i'm really emotional about this scene ok

This whole “we aren’t getting sex scenes because their relationship is about more than sex” speaks to the idea that gay sex is on some level perverse and detracts from the intimacy of their relationship. It exists under this assumption, whether known or intended, that gay sex is impure or wrong. It’s homophobic, in my opinion. Sex isn’t one thing or the other. It can be casual or involve emotional intimacy. But it is established that it’s a part of Ian and Mickey’s dynamic and has been from the beginning. That doesn’t change because they are more open with one another. And we know they are still having sex. How does seeing it convey the idea that their relationship is about just that? Are we incapable of seeing two men having sex and understanding that there is an emotional connection between the two of them? The fact is heterosexuality doesn’t see sex and emotion being separated in the same way. It is almost implied that this is how it is the with homosexuality. Yes, they absolutely can exist separate from one another but sex does not take away from emotional intimacy. Gay sex does not tarnish emotional intimacy. It’s not inherently (as in always) about sexual attraction or two people simply getting each other off. In this case it can only add to the intimacy we know the two characters share and that the show seems hellbent on not letting it’s viewers see.