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Zayn being called a naughty little schoolboy (2011) // Zaddy Zayn (2016) 😏😏😏 x x

But Percy singing ’How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana.


It was, compared to the rest of the Opera, exceptionally plain. The walls were of a warm, dark wood, and the floors creaked a bit. But in its own way, it also managed to be extraordinary. There were technically two distinct levels contained in this one large room, the main floor and then, attached to two parallel sets of spiraling wooden stairs, a sort of balcony above that. Two rings of bookshelves extended and met on the other side of the room; above the top of the higher bookshelves the roof curved into a high-raftered dome. And dotted around that dome, like several friendly pairs of deep-set luminous eyes, were eight giant oval windows.

Well, here’s that drawing I told you about! The first photo you may have seen before, it’s from the Wikipedia page dedicated to describing the Palais Garnier’s library.

The second picture (and the quote underneath it) are taken from the most recent chapter of my phanfic A Yellow Rose in Box Five, as this is Suzette’s favorite reading spot! Ah, my sweet summer child … 

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since that comic’s going around again i thought i’d share my thoughts on gascoigne’s breathing!

viola would help him anchor himself by breathing deeply with him like in the comic. someone in the tags pointed out that that’s how you calm someone down from a panic attack and i’m so glad someone noticed because that’s what i was basing it on!
and @bloodrock-lobster also headcanons that gascoigne used breathing to calm henryk down during hunts. when the insight-based horrors were too much for henryk to bear he would sit beside gascoigne and listen to him breathe to center himself.
so when you see gasc on the night that bloodborne takes place, he’s not only fighting the beasthood’s physical toll on his body, but he’s trying to KEEP IT BACK by doing what viola would do with him, and doing what helped his best friend for so long.

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[OccasionallyArcanine] Hey uh .. Brad was it? Want to share some food? Whats your favorite food?

“Oh, thank you! I would love to share. I-I actually like Spicy food. Cheri Berries, or these spicy noodles Mun shares with me.”

other girls: “I love pretty boys with british accents!”



The Hair Brush Triangle.  A novel by Kim Yugyeom & Kunpimook Bhuwakul. 2014 - All Rights Reserved~


Whoniverse: Class - 30/? times there’s more to Miss Quill than meets the eye. (1x08)


SouMako AU; Coach!Makoto & Student!Sousuke.

I’m blaming miss-m-muses and our RP for this idea.

“His head fascinated me, the colour, the finish, the surface,” Guggi remembers. “[…] - and I thought Dave looked like an ‘Inchicore’, which is a little village on the west side of Dublin. It captured what was going on physically in his head. It sounds the way he is. Then it got abbreviated to ‘The Edge’ and then ‘Edge’. These days there are even a few people who call him ‘Reg’.”

i don’t think anyone would forget this picture from Captain America: Civil War press conference in Beijing. a perfect example of Sebastian the dork. well, there’s actually a story behind it. before i proceed, a word of warning: my English is mediocre and you might not find the story interesting.

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About Bokuto saying Akaashi's name

Let’s talk about the way Bokuto says Akaashi’s name, please.

It’s not just “Akaashi”. It’s like “Akaaaaashi”, extending the sound of the “a”, as if he wanted to have Akaashi’s name in his mouth as long as possible. Also, he puts the accent in the second “a”, and not only that, but he pronounces it with a very specific pitch. He says “ AkaAAAAshi”, as if he were making sure that Akashi will really listen to him. Also, he says this strong “A” almost like he’s pouting; his very own way of “look at me, look at me, LOOK AT ME”. Just like a little spoiled child. A very enthusiastic child, indeed.

Summarizing: Bokuto loves Akaashi with his all. And he shows it in every way possible, starting with the way he pronounces his name.


“… how ardently I admire and love you” - 4/25 (part 1)

Aiba Masaki

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  1. Enable the anon optio for obvious reasons. 
  2. Send me a message HERE saying you’d like to participate (make sure you’re in the main page -aka if you see a drawing- to avoid asking me obvious or frequent questions.)
  4. If you have A particular skill and you only want to do that as a gift: let me know in the same message.
  5. I’ll answer you with a blog that will be your Valentine asap.
  6. Message your valentine anonymously until it’s Valetine’s day (aw!).

ABOUT THE MESSAGES (rules and suggestions)

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1. We’ll post our gifts on Valentine’s Day (and with that, we’ll reveal our identities).

note: if you can’t post your gift on 14th, it’s all right as long as you alert your valentine.

2. The gift can be whatever are your skills. Ask your valentine what she’d like to get.

3. If you have a especial request about the gift (you only like stories, you only like drawings, you only like…) let me know and I’ll assign you a especial valentine.

4. Your valentine can get all the gifts you’re willing to make.

Deadline to join us: FEBRUARY 7th

If you have any other questions feel free to send me messages here. There will be days I won’t answer that quickly, so don’t freak out if you don’t get an answer soon.

Let the game begin. ;D


late final fantasy ix week ◦ day i ◦ favorite relationship

A Tantalus always gets what he sets his eyes on! That’s our number one rule, remember!?

13 July 2014 - Yuuki

1:13am: In the mail order pajama cheki we mixed in different ones too. Look forward to it.

The kids who couldn’t place an order this time, wait until the next mail order cheki while succumbing to the feeling of regret, like, ‘ahh, it would’ve been good if I had ordered them’.