i'm putting it in his tag i don't care

It’s just that “stop hating on rick he’s trying his best” makes it sound like he’s some kid trying to learn how to ride a bike and we’re making fun of him for falling off. as if he’s reading our blogs and crying himself to sleep at night on his bed of money that we as his consumers gave him. as if us complaining that his comments were lesbophobic and biphobic is somehow bullying like we’re making fun of his hair and the way he smells. We’re literally (mostly) just teenagers ranting on our personal blogs about a man who told us he’d do better than his predecessors and then ignored us when he messed up. We are not hurting his reputation (which u all defend so valiantly), his wealth, or even his ego. He’s not reading our blogs and he obviously doesn’t care that we’re upset. Ur defending nothing and sending vitriolic messages to us in the name of nothing. But have fun on ur pedestal of superiority where u can wave around how much better u are than us for praising allies as our saviors and sending hate to people who are, ya know, actually effected by it rather than a middle aged man who won’t remember this come his next paycheck.

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Honestly DUDE I don't,,, come to / this /side of the fandom often but.. holy shit dude u gotta fix ur tagging system okay because I'm seeing ur crap on the tony stark tag and?? I don't want that there. Like. Put ** in parts of his name or smthn (or u know maybe stop needlessly spreading hate lmao) I don't care just please. Either fix ur tagging system or fix ur general attitude toward fandom but u gotta sort something out lmao I'm Tired Of Seeing U tbh

whom is tony stark ? never heard of that rat

FT Hate (And why it's beginning to bother me)

The amount of hatred I’ve been seeing for the recent Fairy Tail chapters is to be perfectly honest, kind of appalling.

Honestly, I do agree when people say that this arc has gone on far long than it probably should have. And some of the criticisms that were made during this arc are valid, as they addressed some very legitimate plotholes in the way the manga played out. 

I don’t care for the shipping fanservice at this point. Tbh, I never cared for it much to begin with but now it’s dead to me. With the exception of Dragon Cry, the excitement has worn off due to people bitching and moaning about even the slightest thing not going their way. It’s ruined my time in the fandom and at this rate, it’s going to ruin the end of the series for me as well.

And for most of you who say that to avoid those types of posts, here’s the thing: I can’t. 


Because whether we like it or not, you and I both know that we like to hear other opinions, no matter how off putting it may be for some people. And there are some things that we cannot avoid no matter the tags that we block.

Like, it’s the end of the damn series, can we please enjoy it for what it’s worth?

When half the fandom is sending threats to the author, it’s prudent to understand that it’s his work and for the love of god, this is all fictional.

I'm Yours

Okay I got a prompt sort of like this and I also got the inspiration from the ring picture circling the blogs. This is what I hope happened. <3

I hope y'all like this. I think It’ll be a three parter, but I don’t know yet! :) If you don’t like the ring thing I’m sorry! I hope you read it anyways! :) I love you! Always- J

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Hey I'm not trying to flame the fires but I don't get why most Clexa blogs refer to Bellamy as Beloni or Bellini. Like you don't have to like the guy which is cool and I get you're trying to keep out of the tags but keep it respectful at least you know? Like literally just put slashes through his name (Be//amy), which is what I've seen most Bellarke blogs do with Lexa.

it wasnt very respectful when he murdered 300 innocent people twice either but you know

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How do you get people to notice your fic? I'm new to fandom and don't think I'm doing this right, especially with tags. :/

Hi!! Welcome to the fandom!! Writing is hard. I would say there are multiple ways you can get it out there.

1) open an acct with AO3/ fan fiction.net if you haven’t already.
2) participate in Drabble benders the fandom does every now and then. You didn’t get requests? Who cares. Write one that speaks to you. Also, @leiascully
Puts out a XF Writing Challenge Prompt. Do these! If you tag her or tag the challenge, she will reblog your work. She’s a big name in the fandom and your work will garner more readers/followers.
3) spark up conversations with other bloggers. Reblog THEIR stuff. “Friends helps friends…”

4) don’t be afraid of being different. Sometimes it’s the ones that throw a curveball that are the most memorable. Rip our hearts out, make us cry, turn us on, piss us off… Invoke a reaction.

5) tags work but I wouldn’t say they are an absolutely necessary entity. Sure you want them for your own record keeping and to notify your readers but that’s about it.

6) read what the other writers are writing and reblogging. Did you see a reblog with “kill me now. I’m dead”? That means that reader was so touched by the angst in that story, they wanted to share the wealth and kill everyone else too… Clearly, angst speaks to this fandom. As does smut. Fluff has to be well-written and when it is, it’s GLORIOUS. It’s a difficult path to navigate, but it’s the truth.

Did their tag say “omg my heart”? Or, “I need a cold shower”? These are great indicators as to what those readers liked about a story. Read the story. Did you feel the same way?

Emulate those writers you like. I’ve written down passages and lines from stories that have stood out to me. Imagery and words that I liked…

This fandom can be incredibly intimidating bc it’s full of such great writers. Lucky us, right? But it sucks for new writers who are a little leery or nervous. I remember being there.

Everyone was a new writer at one point. Everyone is mortified at their early writing. I’ve only been doing this since January but I’ve noticed a huge difference in the material I put out.

Just. Keep. Writing.


Keep reading. The more you read, the better you’ll write. You’ll find styles you like…sentence structures that speak to you…

Don’t give up. Every writer has their big break. You’ll be noticed. But you won’t be unless you put it out there…