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I've worked seasonally in a nursery for three years now and I'm about 95% sure the Demon Rose is a De La Grifferaie. They're leggy, got huge-ass thorns and are extremely cold-and-pruning-and-poison resistant. Normally not quite as neon pink but that color indicates she's really happy where she is. If it makes you feel better, they're particularly good for a lot of Native Wild Bees, and any further attempts that are not actually illegal are doomed. Enjoy your immortal rose!

Looking that up on google I’d say that could sound about right, were it not for the fact that it says the roses are highly scented and Demon Rose has little to no scent at all. But perhaps she’s the bastard off spring of that and something else.

She was killing before killing was cool. She’s so cool so cool. So. Cool.

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1) Fam I need help. New Yoonjin shipper right here. I want to start reading fics so I would love a few recs. As far as I can tell bottom!jin is what's more popular (seems like our fandom cannot appreciate bottom!yg at all lol) and I'm very happy with it. But I noticed in quite a few fics he's basically portrayed as a girl? Like, super feminine, delicate and fragile. Which, as a Jin stan, is a big nono. He's still a (very fine) man, pink Jin or not.

2) So. Anything I can read that won’t trigger my yaoi manga-bottom hating self? I swear I tried but it irks me so much. Maybe it’s because I’m gay myself so whenever I come across something that faintly reeks of stereotypes I book it out of the room Bolt style. But I love this otp and I love the idea of bottom!jin and yoongs taking care of him. Help a brother out! I’m desperate for good content. Thanx!

hey bro anon! i fully understand your concern. so i hope i’m giving you the right fics to recommend this time

these two are set in the same universe from onyu. i really recommend this i love her ad agency au so much i swear:

that’s all i got for you for now. but honestly, i think you should try all onyu’s yoonjin fics and see if you’ll fall in love with how she describes yoonjin in all her fics (hint: so much pinning and slow burn). btw i literally only took everything from my ao3 bookmark on this rec list haha but i hope you’ll enjoy them!

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I'm actually crying bc the filthy frank show is highly likely gonna end quite soon. I'm happy that he's moving on to his music and stuff that he enjoys more but I'm really gonna miss franku and the crew. They always made me laugh when times were tough ya know? I'm too invested in these characters, I cried when saf died and I cried and I cried when I thought Pink Guy died in Teriyaki God. I just needed to vent this to u bc no one else cares lmaoo sorry

Bruh I care because I am on the same party boat my guy. All good things come to an end, and if I’ve learned anything​ from this miserable existence of mine it’s that people change and nothing lasts forever. It’ll end eventually, maybe not today or tomorrow, but some day. But it’s not a complete end, you’ll always have the memories that were made along the way.
In other words, don’t be sad that it’s over.
Be happy it happened 💓

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Ridiculous - Ezarel x Gardienne imagine: chapter 3

I got inspired and this happened. The next chapter is already half-written too so it may show soon as well.

It’s difficult for you to let a stranger do as he pleases in what you call your home, but then again you suspect you threat the matter much more lightly than most people would. It’s rather rare to accept someone with questionable appearance and story to live under the same roof and leave them alone in it to go for a shopping and yet, you do so, although reluctantly. Your mother would be worried sick were she to learn about this.

When you come back, worry sitting at the pit of your stomach, you feel relieved to see Ezarel sitting on the couch and absolutely engrossed in the book he is reading.

Upon further inspection, you recognise it as The Fellowship of the Ring and judging from the face the elf’s making, it’s rather not to his liking.

“I take it, it’s too stereotypical for you, or something?” on the sound of your voice, the man’s head bobs up as he closes the book abruptly in his hand.

“You, humans have a very incorrect view on my race” he mutters, while placing the book on the coffee table and you roll your eyes at that.

“It’s fiction. And Tolkien was a genius to come up with a world so complex, no matter how true it is to your race that hadn’t been seen on Earth for ages .”

He scoffs at that, clearly not sharing your point of view, and you decide to let it go for a moment, while placing down the shopping bags you are holding.

“I bought you some clothes” you say as you throw the right bag in his direction and he catches it with ease “Hope they’re the right size, this shop doesn’t do refunds.”

You sigh, before grabbing the rest of the bags and heading towards the kitchen.

“Aren’t mine enough?”

His question makes you snort in amusement as you start placing the food in the right cabinets and shelves in the fridge.

“Maybe in that Eldarya of yours. Here you need to look human or someone may get interested. It’s not Tokyo, where you can cosplay every day.”

“Cosplay?” you can’t see his face, but his tone’s indicating he’s unhappy. Either with this revelation or with your choice of clothes. Honestly, you hope it’s not the latter, because you’d rather not waste your money.

“It’s a word for making yourself look like a character from a book, show, game or some original creation. Your usual attire would be easily taken for the latter and it’s just weird in this part of the world.” You shrug and with it close the last cabinet, then fold the bags and put them away for later use.

When you return to the living room, the elf’s nowhere to be found but judging by the fact his jacket? blouse? rests now on the arm of your couch, he’s moved to the bathroom to change. And indeed, three minutes later he emerges from it, his lips pulled down in a show of displeasure.

“You look good.” He indeed does. You somehow managed to pick his size and the plain white t-shirt works well with the hooded blouse and sweatpants, even though the latter are just supposed to be comfortable for home and not necessarily look well.

“You have an awful taste.” You roll your eyes at this comment and shrug.

“I didn’t have time to go for real shopping and it’s for the comfort mostly. You won’t convince me that thing you were wearing earlier was something you’d wear at home.”

“I would.”

“Then I do not allow that as your host.”

“That’s cheating.” A wide smile sprawls on your lips at this, because you know you’ve just won. But you still decide to be rather nice than not. If he’s going to live with you for a while, you should make sure there won’t be unnecessary clashes.

“We can go shopping for something you’d like more after you learn more about human customs” you promise with a sigh and then roll your eyes at his victorious grin.

“You’re not allergic to any food, are you?” you ask then and when he shakes his head, you nod in acknowledgment. “Alright, you’re going to help me out with the dinner later, now I hope you like omelettes because I’m dying to have some for lunch.”

At his shrug you retreat to kitchen and fifteen minutes later you place two plates on the coffee table, along with a jar of jam and tea that you prepared brought as the sweet omelettes one by one grew ready on your frying pan.

And you must admit you are greatly surprised when after first uncertain bite, the elf eagerly devours the meal, almost eating the plate with it.

“You should have told me you were this hungry” you comment and this clearly snaps him out of whatever happy trance he’s in, his face turning quite adorable shade of pink in a matter of seconds.

“You’re a great cook” he mutters and you thank him with a smile, although you’ve never really thought someone would think so. And it’s such a nice thing to hear that it keeps the smile on your face throughout the rest of the day.

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Hello! I'm German and not so good in English x3. Can I ask a question? Which Flower would the Espadas gave his s/o? Sry when this is a bad English XD

Of course you can, and no worries, I think you’re doing quite well! <3

Starrk: I would say a pink carnation since it means gratitude. Starrk (and Lilynette!) would be happy and grateful to have someone with him, so he would feel less lonely.

Harribel: Gladiolus, since it means strength of character and it seems like a flower Harribel would give her s/o. She’s supportive and encourages strength for those she cares about.

Ulquiorra: He doesn’t get the idea of flowers but he goes for the yarrow flower since it means good health, instead of going for a more romantic option.

Nnoitra: The flower giving concept is lost on him, but he figures it’s all about symbolism. Poppy represents consolation and his s/o’s presence and the way they actually care consoles him.

Grimmjow: While not really a flower person, if he was to give a flower it would be a violet since it means faithfulness. Grimmjow can be many things, but he would never betray someone he’s close to.

Szayel: He would give a classic red rose, as it represents passionate love. He’s definitely passionate about his work and would be so over his s/o. Also he has a thing for roses.

Aaroniero: I imagine a sweetpea flower, since it represents shyness. Aaroniero would be pretty shy about a s/o at first since the concept is extremely foreign to him and he’s already kind of a shut in.

Yammy: Petunia, since it represents anger but also the desire to just be with someone. The two meanings go hand in had with Yammy if he was in a relationship.

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Ahhh you're the first ff writer who I found that wrote a SS Hogwarts piece! Can you write a prompt where it's there first year & Sasuke gets depressed when he isn't placed in the Griffindor house with Sakura? And he gets even more depressed when Itachi gets interested in her cause of her beauty/Tsunade is going to take her on as an apprentice. So that's how when he teaches his snake to send her gifts (kinda of like a prequel to your other piece) <:3


The first time Uchiha Sasuke met Haruno Sakura, he was sure she was the most annoying girl in the whole wide world. Yet, he was okay with that.

The door to the compartment opened as a pink-headed girl all decked out in her robes stood there. “Can I sit here? All the other compartments are full.”

“We’re—“ Sasuke begins.

“Sure! Go right ahead!” Naruto answers with a wide grin as he hops from his seat across from Sasuke to sit next to him. Sasuke could only grumble at the annoyance of having less personal space now that Naruto was next to him.

The girl smiles as she takes a seat right across from the boys. “I’m Haruno Sakura. What are your names?”

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For @m-oarts

AU where Will is a missionary who was sent over by his king to convince the neighboring Danes to convert to Christianity. Their own king curious about the customs “William” brings but also very interested in Will himself. 

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(I'm so going to the Nether for this but I'm gonna do it) ღ with Abby and Herobrine.

He’d kissed her.

Abby could hardly believe it. She knew it was going to happen eventually, but it was much sooner than she thought…

Mildly confused but still quite happy, she returned his kiss, her starry eyes closing delicately as she leaned into it.

Finally, they drew apart after a few seconds. Those few seconds had felt like days to Abby. It was as if time itself had slowed to allow them to kiss for a longer time.

“Aw, jeez, Brine,” she said, smiling blissfully as her cheeks were dusted over with a light pink blush, “you kind of caught me off guard there. It’s okay, though. That was nice.”

((really? cuz to Abby it looks more like heaven!))
((*whomp whomp whooooomp*))