i'm really really shit at noticing that shit

[i’m doing homework while my mom’s ironing clothes]

Me: *hears a noise*

Me: What was that?

My mom: Oh that was the chicken– I meAN CHAIR

Me: *wheeze*

My mom: I’m serious I meant chair…

aw aw the gym instagram posted a photo of our team at last year’s fittest on the field comp which we’re doing tomorrow and i’m so little! i’m amazed at how much muscle i’ve gained in 12 months especially since i’m sitting at about a kilo lighter and much leaner.

i’ve been away all day reading the most agonizing slow burn fake dating fic of my life to the point where it’s getting ridiculous like pls talk about your feelings already it’s driving me up the wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Les Mis Rare Pair Week, Day 6: Grantaire/Floreal, aka [Veronica Mars theme song starts playing]

and I’m back to questioning my MBTI

Shitty misses the nail and nearly hits Lardo's hand for the eighth time while they're hanging her paintings for a gallery show
  • Lardo: That's it, I'm out!
  • Shitty: What do you mean you're out? I'm doing this for you!
  • Lardo: Are you Shits? Are you?
  • ********cut to interview*******
  • Shitty: Lards really got me thinking with that one...I mean, who was I doing this for? Did I really want to help Lardo, or did I just want to show that I could be a good boyfriend?
  • Lardo: Sometimes I just say "Are you Shits? Are you?" because he gets real quiet and doesn't notice when I walk away.

At first, I thought it would be great to learn how to draw backgrounds, and suddenly at!tori happened. I don’t know why?? I just… who am I kidding, I’m just madly in love with this AU, and somehow I actually draw altertale!stuff  Oh, and, yeah. Backgrounds still sucks, but I’m working on it!!! I guess.  

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eccentwrit  asked:

Okay, so I really love your blog- I only discovered it recently but it's already one of my favorites. I'm pretty well-versed in a lot of the mythology surrounding Greek gods, but I'm less informed on the "heroes". So, could you elaborate on what the deal is with Agamemnon? Or as you say, Agadouchenugget?


Aw thank you so much!! And I have certainly noticed you filling my feed, my friend. Now, let me wend you a tale of a piece of shit king. I will try not to be as bias as possible, but with Agafuckface, it is really quite difficult. Even besides his fucked up shit, he had a haughty, asshole personality in The Iliad. But let’s go back to the beginning. It’s a very shite beginning for a very shite man. In fact oh my gods, it’s fuckin terrible. Hang on to your sanity, here we go.

So Atreus was Agamemnon’s father, and Atreus had a brother called Thyestes. Thyestes and Atreus had their own huge convoluted argument about who should be on the throne (involving Zeus moving the fuckin sun backwards), but the important thing to Agamemwhore’s little story here is that Thyestes was Atreus’ wife’s lover. When Atreus learned of this adultery, he punished Thyestes by killing the bro’s sons. But wait a minute hoes, did you think that was enough? Fuck no! This family is bitch-ass crazy! Atreus happily followed the Tantalus family tradition, cooked them and fed them to Thyestes, keeping the heads and hands to taunt his fuckin brother with. Now this wasn’t seen as very good manners. So Thyestes (and if you thought this story was at the peak of fucked up, prepare your body, it’s not) then took the weird as shit advice from an oracle and had a baby with his own daughter. Family. Issues. This son grew up, and after a lifetime of shame, shepherds and incestuous revelations, murdered Atreus which was the plan all along, because Thyestes couldn’t just, idk fuckin murder Atreus himself or hire a merc. Anyway, then Thyestes and Aegisthus (the son) took the throne, and Agadouchedaddy had to flee to Sparta with his brother Menelaus.

There it is. There is Agamemnon’s batman backstory. Fuckin cray cray Greeks.

In Sparta, the two brothers eventually married the two princesses of Sparta. Menelaus, being the only good thing to come outta that fuckin family, married Helen (after all that fuckin arguing, y’know). Agadickshit has a few tales surrounding him and Clytemnestra, going from ‘he just fuckin married her’ to the asshole beginnings of ‘he stabbed her child (an AgamemDouche Theme) and stabbed her husband, then took her as his.’ But whichever way he went about it, being now related to the Spartans, and having Menelaus finally become king of Sparta, Agafuckingchildmurderer wielded the power of probably, like, 3 mad Spartan warriors and took his throne in Mycenae back. But some bitch called Paris had to go and start shit now didn’t he?

Cue child-murdering incident numero 2. It was Agabitchcunt’s job to assemble the Greeks and get them goin’ off to Troy. But Artemis was pissed and wouldn’t let them go. Some say Agashitsoul slew her sacred animal and said he was as good as her, others say she was pissed about how many men would die in Troy. But none-the-less, her anger was interpreted by the resident priest Calchas as ‘kill yer fuckin young daughter’. Agagarbagetrash, being a caring father, sighed, got out his special child-murdering knife, and did just that. On the plus(?), it seemed to work. But Clytemnestra never forgave his sorry ass. On another note, Agamemefuck’s lackey had a near child-slaying incident with Odysseus’ baby son Telemachus via plough. It seems the king set a gr8 A+++ example for his men. But Odysseus, through not allowing his baby to be violently murdered, proved himself a Much Better Person (it doesn’t take much).

But Agaasshole’s douchbaggery didn’t stop there,oh nooo. He fucked up the Trojan war too. Y’see, the Greeks fuckin needed supplies, so they raided nearby villages. This one village (Thebes, not related to mainland Thebes) contained the pretty-ass gurl Chryseis, who was the daughter of the priest of Apollo. Being a fucker, Agamemnon took her as a slave and was like ‘wow, this chick is better than my wife, I will tell everyone coz I’m a cunt’. But bitch wasn’t expecting Apollo to hear the prayers of his priest and curse the fuckin Greeks for stealing her (dayum, she musta loved her daddy that day). Not wanting to die a pathetic death from plague and famine, the Greeks forced Agashitforskin to give her back. He cried, whined, stomped his foot and then took Achilles’ beautiful almost-wife Briseis (read about her here) as recompense. Not. A. Good. Fuckin. Move. Achilles wasn’t a king so through authority, Agabitchhoe could totally do this. But this means Achilles sulked, Patbroklusbabe died, Achilles went nuts, Achilles died and the fuckin war stretched out to a stupid 10 yr siege. Probably not all Agaballsackface’s fault, but quite a bit of it was. He also went and enslaved Cassandra, and made her have his twins.

But he got his come-uppance. Well, everything in Mycenae kinda turned to shit, but whatever: He went back, he got stabbed by ol’ Clytemnestra (or her lover, the very same Aegisthus at the beginning of this sordid tale), then Agafuckwit’s children (mainly Orestes) got revenge for him by stabbing those two, then Orestes (in most sources that are plays) got plagued by Furies for killing his mother until the gods took a vote and said this family’s had enough shit, let’s give them a break. Euripides even gives Orestes a happy lil ending with his full homo homie.

Whoops this one was fuckin long again. I got carried away and gave you Agamurderballs’s family history too, but hey, I think it’s interesting so take it. Thanks for asking m8! n.n


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Finished up the rest of Karasuno while taking a break from homework and midterms~ cuz Haikyuu gives me strength in bleak times 

First set of Karasuno volleydorks

Set of volleyball dorks outside of Karasuno