i'm really sorry


LR - beautiful Liar ( L and Raito Version )  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Seriously, i’m really like this song. You can see this music video in HERE . 
just really want  to draw this, because their look like Raito and L, and they are a liar  ✧

Imagine telling badboy!Woozi to stop kissing you in public because people are looking and you get really shy but he still continues to do so because he doesn’t care whether people are looking, he just wants to kiss you all the time.

I think I need to take a little break. As you all have noticed I haven’t been posting as much because I think I’m experiencing massive burnout. I’m starting to feel guilt and panic because I don’t post enough and I don’t want to feel guilt or panic because of fan fiction.

Also with my new job starting I’m going to be working a lot more and will have even less time. I’m also experiencing a lot of problems at home.

I will continue to do the Bughead Author Spotlight because I want this fandom to flourish even if I’m not an active part of it.

I’m not stopping but you might have to wait for updates.

I hate to let you all down because you’ve all embraced me so whole heartedly. My goal is to finish The Stacks and I definitely will. I understand if you want to abandoned the story or if you are disappointed in me but I need to go back to wanting to write as opposed to feeling like I have to write.