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@linmanuel This is a bit late but I had to find a second to draw up something for my golden boy’s b-day.(1/16/17)
Keep on keeping on Lin, you’ve inspired so much passion in me that I didn’t even knew I had and took me out of a bad apathetic nothing motivated me rut. You were there when I needed this most and you deserve only the best ahead of you, onto your next year sir, keep up the amazing work!

Happy first day of #AGilmoreChristmas!!!

Here are a bunch of too many christmas & winter themed gilmore girls icons of the cast/characters from the original show, the revival & the EW photoshoot.

  • 200+ icons can be found here
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  • credit is not necessary but always appreciated
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Most of these were made before the revival came out. I might add more so if you have any specific requests, let me know, and I’ll try to make them. Anyway, I hope you like them! ENJOY! :)

And don’t forget to check the advent calendar every day for a new gift!


IwaOi Cuties | Happy Birthday to my wonderful Nad✧ ♡╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯♡

grattis på födelsedagen sverige!


“sometimes if you listen closely, the princess will slay her dragons.”
(  tell me the story of sleeping beauty again - m. j. )

black sails lgbtqia character appreciation  × max

Today, I went with my best friend to the largest bridal show in the country, and it was FABULOUS. I’m not a big fan of large crowds, but I was really happy to help her figure out some of the details for her wedding this coming December. Also, I got to eat samples from a lot of different caterers and cake makers, and let me just say that dinner is unnecessary tonight :P

The one thing that stood out to me most, however, was the number of openly same-sex couples. And it made me want to cry that they were obviously there for themselves, not as someone else’s entourage. My friend even arrived with one of our friends, and the assumption was that they were a couple. And what’s even more amazing? I saw no difference in how they were treated by the vendors. No one batted an eye or was incredulous that two women or two men stood in front of them and both of them had the “I’m Getting Married” badge. Considering that my state has been boycotted by businesses nationwide for its anti-LGBT laws, I found the normalness of it all beautiful.

It’s just. I’m so happy.

And yet another New Years story-type-thing-but-not-really-a-story: part of my mom’s side of the family were from Scotland, so every new year at the turning of the clock we do this little witchy (imo) ritual thing to bring good luck.

It’s called The First Footer, or Quaaltagh, and first what happens is you have to close all the windows and doors in the house, so no air escapes or enters; then everyone has to keep completely silent while the eldest adult in the house with the darkest hair steps outside the front door, acknowledges the hour (basically just looking at the moon/sky, pff), then comes back in and has something to eat and drink (to signify full tummies throughout the year); then they’re supposed to light a fire (a warm, cosy, prosperous house) which my dad does by putting some coal in a tin with firelighters, lighting it, and then placing it on the balcony so it doesn’t burn down the house/set all the fire alarms off; then he comes back inside, wishes everyone Happy New Years, which you’re supposed to reply to with the same, and then everyone can talk again and the coming year will be lucky. 

Ok, it sounds a bit weird now I’m typing here, but I’ve honestly always loved this dumb little thing. It makes everything seems just a little bit more magical, I dunno. I was wondering if anyone else does a little dorky ritual thing similar on New Years Eve - if so please let me know all about them, I’d honestly love to hear. :D

earthdragonslayeraldigond  asked:

may I ask for Charla and Happy in 4c please?

Me: Oh gosh I have to study, now let’s star… oh Happy and Charle would be so cute with that pose, no, I have t-

I couldn’t help myself…

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Questionnaire for fun~ (and tell why~ I'm curious teehee) 1) Jae-ha with open hair or tied? 2) Yona with long or short hair? 3) Hak or Soo-won as Kouka's king? 4) Soo-won: forgiveness or not? 5)Teen Hak or Adult Hak? 6) Hak dominant or Yona dominant (in relationship)? 7) Yona's hairpin: destroy, throw away or keep? 8) Proposing: Hak to Yona or Yona to Hak? (or both at the same time) 9) Yona living in the castle again or on the countryside? 10)Passionate confession: Yona to Hak or Hak to Yona?

Hehehe!! I’m going to put this answer under a cut juuuust because I’ll have a lot of answers - some with pictures :P

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