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You Reposted in the Wrong Neighborhood: Kidz Bop edition

2 to the 1 to the 1 to the 3, i like good slushies and i say yes please, joke and read like you wouldn’t believe and i go to class ‘cause it’s really neat


Here have some beautiful Supernatural Valentine’s Day cards for that special someone

[dean] [crowley] [sam] [cas]

@therealjacksepticeye So here’s the story to this

It starts kinda glitchy as Jack begins his battle against Anti. When the melody is playing normally, with some weirdness in the background, it shows that Jack is still in control. For now.

As it goes on, it gets more and more glitchy and creepy as the battle gets harder. But every so often it seems like Anti stops and Jack regains control again. In the bridge (the little potato man section), Anti dies down considerably and Jack thinks he’s won… but time feels like it slowed down as Jack fears Anti’s return… He still doesn’t feel quite normal. The room spins and his head aches. It’s like he isn’t really gone…

SUDDENLY Anti regains even more strength and gets harder than ever to fight against! Eventually Anti gains full control and Jack passes out.

But when he wakes up, he starts returning to normal. The weirdness gradually fades out and the music becomes more and more normal towards the end as Jack becomes fully himself again. Anti is gone this time.

Ǵ̶̜̼̱͚̎̉͠ơ̴̠̙͈̓͐̈ ̷͗͊͜o̸̧̞̝͆̂ṅ̶̗̼̦̖͆͋͠,̷̹͓̟̖̐̽̋ ̵͍̥̐̌̈́ͅJ̴͉̞͑́a̶̢̲͗̒͝ḉ̵̖͕́̇͝ķ̴͎̮̘͠͝

Ý̵̬̟̱̿ö̶̡́͜ͅu̴̡̖̪͎̔ ̶̲̥̟̖̏̇̾̕k̸̠̐n̷̗̳͆ȏ̵̡̇w̶̞̏̏ ̵̱̒y̶͚͗̆ŏ̴̜̱̚u̵̻͐́ ̴̬́͐͘ẃ̴̹̱͈̎ȃ̴̞̱n̴͍̝͂͗t̸͓̃̿̎͛ ̸̡͎̀t̵̺̖̠͍̒͐o̷̡̱͑̈͝ ̴͚̳͕̈́̔̓ḫ̴͑̇e̸͈̥͖̎̒̔̈́a̵̛̯͉̙͑͘͝ŕ̴͓͎̽ ̷̢̨͎͋̃͋i̴̤̞̜̐̿͛t̵͓͛̈̓

P̸̥̯͛̓̂͝l̸̻̯͕͂́͊ą̶̞̠̂̀ỳ̶͕ ̶̨̦͙̑̑͑́ͅi̸̩͔̬͆͊͗̽t̸̙̲̆̃͜

I̶̬̼͎̓͋̒̈́ ̵̪̻̭̬͐̋d̴̛͖͍̞͐̊͐a̶̪̖͑r̷̮͙̿̀͘ë̶̱̥̙̇ ̷͕̍̓͘y̶̖̾̕̚o̵̢̺̺̮͑̐͘͝ủ̴̫̪̝́̀ͅ

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“I’ll never lie to you about anything.”

“I might lie to you!”

Really Hoping Jack Reads This

@therealjacksepticeye I wrote this poem about you <3

“The Making of a Hero”

A cabin in the woods

Is where it all began

Expecting nothing

Was a humble young man

He started making videos

To make people smile

Being honest and genuine

And kind all the while

His infectious energy

And positivity shone through

As time went by

The channel grew and grew

With every milestone

No matter how small

He would always say

A big thank you to us all  

He grew as a person

His videos evolved

He always interacted

And made us feel involved

Even now the community

Is 14 million strong

He still talks to us

Just like he’s always done

He’s still just as grounded

As when it all began

Maybe even more now

As he’s grown since then

He’s made it so far

He’s achieved a great deal

Proud is not enough

To describe how I feel

But he’s done so much more

Than just for his own gain

He’s given hope and joy,

And eased people’s pain

He’s an inspiration

And a wonderful friend

Someone who is there for us

Again and again

I hope one day we’ll meet

And hug each other tight

He’ll know how much he means to me

Better than when I write

When he started videos

I’m sure he never knew

He’d become a person

That so many look up to

A cabin in the woods

Is where it all began

The making of a hero

My helping hand.

therealmythical  asked:

Wait is there a rule about not reposting your art on here or no. Just winding cuz I saw where you where having trouble reposting it on a different platform and I'm just confused. I love your art so much and your so talented and it's just really cute. sorry I'm weird.


My rule here is:

1. You’re not allowed to repost my art here or in any website w/o my permission. and if you didn’t know about that^ at least tag the original artist about it, so they can see it, or give source of where the hell did you get that drawing.

and of course, my art is NOT for selling either nor printing it yerself. 

2. be gud, respect each other, and have fun.

Sorry to repost you guys but I really want @therealjacksepticeye to read this, it would mean a lot to me and make my day, which would be extra special today. I wrote this to/for him so it really matters to me <3


Let me tell a story to you

Of someone that I wish you knew

Someone I’m related to

My awesome brother, that’s who

He was a lot like you

He loved playing games

You both even have

Identical first names

He is Seán, too

Spelled just the same

But you are here.

He’s gone away.

No more time to make me laugh

With his witty, wise remarks

No more light from his bright spark

I miss him playing his guitar

A hole is in my life and heart

And some days are really hard

I’m not looking to replace

But what can fill that space?

I watched him play his games sometimes

Now I do this with you, online

Although a screen is a divide

You still calm the pain inside

It’s like I’m with you by your side

A friend in who I can confide

Some of my heart’s tears have dried

Today is dark, but you’re a light

No one could ever take his place

Nor would I want that to be the case

No one will be just like him

But you ease my pain within

Although you are a different Seán

You still help me when I mourn

And although there’ll never be another

You make me laugh

Like I did with my brother.

anonymous asked:

Does it really hurt artists when people repost their art, even if credit is given? It's a dumb question to ask..I'm sorry but I just wanna learn and stuff..

yes, here are some of the common points:

1) some artists don’t want that “exposure”, they want to be in control of where there art is distributed& what kind of audience will see it

2) without permission, you are only stealing to show off what someone else has made. crediting does not make it okay, because of point 1) and you’re still stealing. ask the artist if they allow use/repost of their art, but if you are unsure just don’t do it. (most art have watermarks, search the name to find out)

3) respect the artist’s wishes, some artists have stopped sharing their art altogether because of this. personally (& for many others), it really hurts when you share your work to get it misused

it’s not a dumb question! thank you for caring. we all make mistakes and it’s * kinda not okay* but as long as you don’t do it anymore, it’s good and you’re learning ^_T


✨everything is blue✨

anonymous asked:

Hi there...I'm a writer and I have been having a lot of content of mine stolen, and I don't know how to deal with it. Do you have any knowledge on what to do? I really need help, people keep taking my book covers and some stories of mine and posting them without any kind of credit at all.. :(

yikes… I’m so sorry, I don’t really know how to help with this sort of thing ;;
it’s different from art theft since we can watermark our art or make it so that no one can right click and save the image, but I have no idea how to prevent people from stealing written works.. I hope you can find someone who’s more knowledgeable about this to help you ;v;

I drew some Amis! I realize they’re not incredible but I’m actually really proud of them!

Sorry about the red all over the page, this is from my sketchbook and I didn’t realize I was coloring on the back of this until I’d already done so (oops)

Please don’t repost these (I don’t see why you would), but likes and reblogs are much appreciated!

Wife!Carl aesthetic for anon

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“So Bits, how does it feel to be tall for once?”
“Your chirps can’t reach me up here, Jack.”

There’s a Culinary Arts museum in Providence and you can’t convince me that these dorks would not have a date there

I don’t know if this is real, but I can 100% see this happening. Teenage Ryan was really something.