i'm really freaking excited to see you all

Post Ep Ponderings February 15

Every time I see Robron on screen, no matter what the scene taking place, I can’t help but squee and freak out about them getting married. I’m so freakin’ excited!!!

Anyway, Faith is really good at causing problems, isn’t she? All it took was a few words and Aaron went from hopeful to hopeless about the trial. I keep debating on whether or not I think he’s going to go down or not. I don’t think it’ll be a year, like they were saying, but a couple months can go by quite quickly in soap land, and if Robert and Liv kept going to visit him, it’s not like he’d be off the show. I’m still just hoping he gets community service or something like that. Oh, and I really wanted Robert to go after Liv when Aaron wouldn’t. I think that would’ve really  made my day. I’m guessing Aaron’s mood change is to set up the stuff I saw in the preview of the wedding though. Oh man, this whole thing is just so f’ing exciting!

To continue on the Faith path, she’s really causing Lisa some grief too, though in this case it might be for the better. I’m really getting on the ‘Lisa and Zak need some space’ bandwagon. Or at least, Lisa does. And who could blame her? Her husband of forever cheats on her and then marries the woman he cheated with only to try and come back, all within a year? She for sure needs some time. I only wonder if when she does ask for that time, if Zak ends up with Faith again after all. He doesn’t really seem like the kind of guy that can be alone. I did love Lisa’s reaction to Faith asking after Zak though. Let me just check under the table. Nope! Not here! lol!

I’m starting to get more concerned about Rhona, which I previously didn’t think was possible. After all that time she spent even subtly trying to get her friends to notice that something wasn’t right, Vanessa finally saw and now it’s too late. God I hope I’m wrong about that and it’s not really really too late. I hope that Vanessa does get Paddy on side, but I think that will be a hard row to plow because he already feels guilty and likely thinks any thought he has about Pierce and Rhona now is just him being jealous or something.

Cheers to Pearl and Tracy writing a romance novel together! I want to read that!

So, it’s looking to me like Emma is going to go the support Finn’s craziness route. Honestly, I’m a little surprised that Pete and Ross didn’t suspect Emma of blowing up the taxi. I get that she wouldn’t be their first guess in this situation, but it’s not like they don’t know her. It’s certainly nothing new when it comes to them. Maybe they’re just too close to the situation to see that Finn is acting a lot like Emma?

I wonder if any of this will have an impact on Aaron’s hearing…

Just Remember Friends

Regardless of who Carol kisses tomorrow night, Melissa McBride is going to absolutely freaking KILL IT. She is going to take us on such an amazing and emotional ride that, who knows? We may even ship it… sorta. Kinda. Okay, not really but I’m sure you all know what I mean.

This is the great thing about Melissa. No matter what shitty script and storyline the writers give her, she executes her scenes flawlessly and with so much genuine emotion that I’m actually kind of excited to see how this plays out. 

PLUS, Carol is actually getting something nice for once (aka something we ALL have been wanting for her this whole damn season), and even if this nice thing isn’t with the person I want it to be, I will still choose to be happy for her :)