i'm really surprised that they got this high


Look at what I’ve seen in just a 7 sec vid 🐥🐰🐥🐰

the usual pattern🌼🌺

Kook’s imma-just-glance-a-little-bit

Min’s hmm-I-see-you-there-jungkookie

Kook’s oops-I-got-caught-gotta-turn-away-and-act-like-nothing-happened 😶 

Not so smooth, Kook ah~ xD

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Do you have any cute yet fluffy romantic prompts related to high school? I'm sorry if I'm not making any sense.

no worries friend! your question makes complete sense to me! we’ve got some more high school aus here

You wear a different (hairbow/shirt/hat/whatever) every day of the week and you were really surprised when I noticed you wore a new one AU

I really want to pass this class can you tutor me? AU

I really want to make this sports team can you help me train? AU

You always sit alone at lunch and do your homework can I sit with you? AU

I really don’t get mathematical proofs my brain doesn’t work like this please help me AU

Joined the mathlete team so I get to spend more time with you AU

hope some of these help! ~Nicole

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I believe with 100% of my heart that if tom knew about trans Peter he'd be behind it and probably accept it as canon

i try not to get my hopes up with any cis celeb when it comes to them not being transphobic, bc i often get my hopes dashed lmao. even the kindest celebrities can end up being transphobic, which honestly isn’t that surprising seeing as transphobia is still deeply ingrained into society. so really i only write the celeb off as a transphobic asshole if they do something transphobic and then don’t sincerely apologize and/or amend their mistake and try to learn from it. like if they do that, i’ll usually give them another shot.

that being said, so far tom hasn’t really been given an opportunity to comment on trans people so i still don’t feel i have a clear idea of where he stands. i will say that immediately after his lip sync battle tom was asked about how he felt dancing in women’s clothing, and tom said that his pantyhose were basically the same as his spider-man tights and it was fine. and this isn’t to say that being trans is the same as a cis male dressing in drag. drag does NOT equal being trans, and i personally don’t view a cis and/or straight man in drag as transphobic (as long as they’re actually dressing in drag to perform which is what drag is typically for, rather than using the drag as an opportunity to make a cheap joke about trans people). but with that question about how it felt to wear the lingerie, as a cis (and possibly het, it has yet to be confirmed which is totally his business) guy he had every opportunity to make a joke about trans people. honestly our society is so lax on transphobia that he could have easily gotten away with it too. hell, after the lip syncs battle his own father made an trans joke (“i always wanted a girl”), lots of people did, he could have easily and sadly gotten away with that. but he didn’t, if anything he took the question as an opportunity to say that his work clothes for playing a superhero weren’t very different from women’s lingerie and that it wasn’t a big deal.

so with this small (SMALL) moment, and taking tom’s other instances of being open minded and supportive of all different types of people, i think we’re safe to cautiously hope that he wouldn’t be transphobic. but i’m just saying don’t get your hopes too high, bc i’ve seen celebs asked about lgbt+ headcanons before and their reactions can often be close-minded. but like i said, while it’s still a douche move when they do this, how they also should be judged is how by they respond when called out. but i really love tom, and so far he has only done things to show that he is an ally in all aspects, so i think we can be a bit more relaxed in hoping he would be supportive.

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Ever feel like you're a lonely Godzilla fan? I know I have. Yeah my parents are nice to me about it and stuff but I've never really had another fan friend. I was so surprised when all these people came to see Shin Godzilla. I saw it twice and the theater was packed both times. All I could think of is "I'm not alone & where have you been all my life?!!"

I know exactly what you mean. A giant dinosaur who fights evil space aliens seems like the perfect draw for kids to watch, but no one I showed the movies to ever really liked them. By the time I got into high school I had found friends who were also into Godzilla and kaiju movies. Now that I’ve met so many cool folks on here/at conventions and whatnot it’s really great to know that so many other people share the enthusiasm!

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well my mother queen I asked what type of hogwarts students vixx would be - which houses and fave subjects and would they be studious/slackers/etc? (If that's too long then just put their houses I'm sorry!!) ;;

mother queen wow im loving it tbh 

House: Ravenclaw 
Fav Subject: Transfiguration & Charms
Type of Student: He’s very hardworking, one of the most intelligent students so it’s no surprise that he’s in the Ravenclaw house! He got extremely high scores on his O.W.L’s so he got accepted into N.E.W.T - the hardest type of Transfiguration class there is! Because he’s good at concentration and has a perfectionists outlook, Charms is also another one of his best classes.

House: Hufflepuff
Fav Subject: Herbology 
Type of Student: He’s somewhere in the middle, never really putting in 100% because it makes him feel like perhaps he’d be showing off? Doesn’t seem to like to stand out. He likes Herbology a lot because the different types of plants fascinate them and he likes to take photos of new species he finds in the forest. 

House: Gryffindor 
Fav Subject: Potions & Muggle Studies
Type of Student: Seems like a slacker, but is actually very studious and gets high grades on all his O.W.L’s. He has a keen interest in potions because of the many whimsical ways to make them and Muggle Studies is just downright fascinating to him. 

House: Slytherin
Fav Subject: Care of Magical Creatures
Type of Student: Nothing interests Leo more than the magical creatures in the Wizarding world. He’s quite keen of Thestral’s because no one else can see them unless they’ve suffered a death of someone they know and have accepted them. He’s not interested in other classes, but passes them with ease.

House: Gryffindor 
Fav Subject: Astronomy 
Type of Student: Slacks off in most of his classes, gets called out and loses points for laughing at a lot of Ken’s jokes and things like that, but has a keen love of Astronomy. He also likes the extracurricular, Muggle Music a lot too!

House: Slytherin
Fav Subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Type of Student: Like Leo, he only finds interest in one class and does exceptionally well in it. Other classes are sub-pur, but he gets by. Hates subjects like History of Magic and Herbelogy, finds them to be rather boring. 

Seventeen as things I've said while painfully sober
  • Switched it up a lil bit to prove I'm just as iconic when sober as I am drunk
  • Scoups: okay children since clearly I'm the only one who knows where we're going, follow me. Or don't. Really you don't have to.
  • Wonwoo: the last book I read cost me $350. It was my bio textbook. And it wasn't even bound. So I had to spend $7 on a binder for fucking loose leaf papers. $357 for a FUCKING textbook
  • Mingyu: we've been living here for 8 months, there's one week of school, and you're telling me that you still don't know what time the dining hall serves food?
  • Vernon: alright so if I fail this class and drop out of school, I could probably make a living as a rapper
  • Jeonghan: okay but picture this, me. in bed. asleep. instead of in this class.
  • Joshua: when the priest was blessing the racers and the cart I got hit with the holy water and I'm really surprised that my skin didn't start burning on the spot
  • Woozi: hey I made 3 new Spotify playlists during class. Also, can you send me your notes from class?
  • DK: see, in high school, they take attendance before class but in university they don't so that's why I spent my bio lecture watching how I met your mother in bed
  • Seungkwan: it's Valentine's Day and I have a date with Netflix and a bottle of vodka
  • Hoshi: I don't need to go to the gym cause dancing tonight is probably gonna be enough of a work out. If I wear heels, then I won't need to go to the gym for a week.
  • Jun: my exam is over at 4 so at 4:01 I'll be expecting you to be waiting outside the exam center for me with a shot of vodka
  • Minghao: I've never talked to him but I see him at least 3 times a day around campus so we're basically dating. I see him so often I have his schedule memorized
  • Dino: everyone is already 19 and I have the world's shittiest fake ID so we have a selection of about 2 bars I can get into.

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For aomine, kise, Akashi and midorima! Having an s/o a year younger than them and they go to her high school graduation (but told her that they couldn't come since college) so she's totally surprise? Thank you! I'm graduating high school next week! So yay!! 😁😁😁 I'm not ready for adult life though haha

Yaaaaaaaas. Omfg I’m about to ‘officially’ become a senior and it just hit me today that I am not at all ready for adulthood holy shit save me. Thanks for the request! This is really cute!

Aomine: He figured missing one practice at his university wouldn’t matter. He did skip 99% of his high school practices, so one here shouldn’t matter. He had to make it to his girlfriend’s graduation. She sounded so upset when he’d told her he had practice.

When she got on stage for her diploma, he clapped and shouted for her. “I knew you could do it, ____!”

She looked puzzled, searching for the source of his voice. After the ceremony while he was looking for her, she called out his name. He turned around, and she ran into him for a hug.

“I thought you had practice, Ahomine!”

“Eh, I can skip one for my girlfriend.” He smiled, hugging her back.

Kise: He’d watched the ceremony from the sidelines, hoping his surprise would work out. After everyone of the students had gotten their diplomas and scattered to speak with friends and family, he went on the hunt for his girlfriend.

He spotted her with her back turned to him, and she was speaking with her parents excitedly. He stepped up behind her and smiled to her parents.

“Hey, ____-chii, congrats on graduation!”

She turned around quickly, eyes wide, and then she grinned and hugged him.

“I thought you couldn’t make it, Ryouta!” She laughed with excitement. “You’re here!”

The blonde laughed happily and kissed her temple. “I wouldn’t miss your graduation for the world, ____-chii.”

Akashi: He stood up with her parents when she received her diploma, and her eyes darted to him. Her eyes widened and she grinned widely. She hurried off the stage, and as soon as everyone else was done, she darted to find him and her parents.

Her arms flung around him in a tight hug. “I thought you weren’t coming, Sei…”

He smiled gently and wrapped his arms around her. “How could I miss my love’s graduation?”

Midorima: He awkwardly stood to the side as the ceremony happened, and he couldn’t help but smile when his girlfriend received her diploma. She’s worked hard for this and he knows it (she may or may not have asked him for study-help), and he’s extremely proud of her.

After the ceremony, she hunted her down. She was speaking with a group of her friends. He walked up and tapped her shoulder.

“Mind if I pull you aside to congratulate you, nanodayo?”

She perked up quickly, turning around and grinning. “Shin!” She hugged him quickly, and her friends all smiled, nodding and stepping away from them.

“I thought you couldn’t make it, Shin. Don’t you have exams right now?” She asked, her eyes still sparkling in happiness.

Midorima lightly smiled. “I asked to take it early so that I could make it here for you, _____. I’m very proud of you.” 

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I noticed in the last post that you mentioned glorified bad animation? I'm curious as to which shows you are referring to. Not defending them just curious which ones in particular.

The most glaring example I can think of that isn’t a cartoon obviously produced to sell toys to children (and pretty much all of those are garbage) is The Problem Solverz, which aired for one season on CN. I don’t understand how this even got on tv - I can only imagine that the people who created it must have friends in high places who pulled a few strings. That, or the execs are really that clueless (this wouldn’t surprise me after thinking that CN Real was a good idea). The designs, art direction and animation are so unspeakably bad that if you saw an episode of it without knowing where it came from you’d think it was from a bad flash cartoon or something.

But TPS is an easy target  - I would wager most people were turned off by it. A more polarizing example that I’m sure many would vehemently disagree with me is Adventure Time. Don’t get me wrong - AT can be cute and charming at times, and I like the imagination that goes into it. But AT often displays the bare minimum of animation understanding to get by, and because of its popularity I think it sets a really bad precedent for what is considered an animation standard.

I think it’s fine if your character designs are relatively simple and all their limbs are basically noodles if you know what you’re doing already. For example, FLCL would sometimes revert to simpler styles (manga panels, South Park, wobbly/boiling animation) to achieve different looks during the series, but still applied the principles of animation to all their scenes. No matter what the style is, they made it work for animation. The animation never feels like it plays second fiddle to anything else in the series - because after all, why else would it be animated?

But I don’t get the feeling that the creators of AT understand good design for animation, or animation as a whole. In AT, characters simply move from pose to pose, and if they need to do something complex they often just bend haphazardly like a wet noodle to get from drawing A to drawing B. And if they want to be funny, they just draw a silly face on the ‘blank slate’ type look they have on the faces. It’s like a very, very lazy version of the expressionism of an old Warner Bros cartoon or something like Ren & Stimpy, but when going off-model was used wisely there, AT just treats the face area like a whiteboard and nothing else matters.

Basically, I get the vibe that the people behind AT studied animation casually, got the basics of it and never bothered to learn anything more. Many artists become complacent in knowing the bare minimum of something if they can get by, and never really get better. That’s how AT comes off to me. I never see any examples of an animation segment in AT that display the principles of animation in an outstanding way - I think the show’s appeal is mostly driven by the voiceover, comedy styling and the colors - especially the backgrounds, which I think are easily the best part of the show from a visual standpoint.

Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily, however AT can get pretty heavy on the frame count, but it comes off a little contrived when the animation has very little of the 12 principles applied to it. Smooth animation does not always make for good animation. It’s basically polishing a turd, for lack of a better term.

I even recall Thurop Van Orman (creator of Flapjack) saying at one point that bad drawings were often kept and used purposely in cartoons because they were funny. I suppose I can see the humor in that from time to time, but I think it’s gotten to the point where bad art is becoming “hip” and it’s beginning to take priority over artists who actually understand design. There is a difference between an artist being asked to draw ‘bad art’, and someone who doesn’t know how to draw who simply draws badly because they aren’t an artist. And this difference increases ten-fold when you bring something to animation, because animation is a complexly layered process that a layman cannot “fake it to make it”, so to speak.

At the end of the day, most of AT is probably animated overseas anyway, and they are given simple instructions on what to do based on keys and storyboards. That’s what most animation “studios” here in the states have devolved in to. Why? Because it’s cheaper, and all execs care about is money and toy sales. At the very least, I will give AT credit in the ‘soul’ department - it got popular on its own merits, and while I don’t think it’s very funny I understand why a lot of people do.

I just find it troubling seeing many artists and cartoons attempting to be copycats of AT, because it’s a really poisonous example of animation that willfully neglects many strong and important building blocks that shouldn’t be ignored. In 10 years it will probably be something else, and 10 years ago the same story. It’s certainly not the worst trend to hit American animation (Hannah Barbera’s “canned pickle” assembly line era of animation during the Flintstones era was probably the worst), though I hope people who are AT fans dig a little deeper for better stuff out there, and branch out artistically beyond AT’s crude design and animation.

That being said, I do think there are some great examples of cartoons being made today that are genuinely animation-driven, and those cartoons are: 

The Amazing World of Gumball

Gravity Falls

Wander Over Yonder (from none other than Craig McCracken)

And before anyone replies saying something like AT isn’t trying to be an animated masterpiece, yes I know this, and I’m not expecting that they or anyone should. I only believe that animated series should put art and animation before anything else - if you cannot get that right, then you shouldn’t bother unless you’re trying to do something purposely tacky looking like Aqua Teen Hunger Force. If you don’t agree with me, that is fine. I don’t expect everyone to think like me, and I am a stubborn bitch.

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....How can you actually defend admiring such a shitty person as Justin Bieber? With all the things he's done I'm surprised that anyone like's him. I just don't understand. Is it because you're too blinded by his 12 year old face? I think it's high time you got a taste of reality. You may like his music, but that boy is a shitty person. You can't deny that, actions speak louder than words honey, and his actions are shitty as fuck.

Do you really think I give a shit about your retarded opinion about him? 

Because I really can “actually” defend and admire such a beautiful and wonderful and TALENTED person as Justin Bieber. What are all the things he’s done? Please, enlighten me. Oh wait, let me enlighten you first.

Before you start rambling on about stupid fake ass shit, you should get your facts correct. Perhaps go on Wikipedia and fill your peanut-sized brain with a little bit of knowledge about him.

If you want the link, then click here:)

Blinded? I may wear glasses (if you didn’t know that) but I have perfectly clear vision of his beauty. He’s not 12, sometimes he has a baby-face but that’s the cute thing about him. 

He is just this beautiful beautiful human being!

High time? Is there such thing of “high time”? You know, everyday you do learn something new. Taste of reality? Dude, THIS IS REALITY. THIS IS MY REALITY. TUMBLR IS MY REALITY. Justin Drew Bieber is my reality.

You may like his music, but that boy is a shitty person” Correction, I don’t like, I LOVE his music. Seriously, do your research before you go ahead and make your own facts up.

That boy? That boy is turning 20 on the 1st of March. So ACTUALLY he’s a young adult:) A man. 

Shitty person? Urm, I’m sorry, well not really, but do you personally know him as a person to judge him like that? No? Didn’t think so. How about this. You’re a shitty person and I cannot deny that:)

It’s weird, because his so-called rumoured actions never have any VALID proof. Give me proof and then I’ll believe you that actions speak louder than words. Clearly, you have a lot on your time to notice all his actions. Pretty hilarious coming from someone who talks as if they hate the person.

Bye bye:D