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When people accuse you of disliking Aang because you’re a petty bitter Zutara shipper when in reality it’s because despite starting as a strong character, he ultimately suffers severe Favorite Character Syndrome and never learns or grows, resulting in the titular character of the show being a classic example of a ‘static’ character, which, in comparison to the rest of the cast, is just unmemorable and frankly boring

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what do you think of the cover of Girls Made of Snow and Glass? bc i think it's pretty boring but people keep saying it's rly good? idk it doesn't even look YA to me. do you think there's something special here that i'm just not seeing?

ok i am not unbaised because Melissa Bashardoust is a lowkey internet buddy of mine (and also i’m INSANELY EXCITED TO READ IT AHHHHHHHHH) but I really like it. I was surprised by how starkly minimal it is when they first released it, and yes, the result is that it doesn’t look YA, but as a book with major crossover appeal (and also with the job of visually differentiating itself from the eight billion other YA fairytale retellings) I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Age bracket-signaling aside, though, GMSG is a masterclass in relatively minimalist cover design. Designing minimally is harder than designing something more complicated, because you have to be in complete command of every single detail and this just! nails it! the typography is super simple but everything is perfect; the spacing, balance, hierarchy, the slight interest you get from “of” and “and” being in italics, the type pairing with the sans-serif author name. There’s no unnecessary textures or effects to bog it down; the designer knew what they were doing and were confident that that was enough, and that confidence and skill comes though. (it also comes through in the fact that there’s not a drop shadow on “snow and glass”– a lesser designer/ anyone who works at harpercollins might have been temped to put one to help it stand out from the icicles, but we don’t need it.) The imagery of the icicles provides organic detail in contrast to the simple letterforms (and is placed a lot less randomly than it looks; tangents are being very carefully avoided) and that combined with the stark black and white makes the mood of the cover bleak and cold without, as we have discussed before re: the covers of Wintersong and Stealing Snow, stamping snowflakes and sparkles on everything. I have it on good authority that this is appropriate re: the book’s contents.

So yeah, i mean, if you think it’s boring, liking minimal design is a matter of personal taste, but I think it’s pretty close to flawless on a technical level. And it may not be a very YA cover, but I’m all for variation in the market + increased ability for booksellers to handsell to adults.



i was messing with adobe lightroom and i kinda enjoyed the results.

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Do you have any advice for someone who keeps on thinking about popularity when it comes to drawing? I ended up drawing what people will like and it always results to a boring illustration that nobody notices. And I really wanted to be fine with that but I always keep in mind the amount of notes and followers I'll get if I draw this stuff and it's frustrating that I draw nothing in return because I'm pressuring myself that there are younger more talented and have more followers than me (part1)

(Part2) I know popularity shouldn’t matter when it comes to drawing but I can’t stop comparing myself to others and then thinking about the likes I’ll get. Should I stop posting and take a hiatus or post whatever I have no matter how crappy my work is? Yo I’m not in a hurry or something anyways lol so you don’t have to answer right away

[pasted your second question just to combine it & answer in one go)I struggle with this myself. I think that you should post what makes you happy first. The art is for you, and you should post whatever you want, when you want. If you feel shy with some of your messier works, make a separate sketch blog or something. Or even an experiments blog. Or you could go on a hiatus if you prefer. 

I think that fan art is great, but likes are really not what gives you satisfaction with art, the art itself is. 

Improvement happens over time and involves a lot of hard work and continuous drawing. It’s often easier to continue drawing if you draw what you love first. If you like a certain fandom, by all means draw it, but if original art is your passion, definitely do that first. The passion will show through, and people generally tend to like that.  It might be healthy to draw in sketchbooks, so then you can focus on you and your art specifically. 

Also, keep in mind, it takes a lot of time sometimes, to be noticed. My art blog, @astrikos, is sitting at just over 700 followers, and I used to care a lot about the notes count. Now, I just draw for myself and it makes me calmer and happier because I have more time to draw what I actually really love. I don’t really like drawing fan art (love it & artists that do, but I prefer to draw my own characters/animals) and once I got over the whole popularity thing, it helped me learn more about my own style and made me less afraid to fail. You have to fail a lot as an artist to improve.  The funny thing is, once I started creating content for me, there was a bit of a rise in interest in the work. Not that it matters, but that’s how it happened.

TLDR: Try to stop checking your notifications & get out there and draw! It’s a bit hard, but is definitely helpful because it helps you redirect your attention to the most important thing– your own art.

I just realize how misleading this dialog sounds like….

Asuramaru can you be slightly less suggestive?

Like, really, I can pretty much copy paste this into any appropriate scene and it would be inappropriate.


I can even put it on Yuu and the result would be the same.

This is gold. I can do lots of stuff with just this alone.

Was looking at jununy’s art and was inspired to try and loosen up a bit. ….the result is pretty bad, but eventually I’ll get it. Maybe. This is just because I don’t wanna fix the typography for my illustration project like my tutor told me to do.

Yamato is Kakashi’s personal guard, but he also acts as an advisor and hokage-babysitter. Good ol' sleeveless top on Yamato as decided by Kakashi. If he’s gonna be stuck doing boring paperwork all day he deserves to have some nice arms to look at.

When the Gauntlet throws the royal Nohrian bros at you together in one battle while you’re on Team Takumi and so you just. And the results are just.

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It took me a while to realize that I am a gryffindor, as I got a lot of different results from pottermore and other sorting pages... But i'm not so happy now... every house positivity post on here is like "don't worry, gryffindor isn't actually good, the other houses are better!" and everyone keeps telling me it's boring and slytherin is really cool and i don't know, other potterheads treat me like i'm dumb when i tell them this it's quite annoying to be honest

No house is better than the other houses.

None. At all. Whatsoever.

Every house is different and while obviously certain houses are better for certain people (hence how sorting actually works) but no house is superior and no house is inferior.

Its very important to me that everyone understands that.

What you are most likely seeing here is the fact that Gryffindor is CONSTANTLY put on a pedestal and thus other houses CONSTANTLY are having to be talked up in order to bring them all to the same level.

Overall though, the fandom (especially newer fans and people who are less obsessive about the houses) quite frequently has a tendency to just claim Gryffindor is full of itself , self-involved, and other negative sounding things like that. This reaction can be chalked up to a few different things. The individual doesn’t actually understand Gryffindor properly (and likely misunderstands other houses too), they are attempting to balance the attention and love given to each house (since all the other houses end up being deemed lesser by people who have seen HP but don’t GET the houses at all, and by those whole believe all the stereotypes of Slytherin being evil, Ravenclaw being nerds and “what the fuck is a Hufflepuff?”), or its a defense mechanism of sorts to help deflect any negativity thrown at their own house (Hufflepuff calling Gryffindors lazy, Ravenclaw calling Gryffindors dumb, Slytherin calling Gryffindors “goody two shoes”).

Basically, being a Gryffindor is often seen as a privilege. Everyone thinks you’re a hero who could do no wrong and there is nooooooo lack of Gryffindor merchandise. Hell Dumbledore straight up prioritizes Gryffindor other houses by practically gifting them with the house cup.

All the hate thrown at Gryffindors is mostly people thinking we’re basic bitches or being mad that their house didn’t get as much “screen time”.

So basically, no the other houses aren’t better than Gryffindor, but Gryffindor isn’t better than the other houses.

Also Gryffindor is anything but boring. Gryffindor is excitement! Gryffindor is adventure! Gryffindor is…..truly outrageous…truly truly truly outrageous… 

But yes, reminding people that you aren’t a basic bitch and that you are awesome is exhausting. I hate it so much. Its definitely my least favorite part of being a Gryffindor. There’s not really anything that can be done about it. Just keep being you.

-Jamie (Gryffindor)

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Anon Confession: I was making out with my drumline boyfriend after a football game. And things were getting hot and heavy. We Started touch and I was rubbing his dick. He got hard and all that other nonsense so about 10 minutes into it I'm starting to get bored so I decide to good off .I whisper "Dut" in his ear really seductively and I kid you fucking not he came right there.

and from some reason, I’m not baffled by the end result. the sexual power of a dut is unmatched.

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I'm trying to develop a comic involving ghosts, and I was wondering how to strike a happy medium with how much explaining there is on why/how ghosts exist. Obviously, too much explanation about things that are supernatural or magical can get tiresome and boring (look at midichlorians from Star Wars), but not enough explanation results in confusion. How much explanation would you recommend? Thank you for your time and for making such an amazing comic!

Well, people in general understand the concept of ghosts, so really all you would need to explain is any mechanics that are particular to your universe – like some people use a rule that ghosts only happen when a death involves a crime, so if your plot were to hinge on a detail like that, you’d need to establish it at some point. Etc.

And then, it is always best to show it rather than tell it, and don’t worry about cramming it all in at the beginning. You have the whole entire story to build your world. It’s okay to have your characters explore the world in real time and come to conclusions in tandem with the reader.

As long as YOU know the rules for your universe, and then write everything according to those rules, your world will feel stable and readers will be able to figure things out, even if you don’t force paragraphs of exposition on them.

(Then there will always be those odd readers who try to apply DnD rules to everything and get mad when they decide that your unicorns are not REAL unicorns.) ;)

Thanks for reading!