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Tagged by @simmeronnie! I can’t remember what traits I gave my simself, so let’s make em up:

Clumsy / Brooding / Socially Awkward / Loner / Grumpy

Favourite season: Spring! Just the right weather to wear my favourite jacket.

Favourite book/author: I don’t actually have one! I’m currently reading a biography on Katherine Howard by Josephine Wilkinson, but I loved Alison Weir’s book on the Princes in the Tower so may find more of her works to read. if any fellow history geeks wanna squeal about theories and stuff i’d gladly invite you to my inbox 

Favourite song: Nooo! Well, I currently enjoy Friends by Justin Bieber, but I couldn’t possibly choose an all-time favourite.

Favourite food and drink: You can’t say no to a good burger. I might stop by McDonald’s on the way home from work tomorrow and get one, lmao. I’m always drinking water, but you can’t go wrong with a nice glass of cider every so often.

Dogs or cats: DOGS DOGS DOGS! I’ve had several in my lifetime and they complete me, I love my dog Paddy to pieces, he’s my best friend. I’m also going to be getting a new puppy in the next few months if all goes to plan and my dad’s also getting a dog soon, so hooray for more doggos!

i’m really tired of seeing Wisdom represented in fiction and art as this arrogant, joyless character or theme. this person who favours inaction and looks down on ‘fools’.

Wisdom recognizes the need for action. Wisdom recognizes the importance for emotion as well as temperance, for fierceness as well as forethought. Wisdom is about knowing the difference, through experience and insight and consideration.

depicting Wisdom as cold (thematically, in terms of characterization, etc) misses the point of what it means to be wise.

Dean: You know, the invention of the shovel was ground-breaking.

Dean: Ground-breaking.

Dean: [laughing at his own joke]

Mary: [face palming]

Dean: … But it was the broom’s creation that really swept the nation.

Sam: [rolling his eyes]

Dean: Of course, some say it’s the wheel that really got things rolling. C’mon guys give me something here.

Castiel: [squinting]

Castiel: I should’ve left you in hell