i'm really going to miss that dog :(


time to dance // panic! at the disco

dazai is such a strange character. like, he doesn’t care if he’s on the side of good or bad, he’s just looking for a meaning in life… he’s completely and utterly selfish in a way that makes it so he doesn’t seem to care who he hurts, nor is he repentant for hurting others (see akutagawa). 

but he clearly cares and isn’t truly selfish?? he behaves as if he doesn’t and acts as if he only cares about himself, but at the same time he did care enough about oda’s plea to turn to the side that helps people and i think he does feel a connection to characters such as atsushi, chuuya, and akutagawa (however the reader interprets those feelings). 

this isn’t inconsistent writing of the character at all, though. all of those things seem completely in character instead of contradictory. all of these things are dazai. i think the issue is there’s a huge gap in dazai’s backstory that needs filling. we’re missing something important that happened before oda and before the mafia, before he was 14…

On this day five years ago, my dog Stella was taken from my front yard in Melbourne. I hadn’t seen her in 6 months before this, but I was going to be home in two more. She was being looked after by my dad. Then she disappeared and we never saw her again.

It took me a long time to grieve for Stella. I still feel enormous guilt over the whole thing, but I can now think about it without crying and last year I was finally ready to get another dog, four years later.

I don’t really go in much for phrases like ‘heart dog’ or ‘soul mate’ but she was and is incredibly important to me. She was my best friend for ten years. I will never, ever forget you Stella. I will never stop remembering you.


Today turned out to be a Really Good Day

I’m so broken up about leaving my show family and the people that I’ve spent so much time with for the past month

I love it when boys do this to me
  • Date: This is your neighborhood? It's kinda spooky.
  • Me: Hehe, yeah. Not the greatest place, but it's cheap, y'know.
  • Date: I was joking. It's cute. Brutalist. Seems old. Fits you. I like it.
  • Me: Do I act old?
  • Date: No. Feels like you have an old soul.
  • Me: Ah, people say that about me often. What does that even mean?
  • Date: Means you're nice to be around. Least, that's what it means when I say it.
  • Me: Mmm, thanks.
  • Date: Hope I'm not digging too much, but what happened to your old boyfriend?
  • Me: I don't know. I got really sick, suddenly had a huge medical bill, and he just ran off. He abandoned me, but sometimes it doesn't feel like it. I miss him.
  • Date: Ah, sensitive subject?
  • Me: No, it feels good to talk about it. I don't talk to many people these days. Except for my Doggo.
  • Date: What do you talk to your dog about? Taking walks?
  • Me: Hehe, no. He mostly tells me to kill people and I tell him I'm not going to. Then he calls me a imbecile.
  • Date: Quirky. Here's your place.
  • Me: Thanks for the ride. It's been a nice night. We should go out again sometime.
  • Date: Definitely. Love being with you. Hey. *leans in closer to me*
  • Me: *head spins with amorous ideas*
  • Date: There's a feather in your hair. *brushes feather away*
  • Me: Hehe, what's up with that, I wonder?
  • Date: Maybe birds like you.
  • Me: Maybe.
  • Date: *drives off*
  • Me: *walks to apartment with romantic thoughts, unlocks door*
  • Me: I went on a date, Doggo.
  • Me: Quit being so negative, Doggo. It was a nice night out.
  • Doggo: HE'S USING YOU. YOU'RE NOTHING TO HIM. YOU'RE GOING TO DIE. *slit appears on doggo's forehead and opens revealing a bloodshot, diseased third eye*
  • Doggo: TRUST ME, I KNOW.

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Hi, Carrie. I don't really like asking for things, but I'm so tired. I feel very lonely since my parents are away with my dog. Got an awful cold with nasty coughing fits. The WORST cold sores on my upper lip (makes me ashamed to go out, it looks and feels disgusting). And I missed a college test bc it took me 16 hours to do a presentation for a project since my group's parts were so incomplete I had to finish for them. I just can't. If you have time, would write me something? Thank you, really.

[Aw, hey anon! Sorry to hear about all of that, I hope things get better. Have some ridiculous fluffy Sterek coffeeshop AU.]

Derek’s going to be late. The line is especially long today, and of course, Cute Butt is in front of Derek again. Derek doesn’t actually knows his name (but the barista apparently does, writing a name on a cup and then listening to a ridiculously long order like always), just knows that he has a very cute butt. 

And a long coffee order. Derek always gets his coffee and leaves before they call out Cute Butt’s order, so he doesn’t know his name, and one of these days when Derek isn’t in a rush he might actually ask Cute Butt out or something. But today he has to get the coffee order for his law firm and it’s his first day being promoted to associate from junior associate, so.

Normally Derek doesn’t find the long order annoying because he appreciates the extra time Cute Butt takes to decide, change around, and ultimately decide the same order again, to appreciate how cute his butt is (and the rest of him— a nice face with wide eyes, an upturned nose and cute sprinkling of moles).

He’s doing it again, leaning over, ass sticking out right in front of Derek’s face, almost close enough to grab—

Derek doesn’t have time for this; he looks away from the pert butt before he starts daydreaming. “Just get him the quad half caf venti cinnamon sprinkles latte, three pumps vanilla, three pumps hazelnut, extra hot with whip,” he calls out.

Cute Butt whirls around indignantly.

Derek sighs. “You always take a few minutes contemplating the specials, and then asking for a suggestion, but you always get the same thing. It takes forever.”

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Vacation Trip!!

Yeahhh, tomorrow I’m finally going to visit another country! To someone that never left her own state this is awesome lol. I’m kinda nervous because I’ve never been in a plane before and this will be a 14 hour trip! But I think it will be okay ^^ I’m going to visit Vienna, Prague, Budapest and Berlin, it will be tiring but I guess it’s worth it lol

Well anyway…thing is, I’m going to be away from my computer for some days so no comics or digital stuff,  but I’ll definitely try to draw some traditional pics on my free time and post here on Tumblr if I can ^^

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I'm a student living in a dorm, so it would be impossible for me to care for an animal of my own, but I really miss interacting with the pets I have at home. Do you think it's unethical for someone to go to a shelter to spend time with animals if they have no plans of adopting one? If it is,what would be a good alternative?

No, it’s good for shelter animals to have some dedicated time and love - the staff will be fine with it. When you get there, just talk to someone about why you’re visiting before you go see the dogs and they’ll set you up with the ones who need it the most. 

So I was planning on making this back when I had 100 followers, but then I passed it while I was asleep! So instead I thought I’d do it now, since I positively love this number! Thank you so much for getting me here, and I hope to be able to roleplay with each and every one of you~

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My dog passed away a few years ago and I haven't been able to adopt since I'm going to college. I miss him a lot all the time and really wish I was in a position where I could adopt soon, but your blog makes me really happy and makes me feel a lot better. I love seeing all the pups!

there’s a right place and a right time for everything. as much as you want a pup, i’m glad to hear that you’re responsible enough to wait until you’re able to spend more time with him/her! thank you so much for your kind words :)