a Bed Bath & Beyond.

At the time everything was so fresh. I figured it would just take a while to adjust, that the impulse to tell Esther things, to have a conversation with her, would slowly fade. Or at the very least I would stop having those shocking moments of realization that my friend is no longer here. What no one ever told me is grief is permanent; evolving but ever present.

Sometimes I catch myself simply thinking I should call Esther, it’s been way too long since we’ve talked, I need to see how she’s doing. We shared so much of our lives and spoke nearly every day; to have that end so abruptly feels unbearable. I still have those moments of clutching that proverbial shower curtain in such unmitigated disbelief and sorrow.

The sharing portion is over. There is a huge void and sometimes it opens up in my chest and I feel like it could obliterate me.

I’m having one of those nights.

do you ever have That One Person in fandom who did something really shitty and awful to you, but unfortunately they’re popular so there’s no way you could ever call them on it without getting spammed with hate from their ‘fans’, and there’s no escape from their content and every time you see their name or their posts reblogged by people you follow you get this nasty shock and become really stressed and generally feel awful and like you want to cry and/or puke