i'm really glad this show exists

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Aces get purple, aros get green, at romance I'll turn a weird sickly sheen, but I still love you, I'm glad you exist, there are better ways to show love than a kiss

Finally, an aromantic Valentines Day poem. And it’s really good, anon, thanks for sharing!

also i know the evilde kiss was wonderful and we all loved it but the way it was framed on the show was pretty gross? like, noora said she had to stay to make sure eva didn’t do something stupid, then willy was like “how do you think that’s going?” and noora turned around to see them making out. like it was literally referred to as “eva doing something stupid” like julie really thinks of gay women as a joke

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whenever antis try to explain to me that subtext doesn't exist and i'm reading into the show to much i'm like ??? it's pretty blatant and every story uses subtext? then they try to tell me their version of the show and i think to myself, wow that show sounds boring and i'm really glad i'm able to see the amount of effort these writers and the cast and crew go through to give us all the subtextual narratives that are as equally important as the A plot.

Seasons 1-3 are SO boring without the subtext, like, it’s a couple of guys who try to help humans fight monsters and overall do a pretty shit job and make everything worse.

Seasons 4-10 are again still boring but also don’t make a huge amount of sense without the subtext and seasons 11 but especially 12 are BUILT on the subtext of seasons 1-10 so without understanding or taking it into account it doesn’t make sense.

No wonder I see a lot of antis saying season 12 makes no sense and the characters are OOC given that they’re finally addressing the subtext of the earlier seasons and therefore the characters are acting accordingly!


The project broke me, but humans are broken from the moment of conception.  Mutations, defects– it’s all so wonderful.  The chance of disaster.  We fail, we learn, we fail. My program was too perfect. […]  That day, Harold, I broke it.  I forced it to delete bits of itself– its code, its blood– and then reboot.  Rebirth. Flailing in the dark.  A loop, ten times a second, and after ten hours, Harold, 360,000 mutations, it would live or die trying, and it lived. It sparked.  It stirred.  For 30 seconds, it smiled and then died.

– Arthur Claypool, “Aletheia.”

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Honestly your blog is fantastic! I'm so happy you exist and are making such awesome content! It makes me less sad that the show is over (nevermind that I own it and have watched it constantly for the last 2 years ahem) but yeah! Hope you're having a great day, thanks for existing!

Aw thank you, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I really enjoy putting out content, so I’m glad you’re all around to see it! Thanks so much!

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Korrasami is amazing!!! I'm glad you watched LoK, a worthy distraction from night and day even if I'm dying to know what happens next lol. Asami has to be one of the greatest characters I've ever seen. If anyone more selfless and caring and brilliant exists I don't think I've ever seen them. She breaks my heart Bc she loses so much but is always so strong and forgiving and never lets it ruin her determination to do what's right. The way she treats Korra despite mako is so amazing ugh love her!

I’ve been obsessing over TV shows for years so I’m really good at juggling fandoms haha. I can’t believe I never watched the show before (tumblr gifs have now officially gotten me into like four different shows and Trimberly, all of which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed; thanks TUMBLR!!). It’s actually full of incredibly well written characters (a lot of them women) and really interesting (and surprisingly dark) plots. Like, all four adversaries are pretty damn heavy.

And Asami… come on man. How can you not love her? She could’ve been just a stock romantic rival type character, but they did so much more with her. I like that she has her own set of skills and her own life outside of Team Avatar, but that she’s always there for them. Plus it’s awesome when she just plows through a bunch of Equalists or creates an escape worthy vehicle out of spare parts in the middle of a freakin’ desert. That’s on top of all the other stuff you mentioned. And she does most of this before she’s even out of her teens. Damn. No wonder Korra fell for her. (Plus I love her aesthetic, very 40′s movie star, and the whole billionaire inventor thing… okay I’ll stop now lol)

PS I’m always coming into things kind of late, but in this case I’m happy I can just binge everything and I’ve walked into the fandom when Korrasami is canon. I only wish I’d come in a little later so all three volumes of Turf Wars were out.

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I just wanted to say this really quickly. I'm glad you exist. You're amazing and there's nothing I can see that's wrong with you. I know that sounds pretentious and I'm sorry if it does, but it's what I think. Without you, I don't think making art would be as fun for me as it is now.

oh man, i’m really glad .. . to be honest i have plenty of flaws which i decide to not show but i’m really glad i’m seen as a nice person and i hope it will last ;;;;

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I'm really glad that this blog exists and that everyone is so different as well. I grew up with thinking that it was very rare for a grl to play D&D, bt this blog has shown me that alot of girls play D&D, despite what TV shows say, and i'm happy about that.

Yep! TV has it all wrong - tons of girls and women play D&D, all the time. Much of my D&D career, in fact, has been in groups with equal numbers of men and women. There’s no gender requirement in the rulebooks! 


Ship less, ship quietly

I saw someone say this recently. Ship less, ship quietly, then you’re free to ship what you ship. That’s what it said.

I wonder how one ships “quietly.” Is there a quota of posts you’re allowed to make before it becomes “loud”? Are you supposed to apologize for shipping the thing you ship, does that make it quieter? Are you supposed to somehow manage to prevent any shippy posts you’ve posted getting any likes or reblobs on the tumblr machine? Delete them if you’ve posted them? Don’t post them in the first place, all the better to keep quiet?

Maybe you’re just meant to ship something without ever sharing that fact with anyone in a place where it might be seen. Just keep it in your head where it can’t possibly upset anyone else who might disagree with you. Don’t enjoy yourself too much, don’t engage with others who enjoy what you enjoy. Apparently doing so gets too noisy, it clutters up tags, it ends up on dashboards. Don’t be too optimistic, too certain, or confident in your opinions. Wring your hands more. Simper a bit. Hide.

Shipping quietly basically means shut up and get out of the fandom, doesn’t it?

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Jonghyun - 4 Thing Show Full [ENG SUB]

i hate smiling in photos but i’m making an exception here because i’m just so happy about today! everywhere i’m seeing trans people loving themselves and calling themselves cute, which is so amazing!! you’re all so gorgeous and i’m glad a day like today exists. even if you choose not to share photos of yourself today, you’re still so cool and i love you!

my gender is Weird and i don’t quite know what it is and for a while i struggled with that, but on days like today i’m completely 100% fine with it. i use they/he pronouns, but who cares what my gender is, who cares what people see me as. i’m going to be awesome no matter what, and so are all of you.

i’m so glad that even though cis people will put us down and tell us we can’t Really be Trans unless we fit in the gender binary and hate our bodies (ugh, gross), we are able to rise above it and show them we can be wonderful even if they don’t think so.

if you’re trans in any way at all, i love you and i’m glad you exist, you’re the best and i’m so excited for the future when things will be even better for all of us. keep on keeping on, it’ll be worth it.

it makes me sad knowing how underappreciated and underrated robin hood is, this show and it’s characters probably are way better than some of the currently popular ones, and it’s sooo sad how nobody notices that and how most people don’t even know this show exists. and yes i know it’s not excellent and that the scenes look too fake sometimes, but the characters and their relationships and interactions are awesome!!!

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This show got me through my breakup and I'm so grateful that this blog and this show exists cause it always made me laugh or smile and this show will always be my favorite show of all time.

Yeah this show did a very similar thing for me, probably why it’s so hard to let it go. I’m really glad it’s helped you get through tough times, too!

I feel so dumb posting this, but like Steven Universe seriously means the entire world to me right now. All the characters are so well rounded flaws and all. There are entire story lines in place that get followed, it has all the body type representation, and shows how the characters show love and affection despite trauma. It goes into everything like that even how they deal with trauma, and not to forget all the respectful and beautiful canon on screen gay representation through Pearl and Ruby/Sapphire. All the stereotypes and tropes we expect also just get crushed to pieces by everyone on a constant episode-by-episode basis, and Steven’s character being a kind hearted loving kid who doesn’t have a single mean bone in his body and isn’t afraid/insulted to be “feminine” is so god-damn refreshing. Then there’s his dad Greg who’s character is also dealing with trauma and loss of his own but loves his son more than the world combined and does the best he can to show it whenever possible… His character and all the background characters are always so wonderfully diverse and developed on their own. They show different types of families and healthy AND unhealthy dynamics and how to deal and/or respond to them too. If that’s not even enough don’t even get me started on Rose’s character and how she talks about life and love and happiness in mankind and the world we live in and I just…

This is the shit I cry over. If anyone tells me “it’s just a cartoon” I want to punch something because it may just be a cartoon to them, but to me it’s so much more than that… It’s an entire world with inspiring promises created by an amazingly talented women and is everything I look up to and helps me push forward. I’m so so so glad this show exists right now and I’m glad I’m around to see it because it’s so beautiful in so many ways and is everything I want to strive for. 

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(i have a two year old brother, so i'm kinda savvy on most pre-school shows) i like doc mc stuffins bc it's really cute and about an adorable black girl, i also like how positively their family is portrayed and the fact that her mother is a doctor/surgeon. this is like more representation that most grown-up shows have.

That’s what I love about Doc McStuffins! I’m so glad it exists.