i'm really being self indulgent here

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Prompt or hc concept? Kirikami getting captured by a villain and are being tickled to get information and Kaminari freaking out and on like the verge of tears because he's so freaking ticklish and Kirishima being a protective and chivalrous bf is like "LEAVE HIM ALONE! STOP BEING SUCH AN UNMANLY ASSHOLE AND COME OVER HERE AND TICKLE ME INSTEAD!" Omg I'm sorry if this sucks I just live for these type of cliches and BNHA is such a great series for it and I love Kirikami with protective Kirishima!

ok but also let me be self indulgent and gross here but: their captor discovering that kirishima really really cares for kaminari, and deciding that instead of tickling them both, he’ll just torture kaminari instead, and make kirishima watch

and kirishima is growling and trying to escape but he’s stuck, and he has to watch as this villain crowds closer to kaminari and kaminari is tied up all open and vulnerable, and he’s nearly crying because he knows he’s going to get broken down real fucking fast. and he’s going to try his best but kaminari is way way too ticklish for his own good ok

and im gonna be REAL GROSS HERE but like. kaminari getting tickled for so long that he sorta forgets what’s going on and what’s happenin and he’s just cryin and limp and babbling incoherently but he’s actually… really good at holding his information, and luckily they get rescued before the villain can get any info, or before kirishima gives out info just to make him stop torturing kaminari

and after kirishima is free, he runs over to kaminari and holds him close and kaminari is trembling and clutching at kirishima’s arms and kirishima’s like “shhh you did so good, you’re so strong” 

and ghghghhghgg 

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So even TV guide recognizes the issue with this rinse/lather/repeat storyline for Regina. I'm very amused right now.

Right? That was hilarious.

Look, if they are going to have the EQ raise havoc in Storybrooke and hopefully cause some trouble for Emma and Hook (I’m here for any and all S1 Snowing parallels) and make Regina’s life hell, then cool, bring it on.  

But when they promote it as, Regina deciding between good and evil, YAWN. 

FFS, seriously no one outside of hard core ERs really care about Regina’s tiresome, self-indulgent emo inner struggle with her dark side at this point in the story.  

If I was ABC, I’d be promoting it as the EQ being back and about to fuck shit up.  

Unfortunately, with the copious number of EQ fairybacks that they do each season the audience has never had time to really miss the Evil Queen…