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So guess who finally got an AO3 (Archive of Our Own) account? That’s right, this trash can did! Anywho just a little update that I plan on extending my Blind Lance AU and making it into a full fic, so wish me luck! I hope you like it! Also, my account is watsonthebox (shocking, I know). I will update you all when I’ve posted. Thank you for all the love and support!!!  °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

honestly my biggest qualm with leto isn’t just the “gift” thing, although that is pretty disgusting, it’s his entitlement that i hate so much and how the media seems to think all of this is normal. imagine if jay hernandez, viola davis, adewale akinnuoye-agbaje or any of the POC or LGBTQ cast members pulled this shit, they would be crucified by the media. there would be entire articles about how they stepped over the line. not leto though, because he is a rich white man who won an oscar for his transphobic and insensitive portrayal of a trans woman, then refused to listen to transgender activists and fans who criticized him. he’s been accused of sexual abuse in the past, and somehow thought it was appropriate to send sex toys and a porn magazine to karen fukuhara after addressing her as “hi pretty” the first time they met? both viola davis and joel kinnaman said they felt intimidated, unnerved and creeped out by the “gifts” which included a dead pig, bullets, condoms and anal beads which is just….idek how people can defend it honestly. 

before people jump on this post trying to defend him because some of the cast seem ok with his antics: 1) they’re obviously not going to start bringing bad publicity to a movie that could be really great for their careers, 2) they probably won’t want to trash leto because they might have to work with him in sequels or future movies and 3) even if they think it’s okay and normal it’s not!!!! it’s not ok or professional to send fucking anal beads to your coworkers even if you’re a method actor!!!!!! it’s just gross and there’s no excuse for it.

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yeah true the joker is about the last character who needs an origin story since a lot of his appeal comes from not knowing where he came from BUT the more i think about it the more i'm okay with it. bc it's going to be a stand-alone story that makes it more of an... exploration of what could have been. like it's a separate universe and only in this particular universe is this his origin story. imo you could tell a really compelling story within the confines of this one movie. am in making sense?

I’m both worried and excited. Worried because I simply don’t want DC and WB to screw it up and I am sure there are lots of DC and Joker fans in particular who feel the same way. Because one of the reasons Heath Ledger’s Joker is a successful example of creating an ultimate villain is that he has no confirmed backstory and his character was designed as an absolute. Despite the fact that he has a great amount of lines in TDK, we know simply nothing about him (“no name, no other alias…”). Being a so-called ‘Diabolus ex Nihilo’, he just shows up and wreaks havoc, which makes him even more terrifying and unpredictable, and the mystery of how he really got those scars will always remain. Apparently, this played out incredibly well, further provoking our curious minds, hence there are dozens of fan theories and fanfics about how his Joker came to be. 

By the way, there’s a brilliant fic on fanfiction.net where he says: 

“I don’t have a backstory because I don’t need one:
You’ll write it.”

Another important question that comes to mind is what kind of origin they are planning to choose for this Joker. Will it be the canon Killing Joke acid bath transformation, which has been already done in Batman (1989), the graphic novel itself, plus we have Leto!Joker, who’s also chemically bleached. Will the new Joker have a Glasgow grin like in The Dark Knight, or comics like Lovers and Madmen, Gotham Noir, or like in the graphic novel Joker by Brian Azzarello? Or maybe his face will be cut off and sloppily stapled back in place like in Gotham tv show and the New 52′s Death of The Family? However, there’s always a possibility that the writers will come up with something entirely new and surprise us (see, I’m trying to be optimistic here)
(Let’s just hope it won’t be a story of how the Joker got his tats…)

Last but not least, a lot will depend on the actor who will be cast for a role (rumour has it, it will be a young actor) and I hope they will choose wisely, because portraying such an iconic character with a great history is a huge responsibility, which requires a lot of artistic craft and charisma, and through the years we’ve seen different interpretations and takes on the villain, some did amazing, and some not as good, some won the Academy Award, and some were nominated for a Razzie… but I digress :) Anyway, I’m really intrigued by what the trio of Todd Phillips, Scott Silver and Martin Scorsese is going to offer, and you are totally making sense, anon! I think our favorite Clown Prince of Crime fully deserves a stand-alone movie, which might show us a glimpse of his past that he prefers to be multiple choice.


That Star movie was kinda bleak and confusing but Livanov was really angry most of the time and screamed a lot and we loved it 100/10 for the rage please screm again

if you see this, post a snippet of your WIP

okay so. not even my beta has read a single line of this yet. but here’s a snippet of the fic i’m working on now. it’s an AU based on the 90s movie Hope Floats. i hope you will like it <3

As he’s about to take another piece of homemade pie there’s a knock on the door and just as this morning with the phone, Miles’ eyes go wide as she jumps out of her seat. “I’ll get it!”

“You expecting someone?” Louis asks his mom, wondering why on earth she’d ask someone over right in the middle of dinner.

“No… but oh! That might be Harry Styles, he said he’d drop by. He’s helping me with the porch you see,” she says, trying her best to look inconspicuous and failing miserably.

Louis rolls his eyes, annoyance thrumming at his temples because he knows exactly what his mother is doing. “I don’t want to see Harry Styles, moma,” he says and he might be whining just a bit. She always does this to him, makes him into a grumpy petulant child, but the last thing he wants right now is to deal with whatever it is she thinks she’s doing.

“Oh, now we go say hi, don’t be rude Louis,” she says, brushing him off as she heads out into the hallway.

Louis reluctantly follows, head bent down as if to avoid the unavoidable for as long as he possibly can. The moment he enters the hallway, Miles is at his side and he smiles at her and puts a hand on her shoulder. Then he looks up and is met by the greenest eyes there is on this side of the state border. Harry Styles grins wildly at him, dimple deep in his cheek as his eyes sparkle.

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Ok, now I'm curious. Imagine Pre-Movie Poppy seeing/meeting Post-Grey Branch...what would happen? (What ever it is I would pay to see it)

Eh, I don’t think itd be all that exciting, seeing as they hadn’t really established that much of a connection before the events of the movie. Just a quick “Hey! You’re blue and happy! Good for you pal! Okay bye”

We’ve been rehearsing for the musical episode of Once Upon a Time and I’m just really excited for people to see it already. I know a lot of people are thinking oh no, not another show that’s doing one of these but come on – 99% of the characters come from Disney movies. I’m surprised we haven’t had one, yet. I’m slightly nervous about what people are going to say about my singing but apart from that – everything should be okay. 

Since antis hate “aging up” characters and think it’s gross (”because you’re just aging up this CHILD to sexualize them!!1!”), I suspect that they’re really going to hate the Free! fandom next year lol

They just announced season 3 for summer 2018!

And the new season will likely focus on these characters from the prequel movie:

Who were all in middle school.

And in s3, they’ll all be adults in college! 

Obviously Haru and Makoto (the two guys in the middle) are the main characters of the series, so we’ve already seen them in high school and saw them go off to university at the end of s2. The other boys though have already had small appearances in a few films (2 recap movies and a “movie” made up of 4 episodes) and official arts that came out this year, where they’re older.

Here are the two guys from the left of the above pic, all grown up

(voiced by Yuuri and Yurio for you yoi fans just fyi!!)

So I wonder how antis will feel about that? I mean, the franchise is technically “aging up” these middle school characters into college-aged adults. Think antis will throw temper tantrums for the inevitable shipping/fanart/fanfics that will come of this new season?


So I just updated the tab on the theme with some brief verse descriptions (which I can’t believe I spent all day on). There’s 4 categories, and I’ll give a brief run down of them.

MAIN: There are four bits to them; post movie/general main, one focused on before she sets off to find M.aui (so basically her childhood up until she’s 16), one while they’re traveling to Te Fiti (rarely gonna be used really), and one that takes place FIVE YEARS after the events of the film. Mostly because I have made the hc that Moa becomes chief (officially) when she’s 21.

CROSSOVERS: Pretty self explanatory??? There’s a gen Dis.ney one since I can’t make a verse for ever Dis.ney film and a gen all fandom crossover until I find one that I like for its own verse. I have the obligatory hogwarts one that works for either timeline (Moa’s still a Gryffindor btw), and then singular Dis.ney owned verses are for B.ig Hero 6, W.I.T.C.H. (mostly comics based), K.ingdom H.earts (it’s partially owned by Dis.ney okay), and D.escendants.

MODERN: Before I had way too many variations of her modern verse, so I decided to just have ONE general one that spans her entire life. Makes it easier on me really. There’s also an alt version that is exclusive with @nxctiis‘s timeline because Alex has come to mean a lot to Moa and I wanted to do it. Minus the tweaks to match with Alex’s storyline, there will still be common similarities to everything else in her modern verses.

MISC: These are mostly for thread based verses and tend to be selective/exclusive with the person I’m writing with. Right now I only have a verse where Moa is a celebrity (taking influence from Auli’i’s experience) and really it’s all because of @saiichii I have this verse

I will update the actual page for mobile nav but I wanted to put this out there!

Can I just say I’m so proud of our space family. I’m so proud of them. They went through something so unimaginably painful with such strength. I was so scared for them. I was so worried that this promotional tour would be too much. Too many reminders, too many questions, all too soon. And it was. But instead of breaking under all of it, this cast was as strong and as close as we’ve ever seen them. Constantly together, showering each other in affection, finding a laugh whenever possible, and sharing them with us. This is a family. One that mourned together, one that supported each other, and one that was strengthened by the love and memories given to them by Anton. And you see it. You truly, truly see it. And so does he. And even though it won’t ever really stop hurting, and nothing will ever really feel quite the same, I know they’re going to be okay. They’ve already shown us so.

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i'm really not excited with frozen fever. with elsanna being canon and all i just hope that they would have more elsanna moments in the new short. i know its just gonna be so fucking dumb because its gonna be another heteronormative movie since dumbass kristoff is gonna be there to ruin it. i wish disney would just come out with it and admit that frozen is the love story of elsa and anna.

Okay, I’m gonna stop you right there. First of all, Elsanna is NOT canon. As someone who ships Elsanna and writes Elsanna fan fiction, I wholeheartedly acknowledge it is NOT canon, it will NEVER be canon, and it SHOULD NOT BE canon.

It’s not gonna be “dumb” because Kristoff is in it. Anna loves and adores Kristoff. He’s not just some accessory Disney created to meet its aesthetic of happily-ever-after and prince-meets-princess-and-gets-married. Sure, they’re opposite sexes. No problem with that. If Kristoff happens to be a Kristine and falls in love with Anna, that’s also perfectly fine. But that’s not how the story goes.

I wouldn’t want to take my four-year-old sister to a Disney movie where two blood-related sisters fall in love and marry each other. Incest is a very sensitive and controversial topic and I would rather not get into it, but my point is, incest Elsanna is not canon. Elsanna in general, is NOT canon. 

Unfollow me or hate me all you want, but it’s never gonna happen. I know it. The rational people of the fandom know it. Everyone knows it. 

See, fandom feuds happen a lot because of name-calling and putting characters down especially when they’re canonically playing their roles. Kristoff is not a “dumbass” okay? You can insult him all you want, but Anna is no way in hell leaving him to freaking elope with Elsa. It was never written, it will never be written, and it will never happen. 

And yes, Disney has already come out with Elsa and Anna’s love story. It has been shown since the very beginning: two sisters who love each other so much that they would give their lives for each other no matter what the cost. Elsa has been dying for thirteen years trying to keep herself away from Anna so she can live safely. Anna physically died for Elsa when she sacrificed herself. That’s true love. That’s unconditional, platonic, and familial love. And that, I believe, is the greatest love of all. 

Not every single character needs to be paired up and romanticized. It undermines the true meaning of the story and the true meaning of love.

Please, please, please, please I’m begging you. For the sake of the fandom, stop making comments like these. 

sometimes I just miss the Hobbit? Like waiting for a new movie every year and then the extended editions. Being excited about the trailers, speed giffing, watching promo’s, going to premieres. We don’t get that anymore. The last thing we will get is HobbitCon and I’m both excited and sad because it’ll be the last one. 

i feel like lucas and maya’s favorite holiday would be halloween. ok like:

-lucas already admitted that he’s watched a ton of scary movies

-i could just totally picture them having halloween movie marathons together (lots of dumb horror movies, but also cute ones, like the great pumpkin, etc) 

-maya would love carving pumpkins all spooky

-they’d be the ones to show up at a halloween party dressed in a cheesy couples costume

-going to a haunted house together and them clinging onto each other!!

-they’d probably consider the entire month of october “halloween” okay

okay I’m about to go to bed buT I JUST GOT REALLY EXCITED COS I JUST REALISED IM FINALLY GONNA SEE THE NEW SPONGEBOB MOVIE TOMORROW (it only came out in the UK this weekend)


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