i'm really quite proud of it though


Pairing: John/Paul

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 5,027

Set In: 1958

Prompt: “You’re telling me that you’re a virgin?”

Summary: there’s a first time for everything @ paul ;))))

A/N: my conscience told me early on that i should make this into two parts, and jesus fucking christ, i really should’ve listened :,)

He looked divine. It was like he was glowing almost, somehow managing to sit right where the moon shone through the tiny window above my desk. But oh ho, I didn’t dare pick at him for it, as I wanted to keep him right where he was just for the sole purpose of admiring him from up on my bed. Paul was so focused, so painfully concentrated on his plucking fingers that it was almost hurting me in a way. His broad shoulders sat forward, every inch of his lanky self angled toward the guitar help firmly in his lap. The hair that was once gelled up high had begun to crumble down and lose its volume, strands occasionally falling down onto his creased forehead. Thank God he didn’t bother to fix it, because if he weren’t staying the night it would be slicked back up immediately. There was a soft quality to it, like it made him vulnerable almost. Still, I couldn’t deny that he looked unbashedly sexy, eyes alluring and seeming to draw me into him. Paul didn’t take them off of my guitar in his slim lap, but they still managed to make me feel all sort of dreamy in a way. God, I was pathetic. He wasn’t even paying me a speck of attention, yet I wouldn’t hesitate to take him in the gentlest of ways right there on the floor. The thought of being so intimate with my best-mate-turned-boyfriend made an involuntary shudder course up my spine and down to the tips of my fingers. I had the sudden urge to climb down from my raised seat and kiss that fucking relaxed little pout right off those bowed lips of his, to draw out those blissful sighs and pleading groans that I so longed for. We’d discussed it soon after we’d gotten together as a proper couple, Paul making it exceedingly clear that he’d let me know when he was ready. Which was understandable, because if I were the one taking it up the arse, I’d need quite a bit of bloody time to prepare myself mentally for that sort of thing.

“John?” he nearly cooed, bringing me out of that little dream world I’d fallen into. “Mhm?” I replied coolly, trying my best to sound even the least but composed under his innocent gaze. “How do you play an F# major 7th chord again?” Jesus Christ, I could barely answer the question–a real fucking simple one at that. It was like he had me under one of his witchy spells, eyes drowsy and painfully sweet as per usual. I pictured those eyes as I would push into him slowly, how they would fly open wider than I’ve ever seen before, wordlessly begging for more as I began to rock my hips at a leisurely pace. I was a right fucking mess, but even his presence was just so damn distracting. “I dunno, isn’t that one where you have to lay a finger down across all the strings or somethin’?” I shrugged. It was so incredibly hard to keep from fucking dragging him on top of my body and leaving little nips and kisses all over his skin until dawn. Although, something told me that he wouldn’t mind that at all. “After all, you’re the bloody chord master here, love, not me.” Paul rolled his dark eyes, a slight twinge of annoyance hidden there. “Aye, be helpful for once in your life and try to remember,” he scoffed and handed me my guitar back, the neck still warm from his rough grip. Paul remained seated on my rug until I pulled him up to sit beside me on my mattress. “You’re a real prick, I hope you know that,” I snickered, dragging another eye roll from the boy pressed up closely beside me. I couldn’t help but touch my lips to the tip of his nose before fumbling around the fretboard of the guitar, trying to remember myself how to play that damned chord.

I never got to figure out the chord, however, for before my fingers were able to find their correct placements, Paul’s plump lips were latched onto the most sensitive part of my neck, just below the middle of my jawline, in a sudden fit of passion. “Jesus.” The words floated out of my mouth faintly, my entire body nearly going complete slack from the feeling of him leisurely swirling his tongue around the bit of flesh he’d caught between his teeth. Paul hummed into my skin, a shaking hand feeling its way up my body to cup the other side of my face. “Is that alright?” he breathed, his voice somehow faltering over the span of three short words. I couldn’t help but giggle at his odd uncertainty. He’d done this before, right? “Y-Yeah, Paulie. Perfect,” I managed to mumble in response.

It felt like my entire body was set aflame by his scorching touch. Paul’s coy fingers slipped over my neck and cheek carefully, like he feared that he might do something wrong. It was nothing to complain about, as my body responded eagerly, all coherent thought being tossed out the window as blood flowed straight to my groin. When he nipped at my earlobe shyly, it was a strange new mix of emotions; one being absolute pleasure, and the other being fear that he’ll soon notice the rapidly growing bulge in the front of my jeans. The last thing I wanted to do was to pressure the boy into anything, but God–whenever his lips finally moved on top of mine, it was like it was the last straw, the final move he’d make before I’d pin him down against the mattress, my lips dragging across every inch​ of skin that spanned his lean body. And that’s exactly what I did, nearly tossing my guitar across the room and pushing his head back against the single pillow laid against the headboard. Paul let out a heavenly groan and it was like a switch flipped in my brain, and even more so in my groin, as I could feel my unfortunate hard-on trying to stand at full attention under its denim and cotton confines. I tried so desperately to ignore it and keep myself from rutting against Paul’s thigh like an animal in heat. But being that I was sprawled out on top of him, my lips exploring almost every bit of skin on his neck, it proved to be increasingly difficult to restrain my hips from gaining that friction that I so craved.

Another long, drawn-out moan flowed from his luscious lips, and I had to whisper to him to keep quiet because Mimi had always been a light sleeper. That rule soon became increasingly hard to follow on my part, because in the middle of my bloody sentence, of course, his fingers drifted down to my clothed hips to dig into the flesh there, pulling me down so that my erection could meet his, which seemed equally as hard as mine–thank God. It took all of the little willpower I had left to not scream the fucking house down in praise of the younger boy who was now grinding his hips up against mine. Our lips met momentarily in a heated fit of tiny whimpers and tangling tongues. I could swear that I felt his long legs latch around my thighs, but I was too focused on the incredible feeling of him right there, licking into my mouth greedily.

“Mhm, oh God, J-John,” Paul hissed into my ear. The very sound of him coming so undone under me almost made all color drain from my face, which seemed impossible, as I could feel little beads of sweat start to form along my hairline. “Y-Yeah, I’m here, Paulie, I’ve got you,” I babbled aimlessly, grunting into his jaw as he shamelessly pulled my crotch down against his over and over again. I could feel his fingers drift to tug up the hem of my black t-shirt, so I sat up and allowed him to pull it over my head, revealing my heaving chest. Tossing it somewhere on to the floor, his hips slowed, giving me a moment to search his dilated eyes for some sort of hint that I should keep going. A dainty hand slid up my stomach and stopped in the center of my chest, swirling around in that miniscule patch of wispy hairs that had recently sprung out. Our eyes were locked as he continued his ministrations, fingers exploring as they wished and mapping out the expanse of my expanding torso. In a calm manner, Paul rose from his formerly relaxed position on my pillow, eyes now level with mine and our noses brushing. My hands traveled to the bottom of his sweater, and with a careful glance for permission, which he granted with a chaste kiss on the corner of my mouth, I dragged the fabric up and over his torso. It almost happened in slow motion, revealing inch by inch his pale, hairy navel along with the rest of his rapidly rising and falling chest.

“I want to, John,” Paul croaked, his eyes brimming with love, although I could see that almost unnoticeable glint of fear etched into his soft features. “I want you so badly, I’m just s-scared.” My hands smoothed over his broad shoulders and up to cup either side of his beautiful fucking face. “I know, love, I know. We don’t have to if you’re not comfortable,” I gushed, trying to be as understanding as possible, which was even a stretch for me. “No no, I really want to tonight.” My spine involuntarily began to tingle at his words, that tonight was the night that we’d finally be together properly. “I-I just…” he trailed off, looking down in between our naked bellies. “What, what’s wrong?” I inquired, nervous that I might have done something to upset him. “Nothing’s wrong, really. It’s just that I, um, I haven’t exactly done this before,” Paul whispered, his voice steadier than it had been moments ago. “Yeah,” I replied simply. “I figured that this was gonna be a first for us both.” Our eyes locked again and I searched his desperately, as something still wasn’t completely right. Paul’s gaze shifted downward again, and he almost looked disappointed. “John, I–that’s not really what I meant.”

My mind went completely blank. Was he really–he couldn’t be, right? “You’re telling me that you’re a virgin?” I gulped, not entirely believing this. Paul was far too handsome, far too, I don’t know, sensual to not have had sex before, even if it were with a bird. But my thoughts proved to be correct as he nodded slowly, seeming like he feared my response. So I kissed him. I think that was one of the very few things I could do, as I was left completely speechless. Paul leaned into my mouth, hesitant at first, but I smiled against his lips, bringing him closer than he had been before. This kiss was much less needy and urgent, but not any less passionate, as I made sure that I conveyed every last ounce of emotion I had into his lips. Paul’s palms had found my chest, each resting on either side right above my erect nipples, which were begging desperately for some sort of attention.

“Johnny,” he purred into my mouth. Our lips broke apart abruptly, Paul’s eyes now housing that very evident sense of urgency. “I still want you, if you’ll have me,” he continued, partly out of breath from that near mind blowing kiss. Jesus, it was like a shock of electricity coursed straight through me, every hair on my body standing on end, especially where Paul had tangled his fingers into the little wispy ones on the nape of my neck. I cleared my throat, feeling like I could squeal and jump up and down in excitement like a little girl. “Of bloody course, you git,” I chuckled quietly and pressed my addicted lips back to his, my entire body thrumming with a whole new type of giddiness. “You’re sure?” I questioned, not wanting him to feel like he was being pressured into something that he didn’t fully want. Paul’s fingers ghosted up my sides, over my shoulders, and came to rest on my embarrassingly heated cheeks. “Positive.”

Without even a second of hesitation, I pushed him back down into the mattress, his loose hair sprawling around his head like a dark halo on the pillow. Paul flashed a charming, yet nervous grin as my lips traveled lower across his chest. “I wanna make you feel good,” I muttered against his heated skin, sucking and leaving sweet little kisses wherever I pleased. A hand wove its way into my disheveled hair and pulled me into his heaving form. “Then do it,” Paul hissed, breathless. Christ–I could hardly keep myself from thrusting a hand down the front of my pants and finishing immediately. But God, I knew that I wanted this just as much as he did. And I was determined to make his very first time worthwhile. If that meant dragging this foreplay out for as long as possible, I was more than willing to do it for Paul, because making him feel good was at the very top of my priority list.

I climbed back up his half naked form and kissed my way around his drooping face, over his irresistible chubby cheeks, down to the rounded tip of his nose, his eyes fluttering when my lips gently met his eyelids. “You are extraordinary, James Paul McCartney,” I gushed against his lips, sucking his bottom one between mine and running my tongue over it, earning a weak whimper from him when our tongues met. His hips lifted searching for the delicious friction that I only could grant him. I would occasionally let our crotches meet as I once again left a trail of sweet kisses down his body. His dark hair grew much thicker as I descended to his navel and swirled my tongue around the outside of his belly button. “Ugh, J-John,” Paul whined, the petite hand that remained in my hair pushing me down towards where he ached the most. My head lifted from its place against his pale skin, shushing him in a teasing manner because I knew that it would bother him. An adorable wave of irritation washed over his moonlit features, but soon disappeared almost completely as I moved my hands to undo the button of his trousers and pull down the zip. Paul desperately lifted his backside off of the bed so I could pull down the pants to pool at his ankles. The tent in his crotch was even more prominent now, as only one layer now stood between my now salivating mouth and his pulsing hard member. My angular nose nudged him cheekily through the cotton layer and he had to bite his knuckle to keep from emitting a pained groan when I licked a solid stripe up his length through the fabric.

“Fuck, sh-shit, oh!” Paul whimpered against his hand while I began to nip at the hairy, flexing skin pulled taut over his milky thighs. I hooked my eager fingers around the elastic waist band of his plaid boxers and yanked then down, grinning in awe when his leaking erection sprang free from the damp material. At this point, I couldn’t wait very much longer, and sucked the glistening tip into the heat of my mouth almost immediately. Paul’s grip in my hair tightened as he tried his very hardest to keep quiet. He let out an agonized grunt, and when I lifted my eyes to look at him, I swore that I very well could’ve come right then and there. His features were twisted in the delicious pleasure that my tongue gave him, whirling around the head and occasionally dipping into the slit from which the globs of precome leaked uncontrollably. Paul’s normally innocent doe eyes were squeezed shut, the little crow’s feet he’d always had at the corners more prominent in his blissful state, and his plump mouth opened only the slightest bit to reveal his tongue darting out to lick his dried lips.

When I took him fully into my mouth, a seemingly frustrated moan vibrated from deep down in his chest, and I had to hold his hips to keep him from thrusting up wildly into my mouth and choking me. I continued working on his pulsing dick, occasionally stroking him with my hand to give my tired mouth a short rest. And when I dragged a knuckle down, brushing past his balls and nudging at his puckered opening, he thrust uncontrollably up into my wet mouth. “Ngh, come on, John,” Paul pleaded wantonly, pushing down against my two fingers which had just recently started to explore the surrounding area. I pulled my mouth off of his dick and bit my lip, thinking that I’d soon be able to fully have the exquisite boy below me. My eyes floated to his dark ones, once more asking for permission, which he so graciously granted with a quick nod and stroke of his fingers against my scalp. A panicked yelp left his lips when the tip of my index finger slowly breached his opening. Immediately, I retracted my digit and looked to him. “I think we’re gonna need somethin’,” I muttered thinking for a moment of what we could possibly use to make the slide at least a little bit easier. My mind fell to the little canister of Vaseline on my desk that we would use on our calloused fingers after practicing for hours. With a quick kiss to the still glistening, red tip of his erection, I rose from my place between his legs and stood to retrieve the container across the room. My fingers fumbled with my belt, managing to undo it after what felt like several pained minutes of work, earning a quiet giggle from Paul, and I slid my jeans and boxers down my wobbling legs in one go. I sauntered back over to the extremely disheveled boy sprawled out on my bed, who was taking the short opportunity to kick off the remainder of his garments that had previously been pooled around his ankles.

Dipping my fingers into the canister, I made sure to use a sufficient amount so that I wouldn’t hurt the already frightened boy trembling above me. “Are you still completely certain that you want this? I don’t have a problem waiting for a bit until you feel ready,” I whispered sweetly. My eyes searched his for any ounce of uncertainty. They showed none, however, except for an overwhelming need that was pulsing through his veins. “I couldn’t be more sure,” Paul affirmed, nodding and tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear as I again focused my attention on that nearly hidden little hole below his balls. My greased fingers grazed the puckered skin gently before pushing one in slowly, keeping an eye on his expression intently and making sure that he was alright. “You make sure you tell me if anything hurts,” I demanded firmly. Paul only nodded and gnawed on his lower lip roughly, looking like he was actually going to draw a bit of blood. His eyes never left mine, and as my finger had finally become fully sheathed inside of the incredible warm tightness, they grew much wider and alert. I gave him time to adjust to my breaching finger and held it still inside of him, marvelling at the near heavenly feeling of him wrapped so fucking tightly around me. ‘Christ, if he feels like this around my finger even, then what’ll he feel like around my dick?’ I thought dreamily, feeling my heartbeat pick up rapidly.

Paul’s hips shifted and I could hear the slightest little whimper leave his lips in frustration. “Go ahead, p-please,” he sighed desperately. My careful finger began to move in short little thrusts in and out of the hot tightness. “Jesus, Paul, you wouldn’t believe how fuckin’ tight you feel, it’s incredible…” I mused, completely awestruck. To be frank, I had absolutely no idea how I was going to fit inside of him fully when the time came. I mean, all the other queers had done it, and eventually ended up getting their dick into the other man. I sort of felt bad for him in a way, knowing that he’d most feel a substantial twinge of pain when I would first push in. “Oh, oh–do that again,” Paul whimpered from above me, tearing me from my thoughts. I cocked an eyebrow in confusion, having not really noticed what I did to make him squirm against my working finger in a tiny fit of pleasure. “What’d I do?” I questioned, genuinely lost from when my thoughts had snatched me away. “I dunno, I think you curled your finger or somethin’. It was brief, but I felt it, and God–” Paul cut off in the middle of his sentence, his mouth suddenly falling agape and eyes fluttering when I did as he told, curling my digit and stroking a little curve of flesh inside of him. “Like this?” I grinned mischeivously, not daring to take my eyes off of him as he became unraveled under my touch. Paul’s head was thrown back in pleasure, revealing his flexing neck and now even more prominent Adam’s apple. “That’s it, holy shit, m-more,” he crooned, his voice raspy and weak. Slipping in another finger, I made sure to press down on that little bundle of nerves hidden deep inside of him. Paul’s erection inadvertently twitched up towards his hairy navel in response, and he squirmed against my scissoring digits, emitting little cut off noises. The precome leaked out of the slit in a seemingly endless stream, pooling out on his stomach just below his belly button. Seeing him blissed out, all disheveled and panting because of me, was enough to nearly send me over the edge without even having to touch myself.

His hand latched onto my wrist, pulling my fingers from his stretched hole and dragging me up his body. Our lips met, Paul groaning and shuddering below me, probably tasting himself on my eager tongue. “I wanna make love to you,” I whispered into his cheek, my heart bursting at my own words. I didn’t notice at first, but his fingers had, at some point, dipped into the canister on my nightstand. A warm, trembling hand wrapped around my erection between out bodies and began to stroke up and down leisurely. “Fuck Paul, I could’ve done it myself,” I chuckled, overwhelmed by the feeling of his fingers folded around my dick so gingerly, his thumb occasionally dragging across the slit to gather up the precome that was dribbling out. It took everything in me to not just thrust up into his hand and come right there. The look he had on his face as he stroked me made it all even more difficult, his puppy eyes innocent and wide in fascination, peering up at me with thin, raised eyebrows. Paul’s bowed lips were pouted and glistening with the saliva that still lingered there from our most recent kiss. My head fell slack against his, my eyes uncontrollably fluttering shut at the feeling of the boy’s greased hand tugging at my pulsing length. Whimpering at the loss of contact, I pulled away from him, or else I would’ve been gone right there.

Paul thankfully got the message and shifted his legs so that I could position my now over-sensitive erection at his entrance. My hands smoothed over his nipples, to which he arched his back into them, and rested on his rounded cheeks, thumbs stroking back and forth in earnest. “If you ever need me to stop, just tell me,” I reassured, and he nodded his head in response, his eyes not straying from mine for even a fraction of a second. Kissing between his curved eyebrows, I whispered into the skin. “I love you, Paul.”

And when I finally pushed just my tip in, it felt like I was about to black out from the crazy tight sensation enveloping me down there. Paul was doing alright, as he nodded to me to tell me know that I could continue pushing. God, if he had told me to stop, I didn’t think I’d be able to. I thrust another slow inch into him, and that’s when he finally let out a small whimper. Paul’s face was contorted in pain, and I pressed a gentle palm to his navel to help him relax, stopping all movement immediately. “It burns,” Paul croaked, his muscles squeezing around me almost painfully. “Do you want me to stop?” I asked sincerely. Of course, it was going to take a minute for Paul to find the pleasure that he’d felt earlier. But I didn’t want him to feel so uncomfortable that I couldn’t move, even if it almost pained me at the thought of having to pull out of the rippling tightness that I was sheathed halfway inside of. “No! No, keep going, please,” Paul nearly shouted, his hands gripping my back and fingernails digging into my skin. He shook his head back and forth rapidly. “There’s something more to all of this, and I want it.” His eyes were kind and honest, and I truly believed him when he nodded in reassurance. With a deep breath and a quick kiss, I resumed moving into him until I was buried to the hilt, his insides squeezing around me in the most fantastic way. “God, Paul, maybe if you relaxed just a little bit, mhm,” I vocalized, gyrating my hips against his arse to try to stretch him out more. He only giggled, much to my surprise, and shifted his body along with mine. “Y'know, it’s not–ugh–it’s not as bad now if you wanna–” I’d heard plenty, so I leaned down to place another brief kiss to his pouted lips, pulling out of him ever so slightly before thrusting back in, dragging a perfect moan from his lips and making his jaw go completely slack. I began to gradually build up a steady pace, moving in and out of him in short little thrusts to let Paul get more used to the feeling. A warmth pooled in my groin and spread throughout my entire body when he hooked his legs around my waist to pull me in impossibly closer. “Mhm, come on Johnny, I know you can do so much better than that,” he purred, the glint of arousal still very much there in his darkened eyes.

That was all the confirmation I needed to pick up to the pace of my now urgent thrusts. My hands roamed over his chest, trapping his pink nipples between my eager fingers and watching him writhe underneath me in pleasure. I continued on like that for a while, his still leaking erection being rutted against by my stomach. “C-Christ, Paulie. I’ve never s-seen anything more divine in my life,” I gasped, my chest beginning to burn in exertion. Paul half-chuckled through the mangled groan that floated from his lips and thrusted against me, trying to find that spot deep inside. “Divine, eh? Really–oh John!” My insides melted into mush hearing him groan out my name so obscenely. Not changing the angle of my wild thrusts, I laid over him to cover his damp skin, nipping and licking up the salty taste on his strained neck. “You are so fuckin’ beautiful,” I marvelled, my hips slowing to a leisurely pace that was neither too fast or too slow. My hands found his and I tangled our fingers together, bringing them to rest on the pillow on either side of his head. Paul lifted ever so slightly just to meet my mouth in a passionate kiss that made me feel like everything around us was melting away. It was only me and him in this moment, his slightly chapped lips moving slowly against mine with no sense of urgency or roughness. We were truly connected then, our mouths melding over and over again and ears perking at the near-silent sounds that we were making into each other. I would give anything in the world for us to be able to stay like this forever, to be wrapped up in the tangle of each other for eternity.

All too soon, the muscles pulling unrelentingly at my dick became far too much to handle, and the familiar warm, tingling sensation began to spread throughout my groin and stomach. Not wasting a second of time, I moved a hand between our heaving bodies and managed to stroke him in time with my now weak thrusts. I pressed my forehead to Paul’s, my eyes never leaving his as he thrust up into my hand and working hips. His doe eyes rolled back in his head when his release finally began to take over, his muscles contracting around me and pulling me in farther than I’d been before. Paul came in spurts onto my hand and against my stomach, his wild cries being muffled by the hand he’d moved to cover his mouth just in time. God, he was so beautiful like this his soft features pulled taut in absolute pleasure, his eyes fluttering shut and his eyebrows furrowed together. Just the sight of him was far too much for my poor self to handle, and I came inside of him, whining and babbling nonsensical praises into his neck. A hand tangled into my hair, which now probably resembled something along the lines of a wet squirrel, and kept me flush against his neck as our heart rates and breathing slowly sank back to normal.

It wasn’t until later that night that he finally spoke, his voice all raspy and raw against the crook of my neck.

“Divine? Really?”

“Shut up.”

“You Sure About This, Doll?” - Digital Oil Painting

This was my first time attempting the Winter Soldier arm, so I apologize if I didn’t get it quite right. It’s my own fault for trying to go hyper realistic. I do really like how the scarring around his shoulder came out, though, I’m pretty proud of that little detail. ^_^

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift and a new battery.

Big Bang Reaction: You say you can't go to a concert but you surprise them and attend.
  • G-Dragon/ Kwon Jiyong:
  • At first when you had said "I can't go." He was quite sad since usually you made it to a lot of their concerts but of course he tries to understand.
  • But then he went backstage to see you watching and there, looking proud of him.
  • GD: You little liar! -He says Laughing- I'm so glad you made it though.
  • You: Of Course I made it. When do I not??
  • GD: Well—
  • You: Actually. Don't answer that. Just know I really try.
  • Taeyang/Dong Yongbae:
  • When he heard you couldn't go he smiled but he was also disheartened and he knew he would miss you but try to make it a good concert so you could be proud of him.
  • When he finally got the chance to see you. You were clapping loudly in a room that had silence and quickly he made his way to you to talk to you.
  • Taeyang: I thought you couldn't come.
  • You: Bang Bang Bang Surprise
  • Taeyang: You're a cute surprise.
  • You: I'm not a surprise Party but I'll be your very supportive girlfriend kind of surprise.
  • T.O.P./Choi Seunghyun:
  • He was quite disappointed you couldn't make it but he knew he had to somehow cheer up a bit and make a good concert for the fans despite still being a little sad.
  • During a concert break he saw you backstage, smiling and clapping, telling people that TOP was your man.
  • Seunghyun: Y/n
  • You: Yes? Oh. SeUNGhyuN you did so well, I'm so proud of you, you are absolutely wonderful.
  • Seunghyun: You said you weren't able to make it
  • You: Were you surprised to see me?
  • Seunghyun: Very, but I'm also Happy you made it. Now this concert can be at it's best
  • You: That's all you and your talent. Have fun, make me fangirl like crazy.
  • Seunghyun: Definitely will- Cute smirk-
  • Daesung/Kang Daesung:
  • He was very sad and very disappointed. He kept asking why, asking why you couldn't make room in your schedule but at some point he understood that you had your own busy life.
  • During a Break Backstage-
  • Daesung: Y/n?! I thought you couldn't make it." He grabs you and holds you in his arms. "How could you lie to me?
  • You: I wanted to become a surprise and gift.
  • Daesung: I need to look up the definition of cute and if your name doesn't pop up I will make a reminder to fix that because google doesn't know anything apparently.
  • You: Are you trash talking google?
  • Daesung: Yes
  • Seungri/Lee Seunghyun:
  • Confused and disheartened, You made it to a lot of their concerts and he didn't see why you couldn't make it to this one. After a long conversation he gave in and stopped complaining about it.
  • Then Seungri went to his break and sat down, drank something. He turned his head when he heard a familiar voice Saying
  • You: See this is why I don't miss many concerts.
  • GD: Mhm
  • You: You see that one right there -Pointing at Seungri- That's my boyfriend.
  • GD: Yeah, I know him. I work with him, he's not bad.
  • Seungri: Right. I'm not bad I'm great.
  • Seungri: Y/n. I thought you said 'I can't make it.' and now you're here???
  • You: I changed my mind and I said, I can make it. You just didn't hear when I said it.
  • Seungri: I hate you
  • You: You know I can always stop coming.
  • Seungri: Let me rephrase that, I only slightly hate you but mostly love you.
  • You: Alright. Alright. I'll be honest I'm 50-50 on hate and love thing.
  • Seungri: What?
  • You: Nothing, I love youuuuu.

anonymous asked:

I'm in the middle of my dissertation, about to be done with graduate school. But I just feel like quitting. I'm afraid, and I'm tired. Do you guys have any advice?

Haruhi: Wow, that’s really impressive!  I want to go to law school someday, so I think you are pretty fabulous for going ahead and reaching your dreams!  You’ve already made it this far, just a little farther to go.  Even though I know it’s a lot of work, I can’t wait to graduate from law school.  I bet my mom will be really proud!  

Originally posted by a-n-i-m-a-t-e

*cue Tamaki and Twin tears*

Originally posted by nicorobin

Kyoya:  I agree with Haruhi.  You are obviously intelligent and have already done a substantial amount of work.  Yes, dissertations are hard, but I’m sure once you have your degree you’ll earn plenty of money make plenty of contributions to society.  

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Admin:  Since 2/3 of us admins already have our Masters (one going back to get her Doctorate soon ish), and the other one is a year into grad school, I think it’s safe to say we feel ya!  Keep going, you’ve got this!  

E A T   A   B U G

Artwork Description: Brightly coloured. Stylistic. Bugs fall out of the character’s mouth. Some viewers might find this repulsive so I put it under a readmore.

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Happy Second anniversary UnderTale

I could go on and on right now about how much I adore this game. How much I OWE to this game.

It hasn’t been quite two years I’ve been in the fandom itself, but close to it, and this game has seen me go through a lot. With as many jokes I’ll say about it ruining and helping my life, I think it’s safe to say it’s helped me more in the long run.

It’s funny really I…. if weren’t for this game I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful people and wouldn’t have picked up my pen and pencil to start drawing. I’ve even loved and lossed during the time I’ve been in this fandom and this game has been here to witness it as well. Like I said before, I’ve been through a lot, and this little game, that, to be completely honest caught be outta nowhere, got me through all of it.

I don’t want to give out my whole life story, so I’ll wrap it up here. But I thank toby fox and my friends, for making the last two years of my life one hell of ride.

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Did you SEE how many votes Sheith got in the Hypable poll? No only does it have the most votes for a single ship so far, but the faceoff itself has the highest combined total, with only one other in the 700 range. I'm glad Sheith fandom isn't sleeping on it but my god we really went for it didn't we? We're gonna need it later

(Tbh the next few rounds have me sweating. We came out strong but I’m nervous the others will up the ante if they catch on. We’ll give it out best shot though. We’re a proud bunch)

Haha yeah I’m honestly really pleasantly surprised at the strong showing the sheith fandom had. We didn’t quite get the most votes of any single ship so far (Lena/Kara got 833 in their original round and Lito/Hernando got 731, compared to our 617) but we’re definitely up there! Most other ships have gotten a couple hundred votes max, with some not even breaking 100!

I’m also concerned for the next round, given we’ll be going up against the juggernaut de/st!el, BUT I think if we can once more generate the same kind of turnout as we had the first time we have a slim chance of making it, or at least we won’t go down without a fight!

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“Will you marry me?” FROM QUIN

four word prompts

Tonight had been an unexpectedly ROMANTIC night. There were times when Quinlan did things that were just…. endearing, in that roguish way of his.

Like earlier, when he walked behind her seat in the cockpit and kissed her cheek. And later, as he PROUDLY presented a bottle of Tevraki Whisky that she wasn’t quite sure how he got it, but was more than glad to share with him. Now, they were far past the realm of “tipsy” and toeing the line between DRUNKEN BANTER and falling asleep against the side of her– their bed.

They speak in hushed tones, shoulder to shoulder, Quinlan’s hand sitting over her’s on the cold floor. There’s a blissful, almost BUBBLY air surrounding the two of them. Asajj can’t quite remember feeling bubbly before. But it feels like the perfect word for how she feels now.

A soft smile came to her lips as she leaned her head against his shoulder. The words “I LOVE YOU,” escape her in a quiet hush, and she doesn’t mind how the alcohol has loosened her tongue.

“I love you, too.” He answers back.

Not a breath later Quinlan tilts her chin upward and presses his lips to her’s, quietly, softly, PASSIONATELY. Asajj leans into the kiss lazily, and she feels content. She shifts until she’s sitting on his lap, straddling him as they kiss. The headiness of the whisky mixed in with their closeness until it’s INTOXICATING. Quinlan belongs with her, she belongs with him. They showed it in each kiss, in the way he held her waist and she his face.

Quinlan is the first to break their lips apart, leaning his forehead against her’s. Asajj takes the opportunity to catch her breath, chuckling softly. “Too much for you to handle?”

She can feel him smile without really looking. “Who, me? NEVER.” It’s exactly the sort of answer she’s come to expect. “But…”


A sudden quiet comes between them as Asajj leans back just enough to really LOOK at him. There’s resolve on his face, muted by the softness of his dark eyes. And then, with the gentlest voice he can muster, Quinlan asks, “Asajj… will you marry me?”

Asajj felt all of her breath leave in an instant. She’s about to laugh at the very idea of it. MARRIAGE? If not for the look on his face, she’d ask if he was joking. But there’s no mistaking that deep look in Quinlan’s eye.

“… You’re serious.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“That’s…” In a rare moment, she’s at a loss for words. She flicks her eyes away from him. “You really want that?”

“Asajj.” Quinlan moved one hand to her cheek, encouraging her to look at him. “You are the most AMAZING woman I’ve ever met. You’ve changed my life in so many ways… ways that I didn’t think were possible. Being with you here, on this ship, feels like home. I didn’t know if I’d ever have a real home again after leaving the Order.” His mouth twitches UPWARD in a faint smile as Asajj meets his gaze. “But I found a home. You are my home. I can’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else more than here, with you. So if you’ll have me, I–”


Quinlan blinked. “Yes?”

Asajj smiles, feeling UNDIGNIFIED and silly, but these are feelings that she’s come to embrace with him around. “Yes.” She says again, this time with more conviction.

And just like that, with a near musical laugh and blinding smile, Quinlan kissed her. He kisses her deeply and JOYOUSLY, and she returns it. They melt together in a drunken, laughable mess, each kiss sealing their PROMISE to each other. Quinlan stands and lifts her with ease as Asajj wraps her legs around his back, only for the two of them to fall down right into bed.

He kisses every inch of skin he can reach and Asajj LAUGHS, her fingers digging into the back of his undershirt. In between breaths she can hear his excited “I love you”’s, drinking them in, letting the heat of the moment wash over her in a wave of pure emotion.

This is it. This is the person she wants to be with, no matter the cost.

The future is a dark, UNKNOWN place. There’s no telling what she might face.

But, Asajj thinks to herself, still smiling wide as Quinlan kisses her neck, I know I won’t have to face it alone.


I made a Suki cosplay at the end of last year to wear with a group of friends (including awesomeahoy​)! I was super excited to work on this one. Suki is a badass character and the mix of armor and flowing fabric really appealed to me.

I tried to stay true to the show, with things like the diagonal pleats in the underskirt and purposefully misaligned top robe. Overall it was a really fun challenge!

I’m going to post work in progress starting with the dress and post the final costume at the end. Check out the photo comments for more info.

Can I just say I’m so proud of our space family. I’m so proud of them. They went through something so unimaginably painful with such strength. I was so scared for them. I was so worried that this promotional tour would be too much. Too many reminders, too many questions, all too soon. And it was. But instead of breaking under all of it, this cast was as strong and as close as we’ve ever seen them. Constantly together, showering each other in affection, finding a laugh whenever possible, and sharing them with us. This is a family. One that mourned together, one that supported each other, and one that was strengthened by the love and memories given to them by Anton. And you see it. You truly, truly see it. And so does he. And even though it won’t ever really stop hurting, and nothing will ever really feel quite the same, I know they’re going to be okay. They’ve already shown us so.

I Can Help You Sleep

Description: Dan’s been working on their unpublished book all day and all night - he’s exhausted. Phil thinks Dan could use some rest, so why not help him? [Fluff]

Warnings: nightmares, though it’s not described

Words: 1,304

A/N: this is my first attempt at fluff, so i hope it satisfies.

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Belated Birthday [Volkner and Roark]

Funny how life works sometimes. After he had smashed the stupid flickering florescent light in the break room he took note of a lone calendar hanging on the wall. It was odd enough that the calendar wasn’t at least surrounded by other little notices or advertisements but what really caught his eye was the fact many of the staff members had their names neatly printed on specific days. It didn’t take rocket science for Volkner to deduce that the dates indeed indicated each and every teachers birthday [considering his was already listed in its proper spot].

What struck him as even more peculiar was a certain someone’s name on the 16th. “Roark”. Roark never told him he had a birthday coming up. Then again he never asked. They had only been ‘friends’ for a few days. Why would Roark think he had any interest in knowing the redheads birthday. The other had mentioned something about not knowing many people around the school. What if no one remembered his birthday, or even cared? The thought struck a nerve somewhere deep in the electricians brain. He’d went past enough birthdays where no one, not even his parents cared enough to do anything. He had to do something now. It wasn’t like it would be socially awkward or anything, right? I mean, they were 'friends’.

He really didn’t care if it was socially acceptable or not, by that time his mind was made up. He was going to get something for his 'friends’ birthday, even if it was a few days late. It was a quick trip to the store. He picked out a vanilla cake and some red frosting, a roll of wrapping paper, a rather obnoxiously sized bow, and a present. Said present coming in the form of some rather comfy looking pikachu print pajama pants. Granted this was Volkner, and Volkner being the weird guy he was he thought; 'if I like it then he’ll probably like it, right?’

Within an hour he was home, he folded the pants nicely and wrapped them up in a shoe box, granted the wrapping job was…a bit lacking, but none the less passable for someone who had never wrapped a present. And then he moved to the cake, and oh boy what a mess that turned out to be. By the time he was done he had red frosting all over himself and the counter. The words “happy late birthday Roark” were crudely written on the top with the K in Roark’s name half falling over the side of the cake due to running out of room. What could he way, he was an electrician not a cake decorator. 

Still, he didn’t think it was half bad. He was quite proud of himself actually. And with that he slipped the cake into the fridge before yanking off his frosting crusted shirt to run off and take a shower. He had to at least be clean before he went to find the “man of honor” himself.

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I'm going in a group cosplay in a little over a month but now I kinda don't want to go..one of the girls I'm going with has quite a big bust size and constantly refers to girls smaller than her as "basically flat chested" (though often they're not small at all). And it just makes me feel even more insecure than I already am..I've also finished my cosplay but I've never worn it, and it would be a shame for it just to be put away and never be photographed. I was really proud of it too...but..meh..

I’m so sorry to hear she hurt your feelings, anon. 

That’s pretty callous of her to say, and more than a little annoying that she does it constantly; even if she’s extremely busty, she’s a) not the bustiest person on the planet and b) doesn’t have time-space warping powers that renders other convex curves flat. I assume you don’t know her very well if you’re describing her as a girl rather than your friend, but I don’t know what kind of person she is, so maybe she’s malicious or maybe she’s just tactless, or maybe she’s just covering up for her own insecurities by puffing herself up in a way that inadvertently (or deliberately) hurts others. Maybe she’s just compensating by puffing up what she likes about her bust; she knows there are things that fucking suck about having a big bust that she wouldn’t have to deal with if she were smaller.

So there are three things I think you need to consider, here:

1.  It’s fair to let her know that her constant comments are hurting feelings. Odds are you’re not the only one feeling it, but you need to do it for yourself, especially. How you might do that is different based on what kind of relationship you have with her and what kind of person she is, so you might want to grab someone else from the group who knows her better to help you out on that. But you should definitely approach the subject in good faith: start with the assumption that she may not realize what impact her words have on others, and go from there. 

2.  Work to a mental place where you love your breasts (and others’!) for what they are and aren’t. I know that’s silly to say –– “just let go of an entire life’s worth of conditioning and advertising and societal pressures and yadda yadda! presto! confidence in a heartbeat!” –– but it’s one of those fake-it-until-you-make-it things. You know your body better than anyone else on the planet ever could, and I guarantee you, for everything that might be a negative, there are glorious positives to seize upon. This is true of every bust size, every single one. Insecurities take time to heal, but if you focus on you and what you like about your body, everything else’s thoughts about your body gradually becomes white noise. And truthfully, part of that is letting go of the notion that having small breasts are a problem or less beautiful or less deserving –– the heart of the callousness in that girl’s comment truly lies in suggesting breasts have an inherent value based on size, when breasts have no inherent value at all. They’re just breasts! Everything else is what we apply to them.

3. You need to wear the costume. Group cosplays aren’t “glued at the hip” cosplays. You might walk around together and do some pictures together but nothing’s obliging you to spend all the time in the world with this girl, especially if you’ve made your own costume and don’t need to help her with hers. (Kudos on finishing a month before the con, too, holy shit, I wish I had your dedication haha.) And you’re still proud of it, I promise! The only thing you’re not proud of right now is your body, and that’ll pass. :) Go out there and wear it, get some awesome pictures, have fun. 

(And if it gives you a giggle, console yourself a little in the fact that her space-time bending bust is making it a pain in the ass to fit the chest part of her costume properly ;) A little schadenfreude is okay sometimes, and I say that as a busty girl HAHAHAHA.)

- Jenn