i'm proud to be apart of this family

Why One Direction.

Since today is the 7th anniversary of the formation of One Direction, I thought it would be fun to do a positive challenge of asking people, ‘why, one direction?’ What brought you, what kept you around, why did you choose to place affection towards these boys. So that being said, I’m going to start off. 

I tag @softlylirry @stylesmyth @beggingforfics @tomlitsons @marisa-writes @icanseeyourholo and @looselucy 

My story with One Direction began in 2011, when I heard What Makes You Beautiful on the radio and tried to find it everywhere but I had no luck. Until I heard it again and then realized YouTube was a thing. That began my descent to what would turn out to be the longest and most fulfilling 6 years of my life. 

I’ve learned a lot about myself thanks to One Direction; that I easily fall victim to pretty men who can sing, that my determination to learn an album is pretty damn high, and that I can watch their music videos as many times as I can and still find something new to love in all of them. But besides that, I’ve felt that they’ve been a prominent part of me gaining confidence in myself. 

We’ve seen Liam grow from a young boy who used to be bullied to a man that is out there genuinely loving every moment. We’ve seen Harry, who cried over a bad review, become a man who wear flare glittery pants and doesn’t care about what people are saying about him. We’ve seen Niall, who used to be seen as the Irish one grow into himself and slay the entire world with only his guitar and his voice. We’ve seen Louis, who only felt confident in his voice in the last few years, become someone who is releasing an incredible solo record and just out there doing exactly what he wants and how he wants to do it. And Zayn, who is out there doing what he wants. 

They showed me that over time you’re going to grow, you’re going to grow more into yourself, you’re going to learn to laugh at the moments where you fell, or the tweets you sent when you were younger. They showed that over time, it’s okay to be insecure in yourself, but it’s also okay to be proud of yourself, to be confident in your skills. 

They taught me that family is so much more than who you’re related to, it’s the people you love spending time with, it’s the people you find a home with, it’s the people who remind you that whenever you feel a bit lost that they’re going to be there, that you will always belong there. 

One Direction brought me a lot of people, a lot of friends that I will always be thankful for. They brought me inspiration to write and write, and write some more. And truthfully, I don’t know if I’d still be on this site if it weren’t for One Direction and how much I care about them. 

And most importantly, One Direction gave me them, they gave me songs that make me tear up and songs that I can dance around to, they gave me memories that aren’t even mine; crazy costumes, embarrassing falls, countless interviews, bad dance moves. They gave me 6 years that I’ll never get back; money spent, tears shed, induced stress, and drama I never need to deal with again. But really, the best thing they gave me, was them, was the family I found in them. 

I will forever be proud of our boys. 

Happy Anniversary, One Direction, together or apart you will always be a home to me. 

Did anyone else get very emotional towards the end of Acowar when Rhys reminded Feyre that she was insanely wealthy now, and just remembered that at the start of all this madness, Feyre was just a girl that was fighting off starvation everyday and couldn’t afford clothes that were not falling apart at the seams. Now here she is, High Lady, a queen of the realm showing off her fancy new lingere, finally safe and in a nice, warm, comforting home where she’ll never have to worry about feeding her family or keeping herself from freezing to death In the woods again.
At the start, all Feyre wanted was to not worry about money and have time for what she loved, and now she has that and so much more than she could have ever dreamed of, and I couldn’t be happier for her.

I’m so proud of how far they’ve gotten in these past few years, since I’ve been apart of this family. I’ve loved every single moment and I’ve watched them grow up. Jeez, I love these boys. Not just them, obviously, I love their music, everything they do, everything they’re here for. I’m so grateful for them. I love you all as well. Stay alive frens |-/

Rise of the Guardians 2nd anniversary

happy 2nd birthday to the launch of a beautiful film and the wonderful fandom that came from it.

together we’ve made stories, gifs, art, RPs, OCs, UA/AUs, friends and family. from jokes to life lessons, we as a fandom have grown and built for ourselves and the ones we’ve come to know and love. people have come and gone and some have remained firmly put, but despite that, we created a beautiful support that always welcomed newcomers and passersby equally.

i am apart of the ROTG fandom and I am proud to still be here with you. happy birthday to ROTG and happy anniversary to you, my fandom family.

anonymous asked:

A dear friend of mine who is attending law school told me the story is making a lot of headway. I'm so fucking PROUD to be apart of this family!

YES! We’re making history! The Queervolution is real!
I know you are. I am as well. I’m so so proud of this fandom and everyone outside of it coming together for a great cause. This is the first fandom i ever joined because i never connected with or cared about a show and a character as much as i did now. And it’s been one of the best decisions i’ve made. I never thought social media could be so satisfying, and now here i am surrounded by people from all over the world whom i practically call family.
I hope we keep it up! This is our time. This is our chance to make a difference, our turn to make a change. Not only for us, but the next generations!

spread this!

I know we took the first step and i know it all started with Lexa i mean she was the last straw. And i’m fucking proud of that! But i wish some people would stop saying stuff like “we want Lexa in s4″ and “bring Alycia back” especially on twitter. I get it. We miss her. It hurts. I feel the same way. But it hasn’t been about Lexa for some time now. And it definitely doesn’t have to anything with Alycia. I mean it dose, but it doesn’t. I just don’t want all of this to affect her in any negative way. The poor girl didn’t do anything, besides blowing our minds with her breathtaking talent and angelic personality and we practically made her the face of the movement (or at least some parts of the media did) because she inspires us. And i don’t know, maybe she’s proud of it, but we all know she doesn’t like the attention. I mean c’mon this sweet summer child doesn’t even realize how famous she’s become.
Anyway… I just hope everyone realizes that this isn’t just about a character anymore. It isn’t just about this show anymore. And it’s not only going to be about just tv. We deserve better. All of us. LGBT+, PoC, disabled people and everyone falling under the minority umbrella. 

Oups… this got a bit out of hand. My apologies

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The ask you answered where you said You do not have to break yourself against the rocks to make your mother happy, was exactly what I needed to see and be reminded of. I've made my own adult decision and my mother and half of my family are pissed as hell about it and I hate that it is pulling us apart, but I need to do what's best for me...right? I have a job and a rent free place to stay and I'm trying to do what I need to set myself up for life. I can't be her "perfect daughter" anymore.

I am very proud of you.  I know I don’t know you, but that doesn’t matter right now: I am so very, very proud of you.