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I don’t know if I’ve ever told you guys how much I LIVE for weird actor connections? It’s a little like six degrees of Kevin Bacon only Kevin Bacon is not required at all, it’s just looking at…the weird ways actors are connected.

So my favorite is Chris Evans and all the ways he’ s connected to the Marvel Universe. The big one is Push, the 2009 movie with pre-Captain America Chris Evans, which also featured Ming-Na Wen, Corey Stoll, and Djimon Hounsou, who would go on to star in the Marvel vehicles Agents of SHIELD, Ant-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy, respectively. Chris Evans was also in The Losers, where he worked alongside Hounsou’s future GotG costar, Zoe Saldana, and Idris Elba, who would go on to portray Heimdal in the Thor franchise. He was also in Snowpiercer, a criminally underappreciated movie, with future Fantastic Four actor Jamie Bell, a reboot of a series where Evans originated the role of the Human Torch. Tilda Swinton, who would later go on to be in Doctor Strange was also in Snowpiercer as well as Octavia Spencer, who hasn’t done any Marvel projects as far as I know, but when she had an Oscar run last year for Hidden Figures it was pretty damn cute how excited Evans was for her. (and Spencer, of course, was in Black or White with Anthony Mackie, who is the Falcon in the Marvel movie franchise)

And this is just what I’ve observed from movies I watch or ones that I know a little bit about! I didn’t have to research this. All I did was look up when Captain America was released to write this. I can’t imagine all the other weird ways the casts of the Marvel movies are connected, because this is just how they are connected through one actor. And that isn’t even looking at his earlier work, where I know he acted opposite Scarlett Johansson several times.

My other new favorite one is Game of Thrones because it appears Tom Wlaschiha has been in quite a few things where his Game of Thrones costars acted alongside him or were guest stars, but the kicker is that while they were on Game of Thrones they never actually acted together. Michelle Fairley, who played Catelyn Stark, was a guest star on his show Crossing Lines. He was in the movie Resistance, which starred Iwan Rheon, who portrayed Ramsay Bolton in GoT. Wlaschiha guest starred on the show Tatort, which Sibel Kekilli, the actress who played Shae, is in.

Acting is such a weird business, man.


Me: *Is busy doing something*

Mom: “Hey, I’ll just borrow your phone for a second.” *takes phone*

My phone: *Has gay smut fanfiction stories ready to be read, videos currently on hold on youtube, searched fanart on Tumblr, and special moment pictures on Twitter*


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As someone who has recently finished uni, would you say that it was worth it? I'm very on the fence about whether or not to go, and just don't know if it's right. What sort of people would you recommend not going to uni? Sorry to bother you

I personally decided I wanted a job in the Social Media Industry halfway through my first year and then worked hard to reach that goal even though my degree wasn’t really related I would find every possible moment to make assignments more directed to it. Will my degree (Music Business) be relevant to jobs I go to in the future? Probably not, however where I work now said that they look to see if you have a degree not necessarily for the subject but it means you are able to do good research and work with the exams. For me though I think it was worth the money for 2 main reasons a) the friends I made, University gave me some of my closest friends ever and I know they will be lifelong and b) social life, going to University my confidence has just soared I used to be so introverted, I still am but now I have no issue talking with strangers, I am more comfortable with who I am and that was great! I would recommend University to most people as overall it was a positive experience for me. However, check to see if there are apprenticeships you can do or if you are more entrepreneurial start your own thing (I did on the side of my studies and it has worked great) I will answer any other questions if you reply to this post with them :) 

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Hello! I've been following you guys since I was a teenager (when you guys also would have been teenagers!) and I remember you wrote a post once on whether you were sure the animation industry is what God really had in mind for you, or something like that. Well, I suppose I'm going through the same thought process now. The industry seems like an impenetrable fortress at the moment. What I want to know is, what's it really like on the other side? Are you happy?

We’re so sorry this took forever to answer! We’ve been so busy that we haven’t had the energy to write an answer for those more thought provoking messages.

You’re right! There was a post or two with those concerns in mind. Don’t know where it is now, but it’s somewhere in the archives.

Any Christian who knows how important it is to walk with Christ also knows the importance of being the best you can be for Him and others; to truly show His love and compassion. But the question always seems to be for the Christian , “Is this where He wants me to be? What area of work would best be fit for my growth as a Christian?”  There’s this mentality that the entertainment industry is not exactly the first place a Christian should be offering their skills to. They should be in the Church, or going on Missions or other jobs that appear to be a more hands on effort for reaching the message of Christ and “using our abilities for Him”. Sure, it’s encouraged, but God would just be counter productive if he only used His children to be confined to areas of the Church . God will find the most resourceful way to use you for His Glory because He is a creative God who will NOT limit the use of our abilities. Sometimes that means going into the belly of the beast. Give it some time and lots of prayer. The thing is, you never know where you’re going to end up, but when you know you’re in the right place, you will have peace about it!

It’s no hidden secret that the majority of people who work in the entertainment industry are not very keen on Christians in particular, despite it containing people who claim to be accepting of people who have different in beliefs. We know we’ve had a few experiences where people would send us rude comments, messages, or just go out of their way to ignore us simply because we have God in our profile. And this has happened with a few people in animation as well. We haven’t even actively said anything thing to anyone except put a three latter name in our bio. And it usually never fails that we lose followers on social media even after some kind of post that mentions anything in the slightest bit about God. Not to say that people on the other end haven’t experienced negativity from Christians who were un-Christ like in their execution of their differing beliefs either, but more or less, we are very few in this industry. And if there are more Christians actively working in the industry, sometimes they don’t want to risk their career and connections because of their belief, so they keep God more under wraps.  

So what is it like? It’s been fine, but sometimes it feels lonely. But we have met a few that we can comfortably have conversations with regarding God. But we have also come to know and care about those who don’t know God, and have become what we would consider our friends. We can just simply show our love and pray for them that they may find God. Use your abilities that will be portrayed positively. It doesn’t have to be that you need to be drawing pictures of Jesus or walk around with a Bible in tow everywhere you go. But your actions and sometimes your answers to certain situations can really be a defining trait that people will make the connection with if people know about your faith in God.  We believe God is leading us somewhere. And He is leading you somewhere too. This is just one pit-stop to another destination in our life. He has the master plan. And it’s not always easy, but God will be there to guide you in your steps and lead you where He knows it’s best for you. Trust us, we did a lot of praying too and had doubts as well.

As for being happy? Well, we’re doing pretty okay! Happy is kind of a broad term for  something that seems like we need to experience 24/7. Because like any human, we’re not always happy. We have our rough days, days of doubt, anxiety, sadness, frustration, confusion, etc. But we can have Joy and seek Peace knowing the God is with us and that we can rely on Him .

One of our favorite verses because in times of uncertainty, there is Hope. We just need to trust. 

Proverbs 3:5-6 (New King James version)

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Late Noticed
  • Newt: Opens the door, peaking his head out* Theseus what are you doing here?
  • Theseus: No reason. I was in town and wanted to give my little brother a visit.
  • Newt: Oh...umm can you come back tomorrow? I'm pretty busy at the moment.
  • Theseus: Really, need any help?
  • Newt: n-no ah-
  • Percival: in the back* Newt come back Daddy misses you
  • Newt: ....
  • Theseus: ....So yeah I'll see you tomorrow, i'll bring a shovel too

Somewhere behind a not-so-busy street - 21:55 

“I need you to dig around. Find out whatever you can about these missing persons.” Rei asks.

“You mean the ones in the news lately. How much credits are we talking here?”


“Damn, I am personally offended by that. That’s like, ten times lower than usual ya know. Do you think so lowly of my skills?“ Gus jests.

“Look, that’s all from my own account this time. I’m not asking help from you that often. This should be a simple hack job.”

“If its that easy, why don’t you ask one of your tech monkeys to do it?”

Rei lets out a small exasperated sigh. “Let’s just say that I currently have been cut off access from resources, because I’ve dug into somewhere they don’t want me to.”

“…Really?” This cover-up piques Gus’s interest. If there is a conspiracy by the police, then you can bet he’s on it. “Okay. Up the credit to 500 and I’ll look into it.”

“You’re really stretching me thin here. 300.”

“Hey a man’s gotta eat, how about 450.”

“400. And that’s final.”

After a moment of thought, he relents. “Fine fine, 400 it is.” A bleep from Rei’s phone confirms the transfer.

“Pleasure doing business with ya pops.”

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HI1 I'm so sorry to bother you but I was just wondering - what is BSD and who are soukoko?? I know people ship them but do they have a lot of moments?? Like Mikayuu from ONS?? I love Mikayuu so much so I'm interested to see other ships too!

Well, BSD is simply a masterpiece. I’m the worst when it comes to summaries but the story revolves around people who are gifted with supernatural powers and use them for different purposes including holding a business, solving mysteries, and carrying out missions assigned by the mafia. The story mainly follows the members of the “Armed Detective Agency” and their daily struggles against the Port Mafia plus some other enemies. Ok this sounds so lame but it’s actually really cool. 

Moving on. This is our beloved Soukoku (double black)

Originally posted by prince-albein

don’t be fooled by the power couple aesthetic because most of the time they look like this:

Originally posted by carrotcouple

So yeah the tall one is called Dazai Osamu and the little one with the hat is Chuuya Nakahara. They are enemies who used to be partners™. Soukoku was their actual name when they were working together. 

They are…very different from Mika and Yuu, even if there are some similarities. First of all, they are not the protagonists of the show and they only got two scenes together (but that was enough for them to become the most popular ship in the fandom) in two seasons. 

Mika and Yuu were separated at a young age and found each other again on different sides, but this didn’t prevent them to stay and fight together. On the other hand, Dazai and Chuuya got to grow up together and parted ways when they were 18 (now they are 22), because one decided to leave and the other not to follow him. When they found each other again, they decided to remain on very much different sides, even if…they occasionally got to work together again, to their much displease. 

Well, to understand why this ship is insanely popular you just need to watch BSD. Believe me, my petal, you won’t regret it! 

p.s. they are in love but don’t tell them we know

  • Rebecca: (on the phone) Thank you but we don't really need an investor at the moment. Yeah, I'll be sure to let you know if anything changes. Okay, thank you, bye.
  • Robert: Investor?
  • Rebecca: Yeah, someone called Kath. Apparently, her company's keen to buy into the business. And I'm not sure I can take much more of this. (gestures to Liv approaching)
  • Robert: I'll sort her.
  • Liv: We were a family, you know. Me, Aaron and Robert. So why couldn't you have just left him alone?
  • Rebecca: It's a bit more complicated than that. Look, I really am sorry things haven't worked out the way you wanted them to.
  • Liv: You were at it with Ross, too. Sure it's not his?
  • Rebecca: I'm sure. You know it takes two to make a baby? Whether you like it or not, I'm having our child. And I'm not gonna apologise for it for the rest of my life. Robert, I'm gonna head off. (drives off)
  • Liv: Go on, then. Go after your girlfriend.
  • Robert: We're not together like that. We never were.
  • Liv: Yeah, sure.
  • Robert: One night! That's all it took to ruin my life.
  • Liv: And Aaron's. You said you loved him.
  • Robert: I wasn't thinking straight. I wanted him to hurt as much as I did. What he was doing to me, to us.
  • Liv: He was in prison! He was on drugs, Robert. He needed you.
  • Robert: I let him down. I promised myself I was going to make it up to him. That he was never gonna find out about it. But then she told me she's pregnant and it changed everything.
  • Liv: How could yoou do this to us, Rob?
  • Robert: All I've ever wanted is Aaron. Me, you, him, we were happy. We were happy, the happiest I've ever been. And I've ruined it and I'm stuck in this mess. You know, I hate myself. I hate her and that baby!

it’s been 2 days but i still can’t stop thinking about how jin had to miss out on his once in a lifetime graduation ceremony for some awards show that wasn’t even that important since it didn’t include a comeback stage……how he must’ve worked so hard to be able to graduate university despite having hectic schedules and responsibilities of being a International Star, and yet, and yet, he didn’t even get to receive his diploma in front of his parents and celebrate with his classmates…..i wonder how he must’ve felt when those classmates sent him pictures of the graduation? god he must’ve been so upset but he still chose to share his self-graduation with us and made jokes to make us laugh…..i’m glad we got to see those cute ot7 moments but at the same time i wish we never had the chance to see that because jin was too busy attending the actual ceremony

in conclusion: please love and appreciate university graduate kim seokjin because he really, really deserves better 

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hey, i'm the girl who has red moments without using a strap-on. You'd really write one? I'd be so grateful but i know you're swamped. How about one paragraph, just about one of them saying it and the other being like 'that's okay'? I'm sorry, i know you're really busy. Thank you so much for that kind and thoughtful answer!!

You’re worth more than a paragraph my darling, though I deeply appreciate your sensitivity to my swamped-ness ;) <3 <3 <3

Alex moans into their kiss and grinds her hips up into Maggie’s, drawing her down closer, closer, closer, because all their clothes may be on and they may just be on the couch making out, but Maggie is straddling her and she’s kissing her neck, now, and Alex has never quite been this turned on.

She grabs at Maggie’s belt loops and pulls her closer.

“Color?” she rasps, because Maggie’s always asking for hers, and it’s a habit Alex has picked up.

“Green, fuck, Al,” Maggie’s whining, and Alex tosses her head back farther because god does this feel amazing.

Maggie’s hands slip under Alex’s shirt and her skin is so warm and the way she hisses at Maggie’s touch, the way she tosses her head back, all of it is pure ecstasy, and Alex comes back up, not for air, but for more kisses, and Maggie obliges, because she could kiss this woman forever.

Except, she can’t, because Alex’s fingers are pulling harder at Maggie’s belt loops, now, and Maggie loves it, loves Alex, but doesn’t want more than kissing, more than touching, right now, and she freezes slightly, and Alex imitates her.

“Color?” Alex asks, her voice calmer this time, and Maggie swallows.

“Yellow, red, uh… is orange a thing?” she rambles, and Alex laughs softly because Maggie is smiling awkwardly into her shoulder, and she cuddles Maggie closer into her.

“I got you, babe. It’s all good. Orange can be a thing. But are you okay, did I hurt you, did I – “

“No, no, Alex, you’re perfect, I just… I just needed to stop.”

Alex stops questioning and she smiles softly in relief and she kisses Maggie’s forehead, her hair, her cheeks, her nose.

“You still in the mood to cuddle?” Alex wants to know.

Maggie shifts off of her so she’s laying with her head in Alex’s lap instead of straddling her, and Alex pulls a blanket down on top of her.

“Yes please.”

Alex bends down and hovers above her face questioningly, and Maggie smiles as she leans up to kiss her lips softly.

“Perfect,” Alex whispers as she switches on Netflix and strokes Maggie’s hair, and as Maggie settles back into her lap, she smiles to herself, because she’s never felt quite this wrapped up, quite this cared for, quite this… loved.

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Hi! Hope u're having a good day! :) can I ask if u have other photos/gifs/vids/link(to) of kaisoo interlocking their hands during the first part of lotto? I'd really love to drown on that moment again since I was busy with work during that time and can't find them again anywhere :'( I really love ur blog btw. U're one of the few blogs I frequently visit every time I missed a lot of kaisoo moments. More powers, senpai! <3 I'm a fan of ur kaisoo spams and analysis/theories <3

Here you go. Let’s drown in this moment tghtr.

So sad other fs didn’t post pics/vids of this precious moment OTL Other holding hands moments click here.

Thank you for loving my so-so posts&blog. Take care, anon :)


This is my favorite Logan-Veronica moment in Veronica Mars and possibly my favorite Logan moment in general.

This was the episode, the moment, where I realized that I no longer saw Logan as just the “obligatory psychotic jackass” of the show. Seeing him break down like this and get emotional, all because he just wanted his mother, got to me. I realized that he was a complex character person, full of emotion, screwed over by the people in his life, in need of actual care. I think Veronica began to realize that, too.

let’s step away from the fish bullshit for a moment bc i am in logic hell

the reason lup and barry can get away with disappearing for secret dinners and weekend getaways for 20 years without anyone suspecting anything is because they’re both assholes who are really into circular logic arguments and everybody else hates it, so they’re too busy being relieved that they don’t have to interpret what the fuck (∃ x) (∃ y) Rx, y is supposed to mean to even wonder after them

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Do you know any yoonkook fics? Preferably smut but any is perfect

*checks all her bookmarks* how is that i haven’t bookmarked any yoonkook smut????? @myself why??? okay, it’s probably because i read a lot of fluff (i'm trash, i'm really sorry) and yoonkook is like… the fluffiest ship (besides vmin). however, here you have my favorite yoonkook fics !!

describe your ideal type here by fruitily

taehyung makes a business out of matchmaking. yoongi smiles at jungkook at a coffee shop and it’s really a downwards spiral from there on. both jungkook and yoongi probably need new roommates. 

You Stir up a McFlurry in My Heart by tau

Jungkook is completely and utterly screwed the moment he develops a crush on the voice behind the McDonald’s Drive Thru speaker (LISTEN, THIS ONE IS IN MY TOP3).

Sun child by xiajin

aka tangled!au (again, TOP3).

Twenty first century boy by xiajin

genderfluid!jungkook. this one is so beautiful, i love pastel jungkook.

I know I’ll fall in love with you, baby by witheredleaf (micooled)

The soulmate/soulbond au where Yoongi is part of a famous rap duo and Jungkook is his diligent fanboy, they meet at a fansign and things escalate from there

(alt. Yoongi didn’t sign up for this)

Color me Swept off my Feet by wortmalerei

In which Namjoon is an asshole friend who disses Yoongi’s style and Yoongi reluctantly drags himself to get a haircut. Also in which Jeongguk is the hairdresser on whom Yoongi develops a mortifying teenage crush and it all goes to hell from there, with a lot of help from well-meaning friends. (Or: Yoongi changes his hair color a gazillion times.) 


Scrap drawings! …comic’s still on the way! Promise! XD

Just some small stuff I scribbled between work and drawing the Special comic. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get it out sometime this week still! Work’s just being super busy and the comic itself is looking like at least 24 stickynotes (and some of them have more than one panel per sticky so it’s gonna be a big one).

Vaggie, Charlie, Alastor, Angel, Molly, and the sillhouette wolves I’ve been retooling into extras and background characters belong to @vivziepop! She’s working super hard on getting the actual Hazbin Hotel series into its first pilot so go show her some support! ^w^

And the adorable goose woman above is @gooseworxmusic she makes AMAZING music and is currently working on Horde of Heroes which looks like it’s going to be a very fun webcomic! ^w^

…And Twoey from Little Shop of Horrors and Squip from Be More Chill (which if you haven’t heard of, imagine The Heather’s and Little Shop of Horrors had a really nerdy baby. If that sounds like something you’d be into then go check it out)