i'm proud with my psd for this one **)


Jon Bernthal slayin’ SDCC 2017 → “When we were making Daredevil the folks at Netflix said ‘ya know that guy that plays The Punisher, he should probably have his own series’, and ya know…we agree.” 

guitar-cant-keep-from-crying  asked:

I just wanted to tell you that ever since you made me that moodboard with Cloud Nine I've been getting into this whole editing thing and it's so fun! It great to learn how you and other people do their edits, because now I can apply these things to my own edits. I did a moodboard today on my other blog because of you! I've never done anything like this before and I'm really proud of myself; so thank you for inspiring me! :D While we're at it: what kind of psds do you use? I wanna try new ones!

hello, i’m so happy you were inspired to discover graphic arts, i’m looking forward to seeing your future works!

i’d be glad to share my most used/favorite psds on here, and if you ever need further help i’ll be more than glad to give a hand!!



(*) important: some of these psds may be too intense for the image/gif/graphic you’re editing, and ruin the coloring in some cases! if this happens, simply lower the opacity of the psd or delete some of the adjustment layers, till your product looks fine

other: my main sources of psds and new colorings are peachresourcesitsphotoshop, yeahps &. completeresources


↳ I’d end my days with you in a hail of bullets   

teen wolf season 5 → 5x02 “parasomnia

“your best friend is a werewolf. you are dating a werecoyote. i still don’t know what kira is supposed to be. when the flying monkeys come soaring through this station you will have my undivided attention. until then, just go to school.”