i'm quite looking forward to her character

mrmccrimmon  asked:

I have to say I really love your artwork and I frequent your art here on Tumblr and on DeviantArt, like I look forward to your art updates. I'm hoping for two things if you wouldn't mind. I'd love to see Flame Quartz and Pink Sapphire fused together since it seems they may have such a symbiotic relationship as seeress and warrior/protector, like in combat how would they work together? Oh and could you elaborate more on your headcanon for your Pink Agate's personality/ability, I love her smirk!

Thank you!!!! and here is Pezzottaite, quite an interesting choice haha

and about Pink Agate, she’s kinda a background character, all gems who belonged to Pink are that way to Red, but the earthling quotes, like most of the Agate is relly fed up about Red, he’s a jerk when he really wants to, Pink Sapphire for example is often tasked as a body guard for Aura Q., just to show how red spoils his quartzes, he prized his only Aura q. so much he always send her with a Sapphire to make sure she comes back safe to him, that and how Red lets his Zircon say what he want on trials and isn’t afraid t take sides in favor of gems caught fusing, Agate as many of Pink gems are conservatives and hate how Red ignores them, that displeased face of hers isn’t that rare among Pink’s Gems.