i'm really mediocre on this but i'm sick of playing with it

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: GOD i hate shakespeare. i really do. i just don't get how a mediocre actor from a measly little town is suddenly the brightest jewel in england's royal crown????? UGH GOD I HATE SHAKESPEARE!!! his plays are wordy but OH NOOOO THE GREAT SHAKESPEARE!!! that little turd. he has no sense about the audience, he makes them feel so dumb!! the bastard doesn't care that my poor ass is getting numb. and he praddles on and on about his great accomplishments. everyone's all "will!! you're such a genius and you're writing is divine!!" "a rose by any other name is such a clever rhyme!!" and they're all "OOOH" and he's all "stooop" and they're all "YAAAAY" and i'm all UGH. and i'm really getting SICK OF IT. every little thing about shakespeare is what i HATE.