i'm quite happy with the pink in this

She was killing before killing was cool. She’s so cool so cool. So. Cool.


persona crew —> yukiko amagi

I wanted to become completely self-sufficient. But I think I was being presumptuous. I have the inn, I have my family, I have the waitresses and chefs. I am who I am now because I was raised by such a kind group. When I think of it that way, my problems aren’t just my own.

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I'm actually crying bc the filthy frank show is highly likely gonna end quite soon. I'm happy that he's moving on to his music and stuff that he enjoys more but I'm really gonna miss franku and the crew. They always made me laugh when times were tough ya know? I'm too invested in these characters, I cried when saf died and I cried and I cried when I thought Pink Guy died in Teriyaki God. I just needed to vent this to u bc no one else cares lmaoo sorry

Bruh I care because I am on the same party boat my guy. All good things come to an end, and if I’ve learned anything​ from this miserable existence of mine it’s that people change and nothing lasts forever. It’ll end eventually, maybe not today or tomorrow, but some day. But it’s not a complete end, you’ll always have the memories that were made along the way.
In other words, don’t be sad that it’s over.
Be happy it happened 💓

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Ahhh you're the first ff writer who I found that wrote a SS Hogwarts piece! Can you write a prompt where it's there first year & Sasuke gets depressed when he isn't placed in the Griffindor house with Sakura? And he gets even more depressed when Itachi gets interested in her cause of her beauty/Tsunade is going to take her on as an apprentice. So that's how when he teaches his snake to send her gifts (kinda of like a prequel to your other piece) <:3


The first time Uchiha Sasuke met Haruno Sakura, he was sure she was the most annoying girl in the whole wide world. Yet, he was okay with that.

The door to the compartment opened as a pink-headed girl all decked out in her robes stood there. “Can I sit here? All the other compartments are full.”

“We’re—“ Sasuke begins.

“Sure! Go right ahead!” Naruto answers with a wide grin as he hops from his seat across from Sasuke to sit next to him. Sasuke could only grumble at the annoyance of having less personal space now that Naruto was next to him.

The girl smiles as she takes a seat right across from the boys. “I’m Haruno Sakura. What are your names?”

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Happy birthday, @witchy-tombstone-smile! I can’t give ya the 500 bucks or the Serafino™ you wanted, but I CAN make ya the best birthday post ever! :D

Look at that smile

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Isn’t he precious?

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“Hey, T-bone, is it hot in here or did a certain birthday girl walk in the room??”

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“Mamma Mia!” *faints*

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You’re not quite old enough to crack open a cold one with the boys

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so the Terror Twins™ will do the drinking for ya!

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Not a fan of alcoholic beverages in gif form? Here, have some cuddles!

With a wave of Serafino’s magic wand

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and a lil bit of hair porn™

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all of your birthday wishes (minus the money and Nikki because I’m broke lol) will now come true!

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Happy birthday dude! Enjoy your special day!

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For @m-oarts

AU where Will is a missionary who was sent over by his king to convince the neighboring Danes to convert to Christianity. Their own king curious about the customs “William” brings but also very interested in Will himself. 

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(I'm so going to the Nether for this but I'm gonna do it) ღ with Abby and Herobrine.

He’d kissed her.

Abby could hardly believe it. She knew it was going to happen eventually, but it was much sooner than she thought…

Mildly confused but still quite happy, she returned his kiss, her starry eyes closing delicately as she leaned into it.

Finally, they drew apart after a few seconds. Those few seconds had felt like days to Abby. It was as if time itself had slowed to allow them to kiss for a longer time.

“Aw, jeez, Brine,” she said, smiling blissfully as her cheeks were dusted over with a light pink blush, “you kind of caught me off guard there. It’s okay, though. That was nice.”

((really? cuz to Abby it looks more like heaven!))
((*whomp whomp whooooomp*))