i'm proud tho c:

Do you have that friend that you just look at or talk to, 
and cannot even fathom how such a person exists. 
Like they’re just so fantastic in the things they do, 
and the shit they say, 
and literally even their body movements/language is honestly mind boggling at how great they are? 

Do you ever have that friend move to Oregon because they suck and HAVE DREAMS AND SHIT. 
Srs though, there is no other human being on this earth like kiingthranduil. uwu 

Even when we met awkwardly trying to finish a project for a class, I have never felt more comfortable having a conversation with a person. 
Everything this human is, is fucking great. And I just need the internet to know that. 
I am pretty sure everyone they know highly agree. Erin is fucking great. 
Like stupidly fantastic. 
Asshole. <3