i'm really really sorry jinki but

SHINee Aesthetics

Onew - jackets with soft lining, fairy lights, blanket forts, waking up early to see the sunrise, jumping in puddles

Jonghyun - scented candles, paper lanterns, staying up late, spiral staircases, brand new pens

Key - campfires, spontaneous roadtrips, polaroids, ice cream cones, a field of wildflowers

Minho - coffee, chilly spring mornings, stargazing, white wine, ocean sounds

Taemin - hot chocolate, snowflakes, black and white, greenhouses, movie nights

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paradoxspace(.)com(/)night-at-the-100dseum(/)4 (remove parenthesis) Sorry if this has already been brought to your attention or if it comes off paranoid. Have you noticed and are you okay with the new Paraspace comic copying your style (esp. for Karkat)? It might be unintentional, but Karkat's teeth and hair curling around his face are totally your design. But you reblogged it so I'm assuming you like the comic itself. Sorry really wanted to check in with you about the style issue.

Oh my god, wow, yeah. That is 100% absolutely my design for Karkat holy crap. 

It’s okay, we worked hard to solve this mystery and caught the Phantom Kadoodle! Now we’ll see who this ghastly thief REALLY is!



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platonic sleeping in the same bed with onho? :whispers: can you make them queerplatonic because queerplatonic onho is my life :wraps self in blanket like a burrito:

When Minho came home late from the gym and opened the door to a quiet, dark, apartment his first instinct was to panic. He was only a little later than usual, and he had grown used to coming back to a bright apartment full of the warm aroma from the dinner Jinki had just finished cooking. Now Jinki was nowhere to be seen.

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