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i love how in stories about ancient times and ancient heros there’s always someone who says “you will be remembered for centuries, the glory of your name will never fade” because it’s true, we’re hearing about them right this moment, they lived thousands of years before us, yet we still idolise them and love their stories. it overwhelms me and fills with awe

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I’m going to scream.

This is seriously an amazing au. I feel the need to write for it and make cool prompts and hnnnnnnng.

But in all seriousness, this is my dream as a Fanfiction author. Well-thought out with a detailed background, it makes for a good pre-layout, much like an actual show/book would. It also has essential dynamics(Changing, Life, the whole ice scenario) that create a solid backbone for authors. With how it’s written, I could clearly see details and feel any artist wanting to create fanart for this AU could easily do it(but then again I’m not an artist so who am I to say).

It has so much potential that I can’t put it into words! It’s just so well thought out and beautiful and I seriously can’t wait to see more of it. Hell, I may even write a couple drabbles based off of it! With credit of course. An AU like this has potential for authors and artists alike to practice scenes they may not be used to writing, mainly high-action, face-paced scenes or incredibly dangerous stealth scenes.

I know I’ve gone on for so long, but I love AUs like this and I’m incredibly happy that Yuri!!! On Ice has one like it. I’ve roleplayed and written a few AUs for this series, but none have truly caught my attention like this one.

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I was way to into that…I may have to write a fic version of this because i got to the end and was like ‘awwwwwww it’s over??’ I need more!!! Permission to attempt a fic version?

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I want to read this, so interesting *___________* Someone write this!!     

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holy fuck i would read the shit out of this                

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Thank you all so, so much for liking my Inferno AU, especially @the-fan-garbage-can for writing out such an incredibly detailed review ;A; Nothing can be more satisfying than people loving my world building, honestly my favorite part of creating, and especially on an original AU like this one because it means you still connected with it. I’m deeply flattered and incredibly humbled, thank you so, so much! It makes me incredibly happy to have shared something that means something to you ;A;

But if at all possible, and you may feel I am selfish for wanting this, but I would sincerely appreciate if people could hold off on writing fics for this particular AU. (simply vaguely inspired by the aesthetic and want to do your own thing inspired by but not set in this AU? Please go right ahead, credit for inspiration would be appreciated)

The reason why I request this is because this is literally just the initial post, testing the waters, a background synopsis and image aesthetic introduction, a prologue if you will to the main show, a comic series I hope to illustrate. I have intentionally and carefully omitted and glossed over many plot-essential details in the synopsis because they will be revealed in the main plot, or are part of a plot twist. Many details included in the synopsis may seem random or unimportant now, but may tie into important things in the actual story. Many things may also intentionally be confusing because they are meant to be shown in visual form (like the Medals). Other massive parts of world building are purely visual and will never be directly acknowledged in writing, but I hope that some people who pay close attention will catch them, and this may have a pretty big impact on how you perceive the AU setting as a whole.

The point is, the entire synopsis text is a very selective snippet of information meant to provide context for my main comics. It does not at all give you the full picture, nor is it meant to, because then what would be the point of the story? ^ ^; I spent a very long time planning this, not only alone but also with a friend, and I present what I do to you now for a reason.

Again, I am incredibly flattered that people feel inspired and want to read more, and I do understand personal preference and perhaps people would prefer a text-only fic where my comic-format story telling may be unsatisfactory. But please understand that it can feel a bit…well, demotivating and pressuring when I know that people are rapidly using my synopsis for their own stories, not because I am offended that it inspires creativity, but because I’ve very carefully planned this out combined with how time consuming comic-drawing can be. I do not want to feel like I am competing with others to tell my plot twists first. So if at all possible, I would like to request that I get to tell my own story first, the story that the post was created for.

If for some reason you do not wish to grant my request, please understand my wanting to not see your posts, not because I am not interested or do not respect your creativity, but because of the reasons I stated above.

Thank you very much for your understanding, and I sincerely hope that you will support and encourage me in finishing this AU. m(_ _)m

Can I just say ?? I’m really glad Namjoon did the behind story broadcast. It really showed us how important their music is to them and how much of an emotional rollercoaster it was to make this album. Touching on personal subjects from Hoseok’s thankfulness for his mother’s sacrifices, to Jungkook’s struggle to show his hyungs he was having a hard time, to Seokjin being self aware of his incapability of being the best at what he does. It’s all so intimate to each of the members lives and Namjoon touched on that in great depth. He really didn’t have to tell us all this but he still did bc he wanted us to know just how genuine they have been to us. The boys have gone through so much and they don’t ever want to take our support for granted, and that’s really what Namjoon was trying to explain. Bangtan is in a high place right now but it hasn’t changed their feelings of gratefulness towards their fanbase and everyone around them.

reasons why Preston Garvey is Actually The Worst™©®
  • has the nicest eyes, which causes me to get lost in them and not be able to continue my game
  • his laugh is really adorable, which again distracts me while i play
  • still manages to be a good person in the likes of the Wasteland
  • best dress sense in the Commonwealth, making us all look bad c’mon dude at least tell me where you get ur clothes from
  • hums nice songs while he’s patrolling, getting them stuck in my head
  • won’t let me hold his hand
  • says he ain’t a hugger when he’s one of the most huggable people i’ve encountered
  • has the nerve to expect me to do the job that my character agreed to in the first place
  • helping him out lead me to getting a castle my guy i can’t handle all this stuff to build

I’ve been thinking about the Lego Ninjago movie and just like… feeling so happy because who knew a Cartoon Network show based on toys allegedly for lil boys would get a feature-length film made by major production companies and released in cinemas for everyone in the world to see… just thinking about it makes me so happy. Ninjago put me in a much better state of mind, so the fact that there’s a major movie to look forward to just makes me hella excited and brightens my whole mood in a weird way and,, Knowing that I’ll be able to see the ninjas on the big screen in like just over 7 months hhhhnnn I’m really grateful they’re making the movie, it just seems to unbelievable to me. I’ll die when the full trailer comes out omg.

Okay but you know what gives me lots of brotzly feelings? Listening to this song and thinking about Todd and Dirk arriving back at Todd’s apartment post Blackwing. 

They’re both tired, more than a little hurt, and Dirk is clearly traumatized by the whole event. And Todd just wishes he would talk about it, because he’s not the best at feelings, but he knows that when he finally talked about the whole years of lying thing that that’s when he finally began to feel better. But Dirk’s just quiet, and Todd hates it. so finally he just sits Dirk down, puts a disney film on the tv, and tells him that it’s okay not to talk about it yet if he doesn’t want to, but Todd is ready to help him when he does, just like dirk did for him.

Random Hance headcanon: Lance loves watching Hunk bake stuff and occasionally, he’ll go in and help. Though, every time Lance does help, the two will usually end up having a food fight with the ingredients because someone thought it would be a good idea to smack Hunk with the flour (or whatever equivalent that they are using)

Might be distant fur a couple of days


Tryin’ to figure some life stuff out

Fnjsbnjsbjf sorry it took so long to answer this!! But yes I am more than happy to share–


(AKA Keroro and Fuyuki. KEROFUYU) Please excuse the messiness it’s just a sketch lol
And yeah I ship them as humans lolol otherwise it would be a little weird XD

Sigh ya know KG has been part of my life since I was young so it has a lot of sentimental value to me…not to mention these two idiots who are totally gay for each other I mean come ON. I first started shipping it a couple years ago…so yeah I’ve loved them together for quite some time. And it just astounds me because GiroNatsu is so popular, like one of the fandom’s OTPs so why can’t these two get more love?? And KuruSabu and KoyuDoro. BASICALLY every human/Keronian pair except for these guys are somewhat popular lmfao

I can understand sorta, since a lot of people adore KeroTama but tbh I’ve never really liked them together? To me Tamama’s love is more admiration than actual deep feelings for Kero, and Kero shows no interest for him whatsoever lol but that’s just my opinion so;; I still think KeroTama is really cute tho

Anyway! I can’t even begin to tell you how much interaction these two have, that’s 358 episodes and 5 movies of screentime together. And OH BOY don’t even get me started on movie 3, HOLY SHIT. SO MUCH BROMANCE. EVERYWHERE. ALL THE TIME. It’s great ;w;

Just the sheer lengths Keroro will go to to protect Fuyuki is ridiculous! He’s always always looking out for him no matter what, it’s his duty to protect his human partner right? In almost all cases I’ve seen Keroro will put Fuyuki’s safety first. Always. Even if it means putting himself at risk, he’ll do whatever it takes to ensure Fuyuki’s well being, and THAT is what takes the cake about this ship for me. That’s probably my favorite thing about them! (Like, one of my favorite moments, although extremely short–maybe a couple seconds, is in the 5th movie. When Kero and Fuyuki are getting chased by Akuaku on their little saucerbike, Kero turns around, totally ignoring what’s going on in front, which is extremely dangerous!!, and throws a life jacket over Fuyuki’s head. He doesn’t care if he himself gets injured, he just wants to make sure Fuyuki’s prepared for impact! He’s like “OH SHIT we’re probably gonna crash better make sure Fuyuki is safe!” He doesn’t pull a selfish move which is PART OF HIS CHARACTER he’s such a selfish brat, he doesn’t ensure his own safety first did you guys notice that? When Kero throws a life jacket over Fuyuki he doesn’t have one on. He didn’t have enough time to protect both of them so he chose to protect Fuyuki over himself! When they fly off Kero has no protection at all WHAT A FREAKIN SWEETHEART I HATE HIM. Fuyuki even yells at him to pay attention to where they’re driving lmfao anyway I’ll shut up about this now sorry) Also that their friendship is so dynamic and adorable, and I just love the fact that the 1st and 3rd and 5th movies basically center around their friendship and deep trust for each other. Then there’s Garuru invasion arc, fjgdjk I shouldn’t talk about that it’ll make me cry, poor sweet Fuyuki TTwTT

It just makes me so upset that there’s hardly any content for them. They’re so freaking cute? Why can’t people see that //cries

I really need to go write a cute fluffy oneshot of them hrhghgh

But, the pair even rarer than KeroFuyu is…DarkKeroFuyu! Finding anything for that is absolutely hopeless lmfao I won’t even try

3rd movie, Dark Kero basically just wants Fuyuki to be his friend. That’s all. POOR GUY JUST NEEDS SOME LOVE. COME ON. My alltime favorite headcanon concerning these two ships is that Dark and Kero have an extremely intense rivalry and they always get into spats because they both like Fuyuki. RIP

Okay well yes now hopefully I’ve shed some light on the subject and made you all see just how sweet these two morons are together hence I’m in rarepair hell since nobody seems to know about this ship at all

I just had a troubling realization about Eugene

Based on how he’s developed as a character right up to this point in the show and in the graphic novel, I had no doubt by the end of 7x11 that Eugene was playing Negan for a fool.

Sure, Eugene’s not a fighter. He cries, he trembles, and he covers his eyes when shit gets real. Many fans still think of him as a coward and will never forgive him for lying about a cure. But I’ve always had reason to believe that despite all of that, Eugene knows who his friends are and he will step up to save them when he has to. (Clip not found, but let’s not forget when he saved Tara and lured the walkers away in the van.)

But I’m really worried about what the showrunners are planning for Eugene.

Spoilers below.

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Idk if you were in the $nK fandom but I get curious if antis hate a ship like Yumi/Kuri (Ym¡r/Krist@) too. Yumi/Kuri is canon and has so much depth and foundation, but Krist@ is 15 and Ym¡r is 60+ I doubt this is revelant at all but since $nK is such a humongous fandom, I wonder if theyre ok with a healthy lesbian relationship as such or would condemn it for the ages. Some antis are hypocritical. Ive seen them shipping OtaYur¡ and invest themselves in K¡lling St@lking. It's odd because OtaYur¡

is 16 and 19 and K¡lling St@lking is morally bankrupt. Plus I love Yumi/Kuri so much and it’s canon. Thats a ship that I dont get how ppl could ever hate it, unless they heed ages, then it makes sense, but then the entirety of $nK would be wrong bc ya know–child soldiers. Idk I guess I’m just uselessly rambling here, sorry about that!

I was (and still am) in the Sn/k fandom. Season 2 is coming out next Saturday btw!

I think you can compare Ymir’s age to Allura’s. Ymir was wandering around as a mindless titan for 60 years, Allura was frozen in static sleep for 10.000 years. Hell, Aang was frozen in an iceberg for a century and was still 12 when he emerged. None of them were conscious during that time. So even if they were born a long time ago, their brain and body didn’t develop during that period, putting Aang at 12, Ymir at ~17 and Allura at her “actual” age.

Sn/k is a fucked up story, man. Murder, mind control, cannibalism… I love it. But what you like is not what you condone. That’s what antis don’t seem to understand. Same with Ki//ing Sta/king. I don’t remember coming across antis who like KS (I’m not into… extreme stuff like that) but I wouldn’t doubt for a second that they exist. These stories are supposed to have “problematic” elements in them. It’s part of the fucking plot. As long as you realise why something is fucked up, go ahead and enjoy it. No one has ever read a Stephen King book and decided to become a serial killer.
But according to tunglr you can’t even like a villain or a morally grey character without being a terrible person.

Regarding Ota//yuri:

My partner turned 18 last month, which technically makes our relationship adult/minor as of now. I know firsthand how manipulative dynamics work, but we’ve been together for over a year, and not once have they tried to pressure me into doing something I didn’t want to do or made me feel like there’s a power imbalance between us.

I don’t see… anything wrong with a 16/17 y/o dating someone who’s 18 or 19? The older you get, the more you mature. It’s not like you wake up on the morning of your 18th birthday feeling like a fully functional, responsible adult all of a sudden.

Of course relationships between a 19 y/o and a 16 y/o can be manipulative. But when you ship something, you know - something fictional - you have the power to decide whether that dynamic is healthy or not. And even if you make two or more characters out to be in an emotionally draining relationship because you want to explore certain scenarios - that doesn’t mean you’d condone the same things in real life.

Your fictional preferences don’t determine whether you’re a “good” or “bad” person.

Just so you know, I am going to start apologizing in parentheses, amongst other things.

If you see the parentheses, that means it is supposed to read as me thinking/whispering the words within the parentheses, and it means that if you do not feel like reading it, you do not have to, or that it is meant to be read in a softer voice.

I started doing this sometimes recently. I don’t know why. I just feel… secure? When I do this.

I apologize a lot, I mumble a lot, I rant a lot. I have trouble shutting up, and that tends to turn others away from me.

I am a very insecure person, which might stem from my childhood when people preferred my twin over me and openly expressed this, or just disliked me in general, therefore I want people to like me now, but in doing so, I just made more people hate me.

(I feel I may annoy some of you, especially with this post. I am sorry for that. Please don’t hate me.)

To sum it up: the parentheses is kind of a security thing. I do it to make myself feel.. safer? I’m not sure. God, (sorry). I rambled on again. (I’m so sorry.)

Also, I am going to make a new tag: Shiloh’s Stupid Rambles for when I make posts like this (that may be totally useless and most people may not pay attention to).

Thank you for reading. (Though I doubt anyone read/finished it.)

Ok so like. Hear me out.

I took the sorting quiz when I was a junior in high school. My cousin Lyddie and I sat on my bed and were sorted into our houses on Pottermore. I was Slytherin and she was Ravenclaw.

Fast forward four years and I am sitting in my room retaking the quiz and I get Gryffindor. Much to my surprise.

I think that my experiences have caused me to grow into a different person. It is super interesting because I have retaken the quiz and have gotten Gryffindor multiple times.

However, recently, I took the quiz again and got Slytherin.

I am so confused.

I think I am going to just stick with Slytherin since it is the house that I have always identified most closely with, and since I sincerely believe that I would have been sorted there at age eleven.

What do you think?

I don’t really like the idea of “Slytherdor”…

I think that I should just choose Slytherin because it’s where I was originally sorted when I was younger.

re: ceci video
  • everybody rocking the spring boyfriend look goddamnit
  • jihan beside each other holding hands!!
  • jeonghan not wanting to separate from jisoo to the point that he pulls jisoo’s sleeves (ooh boy you are so caught)
  • jisoo not wanting to let go either but he’s pulled in the other direction by his two dongsaengs
  • hansol and seokmin serve as a test for jihan’s unity 
  • notice jisoo going to jeonghan after hansol and seokmin “claim” him
  • jeonghan feeling betrayed that he is left alone by his crew
  • (jeonghan also smiling but already planting grudges and watering them nice and good)
  • i love gyuhao’s friendship omg gyuhao rise
  • svt being certified children