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SouMako AU; Coach!Makoto & Student!Sousuke.

I’m blaming miss-m-muses and our RP for this idea.

About Bokuto saying Akaashi's name

Let’s talk about the way Bokuto says Akaashi’s name, please.

It’s not just “Akaashi”. It’s like “Akaaaaashi”, extending the sound of the “a”, as if he wanted to have Akaashi’s name in his mouth as long as possible. Also, he puts the accent in the second “a”, and not only that, but he pronounces it with a very specific pitch. He says “ AkaAAAAshi”, as if he were making sure that Akashi will really listen to him. Also, he says this strong “A” almost like he’s pouting; his very own way of “look at me, look at me, LOOK AT ME”. Just like a little spoiled child. A very enthusiastic child, indeed.

Summarizing: Bokuto loves Akaashi with his all. And he shows it in every way possible, starting with the way he pronounces his name.


late final fantasy ix week ◦ day i ◦ favorite relationship

A Tantalus always gets what he sets his eyes on! That’s our number one rule, remember!?

i don’t think anyone would forget this picture from Captain America: Civil War press conference in Beijing. a perfect example of Sebastian the dork. well, there’s actually a story behind it. before i proceed, a word of warning: my English is mediocre and you might not find the story interesting.

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