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He’s my favorite. Great suggestion, anon! (。・ᴗ-)✧

Thank you for your kind words! ♡

The Way He Looks (gaston/lefou)
Early Days, Pre-Wartime, First Kiss, Gaston loves LeFou’s hair ▪ read on ao3

Tentatively, LeFou risked looking up at him again. Gaston was looking out the window now, certainly dreaming of his next, successful hunt in the vast plains of the land. These were perhaps LeFou’s favourite moments; when they stopped to make camp in the forest or under the stars—and when they found peace here, at home, and he could watch Gaston bathe in the sunlight.

“Je n'aime que toi”  (Alice to Julie and Ismaël) - requested by anon

I am the bridge over the river
Going from you to you
Getting on me, big deal!
Stepping over me, why not
I love only you, you, you, you, you, you.

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Probably just a matter of time until Teuchert gets bought by a bigger/richer club... (Hopefully at least FCN will get good money for him, Franconian child.)

probably just a matter of time that *so many* FCN players will get bought by bigger/richer clubs…*sigh*

[TKG] [HideKane] I'm coming home

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