i'm really happy with this wow!!

  • Yuri: happy birthday, pig.
  • Yuuri: thank you! I didn't think you knew it was my birthday today.
  • Yuri: I looked it up awhile ago.
  • Yuuri: wow! I didn't think you cared that much! This really means a lot to me.
  • Yuri: of course I care. Every birthday is another year closer to your retirement.
  • BONUS:
  • Victor: don't talk to your father that way!
  • Yuri: buuuuuut daaaaaaad~~~

“am i a bundle of nerves? maybe i am, maybe i’m not – i can’t really tell. but what i do know is that my head is completely clear, and i am well aware of what i need to accomplish here.”

for my dear tas!

so Enjolras was hit by 8 bullets right and that’s one for every one of the Amis that died. that obviously excludes Marius because he lived and it excludes Enjolras himself. in other words, Grantaire is included in those 8. in the end, the death of each Amis hits Enjolras equally. in the end, Grantaire means just as much to Enjolras as any of the others did. it just means a lot to me that in death Grantaire is finally valued for his loyalty and bravery and is just as vital a member of the Amis as anyone else

  • me: *hears a good new song*
  • my brain: associate it with ur otp
  • me: why
  • my brain: you gotta
You fell in love with a blistering sun and forgot to cry out when your lips became singed with pain
Oh, you wanted to devour that love whole and have it illuminate all the darkest parts of you
But it would only burn you alive to have that kind of fire running through your veins.

Forget all the stories written about Icarus—forget the tragedy,
Kiss Apollo on the lips and drink in all the heat that radiates from that touch
As your eyes start to water and his hands start to wander,
Let the tears travel down the length of your face and create the ocean into which you will fall

(Then, only then will you have the strength to look Artemis in the eyes and tell her that her cold shoulder was freezing your heart.
That you wept every night because the stars blanketed you in their vacant stares and you felt vulnerable without her arms around you.
The phases of the moon were a disheartening reminder that she never liked falling asleep next to you, especially when she could be out in the woods finding her next kill.)

You asked the artists to paint Apollo’s face as a wash of anguish as you slipped from his reach;
Golden tears crystallizing in his eyes that would melt only when he forgets how softly you cradled his neck.
It won’t matter anyways, by then the waves will have slid your body beneath a suffocating blanket of rolling blue,
And you’ll have already forgotten the tremble of his breath against your skin

Icarus’ love-struck daze stole his chance to say goodbye, and he begged to be able to as he plummeted to meet the ocean.
You didn’t have anyone left to say goodbye to, so you accepted your fate with spread palms and tried not to think about just how much the impact would hurt.
—  History will stop repeating itself when mortals stop falling in love with gods and goddesses | a.h

grattis på födelsedagen sverige!

Well since im really lazy here’s a quick lil thing to end inktober on. Hope you guys have a Happy Halloween! (And if u don’t celebrate it happy Monday!!)


I love how in this scene Yu is literally ready to follow Yosuke anywhere

Meanwhile the others are like “Bruh. No way. You’re on your own on this one.”


Boyfriend! Jaemin (00.08.13)

Happy birthday to SMRookies’ mini sunshine, Na Jaemin! Your dedication to entertainment makes your fans fall head over heels for you time after time. Thank you for always bringing us laughter with your antics~ Keep on smiling, and the world awaits your debut! #HappyJaeminDay

Imagine #84

Papyrus and Mettaton having a fuckton of failed attempts to set up Alphys and Undyne together.

Bonus: As they try to get Undyne and Alohys to kiss kiss fall in love, Papyrus and Mettaton end up kiss kiss falling in love themselves.


I really couldn’t help wondering how things went down for Alphys when the amalgams first happened…

Here is Part 2!

And here is Part 3!


ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ  #BurgerKingYoungKDay

It’s hard to put my thoughts into words, maybe because words aren’t enough? 23 years old and you’ve already achieved so much. Since the first video until now you showed us how much you grew up and how talented you are. You always showed us such a sweet and strong side of you but we all know that sometimes it’s hard for you. You’ve been working so hard over the past years and there’s no doubt that your efforts have paid off. Thank you for being born or else we wouldn’t have known what true talent is. Thank you for always working hard on your amazing voice and instruments. It must be difficult to be an artist especially with the pressure and cons that come along with it. I am so glad that you didn’t give up because we all know how many years you’ve waited for that special moment. I hope you will always keep going and chase your dream, please never stop. Keep slapping that bass and never get tired of it because your talent has no limits and i’m sure that we didn’t see everything of it yet. From your personality to your voice, you are perfect and i want you to know that. Thank you for always giving 200% in everything you do. Thank you for always keeping us sundays in mind. Thank you for making DAY6 what it is today, because without you and your amazing self it wouldn’t be the same. I wish you all the happiness in this world because you truly deserve it. Happy birthday to the person that makes my life better and better every day just by being part of it, hope you’ll have an incredible day and keep doing what you love the most, i love you a lot, and i really mean a lot. Best of luck for the future! ㅤ ㅤ  ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ     ㅤ Always by your side little bun

당신이 이것을 읽지못할지도 모르지만 저의 작은선물을 좋아했으면좋겠어요!
제가 데이식스 을 알게된이후로 더욱 행복해지고,당신이해주는 모든것에대해서 감사해요, 당신이 많은사랑을받고있다는걸 알길바래요! 좋은하루보내요. 최고의생일을 축하했으면 좋겠어요~ 사랑해요!♡

and really i can’t stress enough how happy it makes me feel that mtv - a station aimed at teenage viewers - actually went and decided that they were going to spend money on shows such as faking it or sweet/vicious. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. i can hardly believe that in this fucking horrible time we were actually given a show - and by mtv, much less - that actually addresses certain issues better than sexual education programs in some fucking countries. a show where girls have each other’s back no matter what. just… wow. fucking #justiceforjules indeed.