i'm rae rae is me


those eyes (and eyelashes) should be made illegal tbh

my life is 1000% better when I’m listening to carly rae jepsen

When you realize that Carly Rae was never actually "going to the Store," but would tell her bf that as an excuse so she could slip out and see someone else, and by "going to the Store" one last time, she’s actually walking out on him:

oooooh look, another list of aus for your writing pleasure: 
[sorry if any of these have already been done!]

+ you’re the cute barista and i’m the indie artist who plays at your coffee shop. i’m totally doing it for the pay and not to stare at your face for three hours every week, what are you talking about.
+ i’m the librarian and you’re the person who, in an attempt to flirt, just asked me if we carry books here.
+ you discreetly come into my bookstore every day just to play with my cat that i let wander. you think i don’t notice, but i totally do. don’t worry; it’s freaking adorable.
+ you are the lead singer of a rock band, and i’m the fan who you just called up on stage to sing a song with you. wow, you are way hotter in person and now i just forgot every lyric of yours ever.
+ you’re the cute trainer at the gym and i just fell off my treadmill because i couldn’t stop staring at you. 
+ we’re the only two people in this theater and i’m taking note of all the parts of the film that make you laugh so i can talk to you after. 
+ you’re selling cookies for your sister’s girl scout troop and you’re so adorable and awkward while doing it that i buy fifteen boxes.
+ you just started telling me your life story on the bus without even giving me your name first, and wait did you just say that you’re involved in the mafia?! 
+ you’re the tech guru on campus and i keep getting viruses on my computer just so i can come talk to you. 
+ we’re rival vloggers who are forced to do a panel together at vidcon, but it’s hard to despise you when you’re that much cuter in person. 
+ you’re an actor on my favorite tv show and i’m your biggest fan. needless to say that when i meet you for the first time, i get so excited that i accidentally punch you in the face. 
+ you’re a pirate and you were unaware about your feelings for me until a siren took my image. 
+ you’re my tutor but i keep getting distracted because you’re so pretty.
+ even though i’m about to be carted off to the er after my car accident, i’m still gonna try to flirt with you, the cute emt. 
+ i’m an escort but not that type of escort. if you play your cards right though, i could be. 
+ i own an esty shop and you’re the cute worker at the post office i keep running into. 

  • me, in cargo shorts and a videogame t-shirt: -walks in the middle of an empty road, by a busy park-
  • 3 lil boys: WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!
  • me: ...just walkin! :)
  • 3 lil boys: ARE YOU A BOY OR A GIRL!!!!
  • me: what do you think?
  • 2 lil boys: ...GIIRL!
  • me: -keeps walking-
  • 1 lil boy: I think it's a boy because of walking in the middle of the road
  • me: ...?? -ok lol amused-