i'm really bad at dates birthday i do not really know what do say you know

if jooheon was your boyfriend

my first request :’’)))) tysm, I’m sorry if this is bad or generic, but I had a lot of fun doing it- I’ll gladly do it as a series, so please tell me what member you’d want next :))

  • squishy squish what a cutie 
  • basically your best friend but a little more intimate 
  • probably awkward when he asks you out but then quickly gets comfortable (like as soon as you say ok he’s already whisking you away bridal style) 
  • clingy and touchy i can just imagine it 
  • doesn’t mind a little pda 
  • wants everyone to know that you’re his and is proud about it 
  • knows when to give you space but may as well be glued to you all day since he never leaves your side 
  • dimples galore 
  • will get jealous if you prefer other boygroups 
  • but then he’d turn around and be the biggest girl group stan smh double standards 
  • good luck trying to stop him from learning all the dances to g friend and twice
  • those eYEs ohmygod you’ll melt everytime 
  • ^ gets what he wants from you, always 
  • funny af (obviously) 
  • he’d have you laughing so much everyday that you start tearing up 
  • randomly breaking out into a dance and rapping to try and make you laugh / cheer you up 
  • pouty jooheon is so cute 
  • he’d be upset if you accidentally ate something of his that he was looking forward to eating 
  • wouldn’t really be mad at you because he thinks you’re cute 
  • but he’d probably bring it back up one of those days when he wants you to buy a treat for him while you’re on a date together 
  • ^ it probably happens a lot 
  • betting each other on who will pay for a meal out by showing the best aegyo 
  • he always wins 
  • omg your poor wallet 
  • but he’s a gentleman,, he’ll probably pay last minute when you’re not looking 
  • or make up for not paying by buying small things over time 
  • absolutely spOILS you on your birthday 
  • likes to order takeout with you and just binge watch netflix together 
  • but if he cooks he really tries his best 
  • best, but unexpected, food combos like omg why haven’t you thought of eating this together before??? 
  • distracted easily but it’s a cute and dorky trait 
  • texting you his random thoughts and the occasional joke or meme 
  • will ask you for advice when it comes to decision making 
  • you wear the pants in the relationship most of the time 
  • he likes to be controlled by you ;))) 
  • energetic, so can go on for rounds and rounds 
  • dating him will be tiring, but such a fun experience 
  • he’s your cute lil puppy who just loves to give cuddles and kisses all the time
  • constantly reminding you that he loves you 
  • has a strong hold on you when you sleep 
  • whispering how much you mean to him in your ear before kissing you goodnight 
  • would be so afraid to lose you,, pls protect him

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The Stranger

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Angst. Hella Angst.

Word Count: 4.1k

Summary: Everything is fine until you start seeing a strange boy everywhere you go.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

The first time you see him, you are trying to park your car. You’re late to an appointment and the parking lot is full, leaving you with no choice but to park on the street. Parallel parking is not something you’re fond of, especially when you’re on a busy road in the middle of town and handfuls of people are walking up and down the sidewalk, watching you struggle and laughing at your misfortune.

You spot him right away. He’s an eyesore among the crowd, the only one not dressed for the weather and you can’t help but wonder how he manages to look so comfortable with snow gathering in his hair. The sight of him is so interesting that you can’t help but stare. You momentarily forget about the task at hand because you’re so caught up in watching this stranger walk toward you that you don’t even notice you’ve backed up too far until you feel your car bump against the one behind you.

Panic sets in immediately and you tear your eyes away from the stranger to look and see if anyone else has noticed. Out of all the people on the street, very few have even glanced in your direction. Breathing a sigh of relief, you inch your car up just a bit and reach down to put it in park.

When you look up, the stranger is standing in the center of the sidewalk staring right at you, eyebrows raised, sly smile on his face. You’re not sure what causes you to react so quickly, but you throw the gear shift into drive and speed out of your parking spot like a bat out of hell, appointment be damned.

You take a moment to glance out of the passenger side mirror and it alarms you to realize that the stranger is still standing there, smiling fondly as you leave.

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Can I request the second school prompt for Jared x Evan?

“I have no one to sit with at lunch so I sat at your table and now your friends are not-so subtly kicking you under the table. Now they’re very loudly whispering that your crush has shown up and oh my god. I have never seen you this red by the way.” AU with Jared/Evan by @neglectedrainbow 

Evan stands, completely petrified, in front of the library, staring at a red piece of paper taped to the door. “LIBRARY CLOSED DURING PERIODS 5 AND 6” it reads, in large, borderline aggressive letters. He continues staring at the note, trying to will himself not to panic-or-or run or cry or-

Evan doesn’t normally go to the cafeteria; he much prefers to huddle into a corner of the library and secretly eat his lunch in serenity. The lunch room is too much, full of yelling voices and spilled food and-and it’s just too much, it’s always been too much, and now where is he supposed to go? He can’t go to the writing lab, because it’s already full, and-and, he could just eat his food in the bathroom, bent in a stall. He almost accepts that level of defeat until a hand claps down on his shoulder. “Evan?”

He flinches backwards, and Jared raises both of his hands in a symbol of peace, his expression flashing in regret. “Sorry, sorry, I know better than to jump up on you like that.”

When Evan doesn’t respond, too busy trying to calm his heartrate down to an acceptable level, Jared continues, “What’re you doing, though?”

“Oh,” Evan begins to pull at one of the straps of his backpack. “Um… Just… Noticing that-that the library’s closed.”

“Huh,” Jared looks at the sign, squinting as he reads it. “What class are you in now? Maybe the teacher mixed up where you’re meeting?”

“No, no, um…” Earlier this year, Evan had convinced Jared that he had European History this period, trying desperately to avoid either offending Jared by not sitting with him at lunch or appearing to be an even bigger mess by admitting to being unable to sit in the lunchroom for 45 minutes. “I have…” He bites his tongue, looking into Jared’s eyes for a moment, and they’re too trusting; he can’t lie. “Lunch, actually.”

“Really? How come-” Jared’s face falls for a moment, his eyebrows pulling in as he surveys his friend. “Who do you sit with?” There’s a hit of-of sadness, or maybe anger, in his voice.

“I don’t really-I do homework in the library, normally, so-I don’t really, um, sit with anyone?”

“Oh,” Jared’s looking at him again, intensely, and Evan can feel his cheeks heat up in embarrassment. “Well, if you don’t have anywhere else to go, you can come sit with me?” To any casual listener, that question would sound off-handed, like a second thought, but Evan knows Jared, knows how this isn’t some flippant remark.

“Um, I can-I can try? But if it-”

Jared nods, “If it gets too loud or whatever, we can leave.” He says “we,” not “you,” which makes Evan’s chest grow tight in a way he can’t quite explain.

“Sure, sure, that’s-that’s fine.”

And off they go, their strides evening out quickly, calmly. The roaring noise from the cafeteria grows louder and louder as they approach, and Evan takes a few deep, relaxing breaths.

The table seems engrossed in a conversation when they arrive, full of hand gestures and laughing and tossing chips at each other, until Alana sees them both. Immediately, her face lights up, and she tugs on Zoe’s arm, not-so-surreptitiously nodding towards Evan. Soon enough, the enter table is desperately trying not to stare at them all at the same time and simultaneously failing miserably.

Jared leads him over, pulling out a chair next to him, and motioning for Evan to sit. Slowly, sending another glance around the table, he complies. “Hey, Jared…” Zoe starts, leaning forward and waggling her eyebrows up and down. “And Evan.” She drags out the last vowel dramatically, grinning at Jared.

“Hey Evan,” the rest of the table choruses.

He swallows drily. “Hey.”

Immediately, Alana begins hurriedly whispering in Zoe’s ear, just as two other kids (both of whom Evan vaguely recognizes from Jared’s birthday “get-together”) do the same. Jared begins to have a silent conversation with Zoe, comprised solely of exaggerated facial expressions and eye movement.  

The entire table keeps glancing at Evan, who very quickly becomes more and more uncomfortable.

“So! Evan!” Alana begins, placing her elbows neatly on the tabletop. “How have you been? Jared’s told us all so much!”

“Um…nothing big, really, just… School and stuff.”

“Oh yeah!” Alana smiles like that’s the most fascinating thing she ever heard, as Jared tries to kick her underneath the table. “What about your dating life?”

“Oh come on!” Jared huffs, but he’s quickly silenced by Zoe.

“Let him speak, J! Gosh!”

Evan looks between the three of them, trying not to laugh. “I’m not dating anyone, so-”

“Really!” Alana exclaims, pursing her lips at Jared. “Well, it seems as though Zoe and I know just who you’d do fantastically with!”

Jared’s face is roughly the color of a tomato as he sputters various protests. Evan turns to his friend, leaning over, pushing away the giggle threatening at his throat, “Are you okay?”

“I’m-I’m just suffering greatly, but it’s-it’s fine,” Jared chokes, pressing a thumb into his forehead and waving vaguely. “It’s all good.”

Evan watches Jared for a few more moments, “I don’t mind them asking me questions, it’s alright.”

“No, it’s just-” Jared pushes himself up, sending a glare towards his two other friends. “Yeah.”

“You’re the color of a strawberry right now,” Evan replies.

“Oh God.”

“No, no,” Evan rushes to correct himself. “But, I mean, in-in like a good way. It’s-you’re cute.” Jared almost chokes on his own saliva.


“You’re cute,” Evan repeats, slowly, carefully, being sure to meet his friend’s eyes.

Jared’s smiling bigger than Evan’s ever before seen. “You-you’re not so bad yourself, Hansen.”

Zoe and Alana hoot and holler encouragement as the two boys smile, their hands linking together underneath the table.

Matthew Daddario Quotes Pt. 2
  • "Is my butt my pumpkin?"
  • "Handing out side-eye like gravity pulls left."
  • "Go kiss a train!"
  • "Can I book this lady for my next birthday?"
  • "Punching isn't solving problems as much as usual."
  • "It's nice when you haven't read a book in ten years so you forget most of it and it's like reading it anew."
  • "Man, that was a sweaty, shirtless day."
  • "I'm not resisting this?"
  • "Vampires are cats?"
  • "Sometimes I write out the description of the face."
  • "You guys keep calling me a dork. Kind of a bummer."
  • "Like with the VROOM thing?"
  • "What if they don't like the same food as me? I can't handle that kind of let down."
  • "Plants are green sometimes."
  • "Oh, that's inappropriate!"
  • "They always open their mouths and they do this, 'Don't bother me!'"
  • "I get to travel more and learn about plants."
  • "If anyone reads this, don't curse. It's bad, and if you all start doing it all the time it won't be as fun when I do it."
  • "Still at home, making pickles."
  • "It helps if you imagine all the pigeons coo'ing at you and they just don't annunciate the 'L'."
  • "I just really want them to find Genghis Khan's tomb this year."
  • "Just chop the hand off to stop the spread."
  • "I'm sure many people have asked themselves that question when they were about 12 and thought 'Oh, what a great thought that was' and I just said it when I'm 29."
  • "They're definitely going at it head first."
  • "Tall guy and little dude need a cop show spin-off."
  • "I'm gonna press the button. Here we go. That's not a button."
  • "This is so deranged! What a sick thing."
  • "I'm a little more professional. I don't giggle when someone says something funny."
  • "Why do people play this game?"
  • "This has been a stressful experience."
  • "I must be really into burning the roof of my mouth when I eat pizza because I never. Freaking. Learn."
  • "Makes me wanna go to sleep."
  • "I don't understand what that sentence means."
  • "Is an eggplant really a plant? Has it in its name, but it's not an egg."
  • "So many lame puns to write, so many buns to touch."
  • "I was allowed to curse there."
  • "Hot sauce in my bag at all times. Always have hot sauce."
  • "I don't know the Pokemon situation. I'm not gonna lie."
  • "This is a morbid question."
  • "That's some information about plants."
  • "My mom is more impressive than your mom. That's truth."
  • "Yo, tall guy, you gonna use your words this episode to solve problems? Improve relationships?"
  • "This feels like a very personal question, BuzzFeed. I am tempted to make something up."
  • "Honestly, city people! Am I right?"
  • "My friend would punch me in the face."
  • "This is the plus happiness rune."
  • "I'm pressing the button! Beep!"
  • "I'm not gonna take off my shirt. Come on."
  • "Just threw so much shade that she's gonna have to take vitamin D supplements for life."
  • "Don't say inappropriate things on here. Come on, guys!"
  • "Dates are stressful. Just go home and see what happens."
  • "Literally just told you not to do that."
  • "If you don't agree, whatever!"
  • "Are these pop culture references that I'm not getting?"
  • "Lucky I'm here to provide therapy."
  • "They are getting a little sweaty and enjoying themselves together."
  • "Twins are sometimes made when an egg splits, I think."
  • "I can't reblog it because it would be narcissistic."
  • "Harry and Isaiah, who are not here, which is a bummer."
  • "I can't remember my first date. I'm sure it went splendidly."
  • "He's back home in London! Home of the world's largest skillet!"
  • "Wacky antics! Misunderstandings! Sexy interlopers!"
  • "Tell me how much you loved my sleeping."
  • "Teen dot com doesn't know their internet slang like we do!"
  • "Maybe he needs more of those forced memory flashbacks. Those seem healthy."
A Seasick Crocodile

Summary: After one too many bad setups, Emma thinks the best way to get out of another blind date is to tell her sister-in-law she already has a boyfriend. But when her brother makes the assumption she’s dating Killian Jones, Emma just might need a Christmas miracle to pull it off.

(Scary accurate photoset by @lenfaz and beta duties by @evil–isnt–born who keeps me entertained AND consistent.)

A little birdie told me it’s @nightships birthday today. Hope you like your present, Jess! Thank you for making me pretty things <3 

Ao3 or FF


 “So I know you really didn’t like August all that much, but I was thinking–”

“No.” Emma glares across the table at her sister-in-law, trying – and failing – to keep from brandishing her fork like a club. “No more Christmas party blind dates.”

“I know the last few–”

“Seriously? Mary Margaret, he was gay. You set me up with a guy who doesn’t even like women. The one before him turned out to be a skip. The one before him was Ruby’s ex.” Emma ticks them off one at a time on her fingers, her irritation only growing as she relives each horrible date. “So this year, I’m saying no. Absolutely not.”

“What have you got to lose?” Mary Margaret asks, completely undeterred by Emma’s protest.

“I already have a boyfriend!” Emma blurts out, reaching for her glass of wine and taking a large gulp to hide the lie. It’s the only thing she can think of to shut Mary Margaret up, since her brother is sitting uselessly next to his wife with an amused look on his face – amusement she is pleased to note disappears the moment she makes her announcement.

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i'm a casual shipper. what is "the whole story" please tell me so i can be more emotionally invested

Okay, I’m gonna try to summarize:

When Paul went to Woolton village annual festival with his school mate Ivan Vaughan, he saw John with his band on the stage and it was like the others fade away and just John was there. 

Love at first sight, obvious.

When John’s band the Quarrymen finished their performance, Ivan took Paul to meet them (Ivan was friend of them). 

John was wary but curious at same time when he saw Paul. So he played Twenty Flight Rock to them and it was so “WOW”. John got really impressed. John, instead of being envious and rude, he started to chat with Paul, very interested.

There was a piano in the Church hall they were, so in some point in that afternoon Paul started to play the piano and John came, leaning over his shoulder and joining him at playing. It’s when Paul felt John’s breath was smelling of beer. And Paul NEVER forgot this detail. Paul’s obsessed with ‘John’s beery old breath’. He always talks about, and he even said soon he came to LOVE his beery old breath. WHAT KIND OF PERSON LOVES SOMEONE’S BEERY BREATH???

Paul about John’s beery breath: “Oh dear…”

John spent the rest of July thinking if he should or no to invite Paul to join the band. He also started to practice his guitar like a mad, making an effort to learn new songs - you know, if he invited Paul, he wanted to impress him. So finally John decided to call Paul to the Quarrymen. Paul accepted, but he was going to a Scout camp then a trip with his family. Meanwhile, John kept practicing his guitar.

Paul was back in Liverpool in August, so he went to Quarrymen’s meeting and he was totally different. You know when a teenage boy goes to vacation and gets back stunning??? Well, this happened to Paul. He was noticeably thinner and tanned – workout to impress crush.


John and Paul started to hang out and became inseparable, ignoring their old friends to stay alone. They’d hang out on each other’s home and skip school to stay sometime together. This is something  a couple totally in love would do, isn’t it?

John used to mess Paul’s dates and also they would bring each other for their dates. Seriously, is this a friendship?????
Paul got really angry when John became Stuart’s friend. He was super jealous because he was loosing his attention. But in 1960, they recorded a song, I heard it was in Paul’s home, called I Don’t Know (Oh, Johnny, Johnny) where they say they’re going to leave the town and that Paul loves John. In the Easter holliday of that same year, they packed a few clothes and their guitars, hitchhiking to Caversham, Berkshire, to stay with Paul’s relatives that had a pub. They’d be squeezed in a little single bed. Also they performed in Paul’s relatives pub as a duo.

Well, now baptised as the Beatles, they went to Hamburg. Once Paul had a chick on the bed, and John got into the room, totally mad, with a scissor, so he cut the girl’s clothes and called her ‘whore’. George said he got like that occasionally.

Stuart met Astrid in Hamburg and fell in love with her, so Paul seemed to be more okay with him. In 1961, The Beatles were back to Liverpool, except Stu, and John’s aunt gave him £100 to his 21st birthday. Instead of spending that money with LP’s, a new guitar, a party, porn magazine, Elvis posters, prostitutes, he decided to travel and take along his friend Paul McCartney. He could have taken along his girlfriend or any of his friends, but he took Paul. Anyway, they were planning to go to Spain, but they ended up in Paris. Later John’d say in a lost interview that Paris was ‘so romantic with all that holding and kissing that was going’. Well, you know, usually male friends go to a city to see how romantic people can be there, ‘Oh it’s so cute, isn’t it???’ ‘Yeah!!! Very cute!!! Aww!!!’

When Paul met Jane Asher, John was super rude to her and talked a lot of shit. And every girl Paul had, John got pretty annoyed. It wasn’t because he was envious, well, John also could have any girl he wanted. He was jealous.

During The Beatles’ tours, John and Paul usually shared a room. Also, the security was hard, so groupies and prostitutes wouldn’t have easy access, so when they felt horny, they’d satisfy themselves with each other.

In 1968, John started his relationship with Yoko, and Paul was getting annoyed because he was loosing his attention. I believe something bad happened between them during this period for John starting tease Paul.

In 1968, Paul married Linda. Curiously John called his wedding ‘funeral’. 1 week later Lennon married Yoko.

After The Beatles break up, John and Paul would write songs to needle each other. They didn’t do that for Ringo and George, just for each other. AND, Paul put a photo of Beetles copulating on Ram’s back cover. Why a person would put a picture of bugs having sex whom specie has simmilar name to his old musical group’s name?

During John’s lost weekend, the period he was separated from Yoko, Paul and Linda visited them. AND JOHN STOLE A COPY OF BAND ON THE RUN AND HIDE IT! In some point of this visit, Linda asked if John missed England. He replied, “Frankly, I miss Paris”. Remember John and Paul Paris trip in 1961.

In 1975 John got back to Yoko. In 1976 Paul and Linda visited them. The first visit was very okay, so after a few visits, John said they weren’t in Liverpool in 1956 anymore, Paul couldn’t come and visit any time he wanted. Paul got hurt and angry and went away, but Paul says before leaving, John asked Paul, “Think about me now and then, my old friend”.

John missed Paul A LOT and wanted to songwrite with him again. He asked his staffs to buy Paul’s albums and when he heard Paul on radio, he got like ‘WAS THIS PAUL?’. THEY EVEN WOULD HAVE A SESSION TO SONGWRITE TOGETHER, BUT SOMEONE SAID TO JOHN THAT PAUL WOULDN’T COME AND THIS SOMEONE SAID TO PAUL JOHN WAS TOO BUSY.

In August, 1980, Paul was in NYC and called John to ask if he could visit him. Yoko who answered the phone. Without asking John, she said it wouldn’t be appropriate.

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I'm sad - do you have a moment to talk about friends-with-benefits to oh-noes-I-think-I-love-you sabriel?

Please don’t be sad my darling here have some double headcanoning from me and Aaliya @wordssometimesfail we started talking and here’s what we have to say about this:

  • demiromantic Gabriel who’s pansexual and VERY sexual but isn’t really sure what being in love feels like. He was in love with Kali when they were dating but he never managed to process the feelings and that was one of the reasons why they broke up: she was aromantic and she could tell he was catching feelings and didn’t want to string him along
  • demisexual Sam who meets Gabriel at their mutual friend’s birthday party (it’s Charlie, no second thoughts about that), and Gabriel immediately starts hitting on Sam, but Sam turns him down saying “No, sorry dude, I’m not into casual sex”
  • Gabriel is so baffled by the fact that someone who looks like a sex god has just said something like this that he gapes at Sam for a few seconds and then suddenly (even for himself) says “Okay then let’s just talk” and that is how they become friends
  • Gabriel constantly trying to set Sam up with someone at first until Sam’s had enough of this, so he sits Gabriel down and tells him that he’s demisexual and has recently been through a really bad break-up and isn’t looking to date anyone in the nearest future. Gabriel’s like, okay, sure, no problem not setting you up anymore but is it okay if I talk about my sex life or does it make you cringe?
  • Sam just laughs at that and says that he’s perfectly fine with this because that’s what friends are for, right?
  • Gabriel’s like wow whoa yeah I guess you’re right we really are friends okay that’s cool

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Congrats on one year of writing and happy birthday!! I love all your fics so will gladly give you a prompt: bellarke + "we broke up a month ago and this is the first time we've seen each other since and oh, your hair has gotten so long and now i'm realising it's because i always used to cut it for you and it makes me want to cry a little bit", angst with a happy ending! Sorry if this is super specific!! And thank you :)

Thank you! Hope you like it! 


The first time she sees him After, they’re standing in the cereal aisle at the grocery store.

She almost doesn’t approach him, but it’s been almost three weeks since they broke up and she misses him like crazy. She’d been sure that Bellamy was it. She still is.

He sees her right before she reaches him and straightens with a cautious expression on his face. It hasn’t been long enough she thinks he should really look that different, but it’s obvious he’s been under stress. At least, it is to her. He’s wearing the sweatpants he only pulls out when he’s sick, his scruff is uneven, and his hair– well, it’s as untended as ever, but it hangs over his eyes and curls under his ears like it doesn’t know what to do with itself. Like it’s maybe trying to shelter him from the world.

She used to cut it, she remembers with a pang. Their freshman year of college, she’d gotten tired of looking at the raggedy mess and pushed him down into a chair to give him a trim. He’d let her, glad to save the money, and it became their thing over the years.

Okay, so they had lots of things– bickering, pale ales, horror movies, being the only ones in their friend group who liked olives on their pizza. But the hair cutting was their first thing, and now it’s the most obvious sign that they’ve truly broken up.

“Let me guess,” he says, his voice exactly how she remembers it. “Cocoa Puffs?”

“Let me guess– you don’t think chocolate is a breakfast food.” Her eyes fall to the box in his hands and her heart clenches. So many changes in such a short time. “Or maybe you do.”

“It’s for O,” he explains, dropping the box in his cart. “I’m compromising.”

“How’s she doing?”

It’s easier to ask after his sister than to ask after him, and he seems to feel the same way as he answers, his shoulders loosening.

“It’s pretty rough right now. Even when we were growing up, it’s not like she really saw me as a parental figure, you know? But she’s been acting up at school and I feel like I have to set some boundaries…”

He trails off and Clarke nods knowingly. “So the Cocoa Puffs are you picking your battles.”

“Pretty much.” He looks her over and wets his lips. “How are you?”

I’m an open wound, she wants to say. But she knows the weight that rests on his shoulders, this burden he insisted upon carrying alone, and doesn’t want to add to it. So she smiles small, the expression feeling grotesque for all its necessity, and says, “I’m doing just fine.”

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Blurbs/Scenarios/Prompts/Imagines aka every name you could call them

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One Shots:


  • To be written: Behind the Bar 


  • Getaway
  • To be written: Getaway pt. 2



  • To be written: Napkin Song
  • To be written: Wrapped Around Your Finger Inspired
  • To be written: Covers
  • To be written: Albums (Covers pt.2)


Wintertime would include…

Nameless(aka imagine whichever guy you want):





Gratuitous Drinking and Surprising Benefits

For Jily Week. The prompt was Modern AU. This can also be found on AO3.

Lily loved drinking, and she loved parties. She was good at capturing the attention of the entire room with a single smile, and she knew it. She absolutely hated two things about parties, though: being Marlene’s wingman, and the Marauders.

She had known Marlene for two years; since she left the boarding school she had been lucky to get a scholarship to. Unfortunately, she had known the Marauders for far, far longer, and had hated them since the day she met them.

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[Mark] I'm Your Teacher (Part 16)

“Who’s the one who cooked this?” You asked. “It’s Rise.” Mr.Tuan lied glancing at Rise, telling her to play along. “It’s really good.” You complimented her. “Actually it’s me.” Mr.Tuan admitted. “The shrimps taste weird.” You said, making Mr.Tuam choke out of laugh

“Actually I’m the one who cooked the shrimps.” Rise admitted. “Sorry.” You said. “Don’t worry Rise, she’s just trying to annoy me.” Mr.Tuan made a grimace. “Is he really that bad of a teacher?” Rise asked.

“Rather than bad I just think think it’s weird when all I hear is some Chinese gibberish when he’s supposed to be talking about some polynomial curves.” You said, making the couple laugh.

“Don’t say that, your grades got really better.” Mr.Tuan said before taking a sip of water. “I have Jimin to help me.” You flashed him an exaggerated smile, making him clench his jaw. “Who is he?” Rise asked. “My boyfriend.” You replied.

“Oh yeah I remember him!” She exclaimed. Mr.Tuan got up, grabbing his plate to clean the table. Rise did the same thing but was stopped by him. “No Rise, I got it.” He protested, taking her plate from her hands amd allowing her to sit back down.

“Let me help.” You didn’t hear Rise protest as you got up, grabbing your plate and following Mr.Tuan to the kitchen. “Can I know when we’re going to be able to talk alone?” You asked with a low voice, dropping your plate into the sink. “Soon, just wait.” Mr.Tuan whispered.

“Babe!” You heard Rise call him from the corridor, you didn’t even see her getting up. “Yeah.” Mr.Tuan replied.

“I’m going. Minah’s waiting for me outside.” Rise walked in the living room, pulling a suitcase behind her.
“Where are you going?” You asked.
“My friends planned a surpsie trip for my birthday. I don’t even know where I’m going it’s stressing!” She made a grimace, putting her jacket on. “Oh, have fun.” You tried to hide your relieved smile.

“Yeah thanks. See you Y/N.” She smiled to you as she walked to the door. “Be careful.” He said, opening the door to let her out. “I will.” She replied. “I love you.” Rise said, standing on her tiptoes to peck his lips.

“Love you too.” Mr.Tuan replied before closing the door behind her. He turned around amd leaned against the door as you both waited for the sound of the door of the elevator being closed.

“How could you do that to me?!” You asked. “Why the hell did you bring me here when your girlfriend lives with you?!” You yelled, pacing towards him. “I wasn’t going to let you-” He trailed off. “You knew damn well what it would do to me!” You yelled.

“Yeah but-”
“But you still did it! Why the hell would you do that to me?!” You cut him off. “How do you think I feel when I see you with Jimin?!” He yelled. “It’s not the same thing!” You argued.

“Yes it is Y/N and it hurts me as much as it hurts you! But for fuck’s sake I wasn’t going to let you outside in the night when it’s raining! So yeah, I knew how you would feel, but no, I didn’t care! Because I wanted you to be safe!” He yelled, making you shut up in defeat. You scoffed, crossing your arms over your chest.

“And if I didn’t bring you home you wouldn’t have belived me.” He added, with a much calmer voice.
“Believe you for what?” You spat back. “I’ll show you.”

“Do you remember when I told you I was trying to find the blackmailer with his IP?” He asked, sitting at his desk as he turned his computer screen on.”Yes.” You replied, bending over his shoulder. “I found him.” Mr.Tuan said.

“And?” You asked eagerly. “It’s Jimin.” Mr.Tuan said.”What? No. Jimin? MY Jimin? No that must be a mistake.” You shook your head. “Look at the address.” He clicked on some link and a window popped up with Jimin’s adress written im green letters.

“No. No. It can’t be him.” You just couldn’t believe it, it just couldn’t be him, that was just impossible. He was your boyfriend and he loved you, it just couldn’t be him. “Look at the emails he’s been sending to me. He has pictures of us.” Mr.Tuan said, shifting his body so you could use the mouse.

You scrolled down the emails, quickly reading the conversations and briefly looking at the photos.”He’s the one who told you to date Rise?!” You exclaimed. “Yeah, and the time we met at the cafe, he had planned it. He wants you to hate me so he can have you for himself.” Mr.Tuan explained.

“How did he even take those photos?! He hadn’t moved it at that time.” You exclaimed, walking towards the bed. “How do you know?” He asked, spinning his chair around to look at you.

“Because he lives right next to my house.” You crawled on the bed sitting with your legs crossed.
“Oh my god what am I going to do?!” You whined, letting your head fall between your hands. “Now that you know, maybe we could find a solution.” He reassured you. “Yeah? And what?” You asked, looking up at him.

“I don’t know yet but you have to act like you don’t know.” He replied. “How am I going to do that? He disgusts me now, I hate him!” You said. “I know, I know. We’ll find a way to fix this, I promise.” He replied.

“Why can’t I have a decent boyfriend…” You smirked, making him laugh.”Because you’re not decent yourself.” He said as he sat on the bed beside you, making you smile slightly. “Stop beating yourself over it, it’s going to be fine, I swear.” You nodded, still looking down.

“You understand now? Why I kept acting strange?” He said, taking you hand in his and locking your fingers together. Leaning in as he searched for your eyes.”You can’t know how much I hated you.” You smiled, making him chuckle. “It wasn’t very pleasant for me either.” He replied before silence toow place between you.

“So… all of this is fake?” You asked.
“Hm?” He asked, tearing his eyes away from your hand to look up at you. “You and Rise.” He let his head fall down, nodding weakly.”She’s adorable.” You said.

“I know. I’m going to hurt her. But I have no choice.” He argued. “She loves you.” You slightly shook his hand. “Are you telling me to stay with her?” He asked. “No!” You said, sounding a little bit desperate and making him smile slightly.

“Then what’s the problem?” He asked before kissing your nuckles. “I feel bad.” You admitted. “It’s not easy for me to do that you know? I’m trying to protect you.” He said, playing with your fingers, brushing his fingertips against your palm. “I know.” You sighed.

“I can’t help what a feel about you, do you understand?” You looked away, taking a deep breath out of hesitation.”Hey.” He said on a pleading tone, his hand reaching up to grab the back of your neck, making you look at him in the eyes.

“I know I’ll probably break her heart but she’ll find someone who loves her, she’s a really great person. Ok?” You weakly nodded, looking down at your hand into his. Without a word, his lips found their place on yours, kissing you tenderly.

As you kissed, he thought about how this was the first time since you confessed your feelings to each other that you were fully enjoying each other’s love.

The first time that you completely forgot about everything. Carried by this thought, he pushed you down on the bed, resting his body between your legs, his lips never leaving your as you melted into a passionate kiss.

“You can’t know how sexy you look wearing my T-shirt.” He whispered against your lips before trailing butterfly kisses from your mouth to your earlobe, nibbling it.

“Shit I’m getting hard.” He growled. You took the opportunity to let your hand slide down his chest to cup his crotch, queezing it slightly.“No, wait baby.” He reached down for your hand, giggling and pinned you on the mattress.

“I have to take a shower.” He breathed out with a smirk.“You smell good, it’s okay.” You reassured him"I know I smell good.“ He kissed you from your shoulder to the crook of your neck, making you tilt your head to allow him better access, his soft lips sending shivers through your body. "But I want to make you wait.”

I don’t know who the last sentence is dedicated to xD You as Y/N or You carving for smut?

Taylor Swift Songs
  • Tim McGraw: Who was your first love?
  • Picture To Burn: Who's picture would you like to burn?
  • Teardrops On My Guitar: Who's the guy/girl who doesn't notice your feelings?
  • A Place In This World: Do you know your place yet?
  • Cold As You: Who's got that heart of stone?
  • The Outside: Do you feel like you fit in anywhere?
  • Tied Together With A Smile: What are you battling?
  • Stay Beautiful: That guy/girl you're hardcore crushing on?
  • Should've Said No: Who seriously wronged you?
  • Mary's Song (Oh My My My): Did you have a childhood friend/crush?
  • Our Song: What is your song? What does it mean to you?
  • I'd Lie: Do you have feelings you'd never admit?
  • I'm Only Me When I'm With You: Someone you're not afraid to be your complete self with?
  • Invisible: Did you ever have a crush who never found out about your feelings?
  • Perfectly Good Heart: Did someone ever lead you on?
  • Fearless: When were you fearless?
  • Fifteen: Favorite memory from freshmen year?
  • Love Story: Have you ever had a forbidden love?
  • Hey Stephen: Did you ever write a song about somebody?
  • White Horse: Did somebody you were dating ever date another person behind your back?
  • You Belong With Me: Did you ever win your crush over?
  • Breathe: Have you ever lost somebody important to you?
  • Tell Me Why: Has somebody ever treated you poorly?
  • You're Not Sorry: Has somebody ever hurt you so badly you just can't forgive them?
  • The Way I Loved You: Who do you define as "perfect"?
  • Forever & Always: Did somebody ever break up with you when you thought things were fine?
  • The Best Day: How would you describe your relationship with your mother?
  • Change: Has somebody ever changed your life for the better?
  • Today Was A Fairytale: Have you ever had a valentine?
  • The Otherside of the Door: Did you ever hold back something you really wanted to tell someone?
  • Untouchable: Have you ever felt like somebody was out of your reach?
  • Come In With The Rain: Have you ever waited on somebody special?
  • Superstar: Who do you idolize? Why?
  • Thug Story: How gangsta are you?
  • Crazier: Has somebody ever made you lovesick?
  • Beautiful Eyes: Favorite eye color?
  • I Heart ?: Did you ever have a persistent admirer?
  • Mine: Have you ever had a really great relationship?
  • Sparks Fly: Has somebody ever made you feel vulnerable while in love?
  • Back To December: Is there somebody you would like to apologize to?
  • Speak Now: What's something you want to say right now?
  • Dear John: Who should have known?
  • Mean: Have you ever been bullied?
  • The Story Of Us: Ever had an awkward run in with somebody you were avoiding?
  • Never Grow Up: Do you wish you could be a little kid again?
  • Enchanted: Who were you enchanted to meet?
  • Better Than Revenge: Did another girl ever steal your boyfriend?
  • Innocent: Is there something you wish you could change/erase?
  • Haunted: Does somebody haunt your thoughts?
  • Last Kiss: Did you ever lose somebody who was really great to you?
  • Long Live: What great thing will you remember for the rest of your life?
  • Ours: Have you ever had a relationship where people tried to change your mind?
  • Superman: Has somebody ever been "too busy" for your relationship?
  • If This Was A Movie: Is there somebody who never came back?
  • Safe & Sound: Have you ever felt unsafe?
  • Eyes Open: Was there ever a time you had to watch your back constantly?
  • Ronan: Do you have any younger siblings?
  • State Of Grace: Have you found the one yet?
  • Red: Is there somebody you're still trying to forget?
  • Treacherous: Has somebody ever made you want to be a little risky?
  • I Knew You Were Trouble.: Have you ever been another notch on somebody's belt?
  • All Too Well: Is there something you remember too well?
  • 22: Who are your best friends? Favorite moment(s) with them?
  • I Almost Do: Is there somebody you've thought about calling again?
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: Have you ever had an on-again, off-again relationship with somebody?
  • Stay Stay Stay: What kind of relationship do you dream about?
  • The Last Time: Have you ever wondered where your relationship was going?
  • Holy Ground: Has somebody ever kept you on your feet?
  • Sad Beautiful Tragic: Are you missing somebody right now?
  • The Lucky One: Who do you think is the lucky one?
  • Everything Has Changed: Has somebody ever made you feel butterflies?
  • Starlight: What was the greatest date you've ever been on?
  • Begin Again: How do you feel about love?
  • The Moment I Knew: The worst birthday you've ever had?
  • Girl At Home: Do you know somebody who is a serious player?
  • Come Back... Be Here: How do you feel about long distance relationships?
  • Sweeter Than Fiction: What is your biggest accomplishment? Did anybody tell you you wouldn't reach it?
  • Welcome To New York: What is your favorite city?
  • Blank Space: Do you have a long list of ex-lovers?
  • Style: Something you think that will never go out of style?
  • Out Of The Woods: Did an outside influence ever ruin one of your relationships?
  • All You Had To Do Was Stay: Did somebody ever lock you out after letting you in?
  • Shake It Off: How do you deal with haters?
  • I Wish You Would: Did you ever end a relationship on an argument?
  • Bad Blood: Do you have bad blood with somebody?
  • Wildest Dreams: Have you ever had a sensual relationship?
  • How You Get The Girl: What would win your heart over?
  • This Love: Have you ever had to let somebody go? Did they come back?
  • I Know Places: Where are your hiding places?
  • Clean: What's the hardest thing you've overcome?
  • Wonderland: Have you ever gotten lost in love?
  • You Are In Love: Has somebody ever made you feel like you were the only person in the world?
  • New Romantics: What would your scarlet letter be?
Binan Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Game! - Voice Collections (Zaou)

Hey! Trying to avoid the spam after all, so here are the rest of Ryuu’s voice collections. Download link to the audio is below - careful with the volume, and there seems to be a bit more noise on the uploaded versions than when I play them on my computer, but :/ Enjoy!

A massive thanks to mindsebbandflow for your help with compiling this! It’ll be either En or Io next - let me know who to preference :P As always, if you encounter any problems/just want to gush over the boys, hit up the inbox!


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anonymous asked:

it's my birthday but everyone is out of town or doing something with their families because it's Christmas. I'm sure Derek understands my pain. maybe some fake boyfriends for my Christmasbirthday please? and throw in some bad knotting puns, why the hell (k)not, I love those.

[Happy birthday!! hopefully this will cheer you up]

The annual Hale company Christmas party has staff. Like literally there is an entire person employed for decorating this shindig, a whole other person for just the table centerpiece thingies, and a person hired to place all the silverware out. A person just to lay out the silverware. And it’s not their job to like, walk around to every table and put the silverware out, nope there are wait staff who do that, but there is a specific person who has designed the layout of each silverware to the theme of each table.

Not that Derek is knocking their job, but he’s just… wow. The level of frippery is ridiculous. Especially since it’s supposed to be a “family” party, but of course with the Hales, family automatically includes the entire company and treating them to a five course dinner, champagne and ballroom dancing.

Derek knows his mom is planning to announce him as the new president of the board for the Beacon Hills branch of their bank, but it’s not that what makes him nervous. It’s the fact that she has plainly stipulated that Derek has to bring his boyfriend to the dinner. “Softens your image, you know, there are lots of people who think you’re an emotional robot,” Mom had said.

The only problem was that six months ago Derek had told him he was dating someone quite happily, and every time someone in the family had asked about it, he’d randomly made up a fact in his head about his “boyfriend.” 

And now Derek is supposed to just… produce him out of thin air. 

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The One That Got Away

Dirty Harry Styles Imagine by lovezaynlikealovesong

‘Okay, Fine’ you said after throwing harry’s black shirt back into the closet, 'don’t wear it, its just that…it suits you more and I wanted you to look good tonight’ 'what do you mean, I don’t look good always?’ he asked in an annoyed voice. 'I didn’t say that, Harry… I meant to say tha-’ 'I know what you mean (Y/N)!’ he said picking up his belt and giving you one last look before leaving for the party 'you coming or not?’ he asked raising his voice. You hated when he was this way, well no one likes it but, it was extremely upsetting, and that too on christmas eve as well as Lou’s birthday party was making it even more worse. 'Of course I am baby’ you replied trying to calm him down a bit, but it didn’t help…not a bit.You shrugged it off and gave a last look in the mirror to yourself.'like you mean the 'baby” he murmered, thinking you didn’t hear it,but actually you did. He opened the door for you, as he always did, giving you the hint that he still cares about you. But you were too involved in the argument to notice that, it was way too difficult for you to take your mind off the mini fight you both had been having in installments for a pretty long time, and you knew that these were just warm ups, teh real thing was yet to come, but tonight? no, it can’t be,  you thought to yourself, you were pretty sure. 'Thank you’ you said, but not with feelings, it was now sort of a routine for you, Harry opens the door, you say thank you. 'What happened?’ you asked confused, he was just sitting there, on the driver’s seat, not moving an inch, 'Look, love I’m sorry’ a sudden smile plastered your face but you tried to hide it,'Harry…you know what? lets just act like nothing ever happened, hm?’ you said letting the smile now show. He nodded in reply with his cheeky smile. He turned to you saying 'I love you, (Y/N)’ you smiled and placed a soft kiss on his cheek, 'please don’t ever leave me’ he said just a second after you pulled from the kiss, 'huh?’ you asked faintly, assuming he didn’t hear it you made your way back to your seat. He never said before, not even when you both had the worst of fights, not even when you nearly 'left’ him once, this statement of his was just getting you to worry, a lot. Half way through the ride, you got a text, and your mobile was kept on the dashboard, in front of Harry,'could you please see that for me?’ 'Babe, I’m driving’ he said passing you your phone 'Here’ he said, weirdly, reading the sender’s name, his smile immediately disappeared  he frowned, yet again. He gave him a confused look and took the phone from his hands at the same time. ‘James’ you read, you couldn’t quite get why he did that after reading ‘James’. Something in that text made you chuckle, you replied,he replied, you replied, he replied, and it kept on like this. The car stopped with thrift making your phone slip from your hands and fall on the car floor, you thought he’ll make the move, but he didn’t, instead he stepped out the car  not giving a damn about you and your phone and making his way into the party.You were now sure, He. was. pissed.and the strange part was you were not even sure what the reason was. ‘Hey (Y/N)’ Eleanor greeted you with the cutest smile ever, you both had become bestest of friends she had helped you with harry most of the time when the ‘Larry’ rumour took swift. ‘What’s up with harry’ she asked wrinkling her eye brows, ‘I’m asking myself the same question, El’ you replied ‘hmm… okay anyways, this is Angela’ she said pulling you towards some her friends and introduced you to them, you could sometimes see from the corner of your eyes, a guy the same guy everytime, stalking you. It was a bit weird at times but you didn’t bother much really.


'Aahh!’ you screetched softly as the vodka trickled down your throat burning your passage and making way to you stomach. 'You’re really funny, Will’ you said chuckling a little.'Well, I like you too’ he said you gave him a sudden stare and your face turned serious. What an asshole, Harry thought, he loved you way too much to let go but seeing you with another guy was just unbearable for him, it was just the party and he people who were keeping him away from pulling you in for a 'forever’ kiss. 'Hey, do you mind a dance?’ the guy asked you, 'umm…I don’t think so, I’m dating someone and we just… things are not great between us and-’ 'Yes, of course that Harry guy you’re dating, well if he’s mad at you…’ he slowly moved towards your ear and whispered 'why not make him jealous?'you looked at harry and smiled. 'I cant bare this anymore!’ said Harry,banging his glass on the table.He was completely drunk and had lost his senses, but when a person’s drunk that’s the time he does what he wants and he wanted you, to feel you and make you feel loved and kick that 'asshole’ out of the way, just you and him. He was with the boys on the balcony and could see the bar from the view clearly and there you go, holding his hand as he pulled you from your seat to the dance floor, you recognised something familiar, smiling you said over the loud music, 'this is my fav-’ It’s her favourite song harry thought, and a sudden telepathy made you both exchange glances and there he was, furious, brisking his walks towards you. 'What is this?’ he said getting a hold of your wrist and pushing the man back and coming in his place. 'Harry, please, listen to me, I-’ 'No YOU listen to ME! you’re coming home with me now!’ you couldn’t understand what he meant, what about louis? it’s his birthday, how would he feel? right now Harry and you were more important than louis’ birthday bash, you came greeted stayed but just didn’t say a goodbye. It’s okay he won’t mind. 'Who do you think yourself to be?’ shouted Harry in his perfect voice, pushing you against the car door. 'Harry I-’ 'What’s happening there?’ you heard a heavy old man’s voice, you figured it was the police and decided to leave. 'Was that the Jason guy?’ he asked in a voice full of hurt.'Harry ple-’ ’(Y/N)! was he or was he not?’ he asked pressing the accelerator harder. 'No, no he wasn’t, I had just met him’ you replied 'and you’re off dancing with him, a stranger whom you had just met and you can’t dance or even talk to your boyfriend once, whom you’ve known for 8 months?’ 'Babe, I’m sorry I dont know- I-I just don’t know whats gotten into you nowadays!’ you continued 'you’re just so-so… hard to be with, you talk to me rudely,you don’t talk to me the way you used to and everytime I look in your eyes all I see it hate nothing else’ you stopped and realized what you just had blurted out of your mouth. 'I can’t believe you just said that’ harry said hitting the brakes and the car stopped right in front of the house you both lived in for 5 months now.You both moved in, you threw your purse on the couch, you saw harry taking his belt off and coming towards you and lifting you bridal style, but not the usual soft and fragile way but the harsh yet passionate way. He swiftly threw you on the bed not caring if t hurt you or not, he was hurt and wanted you to make up to him, and this was his way.'Harry, what is your prob-’ and he cut you off with a passionate kiss gradually slipping himself onto you, so that he can face you and ou can face him. His hands were snaking on your waist and his eyes were just staring at your beautiful face studying all your expressions. He slowly moved his hands to your busts, he knew it was turning you on and he was right. 'Harry, I don’t wanna do this…’ you said pulling away from the kiss. ’(Y/N), you can’t decide everything we do in our relationship’ he said breathlessly,'you hurt me (Y/N), more than you know, you’ve been really bad, and I’m going to punish you, you deserve it bitch.’ you were lying, w-h-i-t-e l-i-e. You wantd him so bad, you didn’t even know that yourself,  and him getting harsh on you was even more of a turn on.'Harry I-’ 'Shut up! will you?’ he said in his harsh voicehe literally tore your shirt apart, and pulled your jeans down and threw it somewhere. All you were left in was your undergarments.He pulled you closer to his now bare chest, 'No other guy can touch you’ he said with soo much lust and passion in his eyes that you couldn’t resist a kiss but he pulled away, and didn’t let you kiss him. He got up attacked straight at your chest, gosh! he was making you feel so good. You held him so tight, it felt like if you let go of him you’ll collapse. He slowly moved to your your busts and instead of unclipping your bra, his anxiousness just tore it from the back and he threw it aways not letting go of your skin’s taste. You were going crazy, so uncontrollable 'Don’t enjoy it you whore, it’s your punishment’ he knew you were enjoying it and that it was no more a punishment but a pleasure. He had to make it worse for you, to give you the lesson. he left your skin and pushed you hard on the bed, even the push gave you the feels. He slowly kissed you on your cheek and moved towards your ear, 'Don’t move even a bit now, if you break the rules I’ll make it even worse’ he left off with an evil grin and slowly started to leave love bites on your soft point. Unacceptable, you had to move, you couldn’t contain what he was doing to you, it so overwhelming. Both his hands were stretching onto your and held your palms in place squeezing them so tightly, you went crazy his arms were sliding on your armpits and it felt so good, you couldn’t help but arch you back a bit. You felt something, on your right wrist you couldn’t quite tell what it was, and you were way too overwhelmed to even figure it out. 'I told you not to move bitch.'He was now tying your hands, it was way too much now. 'Harry, ple- SHIT!’ you screamed as pushed in one of his fingers into you, it felt so good, you moaned loudly as he added one more to it. He was now thrusting, staring at you not blinking a bit, 'you’re so beautiful’ he said, your body was responding way too well for him to lessen the punishment. ’(Y/N), I told you not to move’ he said with celnched teeth as he pushed another finger into you, he was doing you so hard and it felt so good you just wanted to hold him, tight and never let go. 'Harry, please let my hands be free’ you said looking into his eyes, he was still moving you, you know how hard it was you to keep your eyes open. 'Tell me you love me’ he said pulling his fingers out it felt so bad, you didn’t want him to stop. 'Of course I love you Harry’ you said 'I know you dont mean that’ he said pulling your hands harshly out of the now loose cloth from which he had tied your wrists. You immediatly pulled him for a kiss, it was long and passionate, his hands were all over you, snaking slowly on your waist, to your busts, and finally to your clit, he moved slowly from your lips to your neck to your busts and started to taste them, he left bites all around your nipple and you arched your back giving him even more access. You pulled his hair which made him groan, he slowly and gradually moved to your stomach and left wet kisses all over your tummy, and finally now he was eating you up, he licked all around your clit your body could not at all control itself, he was making patterns with his tongue so softly that it was tickling, it was so overwhelming, you punched your fingers into his back and that. that was the thing that turned him on so much that he couldn’t contain it and bit your clit'Harrryyy!’ you screamed as you cumed and arched your back lifting your face almost to his and you both went down back to the bed together with a kiss, your lips were moving in perfect sync, and he was into you in no time, 'I’m sorry’ he said as the pain made you scream, 'I deserve it'you said breathlessly,'hmm… you do’ he said clenching his teeth and pushing himself completely into you 'Aahh! Harry?!’ you screamed 'how did that feel?’ he was hitting your G-spot so hard without even coming out, just pushing himself in more and more 'Harry, t-that hurts’ you said, it hurt really bad, but at the same time it felt so good.'That had hurt me hundred times more than this, (Y/N)’ he said pulling himself out, you heaved out really hard. Harry harshly kissed you, your eyes were closed you felt every inch of what he was doing to you, he was really making you fall more for himself, and he was succeeding. Slowly he started to push, in and out, all that time he was just kissing, biting and licking you shoulder line, one of your hand was in his hair and the other was busy clenching your nails into his back, everytime he was just pushing in pure passion. 'Ha-r-ry, I c-can’t t-take it anymore’ you said in parts, heaving out. 'Cum, NOW!’ he ordered, this order was not hard to follow. You were so close but didn’t say anything before just thinking it would piss him even more. You juices mixed together and he didn’t leave you at all, he wanted more of you, you too wanted to feel him even more. wow! he thought to himself looking at you, your hair were all around your face spread out on the bed and your mouth opened begging for his lips’ flavour. He kissed you softly on your lips, and whispered ’ I love you’ in your ear and kissed again under your ear and pulled his hair. You both just lay on the bed for like one minute. As he slowly picked you up, not leaving your body you both got up together, never losing the eye contact, and now your back was resting on the wall behind the bed, he pushed himself closer to you and without pulling out he was again doing the same thing. 'You’re-mine’ he said pushing in again with clenched teeth, it hurt but he was so close to you his heavy breaths were just enough for the hurt to turn into pleasure. Again, you both had your second round now this time, all the time his tounge was exploring your breasts, you were so overwhelmed, you pulled his head towards yours and kissed him hard, hard enough for all the feeling to be shared, he growned biting your lip, he had reached his high, 'not now Harry, pl-please’ you said catching your breath, he bit your nipple, really hard, trying to control himself you moaned extremely loud and let your juices mix again. He left his hot breaths on your chest and reaching your lips and licked them and finally kissing them, you were too weak now to kiss him back but didn’t pull away you were just pushing in for more. ’(Y/N), I love you baby, please don’t do that again to me’ 'I won’t I p-promise’ you said with utter difficulty. 'I love you’ you said hugging him tightly.


Sorry I’m late

Pairing: Jikook, Yoonmin

Rated: I for I don’t even know anymore 

Word count: 2679 words

Summary: It’s 9:32 PM and Jeon Jungkook still didn’t bother to show up for his anniversary date.

Inspired by this cute prompt :)))) crossposted on Ao3

“Are you ready to order, sir?”

“No, ah— I mean, can you give me a couple of minutes, please? My boyfriend, he’ll arrive soon, just—” Jimin bit his lower lip whilst gesturing to his smartphone. The waiter ahh-ed sympathetically the moment he saw the black screen and nodded before leaving Jimin alone.

Jimin sighed and turned his attention back to his phone. Still no message… It’s almost 9 PM; he could feel his stomach growling and the people inside the diner’s gazes burning holes into his back. Jimin’s sure he’d caught a look of pity when he accidentally locked gaze with one of the costumer, and Jimin averted his eyes back to his phone as quick as he could, biting his lips to prevent tears from falling.

Come on Park Jimin, he’ll show up, don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry…

Except he did want to cry, because it’s their one-year anniversary and Jimin had gone to great length to make sure that it’s perfect. He’d spent hours deciding the place and what to wear; spent more hours trying to bake a decent cake (which was sitting inside a box beside him, neglected, and Jimin wasn’t even sure he’d get to taste it with someone tonight). Jimin had postponed the anniversary date until today because of his boyfriend’s busy schedule and the moment he said he’s free today, Jimin cancelled all of his dance practices to be with him. Because he loved him. And anniversaries were important and Jimin wanted to spend more time with him.

But he didn’t even sure if his boyfriend loved him back now.


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"Happy 1 year.."
  • Y/N's POV
  • I looked at the clock and finally started getting ready. "You ready?" My manager peeps in her head in my room. I just nod and followed her down the stairs into the car. It was time to do a red carpet for an event. Who knows what event it was this time, all I know is, there are events after events that it is hard to keep up which one is happening.
  • We got to the event, and I got out the car. Flashes and camera shatters started going off. My manager let me onto the carpet to take some pictures. As I was walking, I got called by a friend of mine in seventeen magazine, to do a quick interview. I walked up to him and greeted him.
  • Interviewer: How are you Y/N?
  • Y/N: I'm good. Very good. Excited to be here!
  • Interviewer: What are you excited most about tonight?
  • Y/N: You know, everything. I just can't wait to see what Kevin Hart has in store as the host this year. So, I'm expecting it to be really funny..
  • Interviewer: So it was recently your birthday.
  • Y/N: Yes it was just last month exactly
  • Interviewer: Well, happy belated birthday from all of us!
  • Y/N: Thank you so much.
  • Interviewer: So can you recall the most memorable birthday good or bad in your life
  • Y/N: I can actually but I'm not going to say it haha
  • Interviewer: Come on, we can handle it
  • Y/N: Ok Well I have had great birthdays in the past. But the one I remember the most was my worst birthday in my life
  • Interviewer: OOoo, what happened?
  • Y/N: Well, a couple days before my birthday I was in jersey visiting some friends and I came back the morning of my birthday. And I went home to see my boyfriend
  • Interviewer: Ooo, boyfriend!!
  • Y/N: Yeah, well when I went home, I found him in bed, naked, with another girl in his arms.
  • Interviewer: WHAAATTT
  • Y/N: Yeah, my reaction too hahaha
  • Interviewer: And then what did you do?
  • Y/N: I was shocked too. And at that point I started a video and taking pictures as proof that there was another girl in bed with him, you know, just in case he denies it to our friends
  • Interviewer: Genius! Genius move!
  • Y/N: And from then on I just kept recording. I set it on the table so I can get the whole thing on table. I slowly removed the blanket that was covering them, and found that they were both naked. Which made me so much more mad you know. So I walked my butt to the kitchen, grabbed a big bucket, put 20 big hand scoops of ice cubes in it, then put cold water to the top. I walked back to the room, and poured it allllll over their bodies
  • Interviewer: YOU DID NOT!!!!
  • Y/N: But I did haha
  • Interviewer: They must have been pissed!!hahaha
  • Y/N: GOOD! Haha, well he fell to the side of the bed and sat up and said "Y/N what the hell!" like what the hell was that for and what the hell are you doing home. And the girl was trying to cover herself and yelling at me "YOU ARE FREAKING CRAZY!" And I remember yelling to the both of them, "IF A BOY EVERY CHEATS ON ME, I WILL BECOME A CRAZY BITCH NOT BECAUSE I'M CRAZY BUT BECAUSE YOU CRAZY ENOUGH TO CHEAT ON ME!"
  • Interviewer: That is great!! Hahaha he deserves it both of them! You heard it here folks! You cheat on her, you get the bucket!
  • Y/N: Yeah, want to know the craziest part of it all?
  • Interviewer: What's that?
  • Y/N: It was my most recent birthday...
  • Y/N: I did in fact have one
  • Interviewer: WHAT?! Dish the dirt, who was it?!
  • Y/N: Haha that is what I'm going to be keeping a secret.
  • Interviewer: How long were you guys together? How long have you known each other?
  • Y/N: We've known each other for 2 years? 2 1/2 years, yeah. We dated for 11 months on my birthday. So we were friends before.
  • Interviewer: How tragic. Who is it though? A boy from your hometown? Someone famous?
  • Y/N: Wellllll, you know him.... So...
  • Interviewer: We know him huh? So he's famous!
  • Y/N: Welllll.... Yeah....? He's known..
  • Interviewer: He's upcoming famous.
  • Y/N: There you go, he's upcoming famous.
  • Interviewer: Come on, why won't you tell us? He did you wrong, do him wrong. Don't you want girls to know about him and his ways?
  • Y/N: *Smiles * Haha, I'm not going to deny him future girlfriends! Haha that sounds too much of an ex girlfriend type. I'm not like that. You know, one mistake does not define a person. Yeah, the mistake he made was pretty big and wrong but you know I don't know his intentions for doing so, or his reasonings behind it. But have you ever heard of the saying "You can do 99 things right and 1 thing wrong. But everyone will only remember the 1 thing you did wrong?" He did everything right in our relationship except one thing, the wrong thing. Doing me wrong. I don't want people to know him by the one thing he did wrong.
  • Interviewer: That's very kind of you for someone who just got their heart broken and cheated on. But really, are you sure there's not one little ounce in your body that wants people to know about him?
  • Y/N: Haha no.. I'm not going to do him dirty like that. I will not deny him his career because of one mistake either. I believe in him. I believe in his future. That it will be big and bright. I support him 100% and I will always be his number 1 fan whether he knows it or not. And I wish him all the luck in the future.
  • Interviewer: One more question. Why did you keep your relationship a secret?
  • Y/N: I have a personal life and a professional life. I like to keep those 2 separate. What I do in my personal life is my business. Not anyone else's. I didn't want my fans or his fans calling him out or me out saying we don't deserve each other, we can do better, or why are you guys dating, or he/she is ugly just because we are dating. No.. I don't want people to be in my business telling me what I can and can't have in my life. I would love to make my personal life public so everyone can know more about me but I'm not ready for that. I'm not comfortable with people telling me those kinds of things yet. So until then, my personal life and my business life will stay separate.
  • Interviewer: If you saw him right now, or he's watching this right now, what do you have to say to him?
  • Y/n: Today is the 9th?
  • Interviewer: It is in fact the 9th.
  • Y/N: uhm, * looks into the camera * Happy 1 year. * smiles
Hilary Duff's Interview on "Reddit"
  • Fan: What will your second single be?
  • Hilary: I don't know what it's going to be!
  • Fan: Would you like to make another album down the line or will "Breathe In. Breathe Out." be your last?
  • Hilary: God, I hope not! I really want to make more music. I already want to start working on another record! I've lived with this one for so long now. I know everyone else is just now hearing it, but I'm already thinking of the next step. I will definitely not wait as long to make another record.
  • Fan: Hi Hilary! Fans were wondering about the songs that didn't make the album that you mentioned in interviews or posted clips of (i.e. Feel Alive, If I Fall, This Heart etc.) and wanted to know what happened to them and if we will ever hear them? Secondly, I wanted to know if you can see yourself making more albums after "Breathe In. Breathe Out."?
  • Hilary: That's the tough thing about making a record. You start somewhere, and you end somewhere, and only a certain amount of songs can be on a record. And the strong survive. It's sad. "If I Fall" is one of my favorite songs, and "This Heart" is a song I wrote about Luca, so maybe I'll sing it live in concert with him there, i sing it to him in general, but that's the way it goes - you cut some songs, they might not be as strong as others, but there's always options of ways to use them. Another song I wrote for the album is "Outlaw," and we put that in YOUNGER - so now we put it as a bonus track on a special record that you could only get here or there. But that's just the way it works - and you only have a certain amount of spaces.
  • Fan: Last month you performed (on my 20th birthday actually!) in front of a huge audience for the first time in a while.. how did that feel?! Do you have any plans for pop-up concerts this summer or maybe even a tour?!
  • Hilary: I do have some plans for a pop-up tour, maybe one or two shows, just to play the new music. But nothing set in stone yet. All is depending on schedule. But yeah, I definitely want to sure, I'm just shooting the second season of YOUNGER in September, taking a break for Christmas, and then getting a show together. I'm really missing playing live shows, and being onstage, and it felt so good to play that Boston radio show and see a live audience in front of me again.
  • Fan: Hey Hilary! Thanks for doing this today. I have always been a fan. Saw you twice in concert in 2004/2005. My sister & I used to fight over who loved you more!! I can't tell you how many posters we had of you. Tour books, door-sized posters, DVDs, CDs. It's been incredible to see you grow into a successful, independent, & beautiful adult. So my questions are which do you favor more? music or acting? Why? Also, what's the most meaningful song on Breathe In. Breathe Out to you? Also will we see you on Haylie's cooking show? Thank you so much!
  • Hilary: Well, first of all. That's a cute story. I have stories with my sister like that too. I would say maybe I feel more comfortable with acting, you know? I've done that longer. I feel like that was my passion as a child, and my dream. And I fell into the singing, and obviously, get something totally different from it. I love being a musician now. I think it took me a long time to consider myself that, because I really have to work at it. But being onstage, there's no other feeling like it. It's tough to choose. Being in front of a live audience is something really special. I'm trying to get an answer first! They're both so different. This season I was so upset, but I didn't get to be on Haylie's show. I was so busy with my record and traveling so much that none of our dates matched up. It was such a bummer, because it's such an amazing show, and we have so much fun together. And it's a shame, because we have so much fun cooking together. Next season, i will! My favorite song on Breathe In. Breathe Out., one that's close to my heart is "Braveheart." I wrote that song. And it's a bit of a sad song, but there's definitely strength in it. And I love that about it.
  • Fan: What would you tell the 13 year old you?
  • Hilary: Mmmm. I remember feeling really insecure at 13. Like, part of my job was...I had to have a certain confidence, and a certain bravery, but inside I felt like a very normal insecure 13 year old. And I guess I would tell her to just take it easy on herself. That everything sorts itself out. And everything's not such a big deal. And I guess I would be like "Just wait until you're an adult - Wait until you're an ADULT, if you think that's a big deal!" And I'd give her a pat on the back, and say "Good job. Calm down!"
  • Fan: A few years ago a friend and I were walking toward Avalon on a Thursday night when he spotted you at Katsuya. Being young and naive, I got very excited and turned back, at which I time I pointed at you and shouted "YOU'RE HILARY DUFF!" Then you slowly turned and walked away, seemingly frightened. Do you remember this encounter? If so, I apologize for startling you.
  • Hilary: *smiles* No, I don't remember that encounter, but I guess I'm used to being yelled at in public!
  • Fan: Hi Hilary! What is your favorite part of being a mom? What is your best remedy for when Luca has a cough?
  • Hilary: Ooh, that's a good one. I think I feel so grateful that I get to have so many new experiences with him. I mean, everything in my life has changed because of him, and all of it is for the better. It's so entertaining to watch how his little brain works, and the questions that he asks me, the things he's interested in - it's amazing to watch him grow and become a little person, and I get to watch him grow and follow along with him. And laugh a ton in the process. It's great.
  • It depends on how bad it is. They make some natural cough syrup that I will use? I'll try to keep a humidifier in his room. And put baby Vic's vapor rub on his feet and his chest when he's sleeping.
  • Fan: What's your favorite Taylor Swift song?
  • Hilary: Oooooh, toughie. Tough call. Maybe "Welcome to New York"?
  • Fan: Is there a reason why Hilary is spelled with only one "L"?
  • Hilary: Because my parents really made a huge mistake! I don't know... I like the way my name is spelled, and I think now the rest of the world knows how to spell my name, but growing up, it was pretty much ALWAYS misspelled.
  • Fan: Hiii Hilary! You are always camera ready and gorgeous, what's one makeup/beauty tip you can share with us?
  • Hilary: I am DEFINITELY NOT always camera-ready, or gorgeous, but thank you! Hmmmm. What's a good camera tip? I think not enough people focus on eyebrows. That's one thing I focus on a lot. Eyebrows frame your face. People tend to make their eyebrows too small, or too light. I think if you played around with it, you'd be surprised what the outcome would be.
  • Fan: Harry Potter or The Hunger Games? lol Love you!
  • Hilary: AWWWW that's EVIL! How am I supposed to choose?!?! HUNGRY POTTER! Yeah, I love the Hunger Games. But I might say Harry Potter.
  • Fan: What was it like working with Tove Lo? She seems like such a fun person. I'm in love with your new album and I hope you enjoyed working on it as much as I enjoy listening to it.
  • Hilary: Aww, thank you! I love hearing that.
  • Loved working with Tove. She's a cool chick, for sure. REALLY talented. And really added something special to my record. I'm really grateful for that.
  • Fan: what has been your biggest challenge to record your new album?
  • Hilary: I think... it's just been a growing experience. From the start of it to the end, it's just learning a lot about myself and about what I want to talk about and what I want to say and how I want to reach people and what I want them to know about me. How my voice sounds. It's been 7 years since I made a record. And I guess it was a very therapeutic experience, but also a lot of pressure to get it right, you know?
  • Fan: Hi Hilary, What do you have to say to your male fans? We love you, and we wish you all the best as this brand new BIBO era is about to begin! We want as many singles as possible, and come to Toronto please!
  • Hilary: I guess I would say what I would say to any of my fans, which is I'm really grateful for your support, and sticking by me for such a long time. You make an impact, and a difference, in my life. And I hope you relate to what I have to say on this record. And this is definitely going to be an exciting new journey, and I hope you come along for it!

[ for @puckerupmikey and @hemmocrat’s ily!5sos blurb night! I literally love this idea and I’m so excited okay here we go ]

Luke said ‘I love you’ all the time. He said it in the mornings when you were both half awake, he said it when you were leaving for work or if you stayed up late waiting up for him from the studio. They were all sweet nothings, sweet 'I love you’s, but you were okay with that. You had been dating for almost a year now, but neither of you had said it out of fear it was the wrong time.

It was the night before your one year anniversary and you were worried about it, the fact that he had never truly said 'I love you’. You stood in front of the mirror holding up different outfits for your date tomorrow, but you just couldn’t focus with such a stressful topic on your mind.

“Look at me,” you said. “I can barely pick out a dress without being stressed.”

You threw yourself on the bed in frustration. You wanted to talk to Luke about it, you really did, but it was just one of those timing things. The only real thing you could do was wait.

A few minutes later, Luke came through the door to your apartment looking fairly disappointed and agitated.

“Hey babe,” you said, coming over to him and kissing him on the cheek. “Everything go alright at the studio?”

“Not really,” he replied, throwing his things on the counter. “We spent an hour trying to record Calum’s bass solo and before that it took us two hours just to write it. I guess we just weren’t in it today.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll make some tea for you and you can rant to me all you want,” you smiled and went into the dark kitchen to make tea for the two of you.

Your kitchen was hardly lit because the lights in the ceiling had gone out and Luke thought it was a good idea to strong fairy lights all through the kitchen because it was “cozier and nicer to wake up to”. You smiled at the past thought and continued when Luke walked in from behind and hugged you around your waist.

“Luke, be careful or I’m going to burn one of us on this stove,” you laughed quietly. You both stood there quietly as you continued to make the tea, struggling to reach the tea bags as the tall boy was basically hanging onto you.

Once you had the tea settled on the stove, you turned around to hug him normally and he pulled you in tight, his head resting on top of yours with his eyes shut tight.

“Luke I have to-”

“I love you.”

You hesitated for a moment; did he just say what you think he said? “Wait, what Luke?”

“I love you, Y/N. I know I tell you all the time but this time I really, really mean it,” he pulled out of the hug and your eyes locked as he continued. “All I ever do is just saying empty headed. I love you, so much. And I know you’ve been worked up about it-”

“Luke, I haven’t-”

“Y/N, I know you way too well to believe that. I never wanted to put you in that position and never want to again. I love you. I mean that, I mean that more then when I tell you that after you’ve made the best birthday cake on the planet or after we’ve just binge watched three seasons of Friends or even if you’ve bought me front row tickets to Green Day. This time it means so much more.”

He bent down towards you, and placed a gentle kiss on your lips.

“I love you, too, Luke. I love you.”

You kissed him once again, sweet long, and you felt him smile. “What?”

He laughed and pointed behind you. “Can’t you hear the tea kettle squealing?”