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Hey! This is really random but do you have any tips on how to draw the Achievement Hunter guys? I'm trying to draw a group picture to get signed at Let's Play Live at the greet after the show, but I'm not all that experienced in art and have always had trouble when faced with drawing them?? Sorry if this is a little much or came off obnoxiously I'm just really lost and think your art is really good!

hair p much is the main thing that makes their character distinguishable


(Inspired by a certain scene from a certain Disney classic ;^))



are you freaking kidding me translators

i’m so angry right now

Hey guys! I feel like now’s a good time to tell you a thing I’ve been meaning to tell you for awhile:

If you have an artwork or writing or whatever that you’re super proud of (or something you’re self conscious of or didn’t get the feedback you’d wanted to receive off it) like totally send me those things or tag me in them. Or message me about them. And I will tell you everything I like about it.

I know that’s kind of a weird thing to offer ahaha, but I LOVE appreciating other peoples’ works. You can ask my DA friends (and probably a couple people around here as well) I get super insanely proud of people who create things. Imagine a doting mother, except I won’t pack your lunch for you or tell you your shirt is out of season ahaha.

A lot of people get on the soap box to preach.
I get on it to brag about my friends.

So once again, if you ever wanna show off your stuff to someone, or want critique, or didn’t get any notes on a thing and just wanna know someone saw it. Like. Tell me.

I’ve got a mighty fine voice for singing praises.

  • Vasquez: I hate Faraday, he's rude, obnoxious, cocky and, he's really fucking annoying! I'm gonna shoot him in the fucking balls one day.
  • Someone: Yeah I hate Faraday too! I hope he dies.
  • Vasquez: You've been unfriended, blocked, I'm hiring Billy to kill you, Horne and Red are tracking you down and, I've just told Sam on you.

I’m thinking of renaming Cay because I have too many characters with “C” names and I’m afraid it might get confusing but I don’t know what name to choose…the only thing I know is that I want it to be gender neutral.

anyone have suggestions??? what does this character look like to you

alright i’m in a bad mood so here we go

- The last chapter is showing us events ten years into the future. Pretty much anything can happen in ten years. People change, situations change, etc. Keep that in mind.

- There is nothing wrong with Uryu being a doctor. He said he didn’t want to become one because he saw his dad dissecting his mom. He then found out WHY his dad had to do it himself, and that he wasn’t just cold or heartless. Uryu and Ryuken’s relationship was implied to be repaired, at least somewhat. Uryu’s angst was resolved.

- Nothing in the final chapter implied that Uryu was sad, lonely, or “just like his father.” His face was hidden in the color spread, and we saw his back up until his smile was revealed, because Kubo wanted the audience to experience a tinge of worry for Uryu before revealing no, he’s really okay, he didn’t become like his dad, even when he’s working hard he’s still thinking about his friends. (Doctors can’t just blow off work to attend a party. Welcome to adulthood and all the responsibilities that come with it. Uryu’s doing his job and saving lives, and STILL found a way to watch Chad’s match. That says a lot.)

- Uryu is perfectly capable of getting over a crush he had in high school and moving on, there’s nothing to imply he’s sad and “pining,” ffs he’s a grown adult, stop treating him like a child.

- Chad became a boxer. We do not know WHY he became a boxer. His abuelo wanted him to stop being a bully; Chad chose to make his own promise to “not swing his fist for himself.” (That promise was never specifically about Ichigo btw…) He could be fighting for charity, or using his winnings to support his family, etc. WE DON’T KNOW. (And fyi, Chad’s in the “heavyweight” match. Whoever he’s fighting won’t go down with one punch, trust me.)

- Up until now, most of the people complaining never gave a damn about Chad anyway, so quit pretending like he’s been your “precious bb” this whole time when you left him out of your edits/meta/fanart/etc for fifteen damn years. “Chad deserved better!!” Yeah, no shit, he deserved better; he deserved to be recognized by the fanbase as a MC before it was convenient to do so for your “bleach sux” arguments.

- There is nothing to suggest that Orihime was shoved into the role of “housewife.” We have no evidence that she doesn’t have a job outside of the house, or that she doesn’t work in the clinic with her husband. There’s also no confirmed age for Kazui, so the “teen pregnancy” theory isn’t canon either.

- Ichigo defeated Yhwach ten years ago. He killed him. The “time skip” is a flashforward to show us Yhwach FAILING to move into the future and wreck everyone’s lives again. There would be no reason for Ichigo to purposely screw himself over in order to “be unhappy so Yhwach won’t come back.” HE ALREADY STOPPED YHWACH FROM COMING BACK. I KNOW YHWACH’S ABILITIES ARE CONFUSING BUT OH MY GOD GUYS, READ.

- Also, if you think Ichigo Kurosaki is the type of person to just “accept fate” and ruin his own life out of fear of some dipshit who hurt his loved ones, you know literally nothing about his character. Even if Yhwach’s defeat wasn’t already confirmed, Ichigo would do whatever he damn well pleased and wait for Yhwach to show up so he can kick the bastard’s ass again.

- Even IF Yhwach wasn’t already dead, even IF Ichigo was afraid of him, you know Ichigo is the kind of guy to say “welp, time to go become a mountain hermit.” He would isolate himself and let the people he loves have a “safe life” without him. He is NOT the type of person to DRAG AN INNOCENT WOMAN AND CHILD INTO A LIFE HE KNOWS WILL BE “MISERABLE.”


- Prior to chapter 686, Ichigo did not have confirmed feelings for Rukia or Orihime. Rukia did not have confirmed feelings for Ichigo or Renji. Renji’s feelings for Rukia were ambiguous ever since his introduction. Orihime was the only corner of this supposed “love square” that had canon romantic feelings for anyone. No amount of twisting the text to suit your ship will negate any of that.

- The creator also said flat out what kind of bond Ichigo and Rukia had. He was ignored then and is still ignored now. Non-canon romantic subtext in the anime, color spreads, and whatever went down in the rock musical do not erase what he said about their canon relationship in the manga.

- Oh, and Renji is not abusive. You are taking a very complicated situation that happened years ago and cherry picking to fit your narrative. Cut it out.

- Ichigo likes being a shinigami, as it gives him the power to protect those around him. He has mourned the loss of his powers before. However, he never showed any desire to move to Soul Society or become a part of the Gotei 13. Even at the beginning of the Thousand Year Blood War arc, we saw him perfectly content working as a substitute shinigami in the living world, fighting alongside his friends. There was nothing preventing him from trying to jump over to Soul Society and join them, yet, he didn’t??? Crazy.

- There’s also literally nothing in chapter 686 that implies that he no longer has his shinigami powers. “WE DIDN’T SEE THEM THO” is not a valid argument. I guess because we don’t see something, it stops existing? Kubo has no reason to show us he still has his powers, since there’s no reason for us to believe he lost them.

- Yuzu does not have a brother complex. Her favoritism and hero worship of Ichigo have always been obvious, and they now extend to Kazui (aka tiny Ichigo), which is what Karin was commenting on. Anyone who has a relationship like that with their older brother would understand why it’s embarrassing to have it pointed out.

- And stop calling Kazui an “incest baby,” you little shits. I don’t know what’s with your obsession with incest, but it’s not cute or witty.

Meanwhile, actual serious issues with the ending:
- Urahara?
- Yoruichi??
- Nel???
- Grimmjow????
- Kira?????
- Seriously, Kubo, buddy, wtf

Black and Gold

Chris is just holding on to Darren’s arm like ‘whatever you do, do not stop doing that’. He’s so far gone it’s not even funny. 

hush child, your mind does no good
hands idle, it plays its cards wrong
mouth too loud, it’s too crass
no one wants to hear, no one wants to listen.
hush child, not now
take a hint and go home.

Cover me up and take me away
My mind is no good 
Too lonely, too poor
It’s okay to be alone

It’s okay to have no one

angel of silence protect me
angel of silence engulf me
angel of silence kill me.

Good People

I have a lot of bad days. It doesn’t phase me much anymore because it’s really just part of who I am and I deal with it the best I can. Because we all have to just deal with… life. Mental illness doesn’t make that easier, but, WHATEVER. Anyway, I happen to be having a particularly unpleasant day and I feel really, really bad. So what do I do when I get home from work??? Ha. Scroll through tumblr. Because it’s a quick distraction, but also, more importantly, there are so many kind, understanding, amazing human beings on this site. Even if I don’t talk to some people, as mutuals I feel like I’ve gotten to know you. It’s like this weird experience of just, unspoken understanding. There’s also some stunning creativity! People share their words and their art, and that’s so amazing.

I feel like trash today, but I was honest going to put one of these together anyway. So I’m gonna list everyone who’s been awesome, and then just give it up to some cool artists, and , yeah. It will make me feel better, lol. 

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