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mystic messenger characters + symbols // insp.

“–ren.” Levi’s voice roused him from sleep. “Hey, Eren. Wake up!”

Eren opened his eyes, blearily taking in the sight of his husband standing next to their bed and holding their 4-year old before stretching and smiling lazily. “Morning!”

“Look, Becka.” Levi spoke softly to the little girl in his arms. “Papa is awake. Do you remember what you wanted to tell him?”

The brown haired toddler nodded excitedly, wiggling wildly in Levi’s arms as she threw herself in Eren’s direction.

“Happy birfday, papa!” Becka giggled as she settled herself on Eren’s chest, hugging him tightly as her laughter rang and Eren hugged her back, looking at Levi with pure joy.

“Thank you, munchkin.” Eren’s voice was still heavy with sleep but his happiness shone through his eyes as he felt Levi’s fond eyes on him. “Where you a good girl for daddy this morning?”

“Ya.” She nodded, her pigtails bouncing along with her. “We made you pancakes.”

“Oh wow, lucky me.” Eren grinned at her as she beamed with pride at having helped her dad prepare them.

“How about you go make sure everything is ready for papa?” Levi interrupted, scooping the girl off of Eren and setting her on the floor. “We’ll be right there.”

They both watched as she ran towards the kitchen, her little footsteps ringing in her wake as Levi sat down at the edge of the bed and reached to brush Eren’s hair back. “Happy birthday, love.”

Eren hummed contently as Levi leaned to kiss his forehead, closing his eyes and cherished the soft touch of his lips on his skin.

“Come on, go freshen up and join us for breakfast.” Levi said as he moved back, a smirk highlighting his face. “We’re spending the day at the park before dropping Becka off at Erwin’s for the night.”

A very happy birthday indeed.

Though it’s been 2 years, she’s the first girl I’ve seen you with since you were with me.
And I look across the table and notice you holding her hand and I feel happy for you two. I do. I don’t have to talk myself into it, I genuinely am glad that you’ve found someone good for you.
Besides. You may be holding her her hand, but I’m holding his. We’re both far better off where we are now.

Somehow, this is the final closure.

—  m.m.

Yay ! He’s so great like that !

Please be Maggie ! We didn’t saw her very much !

Of course she would take her gun to answer the door ! Arghhhh fanfiction

I so laughed at this face haha

Also Pizza !!! Pizza and movie ? And kiss ? Ok no I know it won’t happen but a girl can dream right ?

“You know, I didn’t come here for work. I just… I really needed to see you and talk to you.” duhhh of course ! Also the “cute” part ♥

Ok “I almost died” please tell her you love her. Tell her you don’t want to die before telling her you love her. Ohhh I fell like she’s gonna be rejected. It’s bad oh so bad she’s gonna be rejected and we will have to wait for months before the next ep I can see it coming !

Please I don’t want to be right pleaseeeee

I wanna cry. Gosh I’m crying. I’m so happy ♥ I’m really crying ♥ I can’t even write something … I’m just shocked ! In a good way ! Also my dream came true !

I can’t stop the tearssss !

Gonna put here what I thought of that scene ^^ well what I thought during the scene bc I didn’t want to stop it from going ^^

“Come in, please. Ignore the pajamas. Oh, no, they’re cute.” aka subtle message for you’re cute ♥

That is hot !

The hand to her chin like in the bar ! Also candle … Are you there Lexa ? ♥

“I was so stupid” No maggie ! You were right !

“I guess I was kinda right” yeah girl !

“I thought that… And I guess I was kind of right, that you came out for me. And that scared me.” Didn’t I tell you this ? She was terrified !

“Life is too short. And we should be who we are. And we should kiss the girls that we want to kiss. And I really just… I… I want to kiss you.” Crying here ♥ It’s so beautiful

How can you be like that ? How perfect are you ? Also the biggset smile on Maggie I have ever seen ! She’s finally happy ! Also dimples !

“You’re not gonna go crazy on me, are you? Probably.” Yeah she’s gonna go crazy on you !

Cannnnnn you feel the loooooove tonight … ♫

That’s so cute !

Is this heaven ?

Seriously how many times did you watch that scene ? :P

Let’s end 2016 on that note right ? After this year we all needed this ♥ Thank you Supergirl ! Thank you so much !

Happy Birthday Nico!

A/N: This is my first PJO/HOO fanfic ever, but I had to do it for my baby’s birthday especially since I’ve thought about it a lot. (Does not follow TOA canon b/c that would confuse me so yeah) Enjoy!

Nico blinked his eyes awake as light streamed in through the crack between his curtains. For once, he felt like he actually got some sleep, not remembering having any nightmares that night. But something was wrong.

What time is it?

Normally, his annoying “doctor” Will Solace would wake him up for breakfast in order to ensure he was eating and taking care of himself. Nico scoffs at the thought of Solace nagging him, with his stupid “Doctor’s Orders”, his blinding smile, his wavy blond hair that glints in the sun, his sparkling blue eyes that seem to reflect the color of the sky most days, the sort of blue Nico has gotten lost in several times…

No, Nico thought, I will not get lost in that. We’re close friends. It’s nice having a best friend and I will NOT be ruining this with a stupid crush.

Nico has learned over the past months how to act normal and friendly – well, Nico’s version of friendly, which means being less distant and reserved than normal. It’s a work in progress.

Nico refocuses back into reality, peeking out his curtains to see the sun decently high in the sky. Had Will forgotten about him? Nico hated how used to, even dependent on, the son of Apollo greeting him every morning he was. Was Will so integral to his life that he didn’t even know how to start the day on his own now?

Nico pushed any negative thoughts to the back of his mind as he went and got ready. Will must’ve had an early shift at the infirmary or something. Or maybe he’s giving Nico a day to sleep in for once, seeing as he complains about being up early every day. He hasn’t slept in till 11 in quite some time. He decides to head to the pavilion and see if he can still get food, even if it’s not lunch time yet. Maybe then he can skip actual lunch and train in the arena since no one will be there.

When he opens his door, there’s a note on the ground with a giant sun on it.

Solace, he suppresses a smile and rolls his eyes at the crudely drawn sun with a smiley face in it.

Gooooood morning, Sunshine!

I don’t even know if it’ll still be morning when you read this, but anyway, I let you sleep in today because I had to cover someone’s shift at the infirmary along with my own all morning.

As an apology for not forcing you awake, I wrote a haiku :)

Love, Will

Nico gets caught on that last part. He said love… Nico can only see those words, casually written by Will, who doesn’t even see how it could mean so much to Nico. It’s just a typical sign-off, don’t look into it. Nico shakes his head to clear his thoughts and remembers the rest of the note. He flips it over to read the most likely terrible haiku:

Find the green-eyed boy

Tell him “The sun will set soon”

Do it for me please :)

Nico doesn’t even think he understands what haikus should be, or that it’s more than a syllable pattern. Whatever, he reads it again anyways just to hear Will’s voice saying it to him (he’s got it so bad). On his third read through, he realizes that it’s actually telling him to do something. Green-eyed boy? He wonders. ‘Do it for me please’ Ugh, he thinks to himself. Will Solace can get away with nearly anything with Nico, all he has to do is ask and Nico will eventually give in. With an eye roll, Nico leaves his cabin to find Percy. If this is some big joke and I end up wet, Solace is gonna get it.


After stopping at the pavilion for an apple, Nico heads to the Poseidon cabin. He had considered shadow travelling there, if not just because he knows Solace would hate it, but decided against it. He doesn’t want to accidentally stumble upon Percy and Annabeth ever again. Ever. When he knocks, Percy cracks open the door and peeks out through the crack.

“What’s the password?” Percy says in an unnecessary whisper. He’s one of those people who don’t even know how to whisper, so Nico doesn’t know why he bothers trying.

“Percy, what’s going on,” Nico deadpans.

“Passsswoooord.” He’s as stubborn and stupid as ever, Nico thinks.

“Ugh,” he pulls out the paper, “‘The sun will set soon.’ It’s like midday, who came up with this—” Nico is cut off as Percy yanks him through the door and shuts it quickly. The cabin is pitch black and Nico starts feeling anxious. He didn’t think anything was going to happen, so he didn’t exactly mentally prepare for an attack.

“Percy, what the—”

“SURPRISE!!!!!!” The lights suddenly come on and Nico is momentarily blinded and deafened by the shouting. Instinctively, he grabs his sword and swings out, ready to fight off whatever has caught him off guard. When his senses catch up to him, he registers a certain son of Apollo standing in front of him looking shocked and holding a sign that has now been sliced in half.

“Uhhh Death Boy? Mind putting that away? I spent a long time on this birthday sign and I don’t want anything else to be cut in half, namely me.” Will blushed slightly, giving Nico a shy smile and that look that always gets Nico to do what he says.

“What in the Hades is going on, Solace?” Nico sheaths his sword and looks around, taking in the balloons, banners with his name on it, and all his friends, who look both alarmed and amused at the same time.

“Um, hello? It’s your birthday! Happy Birthday, Nico!!” Will drops the two halves of the sign to the ground in favor of throwing his arms up and grinning like he won the lottery.

As Nico tries to process this information, Percy comes up from behind and throws his arm across Nico’s shoulders.

“Bro, it’s a celebration of the day you were born! You know, your birthday. Come on, lighten up! Solace here put it all together and somehow kept from telling you,” Percy snickered at the last part.

Will’s face turned red with both frustration and embarrassment as he said, “I can keep a secret! Besides, we all worked to make this happen. So, let’s have fun!” With that, everyone cheered and started milling about, music playing in the background of happy conversations. Will grabbed Nico’s hand, much to Nico’s embarrassment, and pulled him along to show him around the party. As Will excitedly chatted about all the planning they had done (it really is amazing that Nico had no idea, Will is such a blabbermouth), Nico marveled at the fact that it was his birthday. He didn’t even remember it himself, and yet here was Will and his friends, hoping to make Nico’s day special. He looked around at all the decorations and all his friends, who looked genuinely happy to be there. Nico may have moved on from believing that he had no friends, but sometimes he couldn’t even fathom what great friends he had.

His birthdays in the past had been filled with self-hate and regret – hating that he was born, regretting his actions that caused others pain, things of that sort. Even today, he felt that somewhere in his mind, he knew it was his birthday, but he didn’t want to think about it because he knew that he’d just have those negative thoughts, as always.

“Hey,” Will pulled Nico from his thoughts, a look of concern under his gentle smile, “You okay? You haven’t said anything yet. Is the party okay? Is it too much? It’s too much, isn’t it. I knew I should’ve put up less decorations. I was too excited. Ugh and you probably don’t appreciate the little suns everywhere, but it’s all the Apollo cabin had—”

“Will,” Nico cut him off, “It’s incredible. Sorry, I was just thinking… I really appreciate you and everyone else, you know, going through all this trouble for me. I didn’t even realize today… I mean normally… how did you even know?” Nico couldn’t get out words properly, he didn’t know how to express the extreme gratitude he felt.

Will only grinned, “I’m your doctor – of course I know when your birthday is, Death Boy. And I wasn’t about to let your special day go uncelebrated.”

Nico scoffed, “Special day… my whole life has been a mess. I don’t know if the day of my birth should be celebrated all that much.”

“No, you don’t get to say that.” Will stopped Nico and stood in front of him, a frown on his lips. “You are a hero and a fantastic friend to everyone here. Without you, many of us, probably even the whole camp, wouldn’t be here. I am extremely grateful that you were born today, however many years ago, because I—” Will seemed to choke on his words, turning red in the process.

“Because you…? Are you okay?” Nico was just confused now, having no idea why Will cut himself off.

“Because I… get to do this!” With that, Will lunged forward and swiped frosting across Nico’s cheek. Nico was so caught off guard, he stood there for a good 3 seconds as Will laughed, gaining the attention of those around him. Then Nico narrowed his eyes, found the cake, grabbed a handful, and flung it right at Will’s face so that frosting and a chunk of cake slid down his cheek.

“FROSTING FIGHT!” Percy was the first to jump at the cake, resulting in an all-out frosting war.

By the end, everyone was covered in frosting and chocolate cake and giggling like maniacs. Even Nico had jumped in, shadow traveling a few times to get the jump on people.

Once everyone calmed down a bit, Will came up to Nico with a clump of cake and frosting on a plate and a single candle shoved in it.

“We still have to sing to the birthday boy,” Will said with a shy smile. Nico offered his own small smile as everyone gathered around and sang “Happy Birthday” to Nico. Nico thought about each face that was smiling at him, ending on the face of Will Solace, who beamed the brightest out of them all.

“Make a wish, Nico,” Will said gently, once the song had finished.

Looking up at that face, Nico knew what to wish for. He had a great life – far from perfect, but pretty great. He had almost everything he wanted, just one thing was missing.

He closed his eyes, and he blew out the candle.

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AaAAaaaHHHhHh! OMG 300+ followers yay! I made some Haikyuu!! hcs earlier and so now here are the Shiratorizawa thank you head canons~ I love Shiratorizawa so much and season three has me wanting to jump out of my seat lol

  • Ushijima learned how to play the ukulele when he was little, but the others don’t learn this until he enters a talent show for extra credit. They were really surprised and were expecting him to do some sort of volleyball thing
  • The others like to joke about Tendou becoming some sort of hand model because his hands are all slim and pretty when they’re not taped, Ushijima says it seriously tho
  • When Kawanishi was in middle school he won this really big district spelling bee. The reason he won was because Shirabu, the contestant before him, misspelled “orange”
  • The reason Kawanishi entered a spelling bee was because he needed extra credit for a class so he wouldn’t fail
  • Reon likes birds and has a little bird house set up in one of the Shiratorizawa gardens. Whenever he goes to the park all the birds flock to him because they KNOW
  • When Goshiki was little he was never really taught how to swim, so the others had to teach him how. They were all surprised when they didn’t accidentally end up drowning him
  • Yamagata knows how to knit and crochet and sew because his mom taught him how. He’s constantly fixing the holes in everyones uniforms
  • When Semi was a first year, Tendou would put dye in his shampoo, so Semi constantly had different colored throughout that year
  • Tendou definitely draws doujin and writes fanfiction. He has, on multiple occaasions, drawn SemiShira fan comics, they don’t know tho (not that Tendou wants them to know anyway)
  • Ushijima likes to draw and he’s actually really good especially at drawing plants. He loves drawing Tendou with a bunch of shoujo flowers and stuff
  • There was a time when they went to the amusement park together, but Goshiki was too afraid of going on any of the rides because he had stayed up the night prior watching amusement park accident videos. 
  • They had to take turns staying with him while the others went on the roller coasters
  • When Yamagata was riding a roller coaster he threw up on the person sitting next to him. It was an accident tho because Yamagata had eaten three entire funnel cakes before going on
  • Kawanishi also throws up, but on the merry go round, and he throws up on Shirabu 
  • As it turns out Kawanishi gets motion sick really easy and usually takes medicine for it but forgot
  • Semi was laughing his ass off, but was also extremely grossed out because he was sitting next to Shirabu the entire time
  • Reon took pictures
  • Ushijima tries to take Tendou on a cute amusement park date, but it fails because Kawanishi tags along and Tendou loves all these dangerous looking rides. You remember how Kawanishi gets motion sick? well he ended up getting sick on Ushijima too
  • They went home afterwards and all of them but Reon, Semi, and Tendou, were salty about the entire thing

Thanks to all of my fellow Shiratorizawa loving followers and to all my followers in general~ This makes me extremely happy especilaly since I’ve been pretty anxious lately with school and all. So yeah, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I LOVE SHIRATORIZAWA!!!!

anonymous asked:

Jen is doing a play that runs till June 24 and starts in May. Crap. I hope this isn't an indication of her leaving. I am swaying more towards her leaving now.

First of all, yay for Jen!  That’s super exciting for her!  Anyone know what play it is?  

Second of all, calm down my dear.  Jen doing a play that starts in May and runs through June in no way indicates that she’s leaving the show.  Jen has done a multitude of other projects while being on OUAT (she’s directed and started in short films, she directed a music video, etc…).  OUAT is not the only thing she does.  Also, keep in mind that OUAT filming typically ends in mid-March to early April.  They’ll be finished filming for the season within the next couple of weeks, which means that Jen will have a whole month where she isn’t filming before the play she’s doing even opens (which means she’ll probably be doing a lot of rehearsals and whatnot during that month).  None of that will conflict with her being on OUAT.  This is no different than Colin doing The Dust Storm, or What Still Remains, or Carrie Pilby while still being on the show.  A lot of the actors do other projects during hiatus (because acting is their livelihood and they’re not going to just stop working for a few months before filming starts again).  Also, if they do get renewed, filming typically starts in early July, which also won’t conflict with the play.  

So, don’t panic.  Just be happy for Jen and be excited about her new project and how she’s furthering her career, because that’s all this is.  It’s not a hint that she wants to leave the show, or that she’s trying to move one.  She’s just trying to do something different while she doesn’t have a pressing commitment to the show.

About Us

Summary: Dan makes a huge decision about him and Phil’s relationship.

Word Count: 1659

Warnings: None

“Thanks for watching, guys. See you next Tuesday!” Dan says, ending his weekly liveshow on Younow. He doesn’t leave his room to eat his late dinner like he usually would, though. He stays in his desk chair, thinking.

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