i'm really excited to see this show

All the excitement over the tweet that people may have confused with an actual DC news release has had the unexpected side effect of bringing up some old anger. 

Look. I get wanting Bluepulse to be canon! I’d love Bluepulse to be canon, as long as its kept appropriate to the fact that Bart, when the show ended, was twelve years old. 

Time skip to where the three year age gap between him and Jaime is less creepy? That’d be GREAT. If not though, I really hope you guys don’t expect to see any action beyond some hand holding and the relatively chaste kissing like what Zatanna and Robin got up to @ the end of Season 1. Because, again–Bart is twelve


I’m a little annoyed that the trend of ignoring Kaldur, who is the only character Greg Weisman has ever acknowledged/hinted at being queer (with the back up of Young Justice comic tie-in artist Christoper Jones).

 Like. Y’all. I love Bart. I love Jaime. I would love to have all three of them be queer. Hell, I’d love for the whole fucking cast of Season 3 to be queer. Bart and/or Jaime being one of the queer characters in YJ is not what I have an issue with. 

But this fandom’s propensity to shove Kaldur aside–which we all know is for racial reasons, come on, don’t even start to front–needs to stop. 

Shoutan's Blog Update - 2017-03-11 - When showing a bond.

Do NOT repost

Finished with rehearsals.
All that’s left is heading for tomorrow.

It became like that.

Everyone, are you feeling dokidoki for us?

My heart is already beating right now.

Tomorrow is really an important day.
I’ll make everyone smile, and happy.

I’m sorry, although it’s short
Please look forward to it!

See you tomorrow!

I keep thinking of the single daddies kiddos watching an anime like YOI. As it’s been established they watch anime when they’re older.

Like, how much it would mean to Eren, Mikasa, and Armin to see a couple like their parents. Eren and Armin getting to see gay protagonists like themselves as well.

Armin totally crying after episodes 7, 9, and 10. Eren doesn’t usually watch anime like YOI, but totally gets into it. Even debates with people online who argue the kiss or proposal didn’t actually happen. Mikasa convincing Levi to watch th show with them.

Levi and Erwin getting a little emotional in private, because look how far things have come for people like them since they were teenagers.

So yeah. They’d totally watch YOI and get very excited by it.

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Jen is doing a play that runs till June 24 and starts in May. Crap. I hope this isn't an indication of her leaving. I am swaying more towards her leaving now.

First of all, yay for Jen!  That’s super exciting for her!  Anyone know what play it is?  

Second of all, calm down my dear.  Jen doing a play that starts in May and runs through June in no way indicates that she’s leaving the show.  Jen has done a multitude of other projects while being on OUAT (she’s directed and started in short films, she directed a music video, etc…).  OUAT is not the only thing she does.  Also, keep in mind that OUAT filming typically ends in mid-March to early April.  They’ll be finished filming for the season within the next couple of weeks, which means that Jen will have a whole month where she isn’t filming before the play she’s doing even opens (which means she’ll probably be doing a lot of rehearsals and whatnot during that month).  None of that will conflict with her being on OUAT.  This is no different than Colin doing The Dust Storm, or What Still Remains, or Carrie Pilby while still being on the show.  A lot of the actors do other projects during hiatus (because acting is their livelihood and they’re not going to just stop working for a few months before filming starts again).  Also, if they do get renewed, filming typically starts in early July, which also won’t conflict with the play.  

So, don’t panic.  Just be happy for Jen and be excited about her new project and how she’s furthering her career, because that’s all this is.  It’s not a hint that she wants to leave the show, or that she’s trying to move one.  She’s just trying to do something different while she doesn’t have a pressing commitment to the show.

So I wasn’t expecting to be able to say this, but the second night of Seoul Boom was even more incredible than the first

The boys were so excited and hyped up the whole show, and they wouldn’t stop laughing and goofing off with each other and fans, and it sounded like the most precious thing


like this concert I really REALLY wish I could have been at!!

do you think mike ever goes back to the exact place they found eleven and waits for her to show up there again?


deep down he knows it’s a really long shot, but there’s still a chance.

every twig that breaks, every leaf that rustles, every other small noise, he thinks it’s her and he gets so happy and excited and expects to see her there. in nancy’s dress, just as she’d left him.

he expects to hear “mike,” in the one voice that he misses more than anything.

and when he turns toward the noise and sees it’s not her, his heart just sinks. he wanders the woods, thinking maybe she’d be close to the site they found her. no luck.

what if one day, he actually imagines he sees her at the site. like it’s so vivid and he thinks it’s really her, so he just runs toward her with tears streaming down his cheeks, huge grin on his face, arms outstretched to embrace her….and he just grabs at air. 


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So this is the first time of me showing my face and yeah..🙈 (idk but I feel kind of emberassed. There’re so many beautiful people here and I just look like a potato😂)
Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of B.A.P songs (I’m sooo excited to see them live on may 5th😍) and my lockscreen is Daehyun. And since I absolutely love cherry blossoms I chose them for my home screen.
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Mixed feelings about watching the series finale tonight of Bones. I’m really excited to see how it all plays out, but I’m heartbroken that it’s the end. No more new episodes & that just makes me want to cry :( it’s truly bittersweet

My supervisor from my job last year just messaged me and said she was with my class and they wanted to call me, so I had a quick video call with them while they were at recess and it was just the most wonderful thing! They were so excited and happy and were shouting out “Miss Grace! Miss Grace!” just like they used to when I was teaching them, and it was so good to see all of them. I can’t believe they’re almost done with first grade now.

I told them I was back at school and showed them the giant pile of books on my desk and they thought that was really cool.

(Also, they said I looked really different and very old. =P)

one of the things that really gets me about the last couple episodes/finale of season two of crazy ex girlfriend is how josh and rebecca keep talking about wanting to rush and begin their lives together.
like why does it have to be after their wedding, what flips after the wedding that makes it so you now have a different life together. josh and rebecca were already living together and in ‘love’ or whtvr, the wedding is just a party, a formality. we can see how broken they are just through this and how they are both having doubts, hoping that something will magically change after their wedding

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i'm satire sexuality trash tbh (also you have excellent taste in s9 faves so far)

Don’t you worry I am on it, the newest chapter is almost done!

(Thank you; I actually really like all the queens except Charlie which sucks…the first English queen on the show and she seems to be a bit too much of a dick)

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STELLA DID YOU SEE OUR QUEEN MUTHAFUCKIN KILL IT AT SXSW MY GODDDDD!!!! ive been watching little vids on Instagram and ive been screaming so much i partially lost my voice! I cant even describe how PROUD and HAPPY i am for my goddess kween hyolyn like shes is doing it all like i wanna just hug her and be like yas girl you fuxkin did THAT and your hyotties and star1s appreciate and love u so much for it!!! Im ready for some good full length hq vids and for her u.s. tour!!!!


SHE LOOKED GOOD, SHE SOUNDED AMAZING LIKE YAAS QUEEN OF LIVE SINGING! im just so proud she’s even invited to sing at sxsw and ofc she SLAYED! A QUEEN! and it’s only the beginning sghfgdsjhkjdfkf we have 2 more shows IM NOT READY

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Hoist starts heading over avoiding the chaos around him, "if any Decepticons show up, I am taking you back to where I found you though..." as he approaches the two, they give him a nod and go back to talking, but they trail off doing a double take of you. Mirage chuckles, "is that a human?" Hound rubs the back of his neck blushing slightly, "I thought you were a bird at first because I looked too quickly." Mirage winks, "ignore him, he loves nature so much that it's always on his processor."

“It’s, uh, nice to meet you too.” I stifle a laugh, a hand covering my mouth. “The name’s Briar. Hoist helped me out earlier and said he’d introduce me to you. If that’s not a problem, of course?”

Hey Study Buddies,
A friend of mine showed me a song in Russian from GTA (I don’t remember which) and I kinda like it. Plus I was excited I recognized some phrases. Finally got around to finding the lyrics without translation. So I’ll work on being able to sing along with it since I heard music is a good way to learn pronunciation. Woo!
It’s Глюкоза - Schweine (Glukoza [Glucose] - Pigs)