i'm really feeling this line right now

i feel really emotional right now astro have been working hard for so long and they have finally reached a true milestone in their careers they are exclusive models for a chicken restaurant line i hope moonrock is truly happy and can eat as much chicken and broadcast as much as they want

A small painting for amaranthinecanicular on AO3 for their amazing MP100 story, in which Mob builds a garden ^^ You can read it here! And if you haven’t read it already you must do it right now because it’s so damn beautiful, I can’t even put into words how much I love it. 

This picture really doesn’t do it justice either, I tried a different sort of style by being more loose with my lines and shading, so it would have a more organic feel  (ahaha, plant jokes)  so I apologize if it looks more messy or sloppy than anything ><

Oh my god okay so I just tried drawing in Clip Studio and OH MY GOD THE LINES FEEL SOOOO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t even express how happy I am right now, but seriously I’m so happy I could cry!!!! 。・゚ヾ(✦థ ェ థ)ノ。゚・。

I’m just really really happy because when i’m drawing digitally in photoshop my lines are always so ugly, and I can never get it to look like my traditional pen lines, which I think are a lot nicer. 

But now I’ve discovered clip studio!!!!!!!!

The lines I can get with this program feels so much better than what I can do with photoshop!!!!!! 

I’m just… I’m just really really happy~ 。゚(TヮT)゚。

(p.s after looking at so many refs of owls I really want one now T_T) 

room full of spoons looks like it’ll be an interesting documentary. i feel like its crossing a weird line of invading tommy wiseau’s personal space, but also not really and also idk i don’t really think i can feel bad for him, he’s kind of a jerk? some “review” in the trailer said it goes deeper than the disaster artist, so we’ll see… but i saw interviews with juliette danielle and greg sestero so it’ll be interesting.

Honestly my color editing and photography compliment each other so well?? Photography taught me to think about light direction and shadow which helps bring the lines to life. Editing taught me to Look and make active choices for the story I want to tell with my image and (more so than I did before) how colors themselves can help achieve that ???

i really want a mumu that’s based on the 12 main greek gods. like some modern college or town plot or something where each of the characters is more or less based off the of greek gods. and we could add some of the smaller or lesser known gods and base plot lines off of greek mythology stories and then add our own ideas. like please give this to me.

While I was at the hospital, I doodled this… cuz after watching Maximum Capacity?… I needed some Connie cuteness to make me feel better. ;_;  BTW I have been experimenting with colored lines which I feel really makes a difference to my style (you can see it in the next page I’m uploading tonight).  That and I think I drew this bit differently than usual… but I was hopped up on cold medicine so I have an excuse!  *goes off and crawls back under the covers*.


My apologies, friends, but I’m not gonna comment on what’s happened over at Neopets right now so your asks along those lines will sadly go unanswered. I might clear up a few really weird rumours I’ve seen floating around about non-layoff related things just because my brain won’t let me leave it alone – stupid brain – so you may see me on Reddit*, but that’s as far as I’ll go on the Neo subject for a while.

I know people are worried or curious and want some information. I’m really, really sorry about what you’re going through right now! I very much want to help. I just… this is a delicate situation. That’s the best way I can put it.

I do have one favour to ask, though, if you would be so kind. I implore people to refrain from using the term “fired”! That’s very different and not at all what happened to these people. They were laid off, specifically in a very large downsizing. It’s an important distinction and it matters!

ANYWAY. Thanks to those of you who were polite in your asks! (The majority of you, in fact.) I appreciate the extra effort while things were super hectic. To everyone else, pfft.

And thanks to those who sent kind words over for the folks who were let go! I’ve been passing them along for you. Please know they are appreciated! You guys are really swell.

Now I’m off to… uh… damn, it’s after 11pm here. It’s impossible to only watch one episode of House of Cards at a time so sleep is what I shall do instead. Yes, excellent.

Good night!

*I’m now /u/snarkiest. New account smell!

She had admittedly avoided the place when living in Lima, and the rare occasions that she found herself there it was never really her idea.  The Christmas music being played that could be heard all over the cafe felt comfortable and soothing; and standing in line, waiting to order her coffee, wasn’t as hard as it used to be. A year ago, or even just a few months ago, she would be close to a panic attack right about now. She could still feel that breathing got harder and she was more restless than usual, but it wasn’t exactly hard to wait either. She decided it had been a good year, even getting her heart broken was in someway one of those good things. She had grown. 

Sam ordered her coffee with minor problems like feeling that everyone was staring at her, or that she wasn’t ordering fast enough although in hindsight she was sure she talked faster than the barista could actually handle. While waiting for her coffee she looked around the place trying to scout out a place to sit, which she found in a corner. She grabbed her coffee with a smile and made her way quickly to the table in the corner just so no one else would get there before her. She sat down with a sigh of relief. The year wasn’t over yet, but yeah, it had been a good year. 

I feel so dumb posting this, but like Steven Universe seriously means the entire world to me right now. All the characters are so well rounded flaws and all. There are entire story lines in place that get followed, it has all the body type representation, and shows how the characters show love and affection despite trauma. It goes into everything like that even how they deal with trauma, and not to forget all the respectful and beautiful canon on screen gay representation through Pearl and Ruby/Sapphire. All the stereotypes and tropes we expect also just get crushed to pieces by everyone on a constant episode-by-episode basis, and Steven’s character being a kind hearted loving kid who doesn’t have a single mean bone in his body and isn’t afraid/insulted to be “feminine” is so god-damn refreshing. Then there’s his dad Greg who’s character is also dealing with trauma and loss of his own but loves his son more than the world combined and does the best he can to show it whenever possible… His character and all the background characters are always so wonderfully diverse and developed on their own. They show different types of families and healthy AND unhealthy dynamics and how to deal and/or respond to them too. If that’s not even enough don’t even get me started on Rose’s character and how she talks about life and love and happiness in mankind and the world we live in and I just…

This is the shit I cry over. If anyone tells me “it’s just a cartoon” I want to punch something because it may just be a cartoon to them, but to me it’s so much more than that… It’s an entire world with inspiring promises created by an amazingly talented women and is everything I look up to and helps me push forward. I’m so so so glad this show exists right now and I’m glad I’m around to see it because it’s so beautiful in so many ways and is everything I want to strive for.