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I had 20+ posts done for Gen. 3 and decided to scrap them all because I wasn’t liking the way Reese’s story line was going, rip having a long queue :/

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Hi :) Can we have a jealous Ros? That would change from ben being jealous of Rosaline/escalus 👋

Thank you for sending this prompt! I like the idea of changing it up, but I’m not sure how well I managed to convey Rosaline’s jealousy. In any case, here is my attempt. 

[also on ao3]

There was no way around it, Rosaline was getting married to a Montague.

For all that he had wavered before, now Escalus was determined to see the city’s two houses united, the engagement at the heart of their new union confirmed before Verona, and celebrated with a feast that very same evening. Not even an explosion and subsequent outbreak of chaos and rioting had sufficed to make him cancel, or at least postpone, the festivities. And so, once she had cleaned the dirt and ash off her face and changed into a new and even more resplendent dress, Rosaline headed to the palace with her uncle and sister, hair still slightly singed in places and the occasional tremor running down her spine as she remembered the shock of the great explosion, the roar of fire and chaos that followed.

Benvolio had been quick to react in the moment, pulling her down and out of range of the jagged pieces of wood and debris flying all around them, and had then promptly dragged her away from the inferno devouring the piazza and towards the safety of the nearby Capulet home. Still thinking her sister in danger, Rosaline had struggled the entire way there, but her newly-confirmed betrothed had been relentless. Her sister, he argued, had been standing much farther from the source of the explosion than they had, conveniently near an exiting street and protected by her uncle and a dozen Capulet men. If the two of them had made it out, so had she.

He turned out to be right: Livia was already home when they arrived, welcoming them with a relieved sob and effusions of gratitude towards the Montague that Rosaline was sure had made his already big head swell even more. Still, she supposed, he had done her a service getting her to safety, staying calm where she had been about to lose her head, so it was perhaps for the best that her sister was so animatedly showing gratitude where she found herself unable to do the same.

The impression Benvolio had made on her today had clashed quite terribly with the one she’d had of him before, careless and pleasure-driven and with no regard to anyone but himself. It had, perhaps, been a somewhat harsh judgment, and if not completely wrong, then at the very least incomplete. Twice now he had delivered her from mortal peril, and while she had suspected some ulterior motive the first time, she knew now that his words had been true back then: He had helped her because she needed his help. And today, he had kept her safe because she had been in danger, simple as that.

But just when she’d almost decided to give her betrothed the benefit of the doubt, and allow for the thought that perhaps he was a better man than her prejudices and his own comportment suggested, she was reminded of some of the other things that had shaped her opinion of him, and made for his less-than-stellar reputation in town.

Rosaline had, in some unspoken part of her mind, known that her betrothed was, as the saying went, a man of some worldly experience. She had not, however, expected to be confronted with evidence of that same worldly experience on the very evening of her betrothal dinner.

And yet, there was no doubt about it: The woman sitting across from them at the banquet table, one rich and beautiful widow by the name of Contarini, had been acquainted with the Montague heir before, and remembered the acquaintance fondly, if her heated glances and languid smiles at him across the table were anything to go by.

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hogwarts houses as tumblr memes

hufflepuff: actual cinnomon roll

ravenclaw: -shoving breadsticks into purse- i’m feeling so attacked right now


slytherin:  okay. sounds fake but okay

Let’s play a game. It goes like this… Stop stalking and harassing Skam cast when they clearly gave notice they don’t wish to be bothered. Stop waiting for Tarjei and David in front of their school.

Just because Tarjei is smiling doesn’t mean he is comfortable doing it. Do not call him rude or ungrateful and guilt trip him for not wanting to take pictures or talk to you. Today he wanted to leave and he was basically forced into meeting fans??? Do you not see the problem? You actually think it’s not disturbing when you go after him two days in a row? Also I’m sorry but same people waiting for Henrik after he just came back? Not creepy at all?

I know you all get excited when you get new content but please consider the circumstances. And if you already get pictures with them don’t expose them on every fucking social media and encourage people to do the same. That’s chill?