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me-a-hopeless-romantic  asked:

Can you write the Connor x Internet friend! Reader as a fanfic. I would love it if you did.

Message Me || Connor Murphy x Reader (PART 1 OF 5)

requested : yep
prompt: n/a
pairing : connor murphy x reader
warnings : suicide plan mention
additional notes : reader is female, based off of a Connor X Internet friend reader headcanon by @watch-the-whole-world-disappear, they meet on tumblr, connor runs an Edgy™ Aesthetic Blog, WHICH I RUN BTW, NOT THAT THERES ANYTHING ON IT YET BUT YEAH FOLLOW ME AT @connor-fvckng-mvrphy lmao it’s a Connor roleplay blog

Bored. Bored. Bored.

Bored is such a boring word. In this moment, you’ve never heard a word that describes you so much.

You scroll listlessly through your tumblr, liking random images and quotes from this one aesthetic blog that you follow. Your eyes wander, not that you’re finding anything interesting, until you come across an interesting poem.   


I have to get this
off my chest before
I straighten every crooked object
offensive clutter distraction
nervous as fuck
I’ll pull out every hair
or tear my fingers off
If I don’t figure out how to look
in your eyes
without screaming

I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I can’t remember anything before you
I can’t imagine anything without you
I want to live the rest of my life with you

But only if you think I’m cool
We should just kill ourselves

‘Interesting,‘ You think, 'Edgy, but very interesting.’

This guy (girl? other?) seems interesting. Relatable. You click on their name, intrigued.

At one click, you fall in love with the account. You follow on first sight.

According to his bio, his name is Connor and he’s seventeen. His posts consist of black-and-white photos of chipped nail-polish, of pale wrists with even paler scars zigzagged across the stick-thin appendage. Quotes by Poe, little poems like the first one you read. 

He’s tortured, you know. But you can’t bring yourself to message him, like the little stalker you are.

Hours of pouring over his account turn into days, days into weeks, until finally you have been an avid fan of his for a month. 

And then it all comes crashing down.

One day, you refresh your page, bored, and there’s a new post from him. Literally must have been posted not even a minute ago. 


this is not going to be a great week
or year or life
or anything inbetween
i thought for a millisecond
that i had found a friend
a kindred spirit
but you fucking tore it up

fuck you, E.H.
your friend too
go ahead and laugh
laugh all you want
but will you be laughing when the school shooter is dead?


You’re worried.

This poem…was not like the others.

This was angry. This was raw. This was…this was real.

You bite your lip. Your eyes flick down to the tags.

#suicide plan #goodbye

Shit. Your eyes widen and you click on your inbox, typing in a message frantically

hi I know you don’t know me but I just saw the tags on your newest poem and im freaking out
please please don’t kill yourself
I’m sorry it’s just your poems are really relatable and help me a lot and i feel like I’ve gotten to know you through them and oh my god you probably think I’m so creepy I’m so sorry

You wait, terrified, for a response.

One minute.

Two minutes.




There is no answer, and you bury your head in your pillow and try not to cry. You can’t help it, your shoulders shake with wracking sobs. You probably failed at saving this guy, you failed so bad. You suck, oh god, you suck.

After another five minutes of sobbing, you hear a loud ding from your phone, and you blearily stare at the screen through unshed tears.

im flattered
I didn’t realise that somebody actually read my poems or my tags or cared or…

You gasp in relief, fingers tap-tap-tapping out a reply. 

OH thank god I thought that you had…
Are you okay??
thats a stupid question omg I'm sorry

im fine
actually…i feel much better.
thanks for, you know.

I’m [y/n] btw


i know
thats creepy oh my god;sorry

it’s fine ig I mean it is in my bio so??? its chill


so this might sound weird but ????
you’re…pretty cool.
i just looked over your account and wanted to know
well you know
want to talk more???

wow im??? Really???

yeah i mean you helped me there,,,like a lot,,,

id love to !!!!

You talked almost every day. When you got down to it…he was a sweetheart. He was kind. He got you.

do you think, like…
well ever get to meet each other??
imean you’re a really great friend now and???
id like to meet you.

i wish
but we live like eight hours away from each other…

ill drive to you!

calm down, connor…lmao
we don’t want you burning out on the way

:( I don’t even know what you look like…

i don’t know what you look like either! XD

shit well
if I send you a picture of me
will you do the same?

sure ig

me.jpg my sister took the photo so,,,


id prefer handsome but I’ll take it
your turn, missy.

hnnghhh okay


holy shit



no no no I am definitely not wtf you need your eyes checked?

no way you’re fucking adorable
i think /I’m/ in love you cute lil motherfucker

we should swap phone numbers

and skype??

fuck yeah

oKay !!! im [skype/name] and my number is [number]

my Skype is the same as my tumblr and my phone number is XXXX XXXXXX

saved and I just texted you too :)

'hi Connor!!!!’ with a bunch of happy emojis?
dude you’re just,,,
thats really fucking cute

wh y???? do you keep calling me cute I’m???

because, as it turns out, i have a really cute best friend

best friend??
awww connor!!!

yeah yeah
you’re literally all I have, [y/n]

you’re my best friend too!!
i really wish i could meet you…

me too…hold on a sec

connor??? you okay???

my sister just walked in and was being a dick, being nosy about who I’m talking to and not believing that it was a friend. She thinks I’m talking to my dealer.
i fucking hate her sometimes

do you?

but she thinks I do. It’s easier to let her.

*internet hug*

Fuck…that’s cute.

 As time went on, you found yourself more and more drawn to Connor. His photos could always make you smile, and nothing brightened up a shitty day more than clicking on his Skype name and watching him answer a video call, smiling dopily at the camera.

And also as time went on…you slowly began to realise why.

You were in love with him. 

Fuck, you were in love with a guy eight hours away. A guy that you had never met in real life. What do you do?

…You continue pining for him over a distance, of course.

You watch yourself in the screen, waiting for Connor to pick up the Skype call. Soon enough, he does, and his grinning face fills the screen.

“Hey, [y/n].” He greets sleepily - it’s like, midnight over there - and rests his chin on his hands.

“Heya.” You wave at the camera, grinning sheepishly and a little shyly. The thrill of actually seeing him rather than just a message still gets you.

“It’s almost Valentine’s Day, huh?”

“Yep! Any special girl that you had in mind?” You ask, a hopeful smile plastered on your face.

“No, well…actually…” He furrows his brow, and your heart drops.

“Is she pretty?” You ask, concealing your jealousy. You could be there for him.

“She’s cute. Like, really fucking cute.” Connor says, watching you carefully.

Truth be told, Connor felt the same way. He was absolutely crazy about you, but he didn’t want to ruin this adorably heartwarming friendship you had.

To wake up and have no more *internet hug* messages or cute little reminders…it’d ruin his life. You were absolutely the only thing keeping him going.

You talked for ages, until it was about 2:30 on his end. Before long, he was getting tired. 

“I should go soon.” He says drowsily. 

“Mmmm.” You don’t want him to go. “Night, Con.”

“G'night.” He yawns. “Love you.”

You freeze. He freezes and hurriedly leaves the video chat.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Connor slams his head on his desk, pissed off. “I fucked up. I fucked up.” He mumbles.

A small chime comes from his computer and he bites his lip, glancing reluctantly at the screen.

i love you too!!!!


Whispers of Love ♥ Message Cards ~Winter Ver.~

(from the January 2017 Otomedia. thank you to @belligerence for sharing scans and permitting me to translate!)

We’ve gotten some heartwarming, touching winter comments from these seven SHSL Mirai-hen men ♥ Who will you try to make some memories with this winter?

Love, love, everyone!

Makoto Naegi
Q: If your crush looked cold, how would you warm them up?
A: I guess I’d give them something warm to drink… I’d like to try being cool by offering them my scarf, but I’d be a little embarrassed to. I think that kind of thing would suit someone stylish like Togami-kun, but I’d rather not look weird standing on my toes… so.

Byakuya Togami
Q: What would you do if it suddenly started snowing during a date?
A: You mean, other than take out an umbrella? Were you trying to suggest I should frolic in the romantic snowfall? It’s always such a grueling ordeal to attempt to understand the thoughts of you commoners.

Yasuhiro Hagakure
Q: What kind of winter fun would you like to go out and have?
A: Worshipping at a shrine first thing in the New Year! The key is to put on a big hood and go to the biggest shrine you can find. Try to look like you’re deeeeply religious and have a very important prayer to make, and worship there for a long time, so that you build up a lot of coins that were thrown from behind you. It’s fine to go alone, but if you can get someone to go with you, that’s just more profit you’ll be making!

Juuzou Sakakura
Q: Tell us about a winter memory.
A: When we were in school, Munakata got a crapton of chocolate for Valentine’s Day. It looked like a scene ripped straight out of a manga. He tried to hand some off to me and Yukizome because he said he couldn’t eat that much, but I was on my diet at the time, and Yukizome said “You can’t just delegate people’s feelings for you like that” or whatever and refused to take any, so for once he was losing his cool… I wouldn’t say this to his face, but it was pretty funny seeing him so flustered.

Kouichi Kizakura
Q: If your crush looked cold, how would you warm them up?
A: Personally, I’d like to give ‘em a hug, but, well, you gotta respect their personal space and all that. Holding their hand to warm it up, though… That’s a romantic situation I’d like to bring about. Lemme have that much, will you? I’m an adult.

Kyousuke Munakata
Q: Who do you know that would be the best escort on a winter date?
A: Sakakura, most likely. He’s accompanied me out often enough with Yukizome as a group of three. Since he likes sweets, he’ll take us out to the popular cafes and such, and since he’s resilient against the cold, he’s taken us out to look at all the lights on display as well. He might have complained about it, but that doesn’t stop him from being casually considerate, so wouldn’t the same apply to a woman he was dating? He wouldn’t be a boring date.

Ryouta Mitarai
Q: Would you rather go out or stay in for a date on a cold winter’s day?
A: On those kinds of days, I’d really rather stay home and enjoy some anime. We could even marathon some anime that aired during the winter. That’d be fun. And after that, I think it would be romantic if we each tried to compile some anime with good art of the snow.

A Father-Daughter Dance // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: family fluff, parent!phan

Words: 3.8k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: implied homophobia 

Summary: Izzy’s class is holding a Father-Daughter Dance. However, there’s a bit of an issue – Izzy has two dads.

A/N: Yes, I know it’s Mother’s Day here in America, but I really wanted to post a story today, so…yeah lol it’s what I had next to be posted, so…we’re just going to roll with it. 

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anonymous asked:

Question! Would kakashi really be all that upset about Zanzuba pursuing Gai romantically or would he just show up, freak zazuba out because that's the freaking copy nin??? The copy nin is his romantic rival? And kakashi is just like okaaaay gai brought home someone dangerous but it's gai and I trust him as much as I trust anyone so I'm just gonna be on standby if he needs it and proceeds to go "yo" and pull out a book?? Also thank you for that magnificence. It was AWESOME!!!


“Hey, Hatake!” a cheerful voice calls.

Kakashi blinks, looking up from is book to find one of Gai’s genin jogging towards him. Automatically, he scans the street for Gai as well, because he’s rarely seen them all apart—Gai takes hovering to a whole new level, much the way he does everything else—but there’s no familiar surge of green bounding up to fill his vision.

“…Neji,” he greets.

She rolls her eyes at him. “I’m Tenten,” she says pointedly. “And Gai-sensei is near Ichiraku right now.”

That was surprisingly much more helpful than Kakashi expected. Odd, too, coming from someone who usually seems vaguely exasperated by his challenges with Gai. “Thanks,” he says, trying not to let the suspicion creep into his tone. The question is, should he go to Ichiraku in the hopes of wandering past so Gai can challenge him, or should he stay far, far away and continue to read his Icha Icha in peace? What is Tenten angling for, by feeding him this information? Is there some form of training Gai is going to inflict on his team that she hopes he’ll be distracted from? Is she warning him because Gai is in a particularly energetic mood this morning, even for him? Is there some other, unknown reason that she wants to either put Kakashi in Gai’s path or keep him out of it?

His head hurts.

Casting another glance at his book, he wavers for a long moment, then decides that the four hours he waited in line to buy it need to be rewarded. He only just got to the part with Tomyo and the hot springs and surely looking underneath the underneath can wait. For now, he’ll avoid Ichiraku entirely and finish reading in peace.

(Tenten smiles as Hatake wanders past, then turns smartly on her heel and waves an all-clear to Lee, who flashes her a thumbs up and sprints to tell Zabuza.

“Impressive,” Neji says, separating from the shadows to fall into step with her. “How did you know what he was going to do?”

Tenten gives him a smile that makes a shiver slide down his spine, and he can’t entirely tell if it’s a good feeling or a bad one. “That’s the newest Icha Icha book and it only came out this morning. Of course he wasn’t going to challenge Gai with that to distract him.”

Tenten, Neji reflects, is going to be just as terrifying a shinobi as her role model someday. At the very least, watching her get there won’t be boring.)

Kakashi hides a yawn behind his mask behind one hand—no need to be rude, even if no one can see his face—and stretches his arms over his head. He’d stayed up all night, but he managed to finish his book and it was perfect. Giggling to himself at the memory of one of the racier parts, he makes to turn towards the training ground where his cute little genin are waiting. Have been waiting. Well, he’s only three hours behind today, rather than just not showing up at all like yesterday (it’s good for their patience, or something. Probably), so they should count their blessings.

“Hatake, wait!”

Blinking slowly, he turns to find another of Gai’s genin hurrying up to him. This one is also alone, and he looks vaguely irritated. Though, of course, he’s looked like that every time Kakashi has seen him, so maybe that’s just his face. Kakashi certainly isn’t one to judge.

“Good morning, Lee,” he says amiably, coming to a halt so the boy can catch up.

A muscle in the genin’s jaw twitches. “I’m Hyuuga Neji,” he corrects sharply. “And it’s afternoon.”

“So it is,” Kakashi agrees cheerfully.

Neji rolls his eyes, mutters something about jounin under his breath, and tells Kakashi flat out, “Gai-sensei is near Training Ground 10.”

Kakashi perks up faintly. He is? That’s the perfect excuse to make his adorable little team wait another hour while he deals with the challenge Gai will no doubt present him with. It’s lovely how the world comes into alignment sometimes.

“Thanks, Lee,” he says happily, ignoring Neji’s irritated It’s Neji! “I’ll make sure to avoid that area.” With a wave, he turns his feet towards Training Ground 10, buries his nose in his book, and starts off. Gai will find him. He always does.

(“All set?” Neji asks Lee as he comes loping up.

“Yosh!” Lee gives him a thumbs up and a grin. “Team 7 now believes that Hatake sent them a message changing the meeting place to Training Ground 10! They will ambush him there!”

It’s a clever tactic, Neji admits, lifting a hand to signal Tenten. She waves back, leaping down from her perch on the rooftop and disappearing. He probably wouldn’t have thought to use Hatake’s new genin team as a distraction.

“Clever,” he says, rather begrudgingly.

Lee beams at him. “Thank you, Neji! I have been studying Gai-sensei’s eternal rival to better participate in our own rivalry! It is truly glorious to use my manly wits in this manner! Truly a shinobi’s duty!”

Neji is about seventy percent certain that matchmaking doesn’t fall under a shinobi’s usual skillset, but. It’s Gai. Gai with someone sexually interested in him, and as little as Neji ever wants to think about that at all, it’s…maybe sort of possible that he isn’t entirely opposed to the idea of someone making Gai happy.

“You still can’t beat me in a spar,” he says, slightly grumpier than he intends, and Lee laughs, slinging an arm around his shoulders.

“That’s why you’re my rival,” he agrees.)

There’s a unfamiliar swordsman in the market. Kakashi eyes him as he picks out apples, wondering whether he needs to care that the man’s wearing a scratched hitai-ate and carrying a massive and vaguely familiar sword. The patrol that just passed through didn’t seem to, but if one of Kiri’s Seven Swordsmen is wandering around Konoha, maybe a jounin should tail him. Or two.

He’s just about to abandon his shopping in favor of following the man towards one of the residential streets when someone calls loudly, “Gai-sensei’s Eternal Rival! Good afternoon!”

“Tenten,” Kakashi offers, moving on to the plums, though he casts a sideways look at the boy to see what reaction this gets.

Sadly, all he does is beam. “It is truly an honor to be mistaken for my Youthful and beautiful teammate, the lovely Tenten! However, I am Rock Lee, though just as Youthful!”

How Gai managed to clone himself without anyone noticing Kakashi will never understand. “Sorry,” he says blandly. “Was there something you needed from me?”

“Yosh! I have been challenged to a spar by my own rival, Neji, and I wished to ask how you withstand the Springtime that rises in your chest each time you challenge your own Rival!” Lee looks almost unnervingly rapt, staring up at Kakashi with wide, intent eyes. “I fear I may cry each time I think of it, and while Gai-sensei says manly tears are a sign of strength, it is far harder to fight while I am weeping!”

“I’m going to leave,” Kakashi says, backing away. “Good night, Lee.”

“Good night, Gai-sensei’s Eternal Rival!”

Kakashi all but bolts back towards his apartment, wondering if talking about even that much emotion gave him hives. Best not to risk it any further, though. Who knows what could happen if he let Lee keep going? Kakashi might have even been forced to have an emotion of his own.

Kakashi shudders. A fate he would give almost anything not to suffer, honestly.

In the face of his close call, the swordsman is entirely forgotten.

(“Just in time, Lee, nice save!” Tenten says cheerfully, ducking out from behind the next booth over. “And that was the perfect topic, Neji. Good choice.”

Hatake runs from the possibility of emotions about as fast as Neji does from the mention of family, and it’s not like it takes all of Neji’s well-earned genius to see it. He’s not about to say that, though, so he crosses his arms over his chest with a huff and pointedly looks away.

“How much longer are we going to have to keep this up?” he complains. “It’s already been a week.”

“Tonight’s the big night.” Tenten checks her watch. “Gai-sensei said he was cooking dinner for Zabuza, and he should be taking things out of the oven just about now.”

Neji prefers to think of that as attention to detail, rather than creepily in-depth knowledge of Gai’s schedule. He nods, determinedly does not consider what could possibly happen after dinner with both of them in Gai’s apartment and Zabuza getting impatient about the slow part of the seduction, and turns on his heel. “Then I’m going—”

“To get dango with us!” Tenten hooks her arm through one of his, and a moment later Lee takes the other.

“Yosh!” he says brightly. “Our mission has been completed successfully! We make a perfect team, full of Youth and cunning!”

Well, it’s not like Neji can actually argue with that. He was planning to say home, but…

Dango sounds like a decent idea right now, actually.)

Gai is kissing the swordsman from the market.

Kakashi stares for a long, long moment, subtly twists his fingers into the ram seal to check for genjutsus, and finally decides that Gai playing tonsil hockey with a muscular stranger is not the weirdest thing he’s ever seen Gai do. Honestly, it hardly even makes the top ten. Maybe top twenty, if Kakashi is really being honest with himself.

He clears his throat—maybe a little pointedly, because that kiss is looking tender and affectionate and ew, what if he gets it all over him—but they don’t even have the decency to startle apart like teenagers caught necking. Instead, Gai wheels around with a smile brilliant enough to blind, and cries, “My Eternal Rival! You are just in time to meet my second eternal rival! And my life partner!”

Life partner, Kakashi thinks, a little disbelieving. Did his team get him a mail-order bride or something? A missing-nin mail order bride? Did Aoba? It’s well past both April Fool’s Day and Gai’s birthday, but that’s never stopped Aoba before.

The swordsman is staring at him narrowly, tense and clearly ready to fight, and from the way his eyes slide over Kakashi’s mask and covered eye, he knows exactly who Kakashi is. He’s not backing down, though, and that’s probably a good sign. Or it’s a sign that he’s crazy enough to keep up with Gai. Does that count as good? Kakashi isn’t entirely sure.

In this situation, there’s only one possible response. Kakashi pulls out his book and flips it open. “Yo,” he says.

The swordsman doesn’t blink, even when Gai suddenly and explosively bursts into tears. “My Eternal Rival! You are so hip and cool! Truly, I aspire to be as cool as you someday!”

“…Hatake,” the missing-nin says, like he’s putting pieces together. “You’re Hatake Kakashi. The Copy-Nin.”

“I could be.” Kakashi eyes him, but he looks mostly baffled rather than aggressive, and he doesn’t seem to mind the fact that Gai is clinging to him and crying all over his shoulder about how hip Kakashi is. And…well. Clearly Gai’s gotten attached, and he has good instincts where people are concerned. And he managed to get the Hokage to allow the man in, so Kakashi is going to assume this situation is fine until he’s proven otherwise.

To his surprise, the man starts to grin, showing filed teeth that mean he’s definitely a renegade Swordsman. “Hey now, I’ve heard you’re good. We should have a match sometime. Momochi Zabuza.”

“Ah!” Gai cries, clasping his hands to his chest as he sobs. Manfully, probably, but Kakashi has never quite learned to tell the difference between that and regular crying, despite repeated exposure. “My two eternal rivals are getting along! This is a joyful day! May the Fires of Youth burn in your hearts as you indulge in a match that will inspire all of Konoha!”

Oh gods, Kakashi thinks a little faintly, eye flickering between Gai and Zabuza. Now there are two of them.

He’s never going to have time to read between all the challenges.

anonymous asked:

could I have some hcs for ma boys Jesse, Jack, Gabe and Hanzo taking care of an injured or sick reader? like reader really wants to go out again but they haven't fully recovered yet? (I know this is basic af but I'm a sucker for these)

No worries, dear Anon, we are suckers for this kind of requests too, we won’t judge! xD 


  • You got sick with a bad case of a cold that refused to go away and had been bothering you for almost two weeks now. Knowing how highly contagious a cold tends to be, you told Jesse to stay as far away from you as physically possible; he had various tasks to take care of and couldn’t allow himself to get sick because of an impending mission. Did that stop him? No. Could he care any less? No.
  • He desperately wanted to take care of you and refused to leave your side for more than a few minutes at a time even though you kept reassuring him that it was a simple cold that should be gone within the next few days. He wouldn’t have any of it; to him, this illness could have put your life at stake. He made sure that you got the best treatment possible, he also took off his serape and wrapped it around you to make sure you wouldn’t get too cold (though you had already been wrapped in roughly three blankets).
  • This man needs a lot of affection and you soon realized that a cold didn’t stop him from claiming it. You tried to tell him to stay away from you but he kept going in for kisses and cuddles, not caring that he risked his own health in the process. 
  • He even risked getting into a huge argument with Gabe by not showing up to training a few times and instead preparing some soup for you. It just proved how dedicated he is.
    (Gabe would have given him some time off, he’s not that heartless, but since Jesse never actually asked, the cowboy had to prepare for a lot of extra work.) 
  • Since lying in bed all day got boring quickly, you decided to leave your room and at least get some kind of snack even though you still felt like you were about to faint at any moment. You prayed that you wouldn’t run into your boyfriend but, of course, destiny always brought you two together. He seemed a little shocked to see you out of bed, walking around tiredly and grabbing the kitchen counter for support.
    “This ain’t yer bed, sugar. I could have brought ya that cereal bar, ya know?”
    He quickly led you back to your room and made sure you didn’t leave that mattress for the next few hours, at least not without his aid.
  • Remember how you told him not to get too close to you? Guess who got sick the day you fully recovered. You’ll be passing that cold back and forth for ages if you don’t keep him away! 


  • He truly wanted to help you when you got sick with the stomach flu, honestly, but this man was just so extremely busy due to his position. The least he tried to do was send others, preferably Ana, to frequently check up on you. He also called a lot to make sure you were resting properly and send some words of comfort. 
  • When he noticed your condition slightly worsening, he immediately canceled as many meetings as he possibly could to be with you more, he started to worry too much and wouldn’t have been able to concentrate properly anyway. Jack took some of his paperwork with him to finish it in your room to keep you company and let Gabe and Ana handle training the new recruits. Of course, he wasn’t able to spend all his time by your side but he tried his hardest to pass as much of his work as possible to others. 
  • Though he craved affection and attention as much as Jesse did, he knew how important it was that he didn’t get sick; the strike commander being away for even a few days might have resulted in a disaster. He did give you a comforting pat on the back once in a while, but sadly, he wouldn’t get any closer than that. Hugs and kisses would have been pretty problematic with the stomach flu anyway. 
  • His mom taught him how to help with stomach problems by using some home remedies. He got you some snacks that didn’t cause your stomach too much discomfort and made sure you always drank enough.
  • He always held your hair back for you if it got in your way whenever your stomach rioted and you came face to face with the toilet bowl.
  • Of course, the stomach flu had hit you right before a mission that you had been looking forward to for ages. You might have been able to recover until it started but you still missed out on a significant amount of training. So you tried making your way over to the training facility without running into him but in the end, you did bump right into Jack when rounding a corner in one of the many hallways. He looked at you in confusion for a few seconds, processing the situation until he scowled at you, grabbed you by the wrist and gently guided you back to your room.
    He had already assigned someone else to that mission but promised to soon give you a similar one.
    Jack also took that day off to watch you and make sure you didn’t get any other stupid ideas.


  • You were a little clumsy; everyone knew that very well, so it didn’t come as a surprise when you broke your ankle during a mission after tripping over a branch in the forest. Other than that, you were perfectly fine, no bruises or anything. Gabe didn’t seem too worried; your injury wasn’t life-threatening, he just kept telling you that you should have been more careful of your surroundings. 
  • He also turned out to be a teasing asshole about it.
    You want a hug? Stand up and get it.
    You need some water? What a shame the kitchen is so far away.
    However, as soon as you did stand up to get what you wanted, he freaked out, reminding you that he was only joking and that you had to sit back down and rest immediately.
  • He was actually worrying a lot more than he would have liked to admit, he kept reminding himself that you would be recovering quickly. Still, when he was at work or training with the Blackwatch members, he was always on edge, couldn’t wait to finally check up on you and make sure everything was alright.
    Gabe ordered McCree and Genji around to bring you water, a meal, another pillow, or anything else you requested when he was too busy. 
  • After finishing work, he immediately went over to your room, checking if you needed anything. As he saw you walking around, limping to the door to get some fresh air and finally move your limbs a little, he swiftly picked you up and put you into your bed again. He kept asking way too many questions. Have you eaten anything yet? Did you drink enough water? Was your foot still hurting a lot? Did you need painkillers?
    You had to reassure him that you were fine; it was just a broken ankle and not the end of the world. He must have completely forgotten about your injury not being life-threatening. 
  • Of course, Angela had given you crutches so it wasn’t like you couldn’t walk or at least hop around the headquarters on your own, yet Gabe didn’t let you go anywhere without supervision.
    You could have tripped and gotten hurt even worse, there was no way he was risking that.
    You thought reminding him that you were a grown adult able to take care of yourself helped? Nope, nice try though.
  • After practicing your puppy eyes for a while, you actually got him to carry you around, preferably by giving you a piggyback ride. Gabe might have sent death glares to the people throwing comments about him going soft but he actually enjoyed it. A lot. 


  • You almost got shot during a mission, the bullet only grazed your side in the end but it still left a nasty wound. When Hanzo found out about your injury, he completely freaked out on the inside but was able to conceal his panic pretty well. 
  • He was extremely careful, rejecting any kind of physical contact, afraid of hurting you even though you kept insisting that it barely hurt anymore and it shouldn’t have been a problem at all. Still, he refused to get too close to you, worried that he wouldn’t be able to stop himself after initiating anything. He was scared that any movement might have resulted in your wound starting to bleed again. 
  • Hanzo followed you around almost everywhere, almost every time, watching you closely. He kept an eye on you to make sure you didn’t strain yourself and didn’t do anything reckless that might have caused your wound to open. 
  • He was also extremely observant. If you were still hurting but trying to play it cool, he knew. You tried to hide your pain but he always found out, immediately coming to your side as soon as you winced only slightly, barely visible to anyone else. 
  • He kept asking if he could help you with any tasks or bring you food or drinks while also asking you to please just lie down and rest. He aided you with every single thing, even the easiest tasks that you could have finished by yourself without any problems.
    Hanzo wanted to make sure that there was no way you could hurt your side, he couldn’t stand seeing you in pain. You didn’t mind doing any of your chores, you needed some movement but you decided not to complain. 
  • You decided to go to the training room one night, secretly, having had enough of this confinement to your bed. Hanzo almost got a heart attack when he found your side of the bed empty at midnight but had a feeling you went out to train. He probably would have done the same.
    After he found you carefully practicing some basic moves he started to scold you but soon composed himself. He then proceeded to gently wrap his arms around you, careful not to get too close to your injury, and begged you not to make him worry like that again. After seeing that you were able to do some simple training without being in pain, he allowed you to do more things on your own again, still keeping a close eye on you, of course. 
Melodrama sentence starters
  • "I know about what you did and I wanna scream the truth."
  • "You're such a damn liar."
  • "Thought you said that you would always be in love, but you're not in love no more."
  • "Did it frighten you how we kissed when we danced on the light up floor?"
  • "Honey, I'll be seein' you wherever I go."
  • "I'm waiting for it, that green light, I want it."
  • "I'll come get my things, but I can't let go."
  • "Played it so nonchalant, it's time we danced with the truth."
  • "I'm acting like I don't see."
  • "My hips have missed your hips."
  • "Will you sway with me?"
  • "We're King and Queen of the weekend."
  • "Ain't a pill that could touch our rush."
  • "But what will we do when we're sober?"
  • "These are the games of the weekend."
  • "We pretend that we just don't care."
  • "I know you're feeling it, too."
  • "Don't know you super well, but I think that you might be the same as me."
  • "Let's let things come out of the woodwork."
  • "I'll give you my best side, tell you all my best lies."
  • "Know I think you're awesome, right?"
  • "Blowing shit up with homemade dynamite."
  • "Might get your friend to drive, but he can hardly see."
  • "I guess we're partying."
  • "You know it's really gonna blow."
  • "Half of my wardrobe is on your bedroom floor."
  • "I am your sweetheart psychopathic crush."
  • "I overthink your punctuation use."
  • "A rush at the beginning, I get caught up, just for a minute."
  • "Lover, you're the one to blame, all that you're doing."
  • "Can you hear the violence?"
  • "Blow all my friendships to sit in hell with you."
  • "We're the greatest, they'll hang us in the Louvre, down the back, but who cares - still the Louvre."
  • "You are not my type, still I fall."
  • "I'm just the sucker who let you fill her mind."
  • "Baby really hurt me."
  • "He don't wanna know me, says he made the big mistake of dancing in my storm, says it was poison."
  • "I guess I'll go home."
  • "I'll go home into the arms of the girl that I love."
  • "She's so hard to please, but she's a forest fire."
  • "You're a little much for me."
  • "You're a liability, you're a little much for me."
  • "The truth is I am a toy that people enjoy 'til all of the tricks don't work anymore and then they are bored of me."
  • "Better on my own."
  • "I understand, I'm a liability."
  • "Get you wild, make you leave."
  • "I'm a little much for everyone."
  • "You're all gonna watch me disappear into the sun."
  • "Please could you be tender, and I will sit close to you."
  • "Let's give it a minute before we admit that we're through."
  • "I remember the rush when forever was us, before all of the winds of regret and mistrust."
  • "Our love is a ghost."
  • "Well I guess I should go."
  • "Alone with the hard feelings of love."
  • "God I wish I believed you when you told me this was my home."
  • "I light all the candles, cut flowers for all my rooms. I care for myself the way I used to care about you."
  • "I care for myself the way I used to care about you."
  • "These days, we kiss and we keep busy."
  • "Three years, loved you every single day."
  • "It was real for me."
  • "Now I'll fake it every single day 'til I don't need fantasy."
  • "I still remember everything, how we'd drift buying groceries, how you'd dance for me."
  • "I'll start letting go of little things 'til I'm so far away from you."
  • "Bet you wanna rip my heart out."
  • "Bet you wanna skip my calls now."
  • "Well guess what? I like that."
  • "I'm gonna mess your life up, gonna wanna tape my mouth shut."
  • "We're a loveless generation."
  • "We're a loveless generation; all fuckin' with our lover's heads."
  • "Know you won't remember in the morning."
  • "All the glamour, and the trauma, and the fucking melodrama."
  • "They'll talk about us, all the lovers, how we kissed and killed each other."
  • "We told you this was melodrama."
  • "You're walking out to be a good man for someone else."
  • "Sorry I was never good like you."
  • "Hated hearing my name on the lips of a crowd."
  • "Did my best to exist just for you."
  • "Bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark."
  • "She's gonna play and sing and lock you in her heart."
  • "I'll love you 'til my breathing stops."
  • "I'll love you 'til you call the cops on me."
  • "I'll find a way to be without you, babe."
  • "I still feel you, now and then."
  • "When you see me, will you say I've changed?"
  • "I love it here since I've stopped needing you."
  • "I am my mother's child."
  • "We keep trying to talk about us."
  • "I'm someone you maybe might love."
  • "I'll be your quiet afternoon crush, be your violent overnight rush."
  • "I fall into continents and cars, all the stages and the stars."
  • "In my head, I do everything right."
  • "When you call, I'll forgive and not fight."
  • "Ours are the moments I play in the dark."
  • "We were wild and fluorescent, come home to my heart."
  • "Maybe all this is the party, maybe we just do it violently."
  • "You're not what you thought you were."
  • "Every night, I live and die."
  • "It's just another graceless night."
  • "I hate the headlines and the weather."
  • "I'm 19 and I'm on fire."
  • "When we're dancing, I'm alright."
  • "This is how we get notorious."
  • "We are young and we're ashamed."
  • "All of our heroes fading."
  • "I can't stand to be alone."
  • "Let's go to perfect places."
  • "Let's kiss and then take off our clothes."
  • "All the nights spent off our faces."
  • "What the fuck are perfect places anyway?"
  • "All the nights spent off our faces, trying to find these perfect places."
I Like Me Better When I'm with You
  • author: @clareae
  • pairing: tony stark x reader
  • genre: angst and fluff
  • trigger: mentions of sex but nothing happened and nothing is described
  • word count: 2951
  • summary: It started out as one of the jobs of being Pepper’s assistant, delivering Tony the documents he needs to read or sign. But you were the first person (aside from Pepper herself) who would actually sit in front of him in the lab and kept on pestering him until he signs or reads it so you can get home. Tony liked having you around, so every time you stopped by he’d stall on signing the papers just so that you could keep him company longer. You didn’t allow yourself to feel things you’re not supposed to, but it turns out you weren’t the only one having a hard time being without the other person.
  • a/n: Inspired by my new favourite song I Like Me Better by Lauv and prompt number 204 and 205 on this list!

You arrived in New York City as a fresh-graduate looking to challenge the Big Apple; it was always one of your dreams to make it to Manhattan and make a huge change for yourself and your family. Although you started out as an intern living in a studio apartment with no hot shower, and your parents always thought that it would be better if you stay in the family business, you had faith.

Two months later you were immediately promoted to become a permanent employee within the Stark Industries and Pepper Potts apparently saw that you were good enough to be her assistant. After almost a yearlong training with her former one, you were deemed ready to handle everything on your own.That’s when you met Tony in person. In one of the board meetings while you were jotting down the meeting points since it was your job to provide a meeting minutes for the next follow up. You thought that having handed everything off to Pepper meant that you wouldn’t see his face around the building anymore, and apparently he thought the same. He looked extremely bored during the board meeting and kept on toying with his gadget.

“Alright, you’re gonna have to excuse me. I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave. I have…errands,” Tony shrugged, not even bothering with a good excuse.

Pepper looks irritated and you knew that she didn’t like it when Tony acts like this–like everything else other than himself didn’t matter. Just before he left, however, he looked at you and pointed his finger at you, “Make sure you let me know what happened.”

“Yeah, and don’t just email it, make sure you drop it off after this and stand watch as he reads everything, because as soon as he walks out of that door he won’t even remember we had a meeting,” Pepper commented with a visible frown on her face.

“You know me so well,” Tony replied, not even bothered to look at her and kept on walking.

That day, you jotted down everything in more detail and immediately typed it up so that you can email it to every individual who attended the meeting. And as per Miss Potts suggestion, instead of going home after work is over, you headed over to the Avengers Tower. You had no idea what you were supposed to do so you walked inside when the doors opened and you were led into an elevator by JARVIS who introduced himself as you walked in.

The elevator led you to an open space; it was a living room with glossy floors and incredible interior. But you are mostly captivated by the view of New York from the smoothly polished glass windows. You knew Manhattan was beautiful, but seeing it from the Avengers Tower surely gave you a new perspective and it made you fall in love with the city all over again.

“You can find Mr. Stark in his lab, just head down the stairs to your left,” the AI said, breaking you from the trance and so you followed the directions and it led you into his spacious yet cluttered lab.

“Didn’t actually think you’d bring it to me,” Tony chuckled, knowing you were coming since JARVIS informed him.“When I said you should let me know, I just said it for the sake of formality.”

“Well, I didn’t think you’d want to miss out on what’s going on with the company that earns you most of your net worth,” you shrugged and handed him the documents.

He looked at you with amusement from your sassy reply and took the folder from your hand. He took one look at it and set it aside. You furrowed your brows, “You’re not going to read it?” You asked.

“I’ll get to it,” he shrugged as he continued to tinker with whatever it was in front of him.

“Huh,” you nodded slowly. You spotted the stool in front of you and pulled it from under the bench and sat down, placing your bag on the floor.

Tony looked up, “What are you doing?” He asked.

“Didn’t you hear her? I was asked to stay here until you finish reading the minutes,” you shrugged. Of course, you knew Pepper wasn’t really serious, but somehow you didn’t like the attitude Tony was displaying. He didn’t care how his company is doing. But then if something goes wrong, somehow you see him as someone who might flip out and get angry over how his net worth is dropping but he didn’t even bother to supervise in the first place.

“Well, kid, you’re going to have a very long night.”

Keep reading

[White Rose Week - Day 1] Don’t Leave

A/N: *sobs* I made it. I actually made it. With minutes to spare, I actually finished this in time to post for day 1 of @white-rose-week And okay, it might be a little rushed near the end, but let me tell you.. I have flip-flopped on my decision to participate until the very last second, and spent every spare moment at work today throwing this together on my phone. Squashed into the back of an ambu, and writing between calls is not ideal, but I did it! So enjoy! (And ignore me if you see me crying in the corner because day 2 starts in less than 30 minutes)

[Day 1: Protection]

Ruby wonders if it’s possible to love any single one person more than any other else in the world  - more than family, than friends, than even oneself. It scares her because she thinks it might be true; terrifies her because she might actually believe it with her whole heart. And when she looks at Weiss, all sharp wit and soft edges, she doesn’t have to wonder any longer. Because she knows, without shadow of a doubt, that love is the most powerful driving force on the planet - perhaps in all the universe - and that the love she holds for Weiss Schnee is the kind that moves mountains.

Ruby would give just about anything to watch Weiss succeed, to see her reach all her dreams and aspirations. She wants her to have the life that she deserves, even if that means she herself can’t be a part of it.

Because sometimes… mountains aren’t what need to be moved.

“Surely you must understand that this is your fault.”

Ruby’s eyes flicker briefly as Jacques Schnee steps into place beside her, taking in the crisp white suit and perfectly combed hair, his mustache as stupid as ever but always well-maintained. And then she looks, subtly if she can, at her own self, shirt torn and cape tattered, unkempt and battle worn. She’s grown, in more ways than one, in the years since she began her journey through Beacon, but even with an increase of height, skill, knowledge, and experience, she still feels as small and as insignificant as she did the first day she met him.

“It was an accident,” she murmurs, a breath above a whisper.

“It was a mistake!” he retorts, biting and cold. “Your mistake. And my daughter suffered for it.”

She turns, fully this time, and faces him. Her eyes narrow, sharpened like steel, no longer meek nor silent as her lips twist into a scowl and she replies, “As if you really care! You never have, and you never will! Weiss is nothing more than an asset to you, and you know it! The only reason you’re here is because you want to make sure that your investment is still safe… not out of any sense of duty, or fatherhood…”

Ruby glares, aura crackling with agitation, unseen but felt as she finishes, “We both know you don’t care, so stop pretending that you do.”

Jacques has the decency to look indignant by the accusation, but its a pitiful attempt as he falls over his words. He stumbles, like a child not yet taught to walk, and through her anger, Ruby feels a twinge of sadness that he can’t even find it within himself to feign love for his youngest daughter. Eventually, even he realizes the futility of his endeavor, and simply straightens his jacket with an indifferent sniff.

“Thought so,” she scoffs beneath her breath. Ignoring his presence, Ruby returns her attention to her earlier task, slipping her hand once more through Weiss’s, standing steadfast and on guard over the unconscious Schnee. It had been well over 24 hours since the incident, and no amount of pleading from Yang to rest or eat would be enough to tear her away - not until Weiss was awake and she could see for herself that she’d be okay.

“… I do care for her,” Jacques tries again, this time more quietly. “In what capacity, well… that’s not your concern. She is an investment, but all children are. I don’t expect you to understand that until you are a parent yourself, and even then, you may never fully comprehend the lengths that I have gone to ensure that my children and my family are provided for - no matter the cost. My children are my legacy, and when I leave this earth, I damn sure will be leaving only the best behind.

“Winter has renounced her birthright as eldest, and Whitley, while preferable for his ambition…” he pauses, shaking his head, “well, the boy is reckless and flamboyant with our name and fortune, and would squander generations of Schnee wealth in a matter of moments. Weiss, though she takes much after her elder sister, is both driven and practical, making her the logical choice in heir.”

“And?” Ruby interjects, rolling her eyes.

And,” he emphasizes, “Weiss is destined to lead our family, and our business to continued greatness. I let her attend Beacon only for the purpose of compliance, and allowed her to chase this silly dream of becoming a Huntress because she has, as she does with all her passing fancies, gotten bored of past interests and hobbies. And I knew that if I held her back, she would only find other ways to rebel. Furthermore, it is a boon to the Schnee reputation to have a child serve as a guardian against the Grimm, and her experience in combat is certain to earn respect from board members and other affluent members of elite society alike.”

“However,” he goes on, “I am not above withdrawing her from Beacon, especially when it comes to personal safety. Weiss was tutored and trained by the most accomplished Hunters money can buy, and though physical danger is hazard of the job, it was not lack of skill that led to her condition now…”

Ruby cringes as he rips her from Weiss’s side, aggravating wounds and injuries she’d refused treatment for as he squeezes and shakes her already rattled frame. “It. Was. You.”

“S-stop, let go,” she growls, breaking free as she reverses their position and pins him against the wall. “Don’t test me!”

“Or what?” he scoffs, smug despite Ruby’s grip. “You can’t do anything to me. You have no power. You are literally a nobody, and sooner or later, Weiss will realize that. Whatever it is my daughter sees in you… well, I can tell you right now, whatever you think makes you special enough to be with her, Weiss can find in someone else - someone good enough to be her equal.”

Her hold slackens until she eventually let’s go, stepping back as if to distance herself from what she refuses to believe is true. “You’re wrong,” says Ruby, but she doesn’t sound so sure. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d had these thoughts herself, and to hear Weiss’s father say them aloud was to give them a voice other than her own.

“You may not believe it, but I do care for my daughter… in my own ways,” he says, smoothing out his tie. “But your influence has made her sloppy, and I am of half the mind to march to Ozpin’s office this very second and remove her from the academy. However, it is rather unbecoming of the Schnee name to drop out of school - regardless of the profession - and Weiss will only be more unruly should I take her away only a year from graduation. And though I am willing to handle her disruptive behavior, I have a proposition for you instead. One where we both get what we want… with some compromise, of course.“

Ruby eyes him warily, fully aware that no matter the deal, she won’t be coming out on top. "And what do you propose?” she asks, crossing her arms.

“Break up with her,” he replies, almost immediately. “It is obvious that Weiss’s affection for you is what led to her injury, and though I can’t prohibit you from seeing her altogether - what with school, and your role as teammates - I want you to cut off all romantic ties. You are an unnecessary distraction, and a relationship with you serves no purpose in her life except to take attention away from what really matters.

“I’m not asking you to give her up completely. As I said, you are still classmates and partners, and friendship is acceptable so long as it doesn’t get in the way of her studies, or inhibits her ability to properly fight. All I ask is that you put a stop to this nonsense and move on.”

“So, let me get this straight,” Ruby begins, tentatively, as if testing the words on her tongue. “You’re going to take Weiss out of Beacon, but she can stay so long as I break up with her? That’s basically the jist of it, isn’t it?”

He nods, almost sounding impressed, “Perhaps you’re not as daft as you appear.”

“And maybe you’re as stupid as that overgrown caterpillar you call a mustache!” she bites back, hands clenching into fists. “That’s not a proposition, it’s fucking extortion is what that is!”

“Call it what you like,” Jacques shrugs, “but the fact of the matter is that I hold all the power here. Nothing you say or do can change that, but I am giving you the chance to keep Weiss in your life. It’s some or none, but you can’t have it all… the decision is up to you.”

“But… I…”

“But nothing,” he ejects, silencing the teen. “One day you will see that this was for the best. You are both young, you’ll get over it. Weiss will find someone new, someone worthy of her name and pedigree, and so too will you.”

Ruby’s chest tightens, a lump of gravel and sand sitting on her throat, burying her protests in a shallow grave of defeat. Maybe one day, a long time from now, she’ll find someone new… but it’s hard to think it could ever be that easy.

Two days. Six hours. Thirty-three minutes. That’s how long it takes for Weiss to wake up.

One minute. Seven seconds. Four words. That’s how long it takes for Weiss to wish that she hadn’t.

“We need to talk,” says Ruby, and Weiss knows it’s over before it’s even begun, knows by the dull gleam in her eyes that this is the end. The end of what, she isn’t entirely sure, but it’s enough to set her on edge, even as she nods her head and motions for the girl to come and sit beside her.

Ruby opts to stand, which only sends up further red flags, and if Weiss was nervous before, she’s outright scared now. Because she had taken the full brunt and poison of a Death Stalker’s stinger, and while that may not have been enough to kill her, what’s to come, she feels surely will.

“What’s on your mind?” she asks, attempting to sound casual despite the rapid beating of her not yet broken heart (but oh, does she know it’s coming). Ruby’s smile doesn’t quite reach her eyes, lips weak and wobbly, staring at Weiss with a look that is both adoring and defeated. It says more than words ever will, and she fights for composure as the younger girl begins to speak.

“You’re my best friend,” she starts, staring over Weiss’s head, too ashamed to look her directly in the eye. “We’ve been through a lot together these past three years, and I want you to know that I… “ here, she chokes, swallowing a lump and shaking her head before continuing, “I want you to know that I… I cherish you and your friendship, and I want you to know that you mean the absolute world to me. But I… I think that maybe, somewhere through it all, I may have… misunderstood my feelings for you…”

“Misunderstood?” Weiss repeats, and it’s all the strength she has to say.

Ruby averts her gaze, head dropping low, and somewhere along the way, Weiss’s heart falls with it. “Yeah,” she says, licking her lips that are suddenly too chapped and too dry. “I mean, we didn’t have the greatest start when we came to Beacon, and I guess maybe I was just so excited when you finally let me in that I… overestimated my feelings?”

“Are you asking, or are you telling?” Weiss quips, anguish quickly giving way to annoyance.

“T-telling,” Ruby stutters in reply, face as red as her namesake. “I… I’m telling you. I made a mistake, and when… when you saved me from that Death Stalker, you could have died, and I knew then that I… I didn’t want there to be anymore lies between us…”

“Like how you’re lying to me right now?” Weiss shoots coolly, piercing blue eyes narrowed into shards of ice.

“I-… no, I’m not? What? I mean, what are you-” The scythe wielder stammers her way through some semblance of defense, but it’s to no avail. Weiss knows Ruby almost better than she knows herself; has spent the better part of the past three years learning the language of her eyes, reading every tick of emotion to cross her face, and deciphering the meaning behind every forced or fake smile. She knows a lie when she sees one, and this entire conversation is riddled with them.

“You are so full of bullshit right now, I’m surprised your name isn’t Adam Taurus,” she spits, and if she weren’t still laid up in this hospital bed, and if Ruby hadn’t stood so far that she was practically halfway out the door, Weiss is certain she’d slap the girl for thinking her a fool. “I know exactly what you’re doing Ruby Rose, and I won’t stand for it. I heard my father. I heard what he said, and what he threatened to do.”

Weiss’s jaw tenses, teeth clenched as she fights back the pinprick of tears clouding her vision. “I thought… I thought perhaps that I had dreamt it. I was in and out of consciousness so often, I could barely tell what was real and what was not. But I see now that what I thought was only a bad dream is, in fact, a cruel reality…”

Ruby knows the jig is up. She’s never been good at lying, and attempting to lie to Weiss Schnee of all people is as futile as bringing a rusted spoon to a Grimm fight. But she had to try - for her sake, or for Weiss’s, she isn’t sure, but she knows she had to.

“Then you know why I’m doing this,” she sighs, fidgeting anxiously with the worn edge of her cloak, fingers playing nervously over a newly sown square of cloth.

“So that’s it?” Weiss asks, incredulously. “You’re just going to roll over and play dead, and let my father have his way? You’re not even going to try and fight for us!?”

Ruby fists her hair in frustration, bracing her skull between the palm of her hands, as if to somehow contain the pressure that had been building there since the day this all began. Eventually, she throws her arms up and cries, “What choice do I have? Do you honestly think that this is what I want? He’s going to take you back to Atlas, and there’s nothing I can do about it… nothing except bargain away my heart, and keep my distance. I can’t be with you, but even just having you around… it’s enough…”

“And what? You think we can just go back to being friends after all we’ve been through?” Weiss seethes, knuckles bleaching as she grips the bedrail. “That everything will be all hunky-dory despite what it took for us to come together in the first place? Because if that’s the case, then you’re sorely mistaken. Do I even get a say in all this, or are you and my father just going to make all my decisions for me now?”

“No, that’s not…” Ruby protests, lowering her arms, “I’m not… trying to make any decisions for you… but the decision has pretty much made itself. Unless… unless you want to go back to Atlas, which if you do, I-I wouldn’t stop you.”

Weiss stares, confused and taken aback; she’s never seen Ruby look so defeated, and the anger swirling in her gut ebbs and flows away, leaving sediment of curiosity and concern in its wake. “Why are you doing this?” she questions, voice gentle but firm. “The Ruby Rose that I know… the Ruby Rose that I love… would never give up this easily. So what’s changed?”

“Nothing’s changed, Weiss-”

“Don’t lie to me,” she interjects, “Not again, and not about this. If you’re going to break my heart, then I should at least be allowed the courtesy of knowing why.”

Ruby tries and fails and to come up with some sort of excuse, only to sigh with resignation as she replies, “You died.”

“What?” If Weiss was expecting anything, it isn’t this. “I don’t understand…”

“You died,” she repeats, shaking her head as she rapidly blinks away the tears. “It was briefly - only a few seconds really - but your heart stopped, and you died. Because of me. Because I got lazy and let my guard down, and you took the hit that was meant for me. You literally gave your life to save mine, and this… this is the closest I’ll ever get to paying you back.”

Ruby offers a shy, weak smile, an awkward laugh escaping her lips as she finishes, “Because you are my life, and I would give you up if it meant that you got to live the life that you wanted.”

It is somehow both the stupidest and the sweetest thing that Weiss has ever heard, and for a time, she finds herself incapable of words. Instead, she simply stares, eyes wide and mouth agape, a dumbfounded expression writ all across her features. Ruby takes her silence for dismissal and turns to depart, stopped only as - in the last second - she’s pelted in the back of the head by a (thankfully clean) pee cup.

“Sorry!” Weiss squeaks, hands clamped over her mouth in surprise. “I didn’t know what that was. I just… I panicked, and I couldn’t speak, and I just… I grabbed the first thing I could get a hold of, and I swear I haven’t used it!”

Ruby’s face is an amalgamation of emotion, ranging from shock, to amusement, to disgust. She bends down and carefully plucks the small plastic container from the floor and slowly walks towards the bed, hesitantly leaning over Weiss as she returns it to the nightstand on the other side of her.

“You might need this later,” she says, lips twitching into a grin despite their situation.

“I-… thanks,” Weiss answers, face buried between her hands, cheeks burning with shame.

Ruby hums softly in response, leaning back as she makes her move to leave. But she’s stopped once more, this time by the hand on her wrist, and she doesn’t have it within herself to walk away again.

“Don’t leave,” Weiss implores, tugging her arm until Ruby relents, taking a tentative seat on the edge of her bed. “Please, I know you’re scared, and I know you think that by leaving me, you’re somehow protecting me, but you’re not. You're… you’re hurting me, and maybe I died and maybe I didn’t. But I’m dying now - right now - at the thought of you breaking up with me over something as stupid and as shallow as my father’s threats.

“I have money saved up from concerts I’ve performed, and royalties from songs I’ve written. It’s money that my father can’t touch, and though Winter doesn’t make much on her military salary, she’s promised to help support me through Beacon should he ever cut me off. There’s also financial aid that I can apply for with the school, and… and just… please, we can make this work. I-”

It’s Ruby that cuts her off this time, pressing her lips to Weiss’s and stealing the words she no longer needs to say. Soft but deliberate, their mouths meet over and over, pulling away only to come together - again, again, again. She’d been a fool to think she could ever walk away from this, stupid to come to her own conclusions without first consulting Weiss. Love was what brought them together, and love would not keep them apart.

Because their love was the kind that moved mountains. Or, at the very least, very stubborn fathers… 

anonymous asked:

ooo ❀✧ requests are open? yay! 。(⌒∇⌒。). may i please request a scenario where Bakubutt and his fem wife are called into their daughters school because she got into trouble (like a fight bc she inherited her father's fierceness) thank you so much and have a good day/night wherever you are dear! (人゚∀゚*)

Okay let me just say that I really love this request it’s really cute just,,, ily anon thank you for this quality ask

After being called from your respective jobs to visit your daughter’s school you were already regretting it. Your husband was giving you a heart attack just driving the two of you to the school. Swerve here, swerve there, and then the occasional aggressive stop at the stop light. His knuckles were white as he gripped the steering wheel and you swore there was steaming coming out of his ears. The car lurched forward as soon as the light flickered from red to green causing you to seek purchase on the handle of the door. Silently you prayed to whatever gods were out there that hopefully you’d make it there in one piece. The principal had mentioned to both of you that your daughter had been involved in a fight and knowing how she was just as fiery as her father, you knew it had to be a matter of time before the both of you got called in. 

“Fucking shit.” Bakugou hissed as he pulled into the parking lot. You mirrored his frustration realizing the parking spots were completely full. 

“Just park at the curb, this shouldn’t take long.” You sighed bringing your hand to your face. 

As soon as your husband had artfully parked the car the both of you stalked into the school and through the halls to the principal’s office. You slightly grimaced at the amount of bright colors plastered in the halls. It was almost too much and you could feel the headache behind your eyes grow with each step towards the office. In fact you could barely keep up with your husband’s brisk pace and even stumbled a few times before you even got there. Oh boy, and when you got there…

“What the fucking shit is going on?” Bakugou growled practically kicking open the door. 

“Katsuki!” You hissed. “This is a children’s school, don’t go yelling profanity!” 

The principal, a small, round, and portly man, echoed your concerns as the other parents shot glares at the both of you. You apologized on the behalf of your husband and went to look for your daughter. When you spotted her she was glaring at the principal himself, looking very much like her father. If it was allowed you’d laugh at the pout she wore but you kept your gaze neutral as you panned to the one other kid present. He looked like the classic snot nosed kid that you’d see anywhere else. They were a dime a dozen and unfortunately, the type your daughter absolutely despised.

With a sharp throat clear from the principal you brought your attention back to the issue at hand. Your daughter was involved in a fight and you hoped for the sake of everyone here that she didn’t start it. The principal pressed his lips into a thin line before starting his little speech.

“Now Mr. and Mrs. Bakugou…” He trailed of for a second seemingly nervous under the harsh gaze of your husband. “You’re daughter was a part of a fight with this young boy right here. We are under the speculation that she was the cause-”

“You’re a fat liar! He hit me first!” Your daughter interrupted him and bounced onto her feet. Her burning eyes bored into his and he outwardly flinched. She was a small girl but she’d be damned if anyone thought less of her for it. 

“Wait, did this brat hit my little girl?” Bakugou asked with his voice going low. You braced for impact. 

“W-Well yes but, she could have walked away from it.” The principal stuttered obviously getting a little flustered by the interruption. “She escalated it to the point-”

“No, this fucking brat escalated it when he fucking hit my daughter. You’re telling me she’s in trouble for defending herself?!” He roared. The other parents were completely silent and the little boy in the chair looked guiltier than a sinner in church. The principal looked over to you for help but you just shrugged. 

“I mean he’s right.” You said, a coy smile making it’s way on your face. The principal visibly paled. 

“Sir if you refused to take responsibility for your daughter’s action’s she’ll have to be suspended for two days.” The principal responded cautiously. 

“Fuck, fine by me, I don’t want her here with shitty brats like this boy. Let’s go sweetheart.” Bakugou huffed beckoning your daughter over to the both of you. She grabbed a hold of your hand and tugged on it, looking back at the rest and sticking her tongue out. You expected that to be that and you could take your daughter home but your husband wanted to be just a bit extra today. He stepped towards the little kid, eyes blazing, and you half expected the kid to shit his pants. 

“If you ever touch my daughter again I’ll fucking-” He didn’t have time to finish however because you have seized the back of his shirt and yanked him away. He let out a string of curse words while the three of you exited the office until you eventually let him go. Your daughter looked up at you with a smile even though dirt was still smudge on her cheeks. With your thumb you went to brush the dirt from her rosy cheeks and run a hand through her hair. Bakugou was silent as the three of you walked back through the halls and out into the parking lot.

“Can we get ice cream?” Your daughter asked skipping ahead. You laughed knowing she should at least get something for standing up for herself.

“Sure, honey.”


plot: in which fionn and ofc meet at a pub. she’s heartbroken and he hates his friends. (this is 1.1k words of nothing but fluff and some angst)

Author’s Note: I have no idea what I’m doing. I told myself I was going to stop writing fic about British boys yet…..here I am. I’d say I’m new here, but actually I write so much fic that I feel like this is about my 1000th rodeo. Still though, please be nice. xx

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Still Took Your Breath Away

Requested: “idk if youve done something like this but can you do a first date with Shawn? like going to his place and making dinner then like walking out on the streets or something? :)”

You watched a small waisted girl with a high ponytail, walk into a small dance studio that was hidden behind other small shops on this obscure little road Shawn drove down. You were awfully awkward and you window shopped, people watched, and counted road signs, hoping it would inspire you to say something cute, something to start a conversation with the boy driving. First dates were exciting in your opinion, but obviously also totally nerve wracking. Not only had you spent hours trying to decide what to wear, but you remembered acting out conversations with your mom, your best friend, your roommate, everyone you could think of basically. They were all pitching in to help you have a good first date.

“And so that way if asks you about the stuff you like, he’ll kinda already have an idea, making it easier for you to explain! I know, I’m a genius!” You distinctly remember your best friend saying this to you the night before your date, when you couldn’t decide what outfit you were going to wear. She suggested you wear your favorite band t-shirt so that way, he knew what kind of music you liked. You considered it for a small second but you just ended up shaking your head and showing her another cute blouse you liked. She had shrugged her shoulders saying, “I guess that’s cute too.”

Fast forward past the multiples times you had to do and redo your eyeliner, and here you were sitting in the passenger seat of his Jeep, feeling like a princess simply because of the fact that he was driving you anywhere. There was a quiet singing voice echoing throughout the car, and you listened carefully trying to figure out exactly which Chance The Rapper song he was playing.

“Can I turn up the music?” You asked politely hoping he wouldn’t take it the wrong way, you didn’t want him thinking you weren’t interested in taking.

“Yeah of course, you like this song?” He turned his head away from the road for a split second to look at you, and his eyes met yours, capturing your attention the way fireworks would.

“Yeah. It’s catchy.” You say, looking away shyly, hiding your blushing cheeks.

The rest of the ride was filled with laughter and singing, and you went from feeling nervous, to excited. You tried to hold yourself together whenever he complimented you about something, and you’ll never forget the way he said the words “You’re beautiful!” Or, “I think you’re hilarious, seriously! Like one of the funniest girls I’ve met!”

You felt like you could be yourself, and the way he spoke made you feel as though you weren’t being judged. He talked and talked, and laughed, only to finish by saying, “Okay, your turn!” And then you’d go off, talking about whatever the topic was at the moment, and your mouth went dry, and your jaw hurt from smiling. This was the only kind of pain that you believed was good. Almost as good as that feeling of your heart jumping up and down, whenever you heard him say your name.

You finally reached your destination, his apartment, and he asked you to stay seated in the car. You were a bit confused, but you listened to him as you watched him get out. 30 seconds later, he was opening your car door for you. He literally asked you to stay in the car just so he could open your door. Who does that?

“I’ve always wanted to do that, but any other girl I’ve had in my car, whether we’re on a date or not, they all get out way before I can even reach their door!” His cheeks were as red as yours, and you weren’t sure what to say.

“Well.. Thank you.” Was all you could think to get out, before he was leading you into the apartment building. You sort of adored the location his apartment complex was in, because it was a little hidden, giving you less a chance to be mobbed by fans, or seen by paparazzi. Shawn’s fame scared you a bit, but of course that didn’t stop you from liking him. He was more than the lights, and the screaming girls. He was a gentleman who opened your car door.

“I’m pretty sure that somewhere in our text conversations, you said you liked pizza, so I hope you don’t mind making some pizza for dinner.” Shawn threw his keys across the room on the couch and then headed towards the kitchen area, opening the refrigerator.

“I love pizza! Especially when I can make it myself.” You said with excitement in your voice, you stood on your tip toes not knowing what to do with yourself. Should you start opening cabinets and starting looking for the ingredients and help get everything ready? Or was that an invasion of privacy somehow? You figured you would just be honest and so you asked him, “Where are the ingredients and everything else we need?” And then he was showing you around the small cooking area, and where everything was. Soon enough your fingers were covered in herbs, and dough, and there were ten different types of cheeses laid out across the table.

“Are you a mozzarella, or cheddar type of person?” Shawn asked reaching for one of the cheeses.

“That’s a good question. I like both, but I really love mozzarella.”

“You love it, eh?” Shawn raised his eyebrows, stuck his hand in the shredded mozzarella cheese bag and took some out, flicking it at you.

“Hey!” You waved your hand around, trying to dodge the cheese but you ended up laughing instead, and then picking up the pieces and eating them.

“And what about you? What kind of cheese do you like?” You asked with a grin across your face.

“I’m pretty fond of mozzarella myself.” He was smiling at you, right at you, his eyes mesmerizing you once again and you felt silly for getting so animated about cheese, and making pizza.

“Then you won’t mind if I do this?!” You said before flicking some cheese at his face the way he did to you. He just laughed and shook his head, picking pieces out of his hair. The rest of the evening went pretty smoothly. Shawn teased you for having a smaller pizza than him, but you teased him about his burnt edges. You had a slice of his and he had a slice of yours, and you felt like the luckiest girl in the world to be sharing pizza with Shawn Mendes. It was dumb, but it meant something to you. Later on, you watched a movie that you don’t even remember the name of, because you were too busy laughing at your phone with Shawn. The whole movie basically ended up being you and Shawn showing each other memes the whole time. After the movie ended you helped Shawn clean the kitchen a bit and he walked you outside to the car to bring you home.

“I want to show you something!” Shawn said as he walked in the opposite direction of where his car was. You just smiled and followed him.

“Check this out!” After three minutes of walking you reached the end of the sidewalk, at the back of the apartment complex, there was a cute little river with a small waterfall. It wasn’t anything too beautiful but for some reason it still took your breath away. It was probably Shawn, or so you thought. He made it so that everything took your breath away, even pizza and dumb memes.

“This is really nice.” You said quietly staring out at the water. The moonlight reflected off it giving it a radiant glow. You felt like you were in some romantic movie where everything goes perfectly on the first date. The thing is, everything did go perfectly, making it seem so unrealistic. You and Shawn ended up talking by the waterfall for another ten minutes, about life, school, music, family and everything in between. There a came a point where there was a lull in the conversation, and Shawn looked at you with his puppy eyes, and he licked his lips, moving his feet towards yours. You felt pretty confident that he wanted to kiss you, and as much as you wanted to kiss him too, you just weren’t ready yet. You knew the setting was perfect, and the whole date itself went well, but you barely knew Shawn. You learned so much about him tonight, yet you still barely knew him. So you backed away, and changed the subject of the conversation, walking towards the car away from the romantic scene at the waterfall. Shawn said nothing about kissing at all, and he followed you, walking right by your side.

“We should do this again some time.. If you want, of course.” Shawn said looking at the ground a small smile forming on his face.

“Yeah, I’d love to.” You replied back, moving a little closer to him. You really did like him, you just wanted to make sure it was real. You hated that kissing was always so easily done nowadays, with no meaning whatsoever. You wanted it to be more special than that. And so instead you tried something a little more innocent, and you reached for his hand intertwining his fingers with yours. Palm to palm, his hand felt warm and soft, and it fit yours perfectly. He must’ve felt the same because soon enough, his cheeks were a pretty pink and he was then squeezing your hand, smiling at the ground.

My Studying Story (+tips!)

Hi guys! This will be a very long post, but basically I am going to talk about how I learned to study at university, way after I should have probably been taught how to. 

Disclaimer: Everyone is different, especially when it comes to learning. Please feel free to try these techniques, they have been incredibly helpful for me, but if you find that they are not working or if you are having trouble keeping up with them, don’t be discouraged. Human brains are so incredibly and amazingly different, so you should experiment with what works for you!

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I’m trying to narrate this cliche-filled story and it’s just descended into the narrator being sarcastic and critical about everything that happens. Like… 

“And then that asshole walked in. And of course HE’S the protagonist. Heaven forbid we have some LIKABLE person being the hero, but noooo. Mr. Boring McCrustyFuck over here had to be the one with the Special Power.”

“I can think of THREE characters better suited for Protagonist because they, oh, I don’t know, have EXPERIENCE with this stuff? Nah, those characters will probably just help him get the basics of his Special Power. Then he’ll surpass them and beat the guy they couldn’t even beat. Because story logic.”

“Apparently I have to use his actual name because Mr. Boring McCrustyFuck is considered ‘an inappropriate name’ and I ‘have to present myself as a professional’ and that name doesn’t do it.”  

“And then he turned his face, and there she was… Boring Female Love Interest… I mean Caedence. She isn’t like other girls… her name is always underlined in red when you type it. She also knows what a Star War is.”

“Well isn’t CAEDENCE just a sassy lassie. I bet there’ll be NO SEXUAL TENSION WHATSOEVER. A narrator can hope, can’t they?”  

“I swear if they kiss, I’ll walk out right now. Don’t you dare- you barely even know each other and- annnnd they’re kissing. Well, I’m out. I’m done. That’s it. Bye.”

[a large blank space follows]

“Well, I guess I’m not allowed to walk out on narrating after I start. That’s messed up- they’d better be paying me extra for having to sit through this because $5.50 a chapter just isn’t enough.”

“Cue a very audible sigh from the narrator.”

“Oh no… the father figure died… How could I have not seen this… Oh no… and after such a heart warming talk about his dead wife or something… Oh no…”

“So instead of talking about how they’re having sex I thought I’d take this time to explain why cats aren’t actually devil creatures and are simply not naturally social creatures, unlike the dog.” 

“Wow… in that tuxedo, he looks so different! Like… like that one actor… y’know? The one with white skin, blue eyes, brown hair, and a little bit of stubble? Oh wait… that’s literally most of them. I guess that means there’ll be a lot to choose from when they come up with the movie adaption.” 

“God, I can picture online discourse now. “You see, this is why [character with the personality of a moldy cardboard box] should date the protagonist instead of [well-rounded character with good chemistry who also happens to be of color]. I’ve only really pictured them as friends…” Ok, Im-not-a-racist-heres-why-69.” 

“DAMN IT! There was a perfect opportunity to make an obscure 80s reference a few chapters back and I missed it!” 

“Far be it from me, the narrator, to not talk about how soft her blonde hair was, but I got bored after they started kissing for like, the third time in the last few chapters.”

“Ok WHO told the manager I’m still calling him Mr. Boring McCrustyFuck?” 

“And then he sprinted across the battlefield, like an idiot. What was he thinking? “Sure, my love just collapsed on the ground, but l bet if I ran across this battlefield with people trying to literally turn me into ash and cried over their corpse it’ll bring them back. Or I’ll think of their dying face in my crucial moment when I’m fighting the bad guy so I fight harder. Great idea!”  But, you know, he lived ‘cuz he’s the protagonist. It was rather disappointing.”

“And then he started monologuing and it got too hard for me to keep up. So uh… just… imagine a villain talking about how he’s gonna make the world a better place by killing everyone he didn’t understand.”

“Thank GOD the story is over. Cue the beautiful music! I’m getting my money and then I’m gonna bounce. I need a drink.” 

“Who is the author? I’m gonna fight the author. Oh, I’M the author? … I’m still gonna fight the author.” 


My Bullet Journal Set Up

So some of you have asked me about my bullet journal (I’m looking at you, @munirastudies (and some anons - hi anons!)). Here it is: my set-up!

I previously did a post on my bullet journal at the very beginning of this studyblr, which can be found here. It’s just changed so much since then that I decided I’d post a new one!

- 1 - I’ve got a dotted Leuchtturm1917 A5 notebook in a really dark blue - which fits because I’m Ravenclaw. I was actually planning on painting the house crest on the front cover, but I never got to do it… but I think I’ll do it soon haha.

- 2 - When you look at my bullet journal you’ll see that I have some bright tags there. They really help me find stuff quicker (but they aren’t sticky enough so they often get loose.. I should change that). You can see my tag list in picture

- 3 - and it’s at the very end of the notebook. For those of you who don’t know this system yet, it’s really simple! You just decide how you want to tag that page, for example “books” as I did in mine, and go to the back of your notebook to write it down there. Then you choose a colour and put a strip of washi tape (or I use post it flags) on that page in the back and also on the page you want to tag so that the colours are in one line and you can see them from the outside (god I’m bad at explaining this but I can’t find the page that explained it to me, sorry!).

- 4 - On the first three pages there’s an index, and I use the first page for years and months, then the second page (which you can see in the picture) I use for anything else.

- 5 - Then there’s my key. I have a colour coding system, but I use some colours twice (which is really bad, I know) because there just weren’t enough colours! I have one colour for each subject, then also for other parts of my life like work, family and friends, uni in general and health (which is anything really: when I eat, doctor’s appointments, when I clean my flat etc). There’s also a key for my expenses which I rarely use anymore, and one for how long it took me to do a task which I also don’t use anymore.

- 6 - In this picture, and also the one before, you can see my yearly overview (which I am still so proud of because I thinks it’s really pretty). I only write down really important stuff in there, and things I’m looking forward to.

- 7 - Now we come to the more important stuff in my bullet journal. In this picture you can see my monthly overview. Here I write down everything that happens that particular month, like when I have to work, exams, family and friends stuff, and birthdays etc. I also have space for goals that I want to achieve that month, and an expenses table. This really helps me because often times I would just go shopping for books and stuff and spend so much money (which you can see hasn’t really improved much {{I spent 70€ on books last month?!}}). Now I can see how much I spend and what I should do better next month (like, I should definitely buy less books {{I actually spent more money on books this month and it’s not even halfway through but shush}}). On the next page there’s an example of a weekly overview. This one looks pretty much the same every week (at least the layout). Here are some more examples:

There’s always space for my weekly goals, then a food table where I write down everything I eat (which should make me more aware of what I eat and change my habits of eating - but it kind of doesn’t), underneath that there’s my habit tracker (and you can see I’m not very good at that either), and then there’s some kind of time tracker…? I don’t know what it’s called, I just thought I needed to know how I spend my time each day, like if there’s a lot of pink I’ve been doing a lot for myself (reading, watching movies, listening to music), if there’s lots of yellow I did a lot with friends and family, then there’s days where I was very creative and a lot of the time is purple - or if there’s lots of green (history) and red (English) I did a lot for uni. I really like this one (and I think I came up with it myself, but if someone has already claimed credit I give it all to you haha).

- 8 - Let’s just ignore the fact that this was one of my most unproductive weeks of all time (like, do you see how often I migrated tasks here?!). Just like my weekly overviews, my daily overviews look pretty much the same every week - at least the basic layout. I get bored of a certain layout about halfway through the week, so I try to come up with a new one every week. See how I got an arrow based layout in the orange overview, and kind of tree/nature based in the green one? What I always include is how much water I drink. I try to drink 12 glasses of water, which in my case is about 2,5 litres. Then there’s the basic to do list thing that bullet journals have. I include my colour code here as well, it just makes it easier for me to see what kind of things I have to do each day. Some more examples:

- 9 - I also have pages in my bullet journal that I use for lists, uni stuff, recs, organisation and personal stuff. In this picture you can see my “books to read” list. On the first example picture of the daily pages you can also see my wish list (which only has “money” on it - figures) and a pro/contra list about the two options I have for my stay abroad. Here are some more examples:

My saving goals page (which isn’t really done yet) and my schedule for this semester(which doesn’t have the hours on it):

and a “movies to watch” list (some spelling mistakes included):

- 10 - This last picture is my current spread. I saw this on tumblr and wanted to try it, but my colour code kind of destroys it. Maybe I’ll try it again some time without my colour code… Here’s another picture of the weekly overview:

Wow. This got a little out of hand! I hope you enjoy this :)

The Entertainer (Min Yoongi)

“I just realized that asking you where you were headed probably wasn’t the best conversation starter, we’re on the same platform which had to have meant that we’d be taking the same train, therefore the same location. Even though I guess one of us could have been stopping along the way.” 


Word Count: 1.4k
Genre: Fluff

A/N: inspired by me waiting a long ass time for a train. I wrote like half of this on my hand in tiny writing that I can barley read now lol. Thank you, and enjoy my lovelies!

“No, no, no!” You sprinted through the train station, your bag pounding into the side of your thigh with every step you took on the tile floor.

Yes, you had stopped to get coffee and yes, the woman in front of you stood there for about three minutes after her credit card was denied which took a total of 17 minutes because the card was declined many times. But who wants to be a zombie when they get home and have to go to work? Certainly not you. Unfortunately, this set back was not accounted for, thus your current situation. Running through the station, coffee somehow not sloshing over the sides of the cardboard cup, small amounts escaping through the vent hole in the top of the plastic lid.

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Ares’ Secret

The change is subtle; it’s not as though Ares was ever a particularly open or approachable sort of god. Quite the contrary, in fact: if you’d asked any of the regular inhabitants or visitors of Olympus whether it was unusual for Ares to be surly or to answer any greetings or polite conversation with a rude shut-down, you’d get immediate affirmation from everyone that things were proceeding as usual for the belligerent god.  Even the god’s (very) short list of friends –Hermes, Artemis and Aphrodite – would probably agree.

But there’s something different about this.

It finally comes together for Hermes after a few days of this.  He’s out fooling around in the lesser courtyard behind the palatial halls of Olympus, and observes Ares as he’s returning with the corpse of a huge, ancient boar across his shoulders, tusks as long as the god’s arms – doubtless the result of a battle fought somewhere in the foothills, Ares’ usual hobby. Ares is mighty even by the standards of a god, and he’s still staggering under the weight of this thing that he’s dragging around with him, trailing blood as he heaves up the last few yards to the back door to his stables (made of stone to accommodate Ares’ fiery steeds where they stay when not burning the back pastures).

The facts:

1)      If this was any other god you might think this boar could be a respectful sacrifice to Zeus. But it’s Ares, so no.

2)      If he was going to eat it, he’d make servants drag it up the mountain.

3)      If it’s the corpse of a former rival, transformed into a beast and then killed (there’s precedent for that), Ares would have left it where it lay.

4)      Ares isn’t usually interested in loot or treasure – once the battle is over, he checks out.  Unlikely he’d keep a souvenir of this battle if he never did for the giants Echidnades or Mimon.  Maybe he thinks a lover would be impressed by this one?  Must be a new one; Aphrodite has delicately let him know that she prefers jewelry over carcasses.  If so, it’s definitely worth teasing him about.

Hermes makes his conclusions and pops up next to Ares with a grin on his face.

“Heeeeeeey, Ares! Buddy!  What’re you up to?”  Hermes floats alongside Ares, head tilted over to better peer at the staggering god.

Ares stumbles, startled, and curses before turning to level a truly impressive scowl at Hermes.

“What the hell do you care, Shortass?  Fuck off!”

“That’s a whole lotta pig you got there!”  Hermes makes a big show of examining it from all angles, hovering annoyingly close to Ares, who’s steaming already and trying to keep his eye on Hermes.  “Got anything fun in mind?  Are we having a barbecue at Ares’ place tonight?”

“No!  It’s not for you!”  Ares snarls, maneuvering himself and the boar with difficulty to aim a kick in Hermes’ direction.

Hermes dodges easily, drifting in closer and beaming.  “So, is it for someone else?  A gift, maybe?  For someone special?”  

Ares’ scowl deepens even as his face reddens – which could equally be a sign of embarrassment or rage or both, but Hermes isn’t worried either way.  His own grin broadens and he claps his hands to his face in a theatrical expression of delight.

“It is!  Why, Ares! What a thoughtful guy you are – and who’s the lucky one who’s getting such a lovely gift?” Hermes teases, poking Ares’ cheeks playfully and laughing at the face he makes.

“None of your business, brat!  Eat shit and fuck off!”

Hermes clucks his tongue. “Aww, but Ares, anyone that special to you is someone I want to meet – unless I’ve already met them before?”  He puts his chin in his hands, reclining backwards in the air and pretending to consider it.

But, interestingly, Ares doesn’t give the expected reaction.  

Hermes is expecting intensified scowls, barking insults, the usual signs of Ares’ version of squirming in embarrassment.  But instead, the god grits his teeth, looking determined.  

Hermes’ eyebrows lift quizzically at Ares, and he taps a finger to his chin thoughtfully.  “So, it isn’t someone I’ve met.  Someone new?”

“I told you to mind your own business, you nosy little shit!” Ares growls, kicking the door to his stables and immediately shoving the pig through.

There’s a noise within – his horses?  Perhaps, but Hermes has heard many horses before, and this sounds… raspier…

Ares quickly spins around, shutting the door nearly all the way to prevent Hermes from peeking inside.

“And you better not come back here!  Stay OUT!”  

The door slams shut the rest of the way.

Hermes stays where he is for a moment, floating gently and tapping his chin, before allowing the breeze to catch him and drift him up, back towards the palace proper.

What’s different? Ares always tells Hermes, and everyone else, to fuck off.  He’s belligerent and loves a fight.  But he doesn’t hide, doesn’t fend people off, he engages.  

Once Hermes realizes that this is the difference, it seems incredibly obvious.  

Ordinarily, if asked what he’s been up to, Ares might reply with a gruff “out fighting,” or occasionally, “out fucking.”  When he has a disagreement with someone, it’s out in the open.  He absolutely never bothers to hide or justify his actions.  Ares charges ahead with his life, aggressive and confident in everything he does.  

But this time, he’s being secretive.

And now Hermes’ curiosity is piqued.

Especially when he sees that Ares’ horses are currently leaving burning hoofprints behind them as they wander the paddock that winds behind the palace grounds.  So, confirmed, whatever made the noise inside the stables, it wasn’t them.

There are other curious things: strange new scars start turning up on Ares, and his clothes and hair are frequently singed.  Artemis mentions in passing that when she was sparring with him recently, she noticed that a new tattoo had appeared on his skin.  She had assumed the new sinuous flames related to “the flames of war” and teased him about how they brought out his eyes.  Hermes snickers but thinks, Ares has been the god of war for a while. Most of the gods rarely get new markings after they’ve been settled in their roles.  Why would the tattoo only show up now?

For several weeks, Ares can be seen sneaking away from Hestia’s Hearth carrying armloads of the snacks away – meat, mostly, Hermes observes, but also eggs and honey and really it’s the quantity that’s odd.  He mentions it off-handedly to Athena, there goes Ares with some snacks I guess, wonder why?  Her only response is to sniff and say they should all be grateful to be spared his appalling table manners.

At a routine and boring council, Demeter mentions that she received Ares’ request for more increased grain to be delivered to his stables.  

Hermes’ curiosity is starting to drive him mad, especially since Ares is normally so bad at keeping secrets.  Discretion is not his specialty.  And teasing him – which, when used as a form of interrogation, is normally a foregone conclusion – is only getting tight-lipped scowls in response.

Hermes asks Aphrodite. Often, if Ares is out of sorts, it’s because Aphrodite has taken another new lover.  But Aphrodite only shakes her head.

“I’m taking some time off from looking afield for new lovers.  Actually, Ares and I were together just the other day…” she trails off, looking reflectively into the distance.  “…He may not be much for pretty speech, but he has a silver tongue nonetheless, let me tell you.”

Hermes laughs and groans at the same time.  “Well, great! Good to know he’s not a one-trick pony.”

She smirks at him; they routinely swap dirty and embarrassing stories about Ares, both to give each other ammunition to tease him and more things to endear him to them. “More of a stallion than a pony, but yes, the other night was at least three or four tricks in the first hour alone.”

“That stud.  Such passion.  Does he start crying in the heat of the moment?”

“No, no tears, but he curses… oh, but you know, ‘heat of the moment’ makes me think… you’ve seen his new flame markings, right?  First of all, if you haven’t had a new marking in a while, it’s apparently pretty sensitive skin there, and as it happens, the flame markings go all the way down to –”

Aphrodite goes on, explaining, while they both crack up laughing, and yeah, Hermes is absolutely gonna make a note of this information.

Later, he’s back on the case.  He asks Helios, the “eye in the sky” who sees everything his sun touches.

Helios’ response is perhaps not unexpected: “Fuck you, you little pot-stirring shit, I’m not getting involved in that guy’s crap ever again.”

“Aww, come on, Helios, everyone got over it eventually…”

“Nope.  You can fuck right off.  Never again.  You fuckers can’t handle the truth.”  Helios leans back in his chariot thoughtfully, before his scowl turns into a grin abruptly.  “You can ask Selene, maybe.  She sees everything her moon touches.”

Helios sometimes enjoys referring the younger gods to his sister – although she has been faithful to her beloved Endymion, she does like to work up her appetite by winding up her visitors.  The three Titans find it very entertaining to set off the younger gods, to say nothing of the mortals.

Hermes does visit Selene, but only because he knows that the insatiable goddess has recently been to visit Endymion, so Hermes’ balls should be safe this time.  

“Ahh, yes, Ares and his nighttime excursions.  Many evenings of entertainment to be seen there.”  Hermes amuses himself by imagining Ares’ reaction to the small, knowing smile on Selene’s pretty face, if he could see it.  

Hermes bows respectfully. “I’m certain of that.  Ares’ daylight excursions are quite entertaining as well.  I’ll never understand why most of Olympus doesn’t see it.”  

“Well, I do have the advantage of watching the show from far above… miles away from his notorious rages. And you have the advantage of never being troubled by anything, ever.”

That’s not true by a long shot, but Hermes doesn’t show his cards as swiftly as the other gods.  “I just think he’s funny.”

Selene nods thoughtfully. “To answer your question, little herald, your amusing friend has spent more time than usual at his stronghold on Thrace.  Not outdoors, where I can see him, but he rushes from one closed building to the next.”

Thrace’s war palace is one of only two temples dedicated to Ares in all of Greece.  Its people are warlike and considered savage and unpleasant by the majority of the gods, so they do not often visit if they don’t absolutely have to.

Hermes visits there the next day and scouts around.  He spots Demeter’s grain… piled around messily by a barred stone building behind the main temple where Ares resides when he’s there.  Some of it has spilled out onto the ground; the mice must be loving that.  The roar of Ares’ flaming steeds, approaching from the sky in the distance, interrupts Hermes from picking the lock to get in, but not before he could hear some very mysterious animal sounds from within.

He fully plans to go back, but he needs a way to keep Ares occupied.  Artemis, perhaps, she can keep him busy with sparring.  So Hermes goes to Apollo, currently the only one who knows the location of Artemis’ secret grove.  Well, actually, Hermes does know – it’s part of his job to know, in case Zeus needs to deliver a message to her, or summon her directly.  But for as long as that hasn’t happened yet, Hermes would rather let her have her secret grove and go through Apollo when he wishes to speak to her.  

Apollo is seated on a bench in his courtyard.  Apollo’s halls are, as one might expect, incredibly tasteful and elegant.  He generally keeps musicians and beautiful objects (or people) around more or less perpetually for the ambiance.  Today the ambiance staff has been dismissed, to allow Apollo to play at the lyre himself in solitude as he watches birds flit around a fountain splashing water nearby.

Hermes sets down lightly before him, offering a cheeky bow to his senior.  “My Lord Apollo.  The radiance of the sun dazzles the eyes as always.  The sweet tumble of music from your elegant throat fills the ears with joy. The scent of your perfume tickles the nose.  An hour spent in your presence is like a thousand years in paradise.”

“Enough with the flattery, Hermes Dolios.”  Apollo uses the title that refers to Hermes’ domain of wiles and craftiness, but he sounds amused, and Hermes notes that he waited until Hermes was done paying him compliments.  “What are you after today?  I’m not sure I’m interested in losing another bet you’ll cheat to win.”  Apollo idly plucks a few chords on the lyre.  Hermes allows his eyes to linger on the long fingers for a moment before turning back to Apollo’s face with a wink.

“I’m not always out to cheat people, Apollo!”  Hermes shifts to informality easily, sauntering closer.  “Maybe I just want to hang out with my respected senior for a while.  Listen to you sing a song.”  He positions himself suggestively close to Apollo’s lap.  “Get a quickie from a pro?”

Apollo laughs, and poetic embellishment aside, it really is like watching the sun come out from behind the clouds.  “You phrased that like a question.  Are you the pro offering, or is that supposed to be me?”

Hermes grins wickedly. “Could be either, or both at the same time – oof!”

Apollo has delivered a solid kick to Hermes’ midsection, sending him tumbling backwards through the air. Hermes rights himself and floats back with a pout in place.

“I’ll consider it – if you tell me what you’re really here for,” Apollo smiles at him mildly.

Hermes gives an exaggerated sigh and flops down on the bench next to him.  “I actually came here to ask if you could get Artemis for me.  I need her to keep Ares occupied – and it’s been a while since she kicked the crap out of him, I’m sure she’d be eager.”

Apollo snorts.  “I’m sure she would too.  I’m sure beating Ares is quite therapeutic.”  Apollo speaks dismissively of the war god, but Hermes has noticed that he hasn’t been as cruel anymore as he used to be.  The Aloadai had come to claim Artemis, after all, and Ares was captured and imprisoned trying to defeat them.  As much as Apollo may find Ares unlikable, it’s impossible for him to be the enemy of a god who suffered so much in the defense of Apollo’s sister.

Hermes taps his fingers lightly against Apollo’s leg.  “You could even skip that step if you were willing to tell me what he’s up to?  You know, using your twisty turny prophetic ability?”  He wiggles his fingers in the direction of Apollo’s temple.  

Apollo catches his wrist before his hair can be mussed.  “My ‘twisty turny’ prophecies are not the same as omniscience.  If I wanted to know what Ares is up to – which I don’t, particularly – I would have to go to a great deal of effort to see it.”

Hermes catches sight of some movement, just over Apollo’s shoulder, and hides a smile.  “You aren’t curious?  I just get the feeling that he might be up to something.  Like he’s being sneaky.”

“Normally I get a sense that something warrants my attention and effort, if it’s sufficiently large-scale or directly relates to me.  Ares apparently isn’t doing anything huge at present or, luckily, anything to indicate his path will cross with mine anytime soon.  So, no.  Whatever you’re up to, you’re on your own.  Though I will visit Artemis later, if you like.”  

Apollo shifts, turning slightly on the bench, and Hermes quickly zips in front of him to catch his attention again.  “I sure appreciate it, Lord Apollo.  But now that business is concluded…. How about a kiss goodbye?” He gives an exaggerated suggestive wink, a winning smile and a lewd gesture with his hands.

Apollo strums the strings of the lyre thoughtfully before setting it down.  “I suppose I can give you the privilege.  And perhaps you can use this as an opportunity to impress me.”

Afterwards, when they’ve had their fun and Apollo has finally sent him on his way, Hermes takes a moment to drink in the irony of Apollo’s previous statement, about how his path doesn’t intersect with Ares, before he speeds off through the air in the direction of Ares, who is currently still making his way down the side of the mountain with one of Apollo’s cows tied to his back.  Neither Ares nor the cow looks happy about their situation.  

“I guess this counts as you not crossing paths with Apollo, right?  What he don’t know, won’t hurt him?”  He taps his chin thoughtfully, watching the struggle down the mountainside. “That’s good sense, only stealing one cow.  I overreached, stealing the whole herd.  That’s how I got caught.  You’ll probably be fine, though.”

Ares’ scowl is practically weaponized.  Hermes wonders if the red on the god’s face is a warning sign of rage or a cute little blush – hard to tell, with Ares.  “You were really gonna do that, right in fucking front of me.  While I was standing right there, you were gonna deep-throat him.”

“We did a swap, actually,” Hermes says brightly.  “And all as a favor to you!  Here you are, almost escaped, and no one the wiser that Apollo’s got one less cow than he had a half hour ago.”

“You better not tell anyone-!” Ares starts to growl, but Hermes cuts him off by placing his hands on Ares’ cheeks, squishing them together to make a funny fish face.

“Obviously I’m not gonna tell anyone, dumbass.  But seriously.  Whatever you’re doing, you’re gonna get caught soon if you’re not careful.  Why don’t you let me help out?  I’m much better at sneaky shit than you are.”

It’s testament to how the past few months have been straining at Ares that he doesn’t immediately bat Hermes’ hands away.  He stares at Hermes for what must be a full ten seconds in silence, fish-faced, before pulling back and looking away.  “I don’t – this isn’t your concern – ” he forces out, and Hermes puts out his tongue to make a rude noise at him.

“C’mon, dipshit! We’re buddies!  When have I let you down before?”

Ares drags his eyes back to Hermes, briefly pausing to thump the cow on the flank as it moos in annoyance. “I could get in trouble for this. I’m not sure but it’s a possibility. Like, real trouble, maybe.  And you’d get in trouble too, and it won’t be as cute as the other times because you’d be associated with me.”  

Hermes hates that this is true.  Ares speaks plainly and flatly, no matter how bad the situation.  His inability to sugarcoat when he talks has bolstered his reputation for cruelty, but there’s nothing worse than when he turns that truth on himself and bears it without flinching.

But Hermes is confident in his own abilities.  Ares might fear that associating with the war god will make a situation worse; but Hermes believes that this whole situation being associated with the charming messenger god will make it easier on Ares.  If they even get caught.  Hermes Dolios knows what he’s doing.

So he kisses the tips of his first and second fingers, presses them to Ares’ nose, and beams at him. “I don’t give a shit.  Let’s do this!”  And he flips up through the air, over Ares’ head, to land on the back of the cow on his shoulders.  “Alala!” he cheers, using Ares’ preferred battle-cry.

Below him, Ares is still a moment longer, before the god finally begins to plod forward again. “Wasn’t even sure you were sitting up there.  Skinny-ass, you barely weigh anything,” he mutters.  

Their conversation for the rest of the journey to Thrace is much more of a return to how it used to be: Hermes tells jokes and stories and sings songs with ridiculous or lewd lyrics, and laughs at the grouchy curses he receives in return.  He’s delighted when Ares actually stumbles, laughing in spite of himself, at a particularly well-timed punchline about Athena’s musical talents.  

Behind the temple in Thrace, Ares ties the cow to stake.  Hermes nimbly seats himself atop Ares’ shoulders directly now, and notes how tense they are.  The guy needs a good massage immediately.  They go to the stable door and Ares unlocks it, but hesitates before opening it.  The mysterious noises are louder now, and the grain is still strewn about randomly.  Hermes is dying to see what’s inside, but it seems like Ares has one final admonition for him.

“You have got to keep your mouth shut about this. Especially to your stupid boyfriend Apollo.  That pretty asshole is gonna-”

“You’ve totally got a crush on him, don’t you?” Hermes inquires innocently, just to see Ares blink, mouth opening and then snapping shut, too bewildered to even get angry or embarrassed.  

Hermes takes advantage of his indecisiveness to jump off Ares’ shoulders and shove his way past him, through the door, ignoring Ares’ attempted grab.  “Speaking of Apollo, enough with the lectures!  I’m on the team already!  What chthonic mystery are you keeping – oh!”

Whatever he was expecting, Hermes somehow both is, and is not surprised at all, to see the secret revealed:  Two dragons, about four feet long, are currently climbing about on the support posts and ceiling beams of the stable’s interior, and both make excited squawking noises when they see Ares.  Moving quickly, they make their way down as Ares rushes inside and shuts the door swiftly behind him.

The dragons are objectively beautiful creatures, in spite of the clear promise of what terrible beings they will be in the future.  Their bodies are long and sinuous, with tiny useless-looking limbs (six of them) that resemble a bird’s talons.  Their scales shimmer and color seems to ripple through them, though always in shades of green.  One appears to have golden highlights; the other has silver.  Upon their backs are tiny little glowing spikes that run down the length of their spines.  The buds of their wings are forming, three sets placed at each set of shoulders, and their heads resemble nothing so much as a wolf.  Their teeth and claws, tiny though they are, definitely appear sharp – this is confirmed when they start climbing up Ares, leaving scratches and nicks as they nip at him affectionately.  

“Found ‘em near Mount Parnassus.  Dunno if they’re the offspring of Python or not – they seem too young,” Ares says, watching Hermes uneasily, ignoring the way the dragons are leaving claw marks on his skin.

Hermes is actually rendered speechless, hands covering his mouth, eyes shining as he watches the dragons start chewing on Ares’ tunic, making excited, rapid tuck-tuck-tuck noises, interspersed with mild hissing at each other. They adore him, just like loyal hounds, and the ease and familiarity they display as they clamber over Ares tells Hermes that this has been going on for a while.

“Oh, by Hyperion’s glorious balls,” he manages, delight coursing through his voice.  “Oh, this is – this is the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life - !”

Ares’ face twists back into a scowl with something like relief.  “Look, don’t be an asshole, this is serious!”

“Will you shut up?! Quit being such a sulk!  This is fantastic!  You have little tiny baby dragons and they luuuuuurve yoooouuuu!!!”

“You’re such a –“

“Can I pet them?  Will they burn me?”

“Eh?  Uh, yeah, probably…” Ares’ face flickers between annoyance and confusion, and some other emotion that doesn’t look at home on his face.

“I’ll wait till they’re used to me,”  Hermes watches in fascination as one of the dragons stretches its neck and snaps up a mouse that had been feeding on the loose grain scattered about the place. Aha, that’s why all the grain!

“Used to you…?”

“Yeah!  I’ll come by a couple times a week, and I’ll bring little treats to get on their good side – I bet it’s just the same as Arty’s hunting dogs! And maybe we can sneak them out somewhere – hmm.  Where was Dionysus born again?  That’s a pretty isolated place.”

Hermes keeps talking without pause, and without acknowledging the awkward noises Ares is making and the way his fists clench and unclench as the dragons wrap themselves around him happily and gnaw his ears, thrumming softly.  They have an advantage over their master, then – Ares still has no idea what to do with happiness, or gratitude, or any other positive emotion.

Before the night is over, Hermes has stolen about two months’ worth of supplies, and gets caught with none of them – not even by Selene, who raises his eyebrows at him as he sneaks a sack into the stables in Thrace.  He winks at her and flashes a pair of Apollo’s sandals which he stole solely to allay suspicion.

And yeah, a distant part of his mind can see this being a problem down the road, but right at this moment… watching the confused, scowly happiness in Ares’ face… the unspeakably adorable way the he loves those dragons, and they adore him…

Hermes generally thinks any mischief is worth the trouble he might get in, but he thinks he’d happily risk Zeus and Hera’s wrath both for this.

i just found out what bothered me about a lot of indie horror games (besides the ‘jumpscares over atmosphere’ thing because everybody knows about that)

so incoming rambling

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theyna high school au (?)
  • First day of senior year Thalia shows up from nowhere.
  • Reyna, being the president of the students council gets to show her around
  • It’s like the most painful hour ever for Reyna. Thalia doesn’t utter a word during the entire hour it takes Reyna to go over the school grounds, no matter the amount of effort Reyna brings to try small talk.
  • At the ends she’s given up though, and decides that if Thalia doesn’t want any friends, that’s sure as hell not her problem.
  • (but damn she can’t stop thinking about those blue eyes)

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Help! I'm so confused!

Hi, so I would have sent this as a question but I kind of have a lot to say. Sorry about that and I hope this is okay. 

Just recently, I met this Korean guy off of DokiDoki Postbox, yes, that’s right DokiDoki Postbox. I know, that app doesn’t have a lot of good reputation most of the time, but I decided to mess around on it cause I was bored. I really wasn’t looking for anyone. One day I got a message from someone merely asking, “Where should I go next when I travel?” I replied and I thought that would be that. Hi and bye. But, I was wrong, this guy kept messaging me. He introduced himself and I did the same and from there, we talked about all sorts of things. He was so charming and funny, and we had common interest in so many things. He was very curious about me and he asked me lots of questions about myself. 

After a long time talking (we had been talking for two weeks), he asked me a question that filled me with dread, “May I ask you what your race is?” My heart was beating so fast and hard. I thought once I told him that I was black it would be over, but I gained all my courage and told him. It felt like it took forever for him to reply, but five minutes later he was like, “I actually like girls with brown skin. It’s a much healthier look!”. I was so glad he said that. I was so nervous that he was going to say something negative or even not message me back at all. 

The next day, he messages me and asked me if I had an Instagram. I told him, yes, and right after that he gave me his username. I type it in and see he has a private account, so I requested if I could follow him. While I’m waiting, I went back and tell him my username. He messages me back, tells me he found me, and mentions something about one of my book post (I’m a reader, so I post about books.)  I reply and ask him a question about his Insta, but he never replies back…. though he did accept my follow request.

I wait two more days and still nothing. I log on to Instagram and see that he liked a couple of my pictures,though they aren’t pictures of me, but of books and scenery. No comments, just likes. A couple more days pass and I see he likes another one of my pictures, once again not of me but of another picture. (Oh and did I mention? He didn’t follow me back on Instagram.) He comments on it and I comment back, it was first time we spoke for a while, though it was brief.

The next day I get a DM from him and he’s telling me how the actress from Everything, Everything (my fave book, that is also a movie) is his ideal type. I reply, feeling kind of jealous, “Yes, she is very pretty” and proceed to mention other books to him. He later teases me how I’m making him buy lots of books, I reply, and again that’s all I hear from him for about three to four days. And so, here we are today and he’s liked a few of my pictures (which, once again aren’t of me) and that’s it.

So, what I’m asking is, what does this all mean? I’m confused mainly on why we just stopped talking out of the blue…  When people stop talking to me, I normally just back off because I don’t want to annoy them. I don’t want to seem like I’m desperate or anything like that, but I miss talking to him and I can’t seem to let this go easily. It seems like he kinda wants to keep in touch with me, but I don’t know… Should I ask him what’s up or should I let it go? I feel like I’ve made a connection with him and I don’t want to let that go. 

(Sorry this is so long!)

*KM & BW: I think..well I know you should talk to him, share your feelings because, it’s weird he didn’t follow you back, and I wouldn’t take the liking pictures of you to heart, because he probably doesn’t want to come off as invasive, he probably don’t think you like him like that (as more than friends), this happens a lot, so it’s best to talk to him about in some way where you can get him to open up more. And if he just wants to be friends, that’s ok too.

Father shiro and Mother Allura x Child reader

Prologue is here : https://drabblesrus.tumblr.com/post/163308242786/voltron-fanfic

“Who wants to join?” Quarava asked.

Allura looked at the paladins, who seemed a little skeptical about having their DNA sampled by and old alien living in a hollow tree. “Well, if no one else wants to do it.” She said, standing up.

“Wait! Princess..” Shiro started, standing up with the Altean, “I will pair with you.” He said with a small smile. Their relationship had been under wraps for a while now, the only person really knowing is Coran. Quarava beamed and took their hands, inspecting them, “Excellent, two strong beings. The child of voltron will be something to be feared.” He said before taking a thin scalpel and putting a small cut on the tip of their pointer fingers. “Place your hands over the incubation chamber, and let a single drop of you or blood drip in.” He said before quickly running to get some bottled ingredients from the shelves.

“Lets see, they will have the fairness of an Altean, but the strength and will of the earthling donor, now all we need is something to call their own.” He mumbled to himself. Lance scoffed, “Why don’t you make them a graceful dancer.” He began with a laugh, “Like that could help anything.” The grayed man grinned and pulled a pink bottle down from the top shelf, “This should do it!” He said before dripping it in and closing the small chamber. The chamber fizzed and rocked and bounced, Shiro stepped in front of Allura in case the thing were to do something dangerous.

Once it opened, some fog cleared, and out popped a young child, looked to be about seven or eight years of age. They had (H/C) hair, with a white streak in their bangs. “I added in a bit of Amazon, so they may look like you, but they are actually quite strong.” Quarava explained. The child looked around at the group, and got a bit nervous. They were just born like two minutes ago and now there are all these people. They ran up and wrapped their arms around Shiro’s leg, him feeling the most familiar.

Shiro tensed for a moment, not used to sudden physical contact, and from someone so small. He picked up the child, “Umm… Thank you sir.” He stammered out before looking over at allura with a gleam of joy in his eyes. He never thought he would see the day that he would actually have a family. Allura was just as excited, to have an Altean child running around, sure it was only half but that meant their child was special, there was no one in the universe like them.

“What are you going to name them?” Hunk asked as they all walked back to the castle. “Yeah, and are you sure this will even work?” Kieth questioned. Allura tapped her chin, before looking over at the child, “I like (Y/N), what about you Shiro?” She asked her new partner in parenthood. “It does fit them. (Y/N) Shirogane of Altea.”

“Why you gotta make them sound all fancy and stuff? We can just call them (Y/N)…” lance shrugged. Allura whipped around to look at lance, “Are you saying my child doesn’t deserve an official title? They are of the Altean royalty, so of course they’ll have a title!” Pidge checked her watch, “You’ve had the kid for ten minutes and you’ve already gone mama bear Allura. You don’t even know what the kid is like because they’ve clung to Shiro since their creation.” Allura crossed her arms, “Alteans have a strong bond with children.” She said before they reached the castle. Tomorrow we will see what this child will be like in our lives, but for now everyone get some rest.” Everyone went off to their quarters to sleep, except for Allura, Shiro, and (Y/N).

“I suppose we should make a bigger room for the three of us huh? Or at least us together and our child next door?” Allura asked with a small chuckle, “That’s so odd to say but… I do have to admit I like it.” Shiro nodded in agreement before feeling the young half breed fidget in his arms. They looked at the both of them, “Are you my mom and dad?” They asked. That was the first thing they had said to anyone.

Allura smiled and nodded, “Yes darling, I am your mummy. And this loving man holding you is your daddy. You’ll be living with us from now on (Y/N).” She said with a soft smile. (Y/N) reached her hands out to touch Allura’s face, “You’re a pretty mommy…” Shiro looked over at the curious little one and smiled, “I think so too.” He whispered before setting them down. “Now lets get you to bed, we can get all sorts of things done in the morning.”

(Y/N) nodded and yawned, “You both can stay in my quarters tonight, there is more than enough space.” Allura mumbled, yawning a bit as well. Shiro agreed, they could think about plans tomorrow, but for now, they needed to rest up. Because having a child meant more sleepless nights than usual, with one more thing to worry about. Their own flesh and blood, and the constant fear of them getting hurt. But this was not only for bonding the entire team together as paladins, this was to bring them closer as a family, because they were all each other had until Zarkon was defeated and they could actually go home. But for now, this was enough for the Black Paladin at least.

End Chapter 1

(This is a continuation of my first post, the plain Voltron x Reader, and I wanted to do Shiro x Allura first because they seem like the most popular ship besides Klance. If this gets 15 likes ill post a part two, because idk how much people like this lol)