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Thank you, Dany.
—  can we talk about how freaking PERSONAL that was?! I really don’t remember ANYONE who would speak to Dany with such straightforwardness and gentleness!
Khal Drogo always called her either ‘Khaleesi’ or ‘Moon of his Life’, Jorah or Daario - ‘Khaleesi’ or ‘Your Grace’. They all treated her like a Queen (who she obviously is).
And here we have Jon Snow. A man who loved once but has tragically lost his beloved. He knows the feeling of loss better than anyone and now he sees this powerful woman going through something heartbreaking. He feels responsible for it and wants to comfort her. Not because he has to.
He may know Dany for a short amount of time but already feels emotionally attached to her (and vice versa ;) ).
Jon sees more than just the Heir to the Iron Throne.
He sees a human being with the surface of a strong and beautiful woman.

  • Sherlock: *about to take the pill*
  • John: *shot the cabie*
  • Moriarty: *put John in a bomb suit*
  • John: *grabbed him and told Sherlock to run*
  • Sherlock: *was drugged by Irene*
  • John: *cancelled his date to stayed home taking care of Sherlock*
  • Sherlock: *about to shoot himself*
  • John: seen at 8:45✔️

When the cuteness of Jongho makes me want to scream

  • The b99 fandom: what we really need from this finale is a major relationship step for Jake and Amy, reassurance that Holt and Kevin are going to get the “real” wedding they’ve wanted for a while now, maybe a Pimento x Rosa breakup (not just because dianetti is endgame but because he isn’t right for her), solid character development, Gina and Rosa to fi
  • Dan: here's the max amount of times Andy can say cool in a minute
  • Fandom: okay yeah we needed that too but
I love the contrast of ArchieRonnie against Bughead though...

ArchieRonnie is all very passion and fire and lust with an undercurrent of sweetness. Bughead is that very pure sweet kind of love and the two just play off each other so well and it’s just great to see the two very different but two very healthy kinds of relationships on the same show.

Just fuck me up you guys

I like to think that one of Dex’s parents lifts the other one up (bridal style, over the shoulder, etc etc) whenever they get too lovey dovey with each other and Dex grew up wanting to be able to do that with his future spouse and is like a secret motivation he has whenever he works out and while he knows that he’ll be a bit shyer when it comes to showing his emotions so openly, he wants to be able to show the one he loves that sort of easy and unrestrained affection.

Alternatively, I like to think that Nursey grew up seeing his parents be a bit more restrained whenever they showed affection in public but he never missed the way they would be so attuned to what the other needed (a massage, comfort food, conversation, silence, etc etc) and while he knows that when he finally enters a relationship with his one and only that he’ll be far more demonstrative he also hopes that he can be able to have that sort of quiet and understanding connection.

Okay but can we just talk about this particular still for a sec? 

Magnus looks so….vulnerable. And the way Alec (because he’s the caring boyfriend that he is) cups his neck, the expression on his face just screaming ‘IF I EVER FIND THE BITCH THAT MADE MY BAE CRY…’. We’ve seen a Vulnerable Magnus scene before, but this one’s most vulnerable he’s been. His eyes are red from tears…!

Magnus Bane deserves nice things. 

Magnus Bane deserves to be loved.

And Alec Lightwood is 'truly’ lucky to have him.

I guess I’m saying stuff that’s already been told a million times by now, but I just had to write this. Feel free to ignore it.

It’s hard to explain how happy and radiant Taylor was in Houston to those who weren’t there. I’ve seen multiple shows of hers…many from close range, like this last one…but her whole demeanor was brighter and more ethereal than before. Maybe it’s because she missed the stage…or even us…but most of all…I want it to be those things PLUS the fact that she is in the best place she’s ever been emotionally. She looked so at peace and content despite the chaos going on everywhere else. She was so present and comfortable, I hope she stays that happy. She deserves nothing less.

I keep coming across photos or gifs of Jake and Amy from like seasons 1 and 2 and I’m chill but then it hits me that they’re engaged and I look back at the thing and I’m like OMG THESE BABIES ARE GETTING MARRIED WTF I don’t even know if I’m making any sense rn

So I know Stranger Things 2 is six weeks away. It’s written on my calendar. I’ve planned my schedule for months to accommodate an entire weekend so I can watch ten times through.

But. It still feels so surreal? Like, we’ve waited so long that it just feels like waiting is all we’ve ever done? To think that in six weeks there will be a whole NINE new episodes is sublime. It’s absolutely beyond my ability to fully grasp at this point.

I honestly don’t think it will feel real until I’ve watched the entire season, cried, laughed, and screamed.