i'm really satisfied with how these came out

Inception book covers series. Re-imagining the characters as tacky paperbacks.

DERAILMENT by Mallorie Cobb

The Inception Project series (art to come):


@lustfulcat let me choose between Yashiro, Doumeki or Misumi in D1 emoji, as she kindly requested me on twitter. And since I too was unsure and since I was curious, I decided myself to draw all of them ‘cause they are the most important characters in the story. The Yakuza Trinity! Thanks for the request, I really did try my best and enjoyed it ^^ 


I finished my Nordic Club screenshot redraw thing.


It gave me some trouble, but I’m generally satisfied with how it came out. I omitted the speed-lines and writing cause they seemed a bit excessive. Feel free to use it. Credit is nice~


I decided to try to sculpt out some of my species, so here’s one of them!! I haven’t written much about this one (since I’m still working on typing up all those things) , so it’s probably less recognizable than the other moth-people sculpture, but I may use this one more in the future. I’m just really glad to have clay again! I tried to make something where I would have to vary the style of face more than usual, and I think it turned out decent for being a style I’m not used to haha! 

I may list this one in the Etsy Shop (link here)  alongside the other smaller sculptures, but I’m undecided. It would be super hard to ship because of the odd shape of the horns so I’m not really sure how I would do that (OuO;)/ Regardless, at least I’m satisfied with how this sculpture came out~

anonymous asked:

My girlfriend recently came out to me as asexual. I'm allosexual, and I don't see our difference sexualities being a problem in the future. But she constantly worries I'm going to cheat on her because she's "not capable" or satisfying me sexually as much as I want (I've never really told her how much I want it, so I have no idea where she's getting her estimates from). Is there any way I can make her relax? Is this worry common amongst ace-allo relationships?

It is a common worry, and it’s really hard for asexuals because everything we see in society says that sex is necessary for a relationship and if you don’t have sex with your partner, they’ll get it somewhere else - that’s of course bullshit, but here’s roughly what I’d tell her. 

“I care about you, and I’m not going to cheat on you. Not now, not ever. Your happiness is more important to me than my libido ever could be. This changes absolutely nothing.”

Something like that. 


So I was thinking about homestuck in the car on the way here and I just have to say, Roxy is a great character? Like, Hussie presented us with this girl that could have easily fallen into a tropey “girl problems” thing–she was a little flighty, obsessed with romance, a silly drunk–and THEN he not only lets her conquer her big issues, he has her still maintain her fun, feminine qualities AND points at those qualities saying “this is what makes a leader. This is what makes her the most qualified to take charge” and that’s really awesome? 

Also 8tracks changed some stuff and now my Jake English playlist doesn’t have the Indiana Jones theme or Jake’s Flight from Avatar, and I need to fix that bc it definitely needs both of those things