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i love how in stories about ancient times and ancient heros there’s always someone who says “you will be remembered for centuries, the glory of your name will never fade” because it’s true, we’re hearing about them right this moment, they lived thousands of years before us, yet we still idolise them and love their stories. it overwhelms me and fills with awe


Happy 34th Birthday, Ninomiya Kazunari! ♥

okay I have a question for anti-Otayuri people…

I’ve noticed that some of you ship Mila and Sara

Why is that ship okay, but Otayuri is not?

I know Mila is 18. But Sara is 22.

The girls have been skating competitively for years. I think it’s safe to say that they’ve probably known each other since before Mila was 18. Especially because they seem pretty close in the show. They’ve probably been friends for at least a few years, since Mila started skating in the senior division with Sara. Perhaps since Mila was 15/16 and Sara was 19/20.

Yall seem to have a problem with people aging up Otayuri. Or with them waiting for Yurio to turn 18. Like yall argue that Otabek would still be a predator for “waiting” because that would mean he had romantic/sexual intentions with Yurio from the start or something.

But Sara and Mila probably knew each other when Mila was still a minor. Why is it okay to ship them just because Mila is 18 now? When they probably knew each other when Mila was still a minor. So going by your logic, why is Sara not a predator as well for “waiting” for Mila to turn 18?

Like this is a legit question, I don’t understand your logic, please explain?


Happy Birthday to the lovely @ohscorbus!!! I hope you liked your impromptu gifts sorry you had to smuggle the chocolates. A little doodle I did which ended up taking too much time cause I couldn’t get their hair right - and now I know its a bad idea to sleep at 2am when you’ve got a two part show later that day. Thank you for letting me take it with Platform 9 ¾. I’m so glad to be sharing massive CC tears with you

I can’t even think about Harry writing this song and feeling so connected to it and it being his favourite and then deciding to release it despite it being so different from anything else on the radio right now and it being slower and it being about something that’s so deep and personal and then to just say fuck it I want THIS song to say who I am and just risking it…..how he just did it because it’s authentically him idk man I’m so fucked up right now…I just want all the good things for him forever u know & I love this song I want everyone to hear it and close their eyes and get lost in it because it’s beautiful


idk why i’m posting this here but,,,,,,,my choir went on a little tour a couple of months back and i just got a hold of one the videos my roommate took when she came to see..(catch a solo from ya girl at :48) anyway it’s a really pretty song and i just…yea lmAo ok i’m just gonna post this and stop rambling.

My brother just showed me a game called Portal Knights on the PS4 where we tried out split screen for a bit and such… and I’m really into it so far, despite being just the trial. I really love the style, gameplay and the crafting system and such. They were pretty accurate when they said it’s sort of a mix between Minecraft and Legend of Zelda.

Afffff, this is also one of those games where I wish I had more friends with the same console that liked the same games just so we could play it together. I’d love to experience this game with more than two players at once.

Personally I’ll probably get it on the PS4 simply because I don’t have the computer for the PC version.

I’ve been thinking about the Lego Ninjago movie and just like… feeling so happy because who knew a Cartoon Network show based on toys allegedly for lil boys would get a feature-length film made by major production companies and released in cinemas for everyone in the world to see… just thinking about it makes me so happy. Ninjago put me in a much better state of mind, so the fact that there’s a major movie to look forward to just makes me hella excited and brightens my whole mood in a weird way and,, Knowing that I’ll be able to see the ninjas on the big screen in like just over 7 months hhhhnnn I’m really grateful they’re making the movie, it just seems to unbelievable to me. I’ll die when the full trailer comes out omg.

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Septimus or Jenna?

Septimus is my boy but I love Jenna so much

I can’t stop thinking about ‘it’s quite surreal’, and 'amazing, yeah. This is incredible, isn’t it?’ Because that’s how Sam and Anthony were last year. And they lost it so fast because people are awful.

With Theo and Samuel we have two young men, at the start of their career, and I just think that as a fandom we should be respectful of them and not invasive or over-excitable or rude or any of the other countless things we could do to them.

They’re human beings, doing a job that should probably be the most amazing, fun job in the world. And it looks like they’re going to be spectacular at it. But can we remember that they are just that? Human beings doing a job. They’re not toys. They’re not play things. They’re not characters. They’re not for us to speculate over or ship. They’re people with lives and families and friendships.

So can we please be kind to them and show them we care about them and value them, and not drive them away and make them jaded? Let them have this amazing experience without us ruining it for them.

They’re so young. And they deserve to enjoy themselves and keep the wonder we saw in the video today. Is that so much to ask? Can people please be nice?

I didn’t see this process play out from the beginning last time, but I know it’s coming this time and it’s horrible. It’s beginning already, and I hate everything about it.

it should not be controversial to oppose the use of sexist language.
it should not be controversial to oppose the use of homophobic language.
it should not be controversial to oppose the use of biphobic language. 
it should not be controversial to oppose the use of transphobic language.
it should not be controversial to oppose the use of ableist language. 
it should not be controversial to oppose the use of racist language. 

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About the ML requests?? Could you please draw adrien/nino friendship stuff or some marinette/plagg interaction? Thank you

Hey there!! I went with the marinette/plagg interaction! 

While Adrien is frantically searching for plagg in every cheese store in paris, (do they have those there? we do in the netherlands but idk about france) Marinette spends some quality time with plagg. (probably making him fancy outfits)

reasons why Preston Garvey is Actually The Worst™©®
  • has the nicest eyes, which causes me to get lost in them and not be able to continue my game
  • his laugh is really adorable, which again distracts me while i play
  • still manages to be a good person in the likes of the Wasteland
  • best dress sense in the Commonwealth, making us all look bad c’mon dude at least tell me where you get ur clothes from
  • hums nice songs while he’s patrolling, getting them stuck in my head
  • won’t let me hold his hand
  • says he ain’t a hugger when he’s one of the most huggable people i’ve encountered
  • has the nerve to expect me to do the job that my character agreed to in the first place
  • helping him out lead me to getting a castle my guy i can’t handle all this stuff to build

Starco - Sign of the Times

HENRIK: has the most innocent smile and lovely golden curls
HENRIK: has a habit of staring people down from the stage, deadpan, and it’s scary as hell

KUNGEN: likes to drink and pull funny faces
KUNGEN: honestly looks undead and spoopy in 99% of all concert photos

TIM: is always happy and curls his moustache
TIM: appears in photoshoot emerging from a rickety shed, wild-eyed and wielding a chainsaw

JOHN: enjoys nice views and is generally so pleased that his childhood dream is becoming a reality
JOHN: stands behind the drum set for a while at the beginning of every show, remaining completely silent and looking convincingly like a serial killer

JOHANNES: enjoys cartoons and video games, and small fluffy animals
JOHANNES: is creepy-ass possibly vampiric clown who vaguely suggests he intends to eat some kids

AVATAR: are pure cinammon rolls, too sweet for this world
AVATAR: are brutal as fuck metal gods, bring them blood sacrifices