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I’m really, really sorry if you followed me while Sherlock was on hiatus. Like this is one of my all-time fave shows and it literally only airs for 3 weeks once every 2 years so please bare with me :) (but if you don’t want to deal with the spam, just blacklist “Sherlock Spoilers” since that’s what I tag all of the posts I reblog :)

Can some of y’all stop pretending YOI fans were only upset about the Anime Awards backlash because they “can’t handle constructive criticism!”?  Granted there are plenty of fans who really can’t. Anyone who isn’t willing to look at their favorite shows critically, acknowledge its flaws and defend it at all cost can be annoying. However the extreme response a handful of people had regarding those awards were out of control. I’m not sorry but I don’t feel calling others“r*tards” or “f*gs” and being unnecessarily hateful is an appropriate response to losing to some fucking pointless online award! It just wasn’t that serious at all for people to be as outraged as they were. Why would anyone be okay with that reaction?

You don’t like Yuri on Ice and thinks it’s a shit show? That’s perfectly fine you don’t have to! You don’t think it deserved all those awards? That’s okay! You want to rant about how much you hate the show and how over-hyped it is? Do it to your heart’s content! However stop going overboard and disrespecting others on a personal level just because you’re upset about it. 

My thoughts on 6x08

FIRST OF ALL IM SHOOK. Here’s a list of things that got me shook

- wtf FIVE people were taken this episode. How dare you take mama McCall, papa Argent, mason, and Peter again!! I’m fine w/ Hayden gone lol.
-Scott lost his mom can we cry
- malia comforting Scott
-mason crying over Corey oml that made me really sad
- fuck mr douglas
- I don’t get why Theo is locked up.. like ik you don’t trust him but like ???!
- protective lydia :)) the ghostriders are shook
- Claudia is gone hah praise. Honestly thought she was evil but really she was basically apart of sheriffs imagination
- we. Found. Out. What. Stiles’. Real. Name. Is.
- when sheriff came in and told the pack that he remembered stiles and mentioned how they were all there bc the goofball dragged his GREATEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD into the woods to find a dead body wow how emotional
- y'all were gonna get flashbacks next episode. I’m going to be so sad.
- don’t remember what else that happened but I loved almost every second of it. The others that I hated was mr douglas

Next episode is going to be BEAUTIFUL. I can’t wait to see all the flashbacks they get and how they’ll find stiles and the others.

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Sorry! >~< i didnt mean to rush you senpai.. Pwease forgive me

Heyyy it’s totally fine ! Thank you for your interest about this new au <3 I actually have a TON of au, and Neo is the numbers 15 ~ I thinks ?I’m always really surprised that people are still interested about my new stuff and are not annoyed bc i create too much things that i don’t finish heh <3 so I suppose, yeah, THANK YA <333

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here they are–,

aljijpmp actually proud of this and it’s only going to be appreciated by like 3 people

honestly drew influence from @subsequentibis and their adorable art of these two and I’m sorry if im being annoying by tagging you everytime I draw them (all two times)

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post 10 facts about yourself and pass on to 10 faves💫

omg thank u for considering me one of your faves?! ahhhh that’s realy cute :)

1. i hate my annoying curly hair but everyone else kinda loves it

2. i’m like the most introverted introvert ever

3. i’m always tired 

4. i should definitely tidy my room

5. i’m wearing the yellow tyler hoodie rn 

6. i really really need a twenty one pilots concert i can look forward to

7. also i’m really excited for the hds video

8. i don’t know what else to say

9. i hope y’all have a great day

10. i feel like those were the most uninteresting facts ever i’m sorry i’m bad at this

How things really went down in Titan's Curse
  • Zoë: Now, I'm only picking up bits and pieces here, of course. Protecting your annoying little brother, joining the Hunt. I mean, this is serious stuff. But let me ease your conscience. This is part of growing up. A little rebellion, a little adventure, that's good. Healthy, even.
  • Bianca: You think?
  • Zoë: I know. You're way over thinking this, trust me. Does your brother deserve it? No. Would this break his heart and crush his soul? Of course. But you've just got to do it.
  • Bianca: "Break his heart"?
  • Zoë: In half.
  • Bianca: "Crush his soul"?
  • Zoë: Like a grape.

I’ve been listening to this in a loop while doodling those, and I’m not ashamed.

So… I read the new stuff for the Secret Agent Light Night AU from @sushinfood and @somekangarookid and… I wish I had an excuse for those… but I do not.

i could also say that i’m sorry… but i’m really not.

For the record, if that poster was fanmade, I wouldn’t say one word about it. But it’s not fanmade, it’s not a labour of love, it’s official material created by someone who’s being paid for it.

And as someone who works in the art/design industry, it really, genuinely annoys me when people are paid for this stuff and deliver bad quality. Because a lot of the time, of course, the client can’t tell how bad it is, since they’re not a designer or artist themselves. So people get away with it, and in my opinion they shouldn’t; to me, that’s taking advantage of someone else’s ignorance. It’s like building someone a crappy house because they won’t be able to tell the difference at first. So yep, at that point, I’ll make fun of it and point it out.

It’s one thing when it’s someone’s hobby, when you play around with Photoshop for fun. You’ll never see me making fun of someone’s creative efforts in that context, because that’s just mean.

But when professional work looks that bad? When you’re paid to do something, and do it badly? It lowers the standard in the industry. It gives people wrong impressions of what constitutes good design work. And it’s not just someone’s creative effort, it’s something made to represent a company or a show or a movie or whatever, and it’s their job. When something is your job, you’re supposed to do it properly. You’re held to a higher standard, or should be.

Leaving a negative review on someone’s fanfic is mean. Leaving a negative review on someone’s badly-written unedited self-published novel which is riddled with errors and which you paid money for is a different matter altogether. At that point, it becomes a matter of discouraging substandard work in an industry, and hopefully preventing more people being taken advantage of.

That’s just how I see it.