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This is an Undertale blog, not a Dan and Phil blog, so if you’re searching for gaming YouTubers and not overly enthusiastic skeletons and their lazy brothers you’re likely to only find disappointment here.

But if you’re happy with bi-weekly salty vague blogs about how Papyrus the Skeleton is very very good, then you are more than welcome here, and I hope you will have a pleasant stay!


Sombra didn’t know what she expected from a man clad in leather and an owl-like skull mask. (my own shitposting about sombra inspired this)

Girls don’t want boys, girls want Dragon Age Origins remastered with Inquisition graphics.

some people make me feel so worthless, it hurts sometimes, I just wish to sleep for over a week without dealing with anything.

are you a pixel artist, or at least, have made a few pixel drawings?

if so, then you might want to look out for your pixels! your pixel drawings may have been used without your permission in a mobile app called Number Coloring - Sandbox Coloring.

i’ve been informed that a pixel commission i did has been used, and there it is (the coloured one)

it’s really upsetting to see, and i’ve e-mailed the developers of the application 2 days ago, but still havent gotten any word from them.

here are more examples of other pixels that might have been stolen.

you might also want to give the app a look for yourself to see if something you’ve made is in it. and if it has that little rainbow heart, it makes it even worse because that means your pixel is locked behind a pay/subscription wall that you won’t be profiting out of.

help spread the word and be aware! it’s really upsetting to see something like this happen to artists :-/

(thank you to yoichibow for the screenshots!)


Happy 24th birthday to our lovely Chae Hyungwon! 💗 #HappyHyungwonDay 

You go, Yoon Bum!

Can I just take a minute to say how incredibly happy it makes me that Bum gets to excel at something for once. Yeah, it’s kind of creepy that he knows all this stuff about Sangwoo, but at this point, I really don’t care. You get 100%, Bum! You be awesome! Be the best goddamn Sangwoo-trivia nerd you can be! Walk out of that station with your head held high, and Sangwoo’s dick erect! Becuase you can bet your ass that that level of obsession is going to feed Sangwoo’s narcissism, and ‘prove’ how much Bum loves him, and if Sangwoo does not get a raging boner from that, then I don’t even know who he is anymore!

So the other day I spat out a Twitter thread where I headcanoned about Jack as a biker. I guess I should share it over here too.  Enjoy.

Jack liked old cars as a kid, but he liked motorcycles better. Loved the freedom, the sense of not being sheltered. Having no buffer between him and the world.

Bikes can be dangerous even when you’re a safe driver. People are stupid on the road, and they don’t watch out for bikers. And Jack loved that too. The risk and the self-reliance, having his fate in his own hands.

But then he wasn’t always a safe driver. A bike can be a real exciting and fun way to court death, and on his bad days he kinda did.  Rode like he was racing his own shadow. Wove through heavy traffic on the freeways and took the curvy back roads like a roller coaster.  Looking back he feels stupid about it. He’s always ready with advice for young bikers on how to be sane and not take people down with you.  But back then, sometimes it was his only outlet for the feeling of being trapped.

He likes all kinds of bikes, and he does have a soft spot for the speed and responsiveness of sport models, but his faves are the classics.  The weight, the lines, the feeling of sturdy rebuildable invincibility. Sexy.  He’s always on the lookout for a classic frame that’s still in good shape because when he can’t ride, he restores.

Torbjorn lets him use one of his less ridiculous workshops, and even joins Jack sometimes.  It’s kind of a bonding exercise with them.  Sometimes they’ll restore the things back to their original build, and sometimes they get…creative.  Between the two of them, they do enough rebuilding that there’s no way Jack can keep them all.  It becomes a charity thing.  They auction them off for fundraisers. Motorcycle wonks can be real snobs, and custom bikes rebuilt by Overwatch heroes are quite a collector’s item.

Jack organizes charity rides too sometimes, even if he usually can’t participate.  He seldom has the time, and anyway having a high-profile celebrity along just complicates things a lot of the time.

So mostly he keeps the biker thing low key, in Overwatch. He has other outlets for the crazy risk-taking these days.

Holy crap though, the way he rides.

So the thing about a bike is you drive it with your body.  A man with strength & reflexes beyond human can take a bike beyond human limits.  A couple of the other SEP subjects liked to ride too, and Jack used to go out with them.  But few others are both willing or able to keep up with him. Although Reinhardt probably has been known to. The man does work with a rocket strapped to his back.

(And then there’s the part where he has a secret fantasy of Gabe fucking him over the back of a bike.  But that’s for another time.)

One of my art assignments was to do a scratchboard piece based off of a comic page, and this one’s mine, because, you know, I really like Over the Garden Wall.

170717 Baekhyun fan account

OP met one of the professional gamer who was in Baekhyun’s team on the first round of SM Super Club League. 

“After the game ended, he (Baekhyun) thanked every single member and opponent member sincerely. He (the pro gamer) said after playing this game for more than ten thousand times, it was the first time he received thanks from a team member. He said he was really surprised by Baekhyun’s well manners.”

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I wanna lay down and stay up all night
As we look at the moon, as full as our hearts 💞