i'm really good at finding traps

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Not a question but rather a thing i think everyone should consider When you are depressed it's easy to fall into the trap of self deprecation, some that has helped me tremendously lately is that i've taken up drawing, and i'm improving nicely, my advice is to find something you enjoy, even if you are crap and try to get better at it, does not have to be anything specific, But when you can see yourself improving it really helps ease the feelings of entrapment

This is a very interesting suggestion, Anon!

I’ve never tried it on purpose, but now you mention it, I do feel better when I’ve done a good job. I’m all about craft projects and looking at the work I’ve done and having something in my hands to look at and be proud of is a good feeling.

Thanks for the hot tip. I hope it will be helpful for some of my followers.


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...C-Christmas Gency after recall, and Genji doesn't know what to get Mercy...Uhm, oh and maybe he gets a bit jealous when she's been hanging around Hanzo a lot? (Mercy does this though because she also doesn't know what to get Genji for Christmas, so what better way than to ask his oni-chan?!) Maybe like the misunderstanding gets settled, too, when she just plucks up the courage and kisses him under a mistletoe? Surprises him, so... uhhh? I don't know how to do headcannons. I hope this helps :3

Oh this is so cute doll! 

  • It’s the first Christmas since Genji and Mercy have reunited. The Recall bringing everyone back and of course celebrating Christmas Eve together.
  • Genji and Mercy are nervous, hesitate around each other. Both unsure if the kindled flames between them back in the golden days of Overwatch have burned out, or if there was a hope of a spark still sitting in the ashes.
  • He knows gifts are important, and one especially for Mercy just has to be special. He finds the idea of her gift one day when she’s flight testing her Valkyrie suit after repairs. The wings on her armor inspiring him to crave a dove from the wood of a cherry blossom tree and loop it onto a silver chair. It’s simple, and he’s still not entire sure about it, but he hopes she’ll like it.
  • Mercy was clueless as to what to get the man she deeply cared for. In her desperation, she went to Hanzo, begging the elder Shimada brother to help her. He does, hoping to in someway help his brother finally get the girl he’s been tripping over his feet for. 
  • Yet Hanzo did not think of what the appearance of Mercy and him together so often would look like to Genji. And it seemed to Genji they were together all the time. As the dove necklace burned in his pocket, he tried to not think of what his brother was trying to do with the good doctor.
  • Genji begins to seek her out before the Christmas Eve party in hopes of giving her the gift in privacy, but she always seems to be busy or with Hanzo… He does his best to not let this anger him, meditating often but in the end, he ends up discourage, thinking he could never really have Mercy. 
  • At the arrive of the party, Genji can hardly breathe because Mercy is wearing a red dress with tights that cover her beautiful legs and all the while he’s trying not to get flustered with simply looking at her. The whole time, she looks for him, but he always evades her presence.
  • By the time the party is nearly over, Mercy finally catches sight of Genji, and quickly takes his arm before he can slip away. She’s barely keeping herself together, her gift waiting in her lab. She tells him she wishes to show himself, and he goes with fear in his heart.
  • Before they get to her lab, he stops her in the hallway, and Mercy looks at him, confused at his reluctance.
  • Genji murmurs that he knows Mercy has been spending a lot of time with Hanzo, and honestly, she doesn’t have to be bothered by him if that’s truly what she wants. He didn’t mean to make her feel guilty by avoiding her, but perhaps it’s best if—
  • Mercy cuts him off swiftly, saying actually, the only reason she’s spent so much time with his brother was to get the perfect gift for him. It’s waiting for him in her lab, but they have to get there first.
  • A wave of relief washes over Genji at this point, his heart finally beating again now that he knows Mercy isn’t falling for someone else, least his brother. They both apologize, and the misunderstanding is quickly cleared. 
  • They arrive in her quiet lab, and there lies a gift for Genji, and he can hardly believe it. She hands it to him with a quiet eagerness, and waits with her fingers being wring in her hands as he opens it. 
  • Genji pulls out an exquisite set of cast iron wind chimes, the silver and gray bells all lined up in a perfect row. Its the very same kind that used to decorate outside his parents windows. His mother was very found of wind chimes, and took to often collecting whatever assortments she could. To hear the soft clinking as he moves it brings him back to memories of sitting in her lab, listening to their beautiful music in the wind.
  • When he quietly sets aside her gift and Mercy freezes with the fear he’s unsatisfied of it. Before she can apologize though, Genji has reached up to remove his face plate, and she stays perfectly still as he shows his scarred skin to her. A soft whisper leaving his exposed lips.
  • “My gift to you is nothing compared to the treasure you have bestowed upon me, but I hope it will be enough.”
  • Silently, he pulls the necklace from his pocket, and holds it out to her. Mercy’s lips part in a silent gasp as she stares at the fine craftsman ship in the wooden dove. Without saying a word, she moves her hair aside so Genji can tied the necklace on her. When he moves close, she feels his trembling fingers, and is overwhelmed with his musk and steel scent.
  • “It’s beautiful, Genji.”
  • With one hand wrapped around her new gift, she reaches with the other to take Genji gently to her lab doors. With a small, playful smile on her lips, she looks up, and Genji does too and finds a mistletoe waiting above them.
  • With a soft, delicate movement, she leans forward. Genji melting against her touch as she kisses him. With a quiet breath, they part, and Genji is holding her cheek as he gazes over her.
  • “Was this all just an elaborate trap to kiss me, Dr. Ziegler?”
  • She laughed, and it was like the heavens raining their sweet music upon his soul. 
  • “Oh yes, Mr. Shimada. And it seems to have worked perfectly.”
  • Genji agrees wholeheartedly, before leaning in to kiss Mercy once again.

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I'm a female ace (possibly aro) & I hate physical contact. I like my personal space and feel very uncomfortable when people invade that space. One of my close friends says I have a problem & hugs me & traps me so I can't escape. She says that I "need to get used to hugs" but I really hate it so much & she doesn't understand that I don't want hugs. It really distresses me and I can't get her to stop... How can I get her to stop without upsetting her? (She doesn't know I'm ace)

I’m not sure if you should worry about upsetting her. She is forcing you into a situation that you find distressing without your consent, and then implying its for your own good. You need to just talk to her seriously and say “look, what you’re doing is really hurtful to me, and I need you to stop”. Explain to her how much you hate it. If she continues to do it, then call her out and shout “stop!” every time she does it.

It will probably upset her, but that’s not the most important thing right now. Your peace of mind is.

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Could you give me some advice for playing Junkrat, please? I find him really fun to play, but I'm not very good.

put down dat steel trap in very used doorways/ weird ass open areas but DONT put the concussion mine with it like how some people say to do because heres why

1) you can see AND hear when an enemy is triggered, two shots from your grenade launcher and they dead unless theyre a tank 

2) your concussion mine can act like a 7th shot or help you out with finishing off a mobile enemy you cant quite kill with its area of effect, i cannot tell you how many times i have killed a flying pharah (who is junkrats hard counter) just by throwing that mine into the air

3) concussion mine is your best fried, that shit can get you out of a sticky situation and get you airborn to escape/ rain death from above/ get into a weird ass position like on top of the ship in watchpoint

4) slap that concussion mine on an enemy mei to get the fuck away from her/ out of anyones range its great

5) you got a hella fast enemy like tracer or genji? one shot from grenade launcher+ concussion mine is an insta kill, plus you can do it insanely fast

6) literally just spam your grenades everywhere (be careful where YOU walk cuz they can damage you) because 1- it makes that area basically inaccessible to the enemy team because it does 120 damage and 2- it either explodes when it hits someone or it times out and explodes and still does a reasonable amount of splash damage

7) your grenades can bank off walls, so get real creative with that shit, especially hidden turrets

8) Riptires are fucking SCARY when used right, make sure youre ABOVE the enemy team when you can (again, concussion mines are your greatest friend) because they can HEAR where its coming from so they try to look at the source but rarely does anyone look ABOVE

9) speaking of riptires, dodge and weave a lot with it okay cuz it only has 100 health and getting your riptire killed is the most frustrating thing

10) hide your body really well cuz you are VULNERABLE as your riptire goes, it sucks getting a quad kill then coming back and seeing someone has shot your immobile body

11) you got a reinhardt protecting his team with his shield and your team cant damage anyone? Run up to them and drop a concussion mine and set it off, it makes the reinhardt airborn and opens up their team for damage. you can ALSO make ulting enemies like roadhog or reaper airborn and it reduces the damage their ults do 

i play a SUPER aggressive junkrat though so if youre a cautious player, this might not work for you!