i'm really no good at these color things but

Local Vampire Hopelessly Charmed by Adorable Ghost, More News at 10


Gwendoline Christie on what drives Brienne to never give up: “I think the relationship between Brienne and Catelyn Stark, the moment where Brienne realized strength in another woman… I remember quite fervently that line she says to Catelyn Stark, ‘You have courage.’ Not a man’s courage, but a woman’s courage. I think it’s that realization that Brienne didn’t have to force herself into a mold of masculinity; she didn’t have to take the path of men before her in order to be taken seriously or to do good. That she could be propelled by her own intuitive sense of what was right, in terms of a moral compass. There’s something very beautiful about the way she’s projected that into the future, that it doesn’t matter if someone lives or dies, because that goes into that person’s daughters, which feels significant. To Brienne, the Stark girls are her own. In her own way, I think Brienne feels that even if it’s one small thing for one person or two people, that that’s going to perpetuate a sense of good, which maybe subconsciously creates a greater sense of equality. That’s what I think is driving her; she’s connecting to an idea that’s greater than herself.”


I had a dream where Lapis wanted to study marina biology to… Get used to earth with a subject that interest her and maybe face her phobia or something. I mean I’m not really sure but I think it would be good for her to stay away for the crystal gems for a while and discover new things by herself.

Also I’m gay so she found a human girlfriend there. Life.

(I totally drew and colored these things without a single reference hence why it looks super weird)(be smarter and less lazy than me kids)

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Maedhros in 12 please!!!

Ok, I’m a dummy and for some reason I read that as 1, but I will probably come back and draw him again in 12 once I finish with my other requests, because I really like that color palette.

I swear this fanfiction gives me so much life. 

Fic- I’ll Protect You link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9193691/chapters/20860172

flashback to chapter 1! I love this story @lattemika, I hope you update soon!


Jeremy: He looked good. Really good. N-not that I’m saying he doesn’t look good when he’s not wearing that outfit in particular, but he looks nice in black, you know? He also looks really good in red. And purple. And–OH MY GOD RICH WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE. GET OUT!! IS THAT A CAMERA?

Rich: Blackmail material! BOO YAH!

Jeremy: RICH!!!

Me running away from responsibilities

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i spent over an hour looking at your blog and art. i'm so in love. do you have any tips on anatomy, poses, and expressions? what have you used for references? keep up the good work!!!

thank you anon ;;w;;!!!!!

im not an expert at these sorts of things…. im still learning myself lol!!! although its really just a matter of trial and error and years worth of practice for anatomy… i posted a tutorial about anatomy and proportions a little bit here. but to elaborate, something that will REALLY help with anatomy is familiarizing yourself with muscles and their form, that way its easier to portion limbs etc. 


this can help with things like shading and cloth folds, trying to imagine them as 3d shapes rather than something flat.

also, its crucial to not focus on one thing while your drawing when youre in the sketching process. its good to step back from your artwork and look at it as a whole to see how things are unified etc. if you concentrate too hard (i.g. the face) you end up tunnel vision-ing yourself and as a result skew your proportions to some degree (although some artists can sketch a face and nail their proportions still lol). i like starting off with basic shapes like squares and cylinders to sketch limbs and the like, and then fill in details as i go. now you can draw all the poses you want lol!!! (there is a bit of perspective play here, but thats another subject all on its own)

as for expressions, i have another tutorial here lol. 

the key things here is details to portray a strong expression. its really hard to portray an expressions strongly without body language, so thats a crucial thing to pay attention to also. kind of like tense shoulders for emotions like anger or sadness, maybe a slump for more intense expressions like grief. make use of things like eyebrows too!!! for angered and sad expressions, furrow the eyebrows more than you usually would. and eyebrows sitting higher to represent surprise or happiness. adding wrinkles really makes it convincing, dont be afraid that the expressions will look ‘ugly’ because of wrinkles NO YOURE DOING IT RIGHT!!! here are a few emotions (there are so many emotions and varying degrees lol)

for references, i like looking at other artists that i follow to see their style and method to go about expressions and proportions lol, and practice multiple times to draw it correctly. in the end, it really boils down to practicing for countless hours and times drawing what people think are naked people lol to really refine drawing anatomy, expressions, and proportions lol… hope that helps!!!

Juno Quotes for the Signs
  • Aries: "Yeah, I'm a legend. You know, they call me the cautionary whale."
  • Taurus: "I never realize how much I like being home unless I've been somewhere really different for a while."
  • Gemini: - "That's a wise choice because I knew this girl who like had this crazy freak out because she took too many behavioral meds at once and she like ripped off her clothes, and dove into the fountain at Ridgedale Mall and was like, 'Blah I am a Kracken from the sea!.'"
  • - "I heard that was you."
  • Cancer: - "I'm going to really start looking like a dork soon. Will you still think I'm cute if I'm huge?"
  • - "I always think you're cute. I think you're beautiful."
  • Leo: "Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with."
  • Virgo: - "Wow your shorts are like especially gold today."
  • - "My mom uses color safe bleach."
  • - "Go Carol."
  • Libra: "Yeah I came as soon as I got that ultrasound goo off my pelvis. It was crazy actually, my step-mom verbally abused the ultrasound tech and we got escorted off the premises."
  • Scorpio: "Well, honey, doctors are sadists who like to play God and watch lesser people scream..."
  • Sagittarius: "I'm gonna stop wearing underwear. Raise my sperm count."
  • Capricorn: "I need to know that it's possible that two people can stay happy together forever."
  • Aquarius: "As boyfriends go, Paulie Bleeker is totally boss. He is the cheese to my macaroni. And I know people are supposed to fall in love before they reproduce, but - I guess normalcy isn't really our style."
  • Pisces: - "You're, like, the coolest person I've ever met, and you don't even have to try, you know..."
  • - "I try really hard, actually."
an unpopular opinion

I know after the comic’s release, everyone has been fawning over genji and his nips…I’m just worried. This genji isn’t supposed to be hot(I don’t think)…he’s supposed to be terrifying, dominant, and full of rage. it’s scary…I’m think it’s supposed to show a time period in which he is still really fucked up, and is visually representing this with the patchwork machinery and color scheme. It’s not a good thing that genji was in blackwatch. And his appearance shows how much hanzo actually took away from him. If that genji was the current genji we have now, I would be scared OF and FOR him.

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Heeeeyyyyyy,sooooooo,I know you don't really do backgrounds, but I'm drawing Bismuth,and I don't know what background would look good with her. Advice?

Hey there! So I’ve been practicing a lot with backgrounds lately, but honestly they’re not for everybody lol.

A simple fun thing I like to do with bgs is just shapes and stuff!

like hey this is a nice lars, but he empty. lets add some stuff

oh cool! look at that blue shape back there! how bold. we can even experiment with other shapes and colors

honestly the possibilities  with shapes and colors are endless and you can pick whichever look best against your finished character. Try finding complimentary colors, or anything that blends in nicely!

New idea for Pride variant things. Fancy spiral lollipops! It’s a more complicated coloring pattern than my other designs, so I just did an ace lollipop for now. If anyone really wants to see another flag done, then ask & I’ll do it for you when I can.

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I was looking trough your art and saw the paintings you did, and I totally fell in love with them! Your paintings are truly amazing! Do you maybe have some tips on how to do them? I'm trying to switch to painting but I just can't get it right :/ and it's really hard to find a good tool ;-;

Thank you!

I have this process gif and the only thing I can add is that if you’re having trouble seeing a drawing or if the colors mix up too much, do it in grayscale.

Now if you’re not familiar with it throw something like “grayscale tutorial” on google, you’ll need a whole tutorial and someone that can actually explain it properly for you, but it’ll be worth it!

About the tool, that really is entirely on you, a lot of artists just go with standard hard/soft brushes, I’m more comfortable with crispy pencil like things and rough ones (they’re literally named “rough” on SAI). You just need to keep tweaking and trying things out, it took me quite a while to find which settings I like better and I thought I would never find something that worked well for me on a digital pen, but I did! So don’t be discouraged and first and foremost focus on having fun when you’re drawing.

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i just saw your hand study and I'm???? how????????? i saw your amazing tutorial for lineart, could you make one on how you painted their hands? pls?? i've been staring at this for an hour

aww thanks anon ❤❤❤ haha

as for a tutorial, I’m not too sure how helpful this’ll be. I’m entirely self taught and really only know what works for me. also, that hand study was just meant to be stress-free practice for painting without line art. but I’ll give it a shot!

I think the most important thing is to find a good reference photo. something with relatively high resolution, good values, a nice color palette, and shows perspective and proportions well. this ^ is jin’s hand from a fansign pic courtesy of SWEETPINK. Idk if it makes sense, but something I think about when choosing ref photos is, “would someone think this image looks strange if they knew it was drawn?”

As for the actual painting:

1. I used a really messy/painty sort of brush to force myself to not wory so much about realism. first block out the general proportions and shape using a midtone, not worrying about being neat

2-3. next I start blocking in values to get a better idea of lighting and form

4-5. then it’s really just gradually rendering out the details, usually requiring making the brush smaller and making sure to maintain saturation when picking colors. I try not to rely on using the color picker tool bc I find that it tends to desaturate the chosen color, so just be aware of that.

6. lastly, I know the last two look pretty similar, but in 6 I went in with the burn and dodge tools to help increase contrast between the highlights and shadows. obviously you can do the same with color correction and messing with brightness/contrast under Image > Adjustments (in Photoshop CC). This is mainly to make the image really pop and emphasize form.

And that’s really it? I’m sorry anon, I’m terrible about explaining my process bc I just sort of wing it like 95% of the time. here’s all the stages together:

I hope this was at least somewhat helpful?? I promise, I’m still learning myself, and am also constantly changing my process. just remember, there’s no correct way of drawing anything!

(original hand study referenced can be found here)

Yes, no, maybe
  • Scene: Naruto and Sakura sitting on a bench. Without warning Naruto busts out a ring.
  • Naruto: Babbles incoherently
  • Sakura: ......
  • *Quiet settles in*
  • Naruto: Is that a yes?
  • Sakura: Well...you have to ask me a question before I can give you an answer.
  • Naruto: I thought I just did...
  • Sakura: No, you kind of just....I'm not sure what that was but it was sweet.
  • Naruto: Let's start over.
  • Sakura: Okay wait let me help. It's got to go like this. Naruto will you marry me?
  • Naruto: Yes, of course
  • Sakura: See? It's that easy
  • Naruto: Maybe too easy, have you done this before?
  • Sakura: No, it's my first time. Some people are just naturally talented at getting others to say yes. If I wasn't so good at medicine I'd be a world class merchant.
  • Naruto: Talented and humble.
  • Sakura: Is that why you want to marry me because I'm so humble?
  • Naruto: Who said I wanted to marry you?
  • Sakura: That ring in your hand can't keep a secret.
  • Naruo: Oh this old thing? I brought it for myself. I think it really matches my eyes.
  • Sakura: It does their colors really accentuate each other
  • Naruto: I thought the same thing when I brought it
  • Sakura: It's too bad your fingers are so muscular. That ring will never fit.
  • Naruto: You think so?
  • Sakura: It'll definitely be a tight squeeze. It might even cut off the circulation of blood to your finger.
  • Naruto: Well you are the medic you would know what's best. So what am I going to do with this thing?
  • *Gently takes Sakura's hand and slips on the ring*
  • Naruto: Hey will you look at that it fits you!
  • Sakura: How convenient!
  • Naruto: It's yours, if you want it?
  • Sakura: The ring?
  • Naruto: The ring and me and my love they're all yours if you want them
  • Sakura: So the ring comes with a price?
  • Naruto: Oh yeah! It's packaged deal. Lifetime guarantee too...
  • Sakura: Hmmm So I'll get to see your face every morning
  • Naruto: You'll hear me snore every night.
  • Sakura: *laughs* You're an honest salesmen. You won't get too far in this business.
  • Naruto: I believe in my product. And I promise it'll make you happy for the rest of your life.
  • Sakura: I am quite happy right now to be honest.
  • Naruto: See I am already keeping my promise. So what's your answer?
  • Sakura: What's the question?
  • Naruto: Will you marry me Sakura?
  • *Sakura leans over and kisses him, lightly at first, then she pulls him closer, and their lips melt into each other's*
  • Sakura: *When kiss breaks* I love you.
  • Naruto: *smiles mischievously* Is that a yes?
  • A quick story to get myself back in grove for the oncoming April 3rd holiday. Let me know if you like it

My wife has disappeared. Do you have any idea, at all, of what might have happened to her?