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Hi happy valentine's day! Can you write a fluffy jercy headcanon please? Love your blog btw

I know this is super late and I’m sorry for that but school is a thing that exists but! now that I’m on break I have some time! thanks for sending in, anon, and I’m glad you like my blog! here you go!

  • so their valentines day fun pretty much started out with a flustered Jason showing up at the Jacksons’ door with a blue flower to ask Percy if he’d go on a valentines day date with him
  • and when Percy comes to the door he can’t help but smile because his boyfriend is a goddamn dork
  • he said yes of course, accepting the flower and giving Jason a kiss on the cheek which turns Jason to absolute mush
  • and so the next day he comes back in a suit and tie bearing red roses and the dorkiest grin ever
  • once they escape Sally smothering them and taking billions of pictures, Jason takes them to a really fancy restaurant and Percy’s like? Jason how the hell can you afford this you literally make money off deliver pizzas
  • the truth is Jason had been saving for like?? three months?? and he even worked overtime a little because he wanted the absolute best for his bf and he is just so sweet like that
  • the restaurant turns out to be not very fun so after maybe half an hour Percy’s like hey, let’s get some pizza
  • and Jason is a bit disappointed the date didn’t go perfectly but?? pizza sounded awesome
  • after pizza they went back to Percy’s place and cuddled as they watched movies on the couch
  • at some point they got in a playful argument which resulted in them wrestling on the floor
  • and then that ended in a make out session
  • and both of them wondered how they got so lucky to have such an amazing boyfriend
  • then they cuddled some more before falling asleep, and Sally came in and draped a blanket over them
  • the next morning they had a breakfast of pancakes and waffles, blue of course
best of the worst 5sos imagines

i’m ashamed to say these exist but i’m gonna show you them anyway beause they’re actually extremely wild….

You die.

reader has her land on her leg or something. her land.

You see a bunch of hot guys around you, ding ding!

that was wild from start to finish i’m glad i hung in there

Well darling, come and open the door :-) Xx (she don’t even have her battery percentage on smdh)

i love how they added a black border to add to the drama, really spices things up

he looks like he has to pee if i’m being honest


wow luke so romantic

i love the sunglasses on this one


Calum whisper and frown. :(

these fake texts are so embarrassing why do you gotta do luke like this

the guy in the bottom right one is gonna break his neck

poor luke was just trying to show you the cute talking hamburger he found why couldn’t you at least pretend to be interested

“funny day with 5sos” what the fuck does that even mean

i read this in my head in a russian accent and i can’t really tell you why

who the fuck picks out these outfits first of all and second of all why do you need a specific outfit for cuddling and also why the tissues

what the fuck do those “teenager post” things have to do with this prom imagine also why would you wanna take your phone to prom (idk i never went to prom)

this is just… wrong… i don’t have words.. do you really think anyone would tweet something like that this one isn’t even funny what is wrong with ppl

[looks into an imaginary camera like i’m on the office] [my face kind of looks like joey tribbani doing his “smell the fart” face as dr. drake ramoray]

that was a real knee slapper michael

hotel room with luke. what’s next, red lobster bathroom with calum?

How do You feel that Your Girlfriend died ? this is so intense



that’s it for now i might make a part two later but thank you for reading and thank you to the ones who make these imagines you’re the real mvps

Say what you want about Dinah Jane Hansen, sure she has done/said some problematic things in the past, but she’s literally one of the most genuine, humble and kindest human beings. She has one of the biggest hearts that I’ve ever seen. Despite the fame, her success, all the celebrities, award shows, parties, etc that she’s been exposed to over the last three years, she’s still humble and appreciates everything that happens in her life and every single person who makes it all possible. The way she treats harmonizers never fails to make me emotional. She doesn’t treat harmonizers like fans or just sees us as dollar signs, no, she treats us like friends, family, people. How many celebrities snapchat, hangout, and just go out of their way to be with their fans or to just make them feel significant compared to someone in the spotlight, even if it’s just for a second. Dinah has a heart of gold and I really hope that never changes.