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Soukoku Week Day 3: Historical AU 

Chuuya had nightmares. They all did, but no one spoke of it. They were machines now, crawling through the dirt, shooting at anything that dared to move. Shoveling food into their mouths to keep themselves in some semblance of working order. Chuuya’s uniform was falling off, the threads soaked and dried too often with blood. Dirt caked his skin.


LR - beautiful Liar ( L and Raito Version )  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Seriously, i’m really like this song. You can see this music video in HERE . 
just really want  to draw this, because their look like Raito and L, and they are a liar  ✧

Imagine telling badboy!Woozi to stop kissing you in public because people are looking and you get really shy but he still continues to do so because he doesn’t care whether people are looking, he just wants to kiss you all the time.


Guys, i know i’m not drawing much stuff, so i want to explain a few things. To be quite honest i’m not satisfied with this blog anymore, i’m not having fun replying asks as i used to be, and the only reason i keep drawing Agma is Alice, because i love to interact with her, also there are so many Agma-alike characters that i lost part of my interest on him. 🙀

So i’ve been working on something in the the past weeks - a design for the Classic Bendy - because i want a classic cartoonish character with an good “old cartoon” vibe. It doesn’t mean i will give up of Agma, Deus, Rouge, Boris or Rouge! I just want to try something new. 😸

SakuNaa Vol.2

(Is this a thing now? Lol sorry for dragging you all in this mess (it is an affair😂))

Lol I was just able to catch up, but seems like something amazing happened today in Sakura’s and Nana’s SHOWROOMs. (170619)

In Nana’s SR, she was talking about how she was getting closer with Sakura and wanting to call her ‘Sakuchan’ but too scared to do so. nowadays due to their jobs together increasing, they had the chance to get even closer, and she told about that one time she asked Sakura to take a two-shot with her because she found Sakura really cute. And the shocking part is; Sakura is the one who requested Naachan to do a kabedon pose. As a shy person who doesn’t take that many two-shots, Naachan said she found it interesting. (And apparently, I have no idea how this is related, but Momo-kun (NMB) praised Naachan- which in my opinion, is about how she is building her own harem 😂)

And then some fan leaked that Nana wanted to call her Sakuchan in Sakura’s SHOWROOM, where she sent a LINE to Naachan saying; “Please call me Sakuchan from now on”, and “I won’t reply unless you call me Sakuchan”, where I was surprised Sakura could be such a tsundere 😮.

The fan also said to Naachan that a LINE was coming from Sakura, where she completely freaked out. Then she stopped her SR once in order to see if there was a LINE, and then practiced saying ‘Sakuchan’, and was super excited

Then they were talking on the phone, and Sakura kept grinning while watching Naachan’s SR, where Naachan was super nervous about it. Sakura kept being extra high tension, waving her hand to the screen like a little kid, asking Naachan to call her ‘Sakuchan’, and jumping when Naachan said it. And she went around saying stuff like “How cute, embarrassed Nanachan~” 💖

You are the one seeing the screenshots 😎 Also the SR is the ideal place to watch if you want to see the dork fangirl Sakura 😂

The hero of today is that fan who kept the communication👏👏👏

Coran and Altean age theory under the cut

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