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You exhibit heart and empathy in many situations. Also, the passion that you bring to your role as Pathfinder does not go unnoticed by those who work alongside you. In fact, it may be a component in drawing others to you.

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Who/ What is Dragon????


This is just speculation from my part, but I think maybe Kanou grafted more kakuhou onto Shirazu’s body. He already was an Ukaku, so maybe he received Koukaku, Rinkaku and Bikaku kakuhou…

As for the name “Dragon” in itself…

…I’m wondering if maybe Kanou didn’t get his hands on Tatara’s body after Seidou killed him… And if so maybe one of the kakuhou he transplanted to Shirazu is Tatara’s, hence the name “Dragon”… 



susan/frieda + strength


kdrama women’s week, day 8: age of youth lovefest
↳ favourite couple: yoon jin myung x kang yi na

Do you guys think… since isak didn’t boil the water for the tea and served sana bad tea when she asked for tea, the other, figurative, tea is “bad” too? like maybe sana won’t go through with posting the screenshots the way isak didn’t go through with actually making the tea. it was only half assed tea. 


Designs for my OCs Azriel, Yuma and Elias. I’ve got a rough idea of their backstories but they all live as courtesans in the royal palace.

So Robron aren’t nominated for Best Partnership this year. Okay, then.

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What exactly do they have to do next year, then?