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Why do you hate Tony Stark?

sighs deeply

  1. he’s fucking boring. i still haven’t finished the first two iron movies because they bored me to tears and the only reason i was able to sit through im3 (WHICH WAS A HORRIBLE MOVIE THAT TOOK AWAY ALL OF PEPPER’S AGENCY STOP PRAISING THIS MOVIE GOD) was because i saw it in theaters. but yeah he’s just an extremely boring character to me that is the poster child for white man angst
  2. he could commit genocide and his fans would still ride his dick all day long, making excuses for him and blaming it on his upbringing (and ik howard stark was abusive in the comics but HAS THIS BEEN CONFIRMED IN THE MCU?? like really has it because like i said, havent seen the iron man movies lmao)
  3. he’s misogynistic and gross
  4. the way. he treats. bruce. he does NOT treat bruce like he’s normal. he treats bruce like a goddamn toy, poking at him and seeing how many buttons he can push before he hulks out. it’s really fucking annoying lmao
  5. tony stark is like that really charismatic class clown that everyone thinks is hilarious but if you really stop to think about it he’s just super problematic and his jokes aren’t that funny, he just uses his charisma to make you think he is
  6. because i’m allowed to, because he doesn’t appeal to me, because i’m fucking sick of tony stark meta EVERYWHERE, i’m tired of people excusing or defending his actions, i’m tired of people villainizing sam wilson to make tony look good, i’m tired of his existence in the fandom and i just do. not. like. him.