i'm really no good at these color things but

I swear this fanfiction gives me so much life. 

Fic- I’ll Protect You link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9193691/chapters/20860172

flashback to chapter 1! I love this story @lattemika, I hope you update soon!


For those who asked for a coloring tutorial here I did it! (*^▽^)/

I’m terrible with explainations tho…plus the disastrous handwriting…

I hope it’s understandable…it’s my first time so I don’t really know

Ah an I added more explainations on how I color hair? I don’t really know how to teach people, one day I’ll do it better!


Hey since fall is really coming along I thought I’d spread some good vibes! (I love fall so much)
These are ur favs dressed ready for fall and here for ur well-being:

Peridot’s here to help you make it through the semester and remind you that you’re doing just great.

Amethyst is here to remind you to take chances, have a lot of fun, and try new things.

Lapis just wants you to remember to relax and take care of yourself :)

I hope you guys have a really great season and an awesome Halloween!!

I’m a really good swimmer…

I just had a stray thought about this line today and it just made me laugh because I just realized that swimming for Garnet isn’t actually swimming? She just walks along the bottom of things: pools, the ocean, volcanoes, etc. and calls it swimming. So I ended up drawing this and going overboard bc I wanted to play with colors uvu;;

But it’s still a good way to kick off the first day of Spring Break at least!


A little WIP comic thing for aph Romano because I think everyone is tired of the “severe brother complex” and so what better way to feel better about yourself than complimenting yourself! . 

Munday Tagging Thing No. 1

tagged by: @kaninneko

Name/Nickname: Uh, Arthur or Artie is good for this blog. :)

Favourite Color/s: Red, black, and blue. :)

Last song I listened to: Shite, em Uso from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Favorite TV show:…Why must you do this to me?!?! Em… There are a lot… Community, Over The Garden Wall, Psychoville, uh…. infinitely more, actually. XD I should make a masterlist sometime. XD

First Fandom: I have no clue… I really liked The Nightmare Before Christmas when I was little… Like, starting when I was 4. XD Also Little Big Planet and uh… Animorphs (cringe). Those were my first. :)

Hobbies: Knitting, sewing, cooking, drawing, playing piano, etc.

Books that I’m currently reading: Ehh… Black Butler? Also a book made in the 1700s- Candide by frenchman who-did-pretty-much-everything Voltaire

Worst thing I’ve eaten: Mac and Cheese. No thank you.

People I’m tagging: @fruk-de-lys@ask-the-german-commander @ask-aph-franceypants @ask-aph-francis @beauty-grace-united-states @ask-aph-ameridork @ask-ollie-bloody-kirkland

Here, have some beautiful Hermione with some subpar coloring.


@pheebadohdoh and I’s TWD OCs Will and Pax

Pax does reckless things, probably nearly getting themselves killed in the process, and makes Will start to actually feel things again.


I’m sure sombra is going to be very grim, edgy and dark and all that good stuff, but for now i just kinda wanna imagine her as a cute and colorful capegoblin who likes messing with people.

(maybe she likes messing with people as much as i apparently like not coloring things consistently) 

endless list of good books: [1/?] 
↳ percy jackson and the olympians by rick riordan

“In a way, it’s nice to know that there are Greek gods out there, because you have somebody to blame when things go wrong. For instance, when you’re walking away from a bus that’s just been attacked by monster hags and blown up by lightning, and it’s raining on top of everything else, most people might think that’s just really bad luck; when you’re a half-blood, you understand that some divine force is really trying to mess up your day.”

favorite fics » The Art of Peer Pressure by katharinewrites
zayn-centric | zarry | 27k | mature

That evening he learned that he passed his exams with flying colors.
To celebrate, he fucked Perrie against a wall of her room, next to a window that glowed from the street light outside. It illuminated her pale skin, made her radiate and sparkle like some ethereal stone. She called him for weeks after that, incessantly, before he had Liam pick up the phone and tell her he had died. In a way, a version of him had.

Happy Odaiba Day! :D

Odaiba Week Day 1 - The Power of Friendship

Knowing my dash would be FLOODED with Adventure art (which I am in no way complaining about <3), I wanted to give Frontier a little love (that and I just rewatched the entire thing and ugh guys I don’t understand why is this season so underrated).

ANYWAY, I could go on and on about why I love these two and the friendship they have and how it evolves over the series, but instead I’ll just link you to my absolute favorite collaboration of their’s: Get the Biggest Fire!! (Seriously this thing cracks me up. XD I’m guessing most Frontier fans have heard it, but Odaiba Day is a good day to give it another listen, lol.)


30 Day Tokyo Ghoul Challenge

 Day 9: Favorite location (The streets of Tokyo)

What your favourite TIH song says about your personality:

Aquaman: You really like vintage stuff. Also- anything from the 80s.

Avalanche: You feel nostalgic about a lot of things, wanting the music from the 20s, clothes from the 40s, and relationships from 80s movies.

Come Under The Covers: You really like pretty pictures. You constantly walk about like “I really wish I had a good camera.”

Different Colors: You like to be optimistic about things about you, even when they don’t seem that great.

Down in the Dumps: You have had some bad times, but you know what? Now it’s your time to be happy.

Portugal: You are an utter nerd. You get a lot of joy out of the ‘venn diagram’ lyric and laugh at your fellow nerds walk the moon. 

Shut Up and Dance: If something is cheesy, you are there. If there is a party, you’re there. You are the fun, cheesy clown.

Sidekick: You spend a lot of your time dreaming about a super cute relationship where you go watch lots of movies together etc.

Spend Your $$$: You really like having money.

Up 2 U: You like the underdog in anything. 

We Are The Kids: You like to imagine that you are not an adult and that you don’t have to pay taxes and sort out your finances.

Work This Body: You really want to be motivated by this song, but also, to do anything like this song is implying would mean you would have to be active.


Here we go everyone, here is the comic that I’m going to be making to help me us all get through this hiatus. (cries)

Marinette in Wonderland

Thank you to @time-is-strange for giving me the idea. (When this was originally going to be a 2000 followers thing- Then a 3000- and now it’s a 3297 followers thing- I’m going to shudder- that’s such an uneven number, hahaha. XD)

Anyways… This is the cover! And no, I’m not going to color this whole thing, I’m not psycho. This thing is gonna be mega-long and I’m going to do it in pencil (but…nice pencil. This is not a scribbly comic). But anyways… here we go.




Atem looks so GOOD in black thou like, dayum son. Black and gold, I just want to adorn him in black and gold things like the king he is. I think red would look really nice too, it would compliment his skintone. I may actually have a finished thing to post today depending on how things go. I really like the flat colors for now, but it may change in a minute as I’m almost done blocking in all the colors.