i'm quite pleased with it tho

Some binding tips from the Voltron boys! Stay safe everybody <3

This is Day 3 (You’re a Star!!/Armor) of the trans voltron week put together by @trans-legendary-defenders  which ended 3 days ago soz

This took me like 3 days to make but I’m :’) so proud

btw I don’t bind yet (I’ve done quite a bit of research in preparation tho) so please let me know if any of my information is wrong!


My gorgeous poet son

The Signs Described By My Aquarius Friend
  • Aries: k so ones my boyfriend so i guess you could say i rlly like Aries lmao, yeah they are really rad but also stubborn as fuck, like calm down guys
  • Taurus: nice and looks out for me, even though they may not really mean it
  • Gemini: y'all are loyal af and one threw shade at a bitch for me so hard so I'm eternally grateful
  • Cancer: I was best friends with one for 3 yrs but then they chose their relationship over me so whoops
  • Leo: loyal af but sometimes only think of themselves, chill guys tho
  • Virgo: always so beautiful like wtf stop being so beautiful
  • Libra: y'all keep me from fucking everything up, without libras i would be dead
  • Sagittarius: wifey material
  • Capricorn: lmao ur my ex and you tried hooking up with my best friend byeeeeeee
  • Aquarius: lame lmao
  • Pisces: absolute cutie patooties seriously i want to keep all of you as my own just adorable
  • @thestxrsaligned

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Tyler playlist! (You choose the emotion, as long as its not sad please)

I’m going to do an era instead of an emotion if that’s okay. 60/70s Tyler Playlist (Not quite greaser au tho, a little more hippy vibes)

Good Vibes Only
Happy Together - The Turtles
Wild Thing - The Troggs
I Think We’re Alone Now - Tommy James & The Shondells
Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
Sunshine Superman - Donovan
Sugar, Sugar - The Archies

send me an emotion/feeling/youtuber and i’ll make you a short playlist based on it

Coming out in General

Coming out to people in general was pretty amusing for me. But a few stories stuck out meow than others.

Best Friend: Sooo yesterday I might have let it slip that someone in the group was bisexual..

Me: Oh lord what did you say?

Best Friend: I was taking to the guys and said someone in the group likes dicks and vaginas

Me: *Bursts out laughing* oh my god I wish I was there to see. When you tell them that it’s me I want to be present.

The next day she called me over and asked if she could say. I just shrugged while she turned to the guys.

Best Friend: So remember what I said about someone liking dicks and vaginas?

Guys: *nod*

Best Friend: Well it’s *points to me and I mock bow*

Guy 1: I had no idea wow!

Me: How did you guys not know I always refer to you as straight people and in constantly obsessing over Natasha Romanoff!

Then there was my extremely religious conservative friend that I was terrified to come out too. But we’re super close so I did anyway.

Me: um hey I just wanted you to know something

Conservative Friend: yeah?

Me: I like girls and guys and I’m bisexual

Conservative Friend:…

Me: don’t hate me please

Conservative Friend: why would I? Oh gosh has anyone said anything mean give me names and I’ll beat them up!

Then that weekend she went home and read all of Genosis and came to me looking quite proud.

Conservative Friend: I found nothing in the bible against is which is why homophobes are stupid

Oh and I love all the jokes I can make and the crack my friend make.

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You, my lovely friend, have reawakened my deep love for monsters/not-quite-human creatures, and as a result I have been on a wild two hour internet ride through the world of monsters and monster bfs/lovers. I can't say I'm not extremely pleased. Thank you for sharing your astounding art with us! (It was the handsome Adrian and lovely Doll that reignited my love, in case you were wondering!)

whenever I get asks like this I just

I cannot wait for H&M’s obsession with tiny crop tops to be over, because seriously, fuck off.

Oh my gosh I was watching Xander and Azura’s S Support and I just had a thought that it is…actually kinda funny in a way.

When Azura lived in Nohr, she was tormented as a child by other people. Enough so that she hated living there. Eventually she was stolen away by Hoshidan soldiers and given a better life but in Xander’s s support with her and him asking her to be his queen, I can’t help but think this.

Azura and Xander, walking arm in arm down the isle and all of the people who fucked with her as a kid are there and they’re probably putting on fake smiles but Azura? she’s just G R I N N I N G

Azura: Hey fuckers, remember me? Yeah remember all the shit you put me through? Well guess what assholes I’m gonna be queen. Not just any queen either. I’M GONNA BE Y O U R ’ S.

And inn all of Nohr’s history, none was quite as terrifying as Queen Azura.

LUMIÈRE: an oliver queen & felicity smoak fanmix

01. unbound - cathedrals // 02. please don’t leave me quite again - adam agin // 03. ho hey - the lumineers // 04. tenerife sea - ed sheeran // 05. the girl - city and colour // 06. dreams (ft. gabrielle aplin) - bastille // 07. wonderwall - ryan adams // 08. dust to dust - the civil wars // 09. a message - coldplay // 10. halo - lotte kestner


Until I retire… Please be mine.

What the subs should have said because that’s (not quite…) whAT KATSUKI YURI SAID TO VICTOR NIKIFOROV

ah- this got a lot of notes ^^;
I wanted to double check this and get a better version of the translation (the one above is what I got from my initial listen) but I think a more accurate translation would be “Please take care of me” instead of “be mine”
(the “boku no koto” tripped me up ;;; sorry guys. ITS STILL ROMANTIC AS SHIT THO)

What we should be doing is getting a drink.

I made this last week. Idea was to draw a mix of tv show and the new comics Jim and John. Mainly cos they have killer hairstyles in the comics :’)
Not quite sure how good of a job I did in trying to make them look like Emmett and Matt tho…

Otherwise I’m kinda happy with this. Maybe I’ll try again some other day~

@DC please make trash crossover of these thanks


Please excuse my tired and unattractive face in these pictures, but today I reached the only life goal I’ve ever had: I’m now a black belt in taekwondo.

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What happened? I was a sleep when al the drama with Liam, Tyler and these journalists began. What has happened? Will you please explain it or give me the link to the video? I'm sorry you probably have already heard this a million times... Thanks tho :)

heyy love i was asleep too. but i did a little research and found out what happened:) not quite sure tho tbh

okay babies its storytime hang roun

uncle liam tweeted this

and everyone thought he was a homophobic. but who could actually believe that uncle liam with an angel’s heart would be a homophobic?

apparently tyler oakley. no hate i love tyler btw im just supporting liam on this one.


The people that supported Liam, the people that thought liam was homophobic and the people that made fun of it all.

and then liam stood up for himself and tweeted a bunch of stuff

what lesson did we learn today my loves? oh yes indeed. that liam stood up for himself like he should have. he finally defended himself, told off the people that made up stuff for him. because as we all know, even the nicest people have their limits

hope this helped <3


free hand sketch I’ve been working on for college. i’m pretty pleased with it (i think the parting looks quite real), but these photo’s are only of the photocopy of the original, because I wasn’t sure if the red would work, and didn’t want to ruin it >.< (in case you’re wondering why it looks a little grainy)

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Please don't use gay or queer as an adjective to describe your fashion for the day. It's quite demeaning for us.

I’m sorry, did my non-stereotypical presentation make you assume I was straight? Maybe I should cut my hair short and then it’ll be okay for me to use the word queer?

Or maybe, just maybe, you should stop policing what I, a queer woman, says in a post about myself. And while you’re at it stop assuming that everyone is straight unless they clearly say otherwise.

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:C I'm feeling sexually frustrated because of a certain fluffy are-you-even-real type of a human being... Cough *yooyoungjae* cough.. Oh sorry.. Any advice to stop spazzing over him..? Dear lord please save my soul


  2. Lie to yourself that it’s possible. GOOD LUCK.
  3. Admit you are wrong LMAO nice try tho
  4. Accept that you can’t stop stanning him.
  5. Cry.
  6. Cry harder.
  7. Warn everyone you know to never become a Youngjae-stan.
  8. Declare undying love for fluffball.
  9. Follow the great ways of the ultimate brainbox in the fandom: Jung Daehyun.
  10. Die Monday Tuesday Everyday.