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THIS WAS JUST SUPPOSED TO BE A SILLY MEME THING AND THEN… What is wrong with me I have so much important stuff to do. Seriously. Argh.


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Things I hate about summer/warm weather:

  • the warmth
  • humidity
  • bugs
  • sweating
  • all the PEOPLE walking around aka crossing in front of your car without using the cross walk
  • bugs
  • seriously the sweating
  • Trying to dress while considering the temperatures outside/in your car/at work/at home/etc.
  • BUGS
  • humidity yes again because like a) it’s annoying but b) I can’t breathe well when it’s humid bc I had asthma as a kid and I always start wheezing again ugh.
  • all those people going OMG IT’S SO NICE OUTSIDE!!11!!! 
  • (and also you know those’ll be the same people in like 2 months all OMGGG when is summer gonna END, they think I’ll forget but I will not.)

Things I like about summer/warm weather:

  • ?????
  • fruit gets really good
  • ????
  • i mean maybe ice cream and sorbet and froyo but lbr you can enjoy that when it’s like pleasantly 60 or 70 and not muggy and like doom
  • heck I enjoy that in WINTER whatever
  • ???????? 
  • seriously nothing else

You know why.

No, I don’t know why.

hiiii everyone, it’s jamie. honestly, i never thought i’d make one of these. in the 5 years i’ve been on this site, i’ve had a lot of friends come and go, so i guess i’ve always worried about looking back on this to find that some of the friendships i’ve long cherished have ended… but recently i’ve realized that although i’ve lost a lot of people, there are also so many of you that have been with me all this time, that have supported me and cared for me for literal years, and as today is my 21st birthday and because i’m rly close to hitting 1k… i decided that i really wanted to make one after all to show my appreciation to all of you. you all seriously make life worth living and i don’t know where i would be or who i would be without you all, so seriously, thank you so much for being here with me and for staying by my side. even with the amount of sappy that’s in this post, i honestly can’t stress my gratitude enough, but i hope it’ll be enough to express at least a fraction of how much i care. anyway, again, thank you. and i apologize in advance 4 the long paragraphs under the cut~

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Me: dad you have to make me drive or I’ll never get my licence

My dad: okay let’s go drive

Me: ://// i don’t feel like driving right now

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I wanted to share some love.
Oh, and also Pingu. Pingu is good.

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exosexual  asked:

please tell me of this bird that tried to attack you??? Sounds wild lmao 😂

ahhhh omg ok so i work at the mall in my city and when i clock into work my co-workers are like “omg!! i got attacked by the bird today” and i was like what are you talking about?? so they told me theres this bird that swoops down from the entrance we all walk into and PECKS PEOPLE IN THE HEAD because its territorial and defensive over its nest/babies. long story short I’ve never been attacked by it but I’m so scared its gonna happen to me so i run everyday when i get dropped off. they had to put up SIGNS saying “be wary of this bird” and have animal control come out. :-)


I’ve been getting a lot of messages recently asking “where’s this fic” or “where’s that fic!” so finally I sat down and made a page on my blog dedicated to every Warnette fanfiction i’ve ever posted with a synopsis and link.

You can find it at whittynovels.tumblr.com/fanfiction


Seeing is Believing: Actually Perceiving Magic Might Be Harder Than It Looks

Alternate title: They Were Car Crash Victims, Until They Weren’t

WARNING: This has Nightmare Hospital spoilers. In fact, the very foundation of this meta comes from Nightmare Hospital, so watch that before you read this, or you will be very confused.

Okay, so I think we can all agree that Dr. Maheswaran underreacted to the cluster-monsters in Nightmare Hospital. The hospital’s entire staff seemed to have underreacted (with the possible exception of the individual who called her back to work to begin with). We have already made jokes at Dr. Maheswaran’s expense—a particular Toy Story gif comes to mind (“I don’t think that man’s ever been to medical school”). I laughed, too, but then I got to thinking: The writing of Steven Universe is phenomenal. Up until this glaring oversight, they’ve thought everything through.

So, then I start to wonder, is this really an oversight? What if, instead of being so desensitized to Weird Stuff as brought to Beach City by the gems and an Earth that has been altered by their presence (I’ll get into that later), the regular citizens literally can’t see the Weird Stuff at all?

Hear me out. I think I might be on to something.

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